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Tidal Dynamics along the Eastern Coast of the Red Sea

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105341, PP. 1-9

Subject Areas: Environmental Sciences

Keywords: Tidal Dynamics, Coastal Processes, Form Factor

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Understanding of tidal components is of paramount importance in assessing the influence of tides on coastal processes. The present study focuses on comprehensive tidal analysis in the eastern coast of the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia. The analysis carried out spatial and temporal scale to unravel the tidal dynamics along the coastal regions of the eastern coast of the Red Sea. Time series data from the seven coastal stations along the western coast of the Saudi Arabia were used for tidal analysis. T_TIDE analyses were performed for extracting the tidal constituents. The study reveals the variations of tidal constituent temporal and spatial basis. The analysis well predicted water levels and verified it with field data.

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Shamji, V. R. (2019). Tidal Dynamics along the Eastern Coast of the Red Sea. Open Access Library Journal, 6, e5341. doi:


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