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A review on studies of secondary metabolites from marine fungi

ZHU Wei-Ming,WANG Jun-Feng,

菌物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Marine fungi are a kind of important source for active marine natural products. Up to now, 1,117 new compounds have been isolated and identified from the fermentation broth of marine fungi. In this paper, the history, status quo, methods and issues in studying secondary metabolites from marine fungi are presented. The compounds originated from marine fungi and their perspective in drug discovery were also discussed.
菌物学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 海洋真菌是活性海洋天然产物的重要来源,到目前为止,已从海洋真菌的发酵产物中分离鉴定了1,117个新化合物。介绍了海洋真菌次生代谢产物的研究历史、现状、特点、研究方法、存在问题及其在新药研究中的应用前景。
海洋与湖沼 , 1998,

YANG Xian-zhang,XU Zhi-ming,ZHAO Dan-yang,

天然气地球科学 , 2005,
Abstract: Based on documents home and abroad about nitrogen-containing compound, this paper points out that nitrogen-containing compound has significant use in geochemical research. First, it has unique advantage in studying ondirection and path of hydrocarbon migration. Also, it is successful used in manyother ways, such as maturity and oil-source correlation research.

ZHENG You-heng,

天然气地球科学 , 2004,
Abstract: Pyrrolic nitrogen compounds are used as tracers for investigating oil migration of Daluhu oilfield in Dongyin depression. The results of analyses on some prarmeters of pyrrolic nitrogen compounds in oils indicate that migration effects are obvious. It is suggested that oils likely move from north to south.
An Analysis of the Present Oil Migration Direction of Block I in Central Junggar Basin

HAN Li-huo,ZHANG Huan-zhi,LI Wei,

地球学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Based on researches on the distribution of maturity parameters,pyrrolic nitrogen compounds and high_molecular normal alkanes in oils of Block I in central Junggar basin,it is known that the oil migration directions of the study area are very complicated. Considering the evolution of Che_Mo ancient uplift,the authors hold that the migration distance of petroleum distributed in Well Zheng_1 is relatively short, while the migration distance of petroleum distributed in Well Zhuang_1 and Well Sha_1 is relatively long. Therefore, it can be concluded that the main oil migration direction has been from south to north recently.
Reasons of High Concentration Ammonium in Yellow River, China

ZHANG Xue-qing,XIA Xing-hui,YANG Zhi-feng,

环境科学 , 2007,
Abstract: Ammonium nitrogen contamination is one of the major problems of the Yellow River in China.The speciation,concentration and sources of nitrogen compounds as well as the water environment conditions of the Yellow River had been analyzed to study the reasons for the fact that the ammonium nitrogen concentration was above the water quality standard.In addition,laboratory experiments had been carried out to investigate the effects of suspended sediment(SS) on nitrification rate.The results indicated that the presence of SS could accelerate the nitrification process,therefore,the effects of SS on nitrification rate was not the reason for the high level of ammonium nitrogen in the river.The excessive and continuous input of nitrogen contaminants to the river was the fundamental reason for the high concentration of ammonium nitrogen.Organic and ammonium nitrogen with high concentration inhibitted the nitrification processes.When the initial NH~ _4-N concentrations were 10.1,18.4 and 28.2(mg/L),nitrification efficiencies were 17.4%,13.0% and 2.5%,respectively.When the initial organic nitrogen concentrations were 5.5 and 8.6(mg/L),the maximum concentrations of ammonium nitrogen produced by the oxidation of organic nitrogen would reach 0.47 and 1.69(mg/L) and they would last for 2 days and 6 days,respectively.The oxygen-consuming organics and toxic substance existing in the river water could inhibit the activity of nitrifying bacteria,and thus lead to the accumulation of ammonium nitrogen.In addition,the high pH value of river water resulted in the high concentration of nonionic ammonium nitrogen which would reduce the activity of nitrifying bacteria and decrease the nitrification rates.Besides,low river runoff,low SS content and low activity of nitrifying bacteria resulted in the high level of ammonium nitrogen of the river in the low water season.
NMR Analysis of Nitrogen Containing Compounds

OUYANG Jie,ZHANG Wei,PENG Jie,DENG Zhi-wei,LI Li-ya,LIN Wen-han,

波谱学杂志 , 2006,
Abstract: In this work,the NMR characteristics of several nitrogen containing compounds,including Aztreonam,Omeprazole and a Schiff base,were investigated.The results show that quadrupole moment of()~(14)N nuclei~(\),inter-molecular hydrogen bonding and tautomic equilibria of intra-molecular proton transformation are the major factors influencing the NMR characteristics of these compounds.Based on the results,it is suggested that the aforementioned factors should be considered when designing NMR experiments for and analyzing NMR spectra of nitrogen containing compounds,since knowing the influences of these factors may help gaining more information on the structural and chemical properties of the compounds.
Effect of concentrations of various chloride ions on nitrogenous compounds in micro-polluted water treated by electrochemical oxidation method

Wang Hao,He Xuwen,Hou Shaopei,Liu Liyuan,Zhang Chunhui,Lin Hui,Chai Zhen,

环境工程学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 采用电化学氧化法对微污染水进行处理,在极板间距为1 cm,电解时间为10 min的条件下,通过投加NaCl溶液,使水中的NH+4及Cl-的摩尔比分别为1∶1、1∶2、1∶3,并与未投加NaCl溶液的电解出水进行比较,主要考察不同氯离子浓度对电化学法去除微污染水中的含氮化合物的效果影响。实验表明:随着氯离子浓度的不断提高,对微污染水的含氮化合物的去除效果也随之提高;当槽电压不断提高时,含氮化合物的去除效果也相应提高。综合吨水电耗等因素考虑,确定槽电压为6 V,NH+4及Cl-的摩尔比为1∶3时为最佳运行条件。
New protein assay with improved tolerability to interferences

Yuan Dong,Lingling Tang,Lin Lin,Shan Lu,

生物工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Routine protein assays are usually affected with various compounds,and we need to use different protein quantification protocol to deal with different interference.In order to simplify the procedure,we developed a new method,in which the components and concentrations of the reagents were modified mainly based on classic Folin-Ciocalteu’s reagent for reducing the susceptibility to interfering substances.Standard curves of the new method were established with different levels of bovine serum albumin,and then,we assessed and evaluated the detectable wavelengths and stability.In particular,the tolerability to several interfering substances was analyzed by using cytolysis solutions containing different chemicals.Our data in this study show that the new method could be applied to detecting protein concentrations accurately,even in the presence of surfactants such as 10% sodium dodecyl sulfate(SDS),2% NP-40,or 1% TrintonX-100,chelators of 25 mmol/L EDTA or 1 mmol/L Ethylene glycol bis(2-aminoethyl) tetraacetic acid(EGTA),reductants of 1 mmol/L Dithiothretol(DTT) orβ-Mercaptoethanol(ME),or nitrogen-containing compounds of 0.5 mol/L ammonium sulphate or 4 mol/L urea.Taken together,these results indicate that the new approach significantly improves the tolerance to the interfering substances,which could be potentially useful in measuring the contents of proteins interfered with such substances.
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