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GJ Xu,JC He,

金属学报(英文版) , 2000,
Abstract: A thermo-simulation experimental continuous caster was established to study the effect of two static magnetic fields imposed the whole width of the mold on the molten metal flow. Low melting point Bi-Pb-Sn alloy and silicon oil were adopted to simulate the molten metal and mold powder respectively. The results show that the control effect of electromagnetic fields on the molten metal flow in the different zones of mold is different. Therefore it is important to study and design new types of magnetic fields to satisfy the request of controlling the molten metal flow in the mold.
Toxicity and accumulation of arsenic in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) varieties of China
Zhang,WD; Liu,DS; Tian,JC; He,FL;
Phyton (Buenos Aires) , 2009,
Abstract: soil arsenic contamination becomes a potential agricultural and environmental hazard worldwide, and has been a serious problem for safe food production. a field experiment on soil contamination was conducted on four wheat varieties (jimai, gaoyou, weimai and wennong) in eastern china, using 50 or 100 mg arsenic/kg soil. biomass production and yield components were determined and arsenic concentrations were measured in plant tissues. differential arsenic effects on wheat varieties were determined at maturity. results showed that addition of arsenic significantly (p<0.05) reduced root, stem and spike dry weight and yield components, which resulted in the decrease of grain yield per plant. arsenic concentrations in plant tissues increased significantly (p<0.05) with treatments, and its uptake varied considerably among wheat varieties, plant tissues and arsenic treatments. arsenic concentrations in plant tissues were as follows: roots > stems > leaves and rachises > grains > glumes > awns. in the arsenic treatments, arsenic concentrations in bran were about 2-3 times higher than those in flour. most of the arsenic contaminated flour exceeded the chinese tolerance limit. arsenic contents of grain parts were dependent on variety and treatment level in polluted soils. weimai and wennong showed highest amounts of arsenic in flour than the other varieties at 50 or 100 mg/ kg soil treatment, respectively. weimai possessed significantly lower (p<0.05) amount of arsenic in bran than any other wheat variety. results showed significant variety differences in arsenic concentration in polluted areas; it is of outstanding importance that wheat with the lowest possible arsenic concentration is used for food or fodder production. the present results provide scientific basis for revising the standards of wastewater discharges.
AY Deng,GL Jia,JC He,
A. Y. Deng
,G.L. Jia and J.C. He

金属学报(英文版) , 2001,
Abstract: The three-dimensional electromagnetic characteristics and non-uniform distribution of electromagnetic field in soft-contact mold have been analyzed by numerical simulation. The results show that the maximum electromagnetic flux density is found in front of slit; the electromagnetic flux density becomes large as coil current and slit number increase. In a certain frequency range, the electromagnetic flux density increases with increasing frequency; and the frequency range is different with changing of azimuthal position along inner wall of mold. The uniformity of electromagnetic field is effected mainly by frequency and mold structure parameters. Increasing slit number and adjusting slit arrangement position can improve the electromagnetic flux density and the uniformity of electromagnetic field. For a soft-contact mold with 16 slits, when frequency is 20kHz, the optimal slit arrangement parameter is a: b = 1: 2, c = 0.

H Lei,M Y Zhu,JC He,
H. Lei
,M. Y. Zhu and J.C. He

金属学报(英文版) , 2000,
Abstract: The study on the fluid flow, meniscus oscillation, slag entrapment in continuous casting mould was conducted mathematically and experimentally. The results show that the injection of argon into submerged nozzle enhances the meniscus oscillation, thus increases the probability of slag entrapment, and the critical argon blowing flow rate, which will give rise to slag entrapment, is around 10l/min. The trajectory of bubble is affected by the bubble diameter and the molten steel flow, and the bubble diameter is dominant. The bubble with diameter 1.4mm floats fastest with 0.47m/s terminal velocity.
Genotype × environment interactions
JC Bowman
Genetics Selection Evolution , 1972, DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-4-1-117
Amino acid size, charge, hydropathy indices and matrices for protein structure analysis
JC Biro
Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1742-4682-3-15
Abstract: We indexed the 200 possible amino acid pairs for their compatibility regarding the three major physicochemical properties – size, charge and hydrophobicity – and constructed Size, Charge and Hydropathy Compatibility Indices and Matrices (SCI & SCM, CCI & CCM, and HCI & HCM). Each index characterized the expected strength of interaction (compatibility) of two amino acids by numbers from 1 (not compatible) to 20 (highly compatible). We found statistically significant positive correlations between these indices and the propensity for amino acid co-locations in real protein structures (a sample containing total 34630 co-locations in 80 different protein structures): for HCI: p < 0.01, n = 400 in 10 subgroups; for SCI p < 1.3E-08, n = 400 in 10 subgroups; for CCI: p < 0.01, n = 175). Size compatibility between residues (well known to exist in nucleic acids) is a novel observation for proteins. Regression analyzes indicated at least 7 well distinguished clusters regarding size compatibility and 5 clusters of charge compatibility.We tried to predict or reconstruct simple 2D representations of 3D structures from the sequence using these matrices by applying a dot plot-like method. The location and pattern of the most compatible subsequences was very similar or identical when the three fundamentally different matrices were used, which indicates the consistency of physicochemical compatibility. However, it was not sufficient to choose one preferred configuration between the many possible predicted options.Indexing of amino acids for major physico-chemical properties is a powerful approach to understanding and assisting protein design. However, it is probably insufficient itself for complete ab initio structure prediction.The protein folding problem has been one of the grand challenges in computational molecular biology. The problem is to predict the native three-dimensional structure of a protein from its amino acid sequence. Existing approaches are commonly classified as: (1
Management of bedwetting in children
JC Cronjé
Continuing Medical Education , 2004,
Protein nutritional quality of cowpea and navy bean residue fractions
JC Jackson
African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development , 2009,
Abstract: Cereal-legume protein complementation has long been recommended as a suitable strategy for augmenting the protein quality of cereal and legume based foods. However, the use of the insoluble legume residue, following protein extraction for cereal-legume protein complementation has not been widely studied. In fact, legume residue is considered a waste by-product. The protein quality of cowpea residuewheat and navy bean residue-wheat diets was determined using in-vivo and in-vitro protein digestibility assays with an AIN-93G diet as control. The diets were fed to laboratory rats over 4 weeks. The in-vitro digestibility of the diets was assessed using the pH drop and pH stat enzymatic methods. The proximate composition, limiting amino acid profile and phytohemagglutinin activity were also determined. All six diets had lower levels of the sulphur amino acid requirements for rats as expected but had higher than the FAO/WHO recommended levels for pre-school children. The cowpea residue diets had higher levels of limiting amino acids than the navy bean residue diets. Phytohemagglutinin activity was only detectable in the raw cowpea and navy bean samples. All cowpea residue diets, the 30% and 70% navy bean residue diets and the control diet supported growth while the 100% navy bean residue diet resulted in weight loss. The in-vitro digestibility ranged from 77.82% - 84.54% and 66.51% - 79.59% for the cowpea residue and the navy bean residue diets, respectively. These ranges were lower than the control (98.1%) but correlated highly to those obtained using the in-vivo true protein digestibility method; 73.7% - 87.5% and 62.6% - 78.2%, respectively. These findings suggest that the cowpea residue diets had higher protein quality overall than the navy bean residue diets. In addition, it suggests that the 30:70 ratio of cowpea residue to wheat diet had the highest protein quality of all the 6 experimental diets. Legume residues after protein extraction could be recommended for human food if complemented with a cereal, particularly as it meets the amino acid pattern for preschool children. Finally, in-vitro assays can also be reliably used to assess the protein quality of foods.
Analyzing Counsel/Witness Discourse in Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria
JC Anyadiegwu
African Research Review , 2011,
Abstract: This paper analyzed counsel/witness discourse using the High Court in Nnewi Municipal Council. Specifically, it described the structure and organization of counsel/witness discourse in the courtroom context highlighting some discourse features inherent in them, and observed the communication strategies and motivation of participants towards each other and towards the subject matter. The methodology used in collecting data for this research was non-participant observation. The data were used to illustrate certain discourse/pragmatic features in the exchange; including the structures- -transaction, exchange, moves and act – and the strategies used by participants in negotiating meaning. The findings of this study reveal that (1) Initiation – Response (IR) structure was the predominant exchange structure (2) that the counsel initiates exchanges and controls discourse while the witness does not; (3) that the witness replies cooperatively when questions help to further his cause .The conclusion of the paper summarized the discourse structure and organization observed in the study.
Die Afrikaans van die bybelvertaling van 19331
JC Steyn
Acta Theologica , 2009,
Abstract: The first translators of the Bible had to start their work before the standardisation of Afrikaans. This article firstly explores the difficulties encountered by the Bible translators in breaking with the language of the Statenbijbel. Secondly, it is indicated how translators were able to utilise the insights of linguists and language practitioners who were in the process of standardising the Afrikaans language. The article explores difficulties encountered by the 1933 translators regarding vocabulary, pronouns, verbs and adjectives. From the translations it is clear that by 1922 the Afrikaans is/was/wees already fell into disuse regarding verbs referring to movement and the changing of state. Not one of the translators considered the imperfect seriously; only in the 1933 translation was the historical present tense used in a stylistically satisfactory manner. The plurals of adjectives in a substantive function, and the negative imperative, were not used consistently in the 1933 translation. Article text in Afrikaans.
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