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The data processing method to plotting in the longitudinal direction for three-dimension post-stack seismic data

YUAN Yi-jun,WU Zi-quan,

地球物理学进展 , 2008,
Abstract: In the three-dimension seismic data processing, displaying the post-stack seismic data of adjacent lines in the longitudinal direction may save plotting paper and reduce processing cost. The paper presents the seismic data processing method to create 3D seismic plotting data which can be displayed in the longitudinal direction. The method introduces that the drawing data set can be created by separating 3D post-stack data set, prolonging data record lengths, modifying the line number and merging 3D post-stack data set. Through real plotting, post-stack seismic sections of different lines may be displayed in the longitudinal direction. Therefore the processing method saves paper greatly and reduces processing cost.
The Pilot Protection Programmes of Distribution Network Including Microgrid

Smart Grid (SG) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/SG.2016.65030
Firstly, this paper analyzes the effect of micro-microgrid-connected group on distribution network protection. Microgrid network will cause the malfunction of protection, refuse and protection to lose selectivity, and bring many adverse effects to the protection of distribution network. Secondly, this paper proposes a new scheme based on the comparison of the current vector of fault component. The fault line is determined by comparing the current phase information collected by the direction element, and the two ends of the longitudinal link are protected to allow the signal to be disconnected. The project makes full use of the allowed type longitudinal comparison protection action speed and high sensitivity advantage; without voltage information, reducing information exchange, improving the accuracy and reliability of the protection action; application of directional element is greatly reduced to allow type communication channels, improving the reliability of allowed type longitudinal comparison protection. At last, this paper builds the Simulink simulation model, and analyzes the feasibility of the scheme under different fault conditions, which can effectively solve the micro network connected to distribution network protection problems.
基于VC++ 2008的大容量数据曲线绘制方法
Curve plotting method for large-capacity data based on VC++ 2008

- , 2015, DOI: 10.7523/j.issn.2095-6134.2015.01.019
Abstract: 摘要 针对大容量数据曲线绘制中的数据提取问题,提出"逐块读取"→"拼接数据"→"提取数据",最后达到"完整提取"的方式,可以实现对超过4 GB数据文件的处理.当数据量较大时,常规的绘图方法会暴露出效率低、绘图区域闪烁的问题.利用Polyline函数优化绘图程序,提高了绘图效率;采用双缓冲法解决绘图区域闪烁的问题,并进一步缩短了绘图时间.
Research on the Relationship between Income Distribution System and the Growth of Farmers’ Income—Taking Western Minority Areas as an Example

尹潇潇, 张艺
Advances in Social Sciences (ASS) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/ASS.2015.43019
The improvement of people’s living standards and growth of farmers’ income are closely linked with the implementation of national policy. Our country’s income distribution system also indirectly affects the farmer’s income. In this paper, we take the western minority region as an example. And based on longitudinal survey data of household in this region, we establish linear mixed model with random effects to study the factors influencing the growth of household income in the area. Then we analyze whcih factors are related to the income distribution system. Finally, we give some reasonable suggestions about how to deepen reform of the income distribution system to increase farmers’ income. The results show that income distribution system affects indirectly the growth of farmers’ income through the regulation of practitioners’ type, the proportion of cash crops and labor’s education level. Therefore, China should deepen reform of the income distribution system from the above aspects in the future in order to further improve the farmers’ income levels.
The Empirical Bayes Two-Sided Tests for the Parameter of Linear Exponential Distribution under Longitudinal Data

罗修辉, 韦程东, 李进立
Statistics and Applications (SA) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/SA.2016.53022
Abstract: 基于纵向数据下,本文讨论了在平方损失函数下线性指数分布参数的双边检验问题,利用Markov不等式证明了构造的经验贝叶斯双边检验函数具有渐近最优性,并获得了其收敛速度。
In the case of longitudinal data, this paper studies two-side test problem of linear exponential dis-tribution parameters under square loss function. By applying Markov inequality, the EB test rules for parameter of the linear exponential distribution are constructed and the asymptotically optimal property is obtained. Finally, we obtain the convergence rate of the proposed EB test under suitable conditions.
Mining Spatial Association Rules in Two-direction

WANG Zuo-Cheng,WANG Lin-Lin,XUE Li-Xia,LI Yong-Shu,

计算机科学 , 2006,
Abstract: Spatial data mining is different from data mining in transaction DB. In most case, the relationships between the tuples in transaction DB do not be taken into account. But in spatial database, there are relationships not only between the attributes, but also between the tuples, and most of the associations exists between the tuples-objects, such as adjacent, intersection, overlap and other topological relationships. So the tasks of spatial data association rules mining include not only mining the relationships between attributes of spatial objects, which we call vertical direction DM, but also mining the relationships between the tuples, which we call horizontal direction DM. This paper analyses the storage models of spatial data, uses for reference the technologies of data mining in transaction DB, defines spatial association rules, including vertical direction association rule, horizontal direction association rule and two-direction association rule, discusses the ts of interestingness of spatial association rules, and propose the work flows of spatial association rules data mining. During two-direction spatial association rules mining, we propose an algorithm to get non-spatial itemsets. By spatial analysis, we can transfer the spatial relations into non-spatial associations and get non-spatial itemsets. Based on the non-spatial itemsets, we can make use of Apriori algorithm or other algorithms to get the frequent itemsets and then, spatial association rules come into being. To confirm that, we mine in the land using spatial DB to get spatial association rules to validate the algorithm. The test results show that the algorithm is efficient and can mine the interesting spatial rules.
The Statistical Data of Water Level Monitoring of the Yue Zhuang Deep Well and Analysis on Coseismic Response Characteristics

刘兵, 傅辉, 王风, 李木森
Advances in Geosciences (AG) , 2016, DOI: 10.12677/AG.2016.61001
Abstract: 地震会造成震源周围地质结构的应力状态变化,导致含水层的受力状态相应改变,因而深井的水位也会出现同步变化。本文针对山东省邹城市的特殊地质结构,以该市岳庄深井所记录的水位监测数据统计结果为基础,进行了地震同震响应特征分析。结果表明,该深井的水位变化对ML 4.0震级以上地震呈现良好的同震响应特征;记录的地震同震响应特征可分为五种类型,其中阶梯型和振荡型出现频次较高,是主要的两种类型。因此,利用该深井的水位监测统计数据进行地震的同震响应特征分析和开展地震监测是一种可行的方法。
The earthquake can change stress state around geological structure so as to cause stress change in the aquifer layer and a synchronous change of the deep well water level. This paper dealt with the seismic response characteristic based on the special geological structure of Zoucheng City in Shandong Province and the water level monitoring statistical data of the Yue Zhuang deep well. The research results showed that this deep well had a good response ability to the seismic above ML4.0 level. The recorded coseismic response characteristics can be divided into five kinds in which the ladder and the wave modes are occurred in higher frequency. Therefore the water level monitoring statistical data and seismic response characteristic of the deep well can be used to provide a good way for earthquake monitoring.
A Study on the Multiple Composite Piezoelectric Motor  [PDF]
Jwo Ming Jou
Open Journal of Acoustics (OJA) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/oja.2014.42006
Abstract: In this study, we major discuss a multiple composite piezoelectric motor. It is made by the base, the multiple composite piezoelectric stator and the preload adjusting module. The multiple composite piezoelectric stator is composed of the base, the first actuating element, the second actuating element and stator. The first actuating element is composed of the longitudinal and the first bending vibration modules, in which the first bending vibration module includes the horizontal and vertical bending vibration modules. And the second actuating element or bending vibration modules, wherein the second actuating element also includes the horizontal and vertical bending vibration modules. In addition, the preload adjusting module includes the limiting element, spring, washer and nut. In order to obtain the best vibration modes of the multiple composite piezoelectric motor, we use the ANSYS code to simulate. And so as to get the better performance and efficiency relate to the previous similar type’s motor under the same driving conditions, we try to use different vibration modules or modes to drive the multiple composite piezoelectric motor, including the longitudinal, the first bending, the second bending and the multiple vibration modules or modes by experiments. According to the results of the simulations and experiments, we found that the multiple composite piezoelectric motor has better rotational speed, loading ability and conversion efficiency of direction relate to the previous similar type’s motor. Where the maximum rotational speed multiple composite piezoelectric motor is up to 600 rpm under conditions of 180 Vp-p driving voltage, 37.8 kHz driving frequency, 00 driving phase angle and 12.1 gw loading. And the maximum loading ability is 2500 gw under conditions of 180 Vp-p driving voltage, 37.8 kHz driving frequency, 00
Compare Machine Learning Methods and Linear Mixed Models with Random Effects of Longitudinal Data Prediction

李红梅, 吴喜之
Hans Journal of Data Mining (HJDM) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/HJDM.2015.53006
This study investigates the longitudinal data of protein in cows by using linear mixed models with random effects and other methods including six machine learning methods (trees, boost, bagging, random forest, neural networks, support vector machines) with R software and makes compassion and prediction for the data. According to the change of the training set and via 8-fold cross va-lidation, it analyzes the mean square error and shows the traditional linear mixed models with random effects method is inferior in general to the machine learning method no matter for the long-term or short-term forecasting. Here long-term forecasting corresponds to the larger size of training sets and smaller size of testing sets in machine learning terminology. Also, machine learning methods are stable.
A Research on Building the Path of Data Exploration in Marketing

FAN Miaomiao
,LU Ying,WU Xiaoding

- , 2016,
Abstract: 摘要 提出了数据勘探的构想,并构建了“聚”、“分”、“组”三个阶段的网店数据勘探路径,在PVP语法规则下,以维度组合的方式构造最终的数据语句,其中有挖掘意义的语句即可能是后续的数据挖掘方向。通过对网店企业数据的勘探与挖掘验证了该数据勘探路径的有效性,同时表明数据勘探能够提高营销数据挖掘的效率和挖掘方向的科学决策水平
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