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Ultrastructure changes of mice liver induced by nodularin

YE Binhui,ZHOU Mengting,HUANG Liming,CAI Chenchen,SHOU Xiaolu,HAN Li,JIA Xiuying,ZHANG Hangjun,<br>,周梦婷,黄黎明,蔡晨晨,寿晓璐,韩丽,贾秀英,张杭君
环境科学学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 作为新型生物毒素,节球藻毒素(NOD)常见于爆发水华的水体中,是泡沫节球藻分泌的具有高肝毒性的次生代谢产物.由于其毒性高、暴露途径广且不易降解而日趋受到人们的重视.为了阐明NOD的肝毒性机理,本研究以模式生物小鼠为载体,研究亚慢性NOD诱导下小鼠肝脏在形态学、病理学上的微结构变化.结果表明,10 μg·kg-1·d-1 NOD下暴露21 d可诱导小鼠肝脏出现"草莓状表面"的肉眼可见的形态学改变.在H&E染色下,观察到在NOD暴露21 d可诱导小鼠肝脏出现微小结节、细胞嗜酸性病变、炎症细胞浸润、慢性淤胆及脂肪病变等病理学现象.当暴露时间延长到28 d时,嗜酸性病变恶化并出现嗜酸小体.在TEM观察下,小鼠肝细胞在NOD的诱导下出现肝细胞核皱缩、染色质凝集或边集、线粒体嵴横纹加深及分布散乱、内质网肿胀、核糖体脱粒等现象,并且在胞质中多有观察到微泡性脂肪变性及吞噬小泡.上述变化充分说明,在亚慢性暴露条件下,NOD依然具有强烈肝毒性.引起NOD慢性肝中毒的主要原因是肝细胞嗜酸性病变及炎症的诱发,并在暴露时间延长后进一步恶化,肝板结构破坏更加严重.
- , 2018, DOI: 10.3785/j.issn.1008-973X.2018.08.022
Abstract: 为探究草酸青霉(Penicillium oxalicum) SL2处理环境中Cr (VI)污染的潜力,利用Gompertz模型分析盐度对SL2生长的影响,通过摇瓶试验研究盐度对SL2处理Cr (VI)的影响,并考察SL2清除实际电镀废水中Cr (VI)的能力.与未添加NaCl的对照组相比,在添加100 g/L NaCl的土豆培养基中生长的SL2菌斑最大直径和最大生长速率分别降低19.1%和57.8%,延滞时间增加110.1%,但SL2处理Cr (VI)的能力没有受到显著抑制.在实际电镀废水中,SL2能通过吸附累积和还原作用在6 d内清除102.2 mg/L的Cr (VI),每克菌丝体吸附累积铬元素9.09 mg,吸附累积量占电镀废水中铬元素总量的9.9%.研究表明,SL2具有处理高盐电镀废水中Cr (VI)污染的潜力,研究结果可为实际应用提供参考依据.
Abstract: In order to explore the potential application in Cr(VI) removal of Penicillium oxalicum SL2 from polluted environment, the effect of salinity on SL2 growth was analyzed by using the Gompertz model, the effect of salinity on Cr(VI) removal ability of SL2 was investigated by using a shaker test, and the ability of SL2 to remove Cr(VI) from actual electroplating wastewater was also tested. The relative maximum colony diameter and the maximum growth rate of SL2 in potato dextrose agar medium with 100 mg/L NaCl decreased by 19.1% and 57.8% respectively, when compared with the parameters of SL2 in medium without NaCl. However, the Cr(VI) removal ability of SL2 was not significantly inhibited. SL2 showed the ability to remove 102.2 mg/L Cr(VI) from the actual electroplating wastewater in 6 days by uptake and reduction. Cr uptake by SL2 was 9.09 mg/g dry biomass, which took up 9.9% of the amount of Cr in in the wastewater. The results suggest SL2 has the potential to deal with Cr(VI) pollution in the high-salinity electroplating wastewater, which provides references for Cr(VI) removal in practice.
园艺学报 , 2014,
Abstract: 以湿包类型菠萝蜜‘301’株系为试材,对常温贮藏条件下果实的呼吸速率、乙烯释放速率、淀粉、纤维素、果胶和可溶性总糖含量进行了研究。结果表明:湿包菠萝蜜‘301’属于典型的呼吸跃变型果实,分别于采后2d和3d出现乙烯高峰和呼吸高峰。果肉中的淀粉、纤维素和原果胶含量在采后前2d迅速下降,可溶性果胶和可溶性总糖的含量分别于采后2d和3d达到最大值后下降。果腱中淀粉、纤维素、果胶和可溶性总糖含量变化与果肉相同,只是趋势比较平缓。在整个贮藏期间,果肉中的淀粉、可溶性总糖(除采后2d外)含量极显著或显著高于果腱,而纤维素和可溶性果胶含量则极显著低于果腱,果肉中的原果胶和总果胶含量在采后前2d极显著高于果腱,随后总果胶极显著低于果腱。
Theory of Fisher Linear Discriminant Analysis and Its Application

YANG Jian,YANG Jing-Yu,Ye Hui,<br>杨健,杨静宇,
自动化学报 , 2003,
Abstract: In high dimensional and small sample size case, how to extract the optimal Fisher discriminant features efficiently remains unsolved. In this paper, we take advantage of the idea of compressive mapping and isomorphic mapping, and gain a general algorithm for the computation of the optimal discriminant vectors in high dimensional and singular case. Our algorithm runs in a low dimensional transformed space, and leads to significant computational reduction. Furthermore, a uniform algorithm framework for Fisher discriminant analysis in singular case is developed. Based on this framework, the generalized Foley Sammon discriminant analysis (FSDA) and Jin Yang uncorrelated discriminant analysis (JYDA) are presented firstly. Then, a combined Fisher discriminant analysis (CFDA) is developed, which not only has the advantages of FSDA and JYDA but also overcomes their weakness. The CFDA is tested on the ORL face image database, the classification result is very robust, with a recognition accuracy of 97%. Experimental results demonstrate that CFDA is better than FSDA and JYDA and is superior to Eigenfaces and Fisherfaces as well.
An Uncertain Knowledge Based Real Time Road Scene Understanding Algorithm

WU Dong hui,YE Xiu qing,GU Wei kang,<br>吴东,秀清
中国图象图形学报 , 2002,
Abstract: Because the environment of outdoor robot is very complicated, the visual navigation should be intelligent and robust enough. In order to improve the performance of computer vision navigation, a real time road scene understanding algorithm based on uncertain knowledge is presented in this paper. In this algorithm uncertain knowledge reasoning is applied to fuse the various image information and application knowledge, which make the algorithm can recognize the road scene robustly, even with the noise such as strong shadow and water on the road. Color information is used to obtain a coarse road region at first. And then image edge information is used to provide the precise road edge, which can meet the accuracy need of the visual navigation task. And this algorithm is well designed for real time application, which ensures that the visual navigation can make decisions in time. This algorithm has been applied on a real robot which has been tested in the real road environment for half a year. The experiment results are satisfying.
Progress in microencapsulation of stem cells

Li Ye,Shibin Wang,<br>,王士
生物工程学报 , 2010,
Abstract: For the regenerative therapy of refractory diseases, stem cells have become an excellent source of seed cells due to their strong self-renewal and multi-differentiation abilities. Microcapsules can provide a three-dimensional growth environment with a good immunoisolation and biocompatibility for cells, and the microencapsulation of stem cells provides a new technical support for large-scale cell culture with high activities in vitro and long-term preservation, consequently opening up a new alternative for cell transplantation. In this review, we first outlined the development of microencapsulation, then introduced the present materials and methods for the microencapsulation of stem cells and its immunoisolation, and discussed the progress in microencapsulation technology, various types of stem cell used in recent years in details. Finally, we addressed perspectives of stem cell microencapsulation technology.
Associative-Propositional Evaluation Model: New Explanation of Attitude Change

Ye Na,Zuo Bin,<br>,
心理科学进展 , 2007,
Abstract: Studies of attitude are an important part in social psychology. A central theme in recent researches on attitude is the distinction between implicit attitude and explicit attitude. APE model proposed by Gawronski and Bodenhansen pointed out that implicit attitude and explicit attitude had their own underlying mental processes. Implicit attitude is based on associative processes and explicit attitude is based on propositional processes. From the perspective of the APE model, the mutual interplay of the two processes leads to several specific patterns of changes in implicit and explicit attitude. The article introduced theory and main content of the APE model, and then gave comments on the model.
Microbiotic soil crusta research forefront in desertification-prone areas

YANG Xiaohui,ZHANG Kebin,ZHAO Yunjie,<br>杨晓,张克,赵云杰
生态学报 , 2001,
Abstract: Microbiotic soil crust exists in desertification\|prone areas.The authors overviews the significant role,which microbiotic crust plays in desertification and its recovery processes.This paper focuses on the concept of crusts,the influence of crust on ecosystem and landscape change,including hydrological cycle,soil erosion,soil nutrient cycle,seedling establishment and growth of vascular plant,animal diversity,landscape heterogeneity,assessment of ecosystem change,and response of crust to disturbance and its recovery.Some preliminary suggestions are given for further understanding the relationship between microbiotic soil crust and ecosystem or landscape in desertification\|prone areas.
Image fusion algorithm based on PCA & self-adaptive region variance

NIU Xiao-hui,JIA Ke-bin,<br>牛晓,贾克
计算机应用研究 , 2010,
Abstract: This paper proposed a novel image fusion algorithm based on PCA and self-adaptive local region variance according to the different characteristic of the coefficients of low frequency and high frequency after lifting wavelet transform on the original image, that was, used a weighted method depending on principal component analysis in the low frequency image, and selected an algorithm called self-adaptive local region variance as the guide to the high frequency images. At last, obtained the fused image by applying inverse lifting wavelet transform. Compared with other traditional methods based on wavelet transform, the experimental results show that this algorithm not only increases entropy and average gradient effectively, but also improves the correlation coefficient, reduces the degree of distortion, holds detail information of original images and provides good visual effects.
Simulation on the Transport Processes of CO from Surface Layer to Upper Troposphere in Summer over Asian Monsoon Region

CHEN Bin,XU Xiangde,SHI Xiaohui,<br>陈,徐祥德,施晓
气候与环境研究 , 2011,
Abstract: Based on the annual Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research(EDGAR,Version 3.2)CO emissions data,the preliminary mechanism of the extreme center coming into being and related transport process transported upwards by deep convection and confined by the anticyclonic circulation in the North Hemisphere in summer 2006 is investigated by using a Lagrangian particle transport and dispersion model FLEXPART containing a simple convective parameterization.There is a good agreement in the temporal trend alth...
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