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Ultramorphological features of the egg of Telmatoscopus albipunctatus (Williston) (Diptera, Psychodidae)

DOI: 10.1590/S0085-56262011005000008

Keywords: eggshell, exochorion, filter flies, ultramorphology.

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ultramorphological features of the egg of telmatoscopus albipunctatus (williston) (diptera, psychodidae). psychodidae flies, also known as sewage, sand and filter flies are important for medical and veterinary purposes. general information about life cycle and adult habits is available, but few species are known about the egg morphology. therefore, in this study, the egg ultramorphology of telmatoscopus albipunctatus (williston, 1893) was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy to describe its structure, generating data for further comparison between different fly species and genera. general aspects of t. albipunctatus egg are similar to other psychodidae; egg measuring approximately 0.4 mm in length and 0.1 mm in width. however, based on the continuous and discontinuous longitudinal ridge sculptures observed on the exochorion, which can be species-specific, we can infer that t. albipunctatus eggs can survive under dry or moist conditions, making their control much more difficult. our data emphasize the advantages of the electron microscope approach in the study of the exochorion patterns. eggshell morphology of t. albipunctatus can be used as basis for further studies and as a tool to compare different species of psychodidae flies.


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