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Wu Qing-Long,<br>
生态学报 , 1993,
Abstract: 加州鲈鱼,又名大嘴黑鲈(Micropterus salmonoides)。隶属于鲈形目(Perciformes),太阳鱼科(Centrarchidae)。原产于美国密西西比河水系,现广泛分布于欧美等地。它为肉食性凶猛鱼类,肉质鲜美;且具有生长快、耐低温、抗病力强和易捕捞等优点。1983年我国深圳首次引进此种鱼类,此后在各地逐步推广养殖。有关加州鲈鱼的生长、生态及生理等方面的研究,国内外已有不少报道,但有关仔幼鱼口器结构及食性方面的研究不多,仅见Parmley,D.等研究该属佛罗里达黑鲈仔幼鱼食性的报道。为更好地促进其苗种培育,作者于1991年4—5月进行了有关的观察,现报道如下。
Filtering capacity of Anodonta woodiana and its feeding selectivity on phytoplankton

WU Qinglong,CHEN Yuwei,LIU Zhengwen,<br>,陈宇炜,刘正文
应用生态学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Lake eutrophication associated with algal bloom has become a major environmental challenge in China. Filter feeding organisms, e.g., silver carp, bighead carp, and zebra mussel, have been widely used to manipulate water environment through their top-down effects. The bivalve Anodonta woodiana is widely distributed across China, and has been used for bio-manipulation of some water bodies. In situ experiments were performed in a bay of Lake Dianchi and its surrounding ponds to study the filtering capacity and the filter feeding rate of Anodonta woodiana in these aguatic habitats, and to determine the controlling factors. The results showed that there was a relationship between filtration rate and total suspended substances measured in laboratory during August and September 2001 when the water temperature was 20 +/- 2 degrees C, which was expressed as y = 4 380.41 e(- 0.0184x) (R2 = 0.621, P < 0.05) based on at least squares analyses. The filtration rate was strongly related to the body weight by measuring in laboratory over 24 hours during August 2001 when the water temperature was 20 +/- 2 C. At least squares analyses gave the equation y = 2 904.16 + 12 076.24e(-0.0034x) (R2 = 0.9825, P = < 0.05). A slight variation of filtration rate was found over 24 hours, which could be explained by the bivalves' adaptation to the experimental circumstances rather than the daily change of its filtration feeding. In general, the filtration capacity of natural Anodonta woodiana population in the water bodies was very limited, as a result of its small population size. No significant selective feeding on algae was found by contrasting the relative abundance of algae in the habitats and the guts of Anodonta woodiana. The feeding selectivity on algae was neither correlated with the size of algae, nor with the initial abundance of algae in water column.

Wu Qinglong,Chen Kaining,Zhou Wanping,<br>、陈开宁、周万平
资源科学 , 1996,
Abstract: Based on the analysis of the biological resources and environmental conditions in East Taihu Lake which represents freshwater macrophyte lake type, the possibility of exploiting the biological resources are discussed. Then, the practically-performed environmental protection measures are put forward which can be referred to the development and protection of macrophyte lakes in China.
Climate change over the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin during 1961-2005

YOU Qinglong,KANG Shichang,WU Yanhong,YAN Yuping,<br>游,康世昌,艳红,闫宇平
地理学报(英文版) , 2007,
Abstract: The Yarlung Zangbo River (YR) is the highest great river in the world, and its basin is one of the centers of human economic activity in Tibet. Using 10 meteorological stations over the YR basin in 1961-2005, the spatial and temporal characteristics of temperature and precipitation as well as potential evapotranspiration are analyzed. The results are as follows. (1) The annual and four seasonal mean air temperature shows statistically significant increasing trend, the tendency is more significant in winter and fall. The warming in Lhasa river basin is most significant. (2) The precipitation is decreasing from the 1960s to the 1980s and increasing since the 1980s. From 1961 to 2005, the annual and four seasonal mean precipitation is increasing but not statistically significant, especially in fall and spring. The increasing precipitation rates are more pronounced in Niyangqu and Palong Zangbo river basins, the closer to the upper YR is, the less precipitation increasing rate would be. (3) The annual and four seasonal mean potential evapotranspiration has decreased, especially after the 1980s, and most of it happens in winter and spring. The decreasing trend is most significant in the middle YR and Nianchu river basin. (4) Compared with the Mt. Qomolangma region, Tibetan Plateau, China and global average, the magnitudes of warming trend over the YR basin since the 1970s exceed those areas in the same period, and compared with the Tibetan Plateau, the magnitudes of precipitation increasing and potential evapotranspiration decreasing are larger, suggesting that the YR basin is one of the most sensitive areas to global warming.

Zhang Huiping,Zhang Peizhen,Wu Qinglong,Chen Zhengwei,<br>张会平,张培震,,陈正位
第四纪研究 , 2008,
Abstract: Xunhua-Guide area is a part of Late Cenozoic tectonic orogenic systerm along the northeastern Tibetan Plateau.The section of the Huanghe River in this area provides an ideal site to unravel the process of the plateau uplift and incision of the Huanghe River.Although some terrace studies within this region have shown a coupling pattern between the plateau uplift and Huanghe River incision,more analysises are still needed to test the impact of the ongoing uplift on river evolution.It is known that longitudinal profile can be well adjusted to respond the vertical differential uplift and lithological change along a river thus in this paper we have carried out a study on longitudinal profile of the Huanghe River and its 38 tributaries.By utilizing the digital elevation model database,longitudinal profiles along the Huanghe River around Xunhua-Guide area were extracted and analyzed.Our study indicates that 65.8%(25/38)of the longitudinal profiles are convex up,while 34.2%(13/38)show concave features.Determination of the knickpoint location along the profile indicates that 64.0%(16/25)of the 25 convex profiles have their knickpoints near the basin boundary or the contact between basin and range systerm.On the basis of the stream-power incision model,the tectonic expression on the profile is determined.Our logrithmic slope-area plots for the Huanghe River drainage declare that 68.4%(26/38)are upward-convex and the left are almost near the linear state.Consequent analysis reveals that the upward-convex features of the profiles and slope-area plots can be explained by the elevation of the bedrock profile getting higher and higher and the uplift being beyond the incision around the target area.Additionally,we know that in the areas where the rivers run across the pre-Cenozoic high resistant bedrocks,the longitudinal profiles also show a similar upward-convex feature,which indicates that the differential lithology distribution is also another control of the profile feature.In a general view,the longitudinal profiles of the Huanghe River tributaries are well controlled by the Late Cenozoic tectonics and lithological difference,which indicates that the landscape around Xunhua-Guide area is in the pre-steady state or near to the steady state.Meanwhile,our analysis also agrees,to some degree,that the northeastern Tibetan Plateau is one of the newly uplifted parts in the whole plateau frame.

湖泊科学 , 2001, DOI: 10.18307/20010408
Abstract: 东太湖是长江中下游典型草型湖泊,渔业资源丰富,水质良好,具有渔业、泄洪、供水等重要功能,作为我国最早开始网围养殖等养殖渔业开发的湖泊之一,在促进我国湖泊渔业的发展等方面起到了重要作用,但是养殖渔业的快速发展也带来了一定的负面影响,影响了湖泊渔业等的持续发展.本文以东太湖作为我国浅水湖泊的典型代表,在分析其主要资源及环境特征的基础上,重点分析网围养殖与环境之间的关系,剖析养殖渔业存在的主要问题,提出了相应的湖泊渔业养殖承载力资源环境模型,并就未来湖泊渔业发展提出建议.

水产学报 , 1995,
Design and Application of Information System for Subtle Reservoir Exploration

Wu DongSheng,Wu ChongLong,Liu ShaoHua,Wang Qing,Zhu XiaoLong,Chen HuaJun,<br>东胜,,刘少华,,朱小龙,陈华军
计算机系统应用 , 2006,
Abstract: 本文所介绍的内容是在金湖凹陷隐蔽油气藏勘探信息系统的实际研究中,设计开发了一系列配套技术,实现了多学科数据和成果的集成、油气区勘探信息的统一管理、多学科综合研究的专业集成、机助层序地层界面对比和地质统计学处理等多项功能,为层序地层学地质综合研究提供了高效适用的软件工具。
Impacts of regime shift between phytoplankton and macrophyte on the microbial community structure and its carbon cycling in lakes

WU Qing-Long,XING Peng,LI Hua-Bing,ZENG Jin,<br>,邢鹏,李化炳,曾巾
微生物学通报 , 2013,
Abstract: Lake is one of the major ecosystems on the earth. Lake ecosystems play an important role in the nutrient cycling in the regional as well as in the global scale due its connection with different interfaces and its functioning as a junction in the catchment. Microbes are key biological components of the lake ecosystems and are the major forces driving the cycling of nutrients including the carbon. Lake ecosystems particularly in shallow lakes always possess two alternative stable states, a turbid state dominated by phytoplankton and a clear state dominated by submersed macrophyte. Such a change of alternative states is always related to the loading of nutrients including phosphorus and nitrogen as a result of human activities and global change. The shift of alternative states has strong impacts on the ecosystem structure and its function. In this review, we focused on responses of microbial community structure under the regime shift between clear state and turbid state, and subsequently the change of microbial carbon cycling driven by the microbes in lakes. Based on these analyses, we further point out the major research priorities in this direction in the future. We hope such a review will be helpful for a better understanding on the carbon cycling and its mechanisms driven by microbes in lakes.
Microfluidic cell culture array chip for drug screening assays

Yunhuan Zheng,Jianzhang Wu,Jianbo Shao,Qinghui Jin,Jianlong Zhao,<br>郑允焕,建璋,邵建波,,赵建
生物工程学报 , 2009,
Abstract: We developed a novel microfluidic cell chip, which enabled drug delivery, fluid control and cell co-culture. The device consisted of an array of 6×6 cell culture chambers, a drug gradient generator and fluidic control valves. Micro-dam structures of the chambers were able to trap cells while loading and drug gradient network generated drug gradient of 6 different concentrations. Also we applied hydraulic valves to control the microfluid and simulate the microenvironment of cells. We had investigated the viability of co-culturing cells in the chip and the ability for drug screening. This microfluidic cell chip has the potential in cell-based research of high throughput drug screening.
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