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A new kind of sunlight greenhouse--the research on the optimal distribution of the ecological factors in the artificial greenhouse ecological system

WANG Jing,<br>
生态学报 , 2003,
Abstract: To solve the questions in the greenhouse such as the high temperature and the humidity at noon. the high rate of the plant diseases and insect pests and the high frequency of using pesticide, we invent a new kind of sunlight greenhouse with canopy structure of negative and positive. Due to the hot exchange between negative canopy and positive canopy, it can reduce the positive canopy's high temperature at noon.It can not only postpone and shorten the time in which the positive canopy's temperature is more...
A new generalized Riccati equation rational expansion method and its application

Wang Jing,<br>
物理学报 , 2010,
Abstract: With the aid of symbolic computation system Maple, several new kinds of generalized exact solutions for the compound KdV system and extended KdV-Burgers system with nonlinear terms of any order are obtained by using a new generalize Riccati equation rational expansion method. This approach can also be applied to other nonlinear evolution equations with nonlinear terms of any order.
The Effect of Tourist Activities on the Speleothems and Conservation Strategy in the Show Caves

WANG Jing,<br>
资源科学 , 2006,
Abstract: 随着旅游业发展,越来越多的溶洞旅游资源在我国被开发,其中的碳酸钙沉积景观是主要的旅游吸引物之一,由于其形成环境比较封闭,随着开放时间的推移,都不同程度出现了风化、破损现象,因此溶洞景区一般被视为生命周期较短。为了实现旅游资源的可持续发展,在溶洞旅游资源开发的过程中体现“在保护中开发,在开发中保护”的理念,本文从碳酸钙沉积景观形成的水文地球化学过程入手,通过分析洞穴水溶液中CO2溶解度影响因子,即水溶液温度和水溶液与洞穴环境之间的CO2分压差(ΔPCO2),从旅游活动的影响角度,对游客的热源与CO2源效应进行分析,提出了基于游客影响和景观形成过程研究的措施,即采用分流游客和水文地球化学实验方法进行景观保育以及科学的开发管理作为旅游溶洞碳酸钙沉积景观保护的有效措施。
Research Towards Chinese String Similarity Based on the Clustering Feature of Chinese Characters

Wang Jingting,<br>
现代图书情报技术 , 2011,
Abstract: This paper adopts cluster analysis method to discuss and analyze the features of Chinese characters,in order to discover the internal rules. Based on the clustering feature of Chinese characters,it refines the matching result of string matching,and advances a 2-level similarity model. The experiment result shows that this model can reflect the similarity better.
Molecular Structure, Physiological Function and Evolution of Phytochrome in Higher Plants

Jing Wang,Ting Wang,<br>,
植物学报 , 2007,
Abstract: The phytochrome molecule is the photoreceptor used by plants to sense environmental red and far-red light changes,which are vital to direct growth and development. In this review, we present (1) the chromoprotein structure of phytochrome, its domains and corresponding functions; (2) members of phytochrome gene families and their evolutionary relationships in the main groups of plants; (3) advances in molecular mechanisms of phytochrome signaling and gene regulation; and (4) prospects for future research.
A Study on the Efficiency of Undertaking Industrial Transfer in Poverty Alleviation in the Upper Reaches of the Yangtze River

志章,<br>WANG Zhizhang,WANG Jing
- , 2018, DOI: 10.13718/j.cnki.xdsk.2018.01.005
Abstract: 长江上游地区既是长江经济带和“一带一路”国家战略的重要组成部分,也是目前我国贫困地区的主要聚集区,打赢这一特定区域的扶贫攻坚战不仅对实施好国家战略,而且对确保长江上游贫困地区到2020年与全国同步建成小康社会,具有重要的战略意义。本文基于长江上游云、贵、川、渝四省市2010-2015年的面板统计数据研究长江上游地区承接产业转移的脱贫绩效。结果表明:长江上游地区承接产业转移促进了地区脱贫,承接国内产业转移的脱贫绩效大于国际产业转移的脱贫绩效。分析还发现,影响地区脱贫的生产要素、基础设施、产业发展因素等对地区脱贫均具有显著的推动作用。做好长江上游地区承接产业的关键是:国家层面制定计划,区域联合构建机制,承接地做好落地工作,行业协会发挥中间服务作用,承接企业培育人力资本,通过提升产业扶贫效益加快长江上游贫困地区的脱贫步伐。
The upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the major area of poor population, are an important part of the Yangtze River economic belt and the 'The Belt and the Road' Initiative. It is of national strategic significance to win the fight against poverty, o ensure that the poor areas of upper reach of the Yangtze River achieve common prosperity by 2020. This paper studies the effect of undertaking industrial transfer in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River on poverty alleviation by the panel data of provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Chongqing from 2010 to 2015. It is found that undertaking the transfer of industries in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River regions has helped to promote poverty alleviation, and the effect of undertaking the transfer of the Chinese industries is better than that of the international industries. It is also found that production, infrastructure and industrial development have a significant role in promoting poverty alleviation. In view of this, this paper puts forward some suggestions, including national planning, coordinated efforts between different regions, effective local measures to settle the industrial transfer, service of trade associations, and training of human resources in the corporations to accept the industrial transfer so that poverty alleviation in the upper reaches of Yangtze River will be achieved at a faster pace

Wang Jing,<br>,陈出新,陶澍
生态学报 , 1992,
Abstract: The toxic effect of copper on the growth rate of green algae, Chlorella vulgaris, in copper-fulvic acid-algae system was studied. It was shown that copper of 0.55mg L-1 caused a 50% decrease in the growth rate of algae in the medium without fulvic acid and the addition of fulvic acid inhibited the tixic effect of copper. The relationship among the algae growth rate and the concentrations of copper and fulvic acid was quantitatively described using an integrated equation combining cumulative normal distribution curve for the growth,the negative expontial curve for stimulation and the single ligand binding model for the complexation effect. The calculated growth rates of algae at various concentiations of copper and fulvic acid using the model agreed well with the experimental results.
The ecological footprint of alpine pastures at the village-level: a case study of Hezuo in Gannan Autonomous Prefecture, China

WANG Lucang,GAO Jing,<br>录仓,
生态学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Alpine pasture is a unique plant community with an ecological set of conditions and environmental pressures which are significantly different from other areas. This simple ecosystem has a naturally slow rhythm. Its functional instability is caused by the cold, alpine pasture environment which makes it vulnerable to disturbance and difficult to repair once damages occurred. To a certain extent, external forces and influences are limited in this cold climate because of its isolation from human activities. This leads to alpine pasture having a highly localized and sparse human population, so that human conflicts only tend to arise over grass-livestock conflicts. Based on characteristics of alpine pastures, the authors have revised the ecological footprint model and ecological carrying capacity model of this unique habitat placing strong emphasis on the key factors controlling ecological carrying capacity. These factors include the numbers and types of livestock, human population, local habitat conditions and regional characteristics. Following the methods of Hezuo, the authors then measured and analyzed the ecological footprint and ecological carrying capacity of 41 administrative units. The results show: 1) The distribution patterns and ecological footprints of the human population and their livestock are very different and roughly the opposite of each other, which indicates there are significant spatial differences between the environmental pressure on alpine pastures coming from the human population and pressures from livestock. 2) The combined ecological footprint of humans and livestock is mainly determined by the location of the livestock ecological footprint, so we can conclude the impact of livestock is the main factor in the formation of the combined ecological footprint. 3) Looking at the distribution of the ecological carrying capacity per unit area, the areas with a low carrying capacity are mainly located in the northern expansive pastoral areas at higher altitudes where the structure of the ecosystem is fairly simple, and main ecological types are alpine meadows and hydric grassland. Also, in these high altitude areas, frost weathering is quite strong, and the effective growing season is very short. Unlike these low carrying capacity and high altitude areas, the areas with high carrying capacity are mainly located around urban areas and along the Taohe River, with both grassland ecosystems and forested ecosystems present.In summary, we can conclude the main factor determining the ecological carrying capacity is our ability to improve anthropogenic factors, while dealing with the complex structure of natural ecological systems and harsh natural environment. 4) When we consider the nature of the spatial distribution of ecological surpluses and deficits, ecological deficit areas are mainly concentrated in pure pastoral areas, and overgrazing is the key cause for the ecological damage. So, the key to increasing the ecological carrying capa
Test Analysis of the Fracture Modes for Some Metal Materials

TANG An-min,WANG Jing,<br>汤安民,
实验力学 , 2003,
Abstract: 本文研究了几种金属材料在常规破坏试验过程中的断裂现象,分析了不同材料不同复合比下断裂力学试验结果,结果表明,材料在不同受力形式下,随应力状态参数兄从大向小改变,材料断裂机理从以孔洞扩张、聚合为主导,向局部剪切带产生、发展为主导转化,材料断裂形式、断裂条件也随着发生变化,通过试验结果与应力场分析,讨论了不同应力状态参数下,金属材料韧性断裂形式的变化规律。

Wang Li Zhang Jingjuan,<br>,
微生物学报 , 1994,
Abstract: 对根癌土壤杆菌C58/pGV3850菌株的固氮生理特性研究结果表明,该菌具有自生固氮活性,其固氮活性的最适pH为8.0,温度为30℃.固氮活性在对数生长后期(14h)最高,延缓期和静止期乙炔还原活性较低.该菌株好氧,通过氧呼吸和吸氢酶的作用达到避氧固氮.当通入氧气超过呼吸耗氧时,对固氮活性产生抑制作用.在培养过程中增加NH_4~+浓度,固氮活性会降低,当达到15mmol/L时完全丧失固氮活性,表现NH_4~+阻遏固氮酶蛋白合成.在乙炔还原测定系统中加入NH_4~+并不影响乙炔还原反应,说明没有NH_4~+关闭现象.培养过程中加入MSX(2.5mg/ml)能解除10mmol/L NH_4~+对固氮酶合成的阻遏作用.固定的游离氮不能以NH_4~+形式分泌于胞外.固氮过程中放出大量氢气,培养16小时产氢量达65μmol H_2/mg蛋白.在限碳条件下(0.2%蔗糖)其吸氢酶活力可达520nmol H_2·ml~(-1)·h~(-1).
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