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O subgênero Centris (Schisthemisia) Ayala: notas complementares e descri??o de uma nova espécie (Hymenoptera, Apoidea)

DOI: 10.1590/S0085-56262002000400002

Keywords: anthophoridae, centris (schisthemisia), hymenoptera, neotropical bees.

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the subgenus centris (schisthemisia) ayala: complementary notes and description of a new species (hymenoptera, apoidea). centris (schisthemisia)ayala, 2002 is redescribed, pointing out some other important distinctive characters. it includes: centris (schisthemisia) flavilabris mocsáry, 1899 (type species), centris (schisthemisia) boliviensis mocsáry, 1899 stat. nov., centris (schisthemisia) fulva friese, 1924 stat. nov., and centris (schisthemisia) restrepoi sp. nov. from colombia, villa vicencio. a key to the species and illustrations are added.


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