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Study on Conservation and Management of Cotton Pygmy-Goose Population in Assam (India)
American Journal of Environmental Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.5923/j.ajee.20120201.04
Abstract: The Cotton Pygmy-goose, Nettapus coromandelianus coromandelianus Gmelin though a native bird of our the South Asian locality, the number being found in fluctuating since the first study made in this concern. The present study was conducted to have a detailed look over the factors responsible for the population decline in certain wetlands in Assam, India, from June 2006 to January 2011. The multifold anthropogenic pressures as well as the other natural pressures on the species are responsible for the steep decrease of its population in the study area. The present study deals with an assessment of problems and prospects of the conservation of the Cotton Pygmy-goose in Eastern plain of Assam during 2006-2011.
Egg structural characteristics of Pygmy Cormorant (Microcarbo pygmaeus)  [PDF]
Faris A. Al-Obaidi,Shahrazad M. Al-Shadeedi
Research Opinions in Animal & Veterinary Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: This study was carried out to determine egg morphology characteristics and component of Pygmy Cormorant (Microcarbo pygmaeus) in Iraq. Freshly Pygmy Cormorant eggs without developed embryo were collected from Al- Tarmiya lakes north of Baghdad city to determined egg morphology characteristics including egg shape dimensions: weight, volume, specific gravity, shell, yolk, albumin weight as well as percentage of shell, yolk and albumin. Results revealed that average values egg breadth, length, shape index, weight, volume, specific gravity, shell weight, yolk weight, albumin weight, egg shell percentage, egg yolk percentage and egg albumin percentage were: 3.11±0.45 (cm), 4.59±0.24 (cm), 67.75±1.07, 12.77±0.55 (gm), 22.64±0.74 (cm3 3 ), 0.56±0.1 (gm/cm ), 0.87±0.15 (gm), 2.76±0.27 (gm), 9.15±0.59 (gm), 6.80±0.25 (%), 21.58±0.55 (%) and 71.62±2.32 (%) respectively. This report provides important information that can help the avian taxonomists in species classification.
Andrzej RABSZTYN,Krzysztof ANDRES,Michal DUDEK
Journal of Central European Agriculture , 2011,
Abstract: The experiment was aimed at the evaluation of inheritance of goose egg measurements, egg shape indices and egg weight as well as the relationship between these traits. The research was carried out in the flock of the Zatorska geese, belonging to the FAO registered genetic resources of poultry. Seven hundred sixty-one eggs from pedigree bred geese in their first to fourth reproduction seasons were included in the analysis. Average egg shape index was 68.8%, average shell surface area was 140.6 cm2. Egg weight of geese in different age was 165 g. Heritabilities and genetic and phenotypic correlations estimated between the analysed traits of goose egg are presented.
Environmental influences on egg and clutch sizes in lentic- and lotic-breeding salamanders
Jon M. Davenport,Kyle Summers
Phyllomedusa : Journal of Herpetology , 2010,
Abstract: Recent research indicates that social and environmental factors influence egg and clutch sizes in amphibians. However, most of this work is based on the reproductively diverse order Anura (frogs and toads), whereas less research has been conducted on Caudata (salamanders) and Gymnophiona (caecilians). Researchers have suggested that a relationship exists between social and environmental factors and egg and clutch sizes in salamanders, but studies controlling for phylogenetic context are lacking. We could not identify a sufficient number of comparisons for social influences on egg and clutch sizes; therefore, we focused on environmental influences for this study. Data on egg size, clutch size, environmental factors, and phylogenies for salamanders were assembled from the scientific literature. We used independent, pair-wise comparisons to investigate the association of larval salamander habitat and egg size and the association of larval salamander habitat with clutch sizes within a phylogenetic framework. There is a significant association between larval habitat and egg size; specifically, stream-breeding species produce larger eggs. There is no significant association between larval habitat and clutchsize. Our study confirms earlier reports that salamander egg size is associated with larval environments, but is the first to use phylogenetically independent contrasts to account for the lack of phylogenetic independence of the traits measured (egg size and clutch size) associated with many of the diverse lineages. Our study shows that environmental selection pressure can be quite strong on one aspect of salamander reproduction—egg size.
The Pygmy Falcon Polihierax Semitorquatus  [cached]
G. L. Maclean
Koedoe : African Protected Area Conservation and Science , 1970, DOI: 10.4102/koedoe.v13i1.726
Abstract: The Pygmy Falcon Polihierax Semitorquatus
José Tomás Ibarra,Elke Schüttler,Steven McGehee,Ricardo Rozzi
Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia , 2010,
Abstract: Los estudios sobre la biología del caiquén (Chloephaga picta) en los ecosistemas subantárticos de Chile son escasos y, fundamentalmente, constituyen registros anecdóticos sobre la especie. Con el fin de aportar en su conocimiento, se estudió su biología reproductiva en términos del tama o de puesta, sitios de nidificación y éxito reproductivo en función de variables del hábitat en isla Navarino (54-55oS), Reserva de Biosfera Cabo de Hornos (RBCH), Chile. Se monitorearon 79 nidos en hábitats costeros durante 54 días del período reproductivo en 2005/2006 y durante 59 días en 2006/2007. El tama o de puesta fue 6,1 ± 1,2 huevos. Los nidos fueron preferentemente construidos en aquellos sitios costeros con pendiente baja (0-10o), en hábitat de matorral (70,5%), dominado por Chiliotrichum diffussum (30,8%) y Berberis buxifolia (24,4%). Las piedras fueron el elemento mayoritario en los hábitats de nidificación (50,1%). La cobertura vegetacional sobre el nido fue baja (0-25%) en un 82,1% de los nidos, y la adyacente fue intermedia (25-50%) en un 29,5% de ellos. Un 39,7% de los nidos fue construido en hábitats con una cobertura relativamente alta (>40%). En total, un 36,7% de los nidos presentaron eclosión de huevos (exitosos según método tradicional) y un 57,0% de los nidos fueron depredados. No se encontró una asociación del éxito o fracaso de nidificación a variables de hábitat. La probabilidad de éxito reproductivo fue de un 20,0% (método Mayfield). Ambos valores calculados están por debajo de los reportados para otras especies de gansos (>60%) y, también, de los reportados para esta especie (61-75%) en islas Malvinas-Falklands 300 km de isla Navarino). Este estudio muestra la necesidad de conocer más aspectos de la biología y conservación de C. picta en la RBCH, particularmente cuando se consideran los cambios ambientales (especies invasoras, desarrollo turístico, cambio climático, etc.) que están ocurriendo en los sistemas subantárticos. Studies on the biology of the Upland Goose (Chloephaga picta) in Chilean Sub-Antarctic ecosystems are scarce and basically constitute anecdotic records of the species. With the aim to broaden this knowledge, we studied its breeding biology in terms of clutch size, nesting sites and breeding success as a function of habitat variables on Navarino Island (54-55oS), Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve(CHBR), Chile. We monitored 79 nests in coastal habitats during 54 days of breeding activity in the nesting season of 2005/2006 and 59 days in 2006/2007. Clutch size was 6.1 ± 1.2 eggs. Nests were preferably built on coastal sites with low
Feminism in Assam
Dr. Gulab Jha
Indian Streams Research Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Assam like in other parts of India followed the law given by Manu. Manu established a patriarchal system and women were given a position of subordination and subjugation. Women were taught to be feminist and feminine woman do not want higher education, career and independence, Those who did were frowned upon by not only males but by their own sex as well. All they had to do was to devote their lives from early girlhood to find a husband and bearing children for him. There was no way she could even dream about herself except as her children's mother or her husband's wife.The women did not even have the freedom to choose their husbands. After their marriage they were advised on how to keep their husbands happy at home and it was generally considered their fault if the men turned elsewhere for their pleasure.
Pygmy resonances and nucleosynthesis  [PDF]
Nadia Tsoneva,Horst Lenske
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1038/ncomms8384
Abstract: A microscopic theoretical approach based on a self-consistent density functional theory for the nuclear ground state and QRPA formalism extended with multi-phonon degrees of freedom for the nuclear excited states is implemented in investigations of new low-energy modes called pygmy resonances. Advantage of the method is the unified description of low-energy multiphonon excitations, pygmy resonances and core polarization effects. This is found of crucial importance for the understanding of the fine structure of nuclear response functions at low energies. Aspects of the precise knowledge of nuclear response functions around the neutron threshold are discussed in a connection to nucleosynthesis.
Dr.Abhinav. P. Ninawe,Dr.Vishal J. Deshbhratar,Dr.Prafull. S. Thakare
Indian Streams Research Journal , 2012,
Abstract: Clutch is a device used in the transmission system of a vehicle to engage and disengage the transmission system from the engine. The clutch works on the principle of friction. This paper discusses detailed study of single plate clutch. In this paper, detail study of clutch and modeling of clutch is done in proe software. Assembly of different parts of the single plate clutch is also done in software.
GOOSE通信与应用  [PDF]
电力系统自动化 , 2007,
Abstract: IEC61850标准的通信模式有客户/服务器(C/S)模式和P2P(peer-to-peer)模式2种,面向通用对象的变电站事件(GOOSE)作为IEC61850的一个全新应用,采用了P2P模式,并应用了许多最新的网络与通信技术,使许多新的应用成为可能。文中对GOOSE通信协议栈进行了分析,并对GOOSE应用的一些关键问题进行了研究,如虚拟局域网(VLAN)的划分、时间的测试、GOOSE辅助工具等。
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