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-  2016 


Keywords: 《清诗话续编》,提要
Qing shihua xubian

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Abstract:Guo Shaoyus Qing shihua xubian (The Sequel of the Notes on Poetry in Qing Dynasty) has been a very popular work in the circle of academia. The “xubian” means a sequel of Qing shihua by Ding Fubao in the Republic China, and the “shihua” came from Lidai shihua by He Wenhuan in the mid-Qing Dynasty, which was the name source of the poetics collections in modern times. As has been stated in The Imperial Catalog of the Four Treasuries, the genre of traditional poetics includes reviews, composing skills and notes. And Guos collection is focused on reviews. It collected poetics books written by intellectuals in the Qing Dynasty. This article tries to make a summary of the ins and outs of each book, the differences of each version, and its merits and faults, with a wish to be easier use for the reader and making a panoramic view of the poetics in the Qing Dynasty.


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