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Impacto da emboliza??o arterial do leiomioma uterino no volume uterino, diametro do mioma dominante e na fun??o ovariana

DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032011000800006

Keywords: leiomyoma/therapy, uterine neoplasms, embolization, therapeutic/methods, uterus/ultrasonography, uterus/physiopathology.

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purpose: to evaluate the impact of uterine artery embolization (uae) on uterine volume (uv), greater myoma diameter (gmd) and ovarian function three months after the procedure, by transvaginal pelvic ultrasonography (tvpus) and by the determination of follicle-stimulating hormone (fsh). methods: thirty patients with leiomyomas were submitted to uae. tvpus and fsh determination were performed before and three months after uae. uv was determined in cm3, gmd in cm and fsh in iu/ml. data are reported as as mean standard deviation (sd) and were analyzed statistically by the nonparametric mann-whitney test. results: twenty-nine patients were analyzed. before uae, mean uv was 402.4 165.9 cm3 and gmd was 5.9 2.1 cm. after uae, mean uv was 258.9 118.6 cm3 and gmd was 4.6 1.8 cm. mean fsh concentration was 4.9 3.5 iu/ml before uae and 5.5 4.7 iu/ml after uae, with p=0.5. there was a 35% reduction of uv and a 22% reduction of gmd, with no changes in fsh values after three months. conclusion: the procedure significantly reduced uv and gmd but did not cause a significant increase in fsh levels, thus causing no changes in ovarian function.


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