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A Study on the Impact of Stress on the Selection of New Products and the Intermediary Mechanism during the Process of Goal Pursuit  [PDF]
Chuming Hu, Ying Zhao
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2018.63017
Most of what consumers do involves the pursuit of goals, and consumer goals affect consumer behavior [1]. Many studies show that stress always exists in the process of goal pursuit [2]. When coping with stress, consumers change their spending habits [3]. Although the existing research has explained to some extent consumer new product choice behavior, they have neglected the impact of stress on new product choice in the process of chasing goals in everyday life. Based on the research of goal orientation, stress, this study mainly explores the influence of the stress level and on the choice of new products and the moderating effect of regulatory focus, and uses two experiments for empirical research. The first experiment tested the selection of new products by manipulating the stress level. The second experiment can influence the attention point of people by manipulating the stress level, thus verifying the mediating effect of the focus. The results show that consumers are more likely to choose a new product when they are experiencing high levels of stress during the goal pursuit process than when they feel low stress. The reason is that the consumer’s focus on the product shifts to the benefits of the product’s ability to help achieve the goal in the high levels of stress. The new products are better than the old ones, so people are more willing to choose new products.
Trends in Markets for Forest-Based Products and Consequences for Selected Countries  [PDF]
Olena Maksymets, Lars L?nnstedt
Open Journal of Forestry (OJF) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojf.2015.57062
Abstract: The forest sectors in many regions and countries are facing a need to change their structure, due to the development of new markets, emergence of new competitors, and shifts in production and consumption patterns for forest products. This article focuses on recent changes in the trade in these products, on imports and exports of four countries (USA, Sweden, Ukraine and, to a lesser extent, China) during the period from 1995 to 2011. For this purpose we use explanatory data analysis, time series analysis, benchmarking, meta-synthesis and content analysis of scientific and business publications concerning national and global trends in forest product industries. Data sources are various organizations’ databases of international trade in forest-based products in both monetary and physical terms (cubic meters and tons). The results show that the US and Swedish forest sectors are adversely affected by downturns in both their domestic and foreign markets during the study period, while the Ukrainian sector maintains exports of low value-added products at roughly constant levels (except that particle-board exports increase). China maintains production quantities of low value-added forest-based products, but also substantially increases exports of high-value added products. The results may facilitate efforts to forecast future trends and provide useful information and methodological approaches for future studies of interest to industry representatives, policy-makers and researchers.
The use of cashew apple residue as source of fiber in low fat hamburgers
Pinho, Lívia Xerez;Afonso, Marcos Rodrigues Amorim;Carioca, José Osvaldo Beserra;Costa, José Maria Correia da;Ramos, Afonso Mota;
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612011000400018
Abstract: the main purpose of this study was to produce hamburgers with partial substitution of the meat with cashew apple residue powder. the powder residue was obtained after the extraction of the pulp and dehydration in stove with air circulation. three formulations of hamburgers with increasing concentration of the residue as well as a control sample were prepared. the formulated products with cashew apple residue powder presented lower humidity and proteins and 35% lipid reduction. however, there was an increase in carbohydrates and ph with the addition of the powder from the cashew apple residue. some formulations showed an improvement of the final product yield. the total dietary fiber value was between 0 and 7.66%, with higher content of insoluble dietary fiber. the addition of up to 10.70% of the residue did not cause significant sensory changes in the flavor of the samples. the production of hamburgers with a partial substitution of cow meat with the cashew apple residue could be a feasible option since it resulted in product with high nutritional quality that is rich or have high dietary fiber content and is low in fat.
Materiais 2007 num copo de vinho do Porto
Lino,F. Jorge; Pereira,Acácio; Novais,Isabel; Amaral,Filipe;
Ciência & Tecnologia dos Materiais , 2007,
Abstract: this paper presents the main steps for a new product development that was offered to the participants of "materiais 2007" conference. a port wine glass with a stand in pewter was created. considering the materials scope of the conference, 30 other glasses with different materials stands were also manufactured to enhance the materials importance in new products development.
Conjoint Analysis: A Strategic Tool for Product Research
Ighomereho, O. S.
International Journal of Economic Development Research and Investment , 2011,
Abstract: Despite efforts by companies to offer products that meet customers' needs, a large percentage of them still fail. One of the reasons for product failure is negligence on the part of the company to find out what customers want and how they want it. The fulfillment of customers' needs and wants in a profitable way requires that companies understand the attributes of their product(s) that are most valued by the customers. Such information can lead to the creation of optimal value propositions. This study considered how conjoint analysis could be used to aid this process. It discussed the role of conjoint analysis in the determination of buyers' responses to a product during concept testing and test marketing and also for the modifications of existing products. It also demonstrated how Microsoft Excel could be used for conjoint analysis by companies when developing new products or when managing existing products in the face of intense competition.
Patent and market research level and value of novelty products developed by industry
E.I. Nagorniy
Marketing ì Mened?ment Innovacìj , 2011,
Abstract: The article discusses the basic approaches of scientists to identify and calculate the level of importance and novelty of new products, these major shortcomings you might encounter during its calculation. Propose their own methodology to determine the level of novelty and significance of the contemplated industrial products based on patent and market research.
Biopolímero produzido a partir da cana-de-á?ucar para cicatriza??o cutanea
Coelho, Maria Cristina de Oliveira Cardoso;Carrazoni, Patrícia Gallindo;Monteiro, Vanda Lúcia da Cunha;Melo, Francisco de Assis Dutra;Mota, Rinaldo Aparecido;Tenório Filho, Fernando;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502002000700003
Abstract: an extracelular polysaccharide was produced through microbiology, using the zsp bacteria isolated in the industrial microbiological laboratory of the sugar cane experimental station at carpina/ufrpe, pernambuco, brazil, presenting exceptional process capacity. the principal monosaccharides present in the 1soluble fraction were glucose (87.6%), xylose (8.6%), mannose (0.8%), ribose (1.7%), galactose (0.1%), arabinose (0.4%) and the glucuronic acid (0.8%). due to the high rate of injuries that occur with domestic animals and the search for simple, economical alternatives that would be capable of giving ideal conditions for the healing process, extensive testing was done with the biopolymer produced by sugar cane in animals that had cutaneous wounds, so as to evaluate the reepitelization process. it was observed from the testing results that there was better skin granulation, better infection control, and less healing time, which allowed the conclusion that the biopolymer contributed favorabably in the healing process, and could be used in cutaneous injuries.
Desenvolvimento de uma salada de frutas: da pesquisa de mercado à tecnologia de alimentos
Cardoso, Wilton Soares;Pinheiro, Flávia de Abreu;Perez, Ronaldo;Patelli, Talita;Faria, Emanuel Roberto;
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612010000200024
Abstract: understanding the customers' needs and the use of food technology can make an idea become an innovative product. the goals of this study were to investigate, through a market research, the opportunity for a new product, and, subsequently, prepare an acceptable and fresh ready-to-eat fruit salad using minimal processing and combined methods. the market research was carried out in the metropolitan region of belo horizonte - mg, brazil to study the potential market and to assess the market opportunities for a packed, ready-to eat fruit salad. after the development of the product, three types of fruit salad were prepared and a sensory evaluation was carried out every seven days during 21 days of storage. the market research revealed that the fruit salad, as a potential product, was approved and considered excellent and original. the potential customers claimed that they are open to market novelties and new brands. they established the following as product attributes for purchasing decision in order of priority: price, reference, need, composition and ingredients, and nutritional values. it can be said that all three types of fruit salads prepared were accepted as a result of the sensory analysis of samples stored for up to 21 days.
Low energy Kombucha fermented milk-based beverages
Milanovi? Spasenija D.,Lon?ar Eva S.,?uri? Mirjana S.,Malba?a Radomir V.
Acta Periodica Technologica , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/apt0839037m
Abstract: This paper investigates manufacturing of fermented beverages from two types of milk (1 % w/w and 2.2 % w/w fat) by applying of Kombucha, which contains several yeasts and bacterial strains. The starter was the inoculum produced from previous Kombucha fermentation. The applied starter concentrations were: 10 % v/v, 15 % v/v and 20 % v/v. Also, the traditional yoghurt starter was used to produce the control samples. All fermentations were performed at 42oC and the changes in the pH were monitored. The fermentation process was about three times faster in the control yoghurt than in the Kombucha samples. Influence of Kombucha inoculum concentration on the rate of fermentation appeared not to be significant. All fermentations were stopped when the pH reached 4.4. After the production, the quality of the fermented milk beverages with Kombucha was determined and compared with the quality of the control yoghurt samples. It was concluded that the difference in fat contents in milks affects the difference in quantities of other components in the fermented milk beverages with Kombucha. Sensory characteristics of the beverages manufactured from the partially skimmed milk are much better than those of the fermented beverages produced from the low fat milk.
The Success of Natural Products in Drug Discovery  [PDF]
Mouhssen Lahlou
Pharmacology & Pharmacy (PP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/pp.2013.43A003

Drug discovery leading to robust and viable lead candidates’ remains a challenging scientific task, which is the transition from a screening hit to a drug candidate, requires expertise and experience. Natural products and their derivatives have been recognized for many years as a source of therapeutic agents and of structural diversity. However, in addition to their chemical structure diversity and their biodiversity, the development of new technologies has revolutionized the screening of natural products in discovering new drugs. Applying these technologies compensates for the inherent limitations of natural products and offers a unique opportunity to re-establish natural products as a major source for drug discovery. The present article attempts to describe the utilization of compounds derived from natural resources as drug candidates, with a focus on the success of these resources in the process of finding and discovering new and effective drug compounds, an approach commonly referred to as “natural product drug discovery”.

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