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Metazoos parásitos de la mojarrilla Stellifer minor (Tschudi) (Osteichthyes, Sciaenidae) capturados por pesquería artesanal en Chorrillos, Lima, Perú

DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81752004000400015

Keywords: clavellotis, helicometra, parasite communities, parasites, procamallanus, rhamnocercus.

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a research on some community components of parasitefauna of 105 specimens of stellifer minor (tschudi, 1844) collected from chorrillos fishmarket, lima, peru, between may and october 1998 and necropsied to study parasite communities was conducted. of the fishes collected, 71 were males and 34 females. fishes showed a standard length between 10.20 and 20.50 cm (mean = 15.50 ± 1.65). metazoan parasites were collected and counted employing conventional techniques. 3483 specimens in total during all the survey, with a mean abundance of 33.17 (3-122) were collected. the mean parasite species richness was 1.9 (1-4). one host was not parasited. twenty hosts (19.04%) showed infection with one parasite species, and seventy-seven (73.33%) and seven (6.66%) had multiple infection, two and three parasite species, respectively. five parasites: rhamnocercus oliveri luque & iannacone, 1991 and r. stelliferi luque & iannacone, 1991 (monogenea) (prevalence = 98.09%; mean intensity = 28.85; mean abundance = 28.58), clavellotis dilatata (kroyer, 1863) (copepoda) (prevalence = 2.85%; mean intensity = 1; mean abundance = 0.02), helicometra fasciata (rudolphi, 1819) (digenea) (prevalence = 79.04%; mean intensity = 5.66; mean abundance = 4.47) and procamallanus (spirocamallanus) pereirai annereaux, 1946 (nematoda) (prevalence = 4.76%; mean intensity = 1.6; mean abundance = 0.07) were found. effect of the sex on mean intensity and abundance of infection of rhamnocercus monaco, wood & mizelle, 1954 and also effect of sex with mean abundance of infection with h. fasciata were found. the mean diversity in the infracommunities of s. minor was (h') = 0.11 and simpson index (c) = 0.98. finally, the results of community assemblages with the parasite communities registered on s. minor ten years ago in the same locality of study were compared.


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