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Avalia??o de danos mecanicos em sementes de feij?o por meio da análise de imagens

DOI: 10.1590/S0101-31222009000200003

Keywords: phaseolus vulgaris, x-ray, germination, vigor.

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bean seed (phaseolus vulgaris l.) quality is greatly affected by harvesting, drying, handling and storage activities during the seed production process. in these operations, seeds collide repeatedly against metal surfaces predisposing them to mechanical damage. in this context, this investigation studied the effect of the amount and different impact pressures on bean seed quality. seeds from one lot of the iac-carioca dry bean cultivar were thrown by means of an air jet at two different pressures (551.6 and 965.3 kpa) one, three and five times against a metal surface positioned at a distance of 30cm. a factorial squeme was used with two evaluation times (before and after storage), two pressures and three numbers of impacts. mechanical damage was evaluated by image analysis using x-rays of the seeds and digital photographs of the seedlings. seed physiological quality was evaluated by germination and vigor tests before and after four months storage. the results showed a direct relationship between the increase in the amount and pressures of impact and the decrease in seed physiological quality; the impact pressure provided more severe and immediate effects than the number of impacts. the image analysis technique allowed the understanding of the effect of the mechanical damage that appeared inside the seeds. in this way image analysis proved to be an interesting technique to study mechanical damage in bean seeds.


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