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A Plea for Agonism Between Analytic and Continental Philosophy  [PDF]
Robrecht Vanderbeeken
Open Journal of Philosophy (OJPP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2011.11003
Abstract: Since the rise of analytic philosophy, a virtual Berlin wall seems to be inserted with respect to continental philosophy. If we take into account the difference between both traditions concerning the respective subject-matters, the pivotal goals, the modes of inquiry and scholarship, the semantic idioms, the methodological approaches, the ongoing discussions, the conferences and publications etc., it is hardly an overstatement to say that both traditions evolve insulated and have a conflicting relation. From a meta-philosophical stance, the common and prima facie reply to this split is the encouragement of merging inclinations. I argue for another strategy. Based on a discussion of the intrinsic differences and their importance, I’m inclined to conclude that unification coincides with a loss of authenticity, blurring the critical potential of both traditions. Hence, we are better of endorsing agonistic pluralism between analytic philosophy and contemporary continental philosophy. The plurality of points of view render several opportunities for productive critiques and fruitful cross-overs between both traditions. Alas, the susceptibility for these innovations is vastly counteracted due to a widespread attitude of antipathy, ignorance and occasional vulgarisation.
Filozofia analityczna a filozofia transformacyjna (ANALYTIC AND TRANSFORMATIVE PHILOSOPHY)
Richard Rorty
Analiza i Egzystencja , 2007,
Abstract: The paper was written in 1998 for a symposium organized in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the School of the Humanities at Stanford University, and first published in German translation in 2000. It is mostly devoted to the history and sociology of analytic philosophy in American universities after the Second World War. The author argues that analytic movement has failed to keep its promise of putting philosophy on the secure path of a science. Thus it may not have lived up to its pretensions. A permanent, extremely valuable contribution to philosophy has been made by those analytical thinkers who undermined the scientistic pretensions of the movement. The general lesson of the paper is that this particular failure of analytic philosophy and its various internal critiques give additional strong reasons to abandon the hope of making philosophy into some sort of science.
La Noción de Referencia en Searle y El Sustrato Semántico-Pragmático de Los Actos de Habla
Boletin de Linguistica , 2008,
Abstract: from the standpoint of analytical philosophy, searle intends to elucidate the notion of reference as one of the two instances (the other is predication) that correspond to the propositional features of any speech act, an aspect of language that has traditionally been subjected to controversial analyses due to the ontological and epistemological commitments that it entails. in this article, searle?s thesis on reference as a speech act will be presented in the first place. then, the already known classical path form frege and russell will be discussed in order to compare their positions with searle?s and to point out shortcomings and flaws. finally, some interesting semantic and pragmatic implications of this traditional problem will be offered.
?Qué es "filosofía contemporánea"?(la unidad de la filosofía contemporánea desde el punto de vista de la historia de la filosofía)
González Porta, Mario Ariel;
Trans/Form/A??o , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-31732002000100003
Abstract: twentieth-century philosophy split into two traditions that often, at least as a matter of fact, regard each other as incommensurable. the last twenty years pointed to the reversal of this trend. this article can be seen as a contribution to that tendency, in so far as, in it, a new approach to the contemporary reflexion as a whole is proposed: logical analysis and phenomenology- hermeneutics are different sides of one and the same turn in the history of philosophy. such reading not only recovers philosophy's lost unity, but also throws light on its continuity with history of philosophy.
Analytic QCD: a short review
Cveti?, Gorazd;Valenzuela, Cristián;
Brazilian Journal of Physics , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-97332008000400002
Abstract: analytic versions of qcd are those whose coupling αs(q2) does not have the unphysical landau singularities on the space-like axis (-q2= q2 > 0). the coupling is analytic in the entire complex plane except the time-like axis (q2 < 0). such couplings are thus suitable for application of perturbative methods down to energies of order gev. we present a short review of the activity in the area which started with a seminal paper of shirkov and solovtsov ten years ago. several models for analytic qcd coupling are presented. strengths and weaknesses of some of these models are pointed out. further, for such analytic couplings, constructions of the corresponding higher order analytic couplings (the analogs of the higher powers of the perturbative coupling) are outlined, and an approach based on the renormalization group considerations is singled out. methods of evaluation of the leading-twist part of space-like observables in such analytic frameworks are described. such methods are applicable also to the inclusive time-like observables. two analytic models are outlined which respect the itep operator product expansion philosophy, and thus allow for an evaluation of higher-twist contributions to observables.
La noción de constitución en el análisis de la experiencia perceptiva
Fernández Prat, Olga;
Diánoia , 2008,
Abstract: in this paper i try to explain what the problem of constitution in the framework of perceptual experience consists in, and also to argue that this problem continues to be in force. through three key philosophers -husserl, cassirer, and carnap- it is shown how the problem, which has kantian roots, has been treated in the main philosophical traditions of the twentieth century, and furthermore, how the husserlian approach sets up a new scenario. although at the present time the term 'constitution' has practically disappeared from the philosophical scene, on the basis of the interpretative clues here offered i try to show that this fact does not mean that the alluded problem does not continue to be a significant subject in the study of perception and the mind.
Metafísica descriptiva y análisis conceptual en el pensamiento de P. F. Strawson
Chica Pérez,Víctor Hugo;
Estudios de Filosofía , 2009,
Abstract: abstract: the purpose of this paper is to clarify the aim, scope and limits of philosophical analysis as conceived in peter strawson's analysis and metaphysics. for this author philosophical analysis takes the form of a descriptive metaphysics, namely, a theory that displays which are the different elements that make up our ordinary conceptual scheme, and how they interact. to achieve such a descriptive theory a style of analysis that the author calls connective must be adopted and its goal is to identify which concepts, within our scheme, are basic or fundamental. to this end must be applied three criteria: generality, irreducibility and no-contingency.
?Principio de caridad o hybris?
Revista de Filosofía , 2008,
Abstract: ?principle of charity or hybris?? wittgenstein?s insight that linguistic meaning is constituted within the fabric of life seems to bridge the gap between the continental hermeneutic tradition and analytical philosophy of language. this article sustains that such an intuition ought to be accompanied by a revision of the human subject concept implicit in donald davidson?s ?principle of charity.? without this re-conception, the principle of charity becomes a disguised form of conceptual imperialism, incompatible with the spirit of continental hermeneutics. the article concludes with some observations on relativism in light of the previous remarks.
La separación de los caminos (un análisis crítico del libro homónimo de Michael Friedman)
Porta, Mario Ariel González;
Trans/Form/A??o , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-31732004000100006
Abstract: contemporary philosophy has been characterized by the presence of a schizoid dualism between the analytic tradition and the fenomenologic-hermeneutic tradition. its historical origin can be set in the davos congress, which sets off the beginning of the oblivion of another program, the philosophy of symbolic forms, proposed by e. cassirer, and which nowadays can be considered as an alternative and possible surpassing direction of the above-mentioned dualism. that is, in short, the position sustained by m. friedman in his recent monograph, written in the context of the conviction of a crisis derived from the depauperation of the traditions and from the subsequent need for a re-orientation. the text offered provides a critical comment of friedman?s study, showing the point from which it can and must be completed and eventually corrected, and how its completion and correction are to be done.
- , 2018, DOI: 10.16382/j.cnki.1000-5560.2018.02.010
Abstract: 摘要 20世纪60年代,分析的教育哲学同时在英美异军突起,不仅在方法论上提升了教育哲学的学术性,也具体形塑了以理性为基础的自由主义教育观,一度成为西方战后的主流教育思想。对此,海峡两岸已经有许多学者进行了阐释。本文希望能直入其中,借此引出重要的学术议题和成果,使华人世界更能领略其学术主张内涵。作者认为教育分析前期的基本主张,包括厘清教育理论之实践性质、坚持教育之内在价值、自主性的教育目的、重视知识形式的教育内容、理性教育方法涉及的课程、教学、道德教育等方面;教育分析后期对教育政策争议的哲学探讨,也有许多原创性的贡献。教育分析哲学近年来当然也免不了受到诸如多元文化、女性主义、欧陆后现代、后结构主义及马克思批判教育学之批评,在吸纳之余,它依然保持其竞争性之活力并持续发挥影响力。华人世界若能进一步梳理当年分析典范之众文献,将能扩大吾人视野,提升教育哲学学术及指引实践之双重目的。
Abstract:Philosophy of education, influenced by analytic philosophy, experienced a revolution in the 1960s in English-speaking world. Philosophers like Peters, Hirst and Scheffler promoted analytic philosophy of education as a mainstream academic discipline. The author argues that the topics of analytic paradigm in early times, such as practical nature of educational theory, autonomy as aim in education, have implications for the Chinese world. So do the liberal spirit of educational policies concerning political philosophy in later period, advocated by analytic philosophers of education. However, analytic philosophy of education has been criticized by multiculturalism, feminism, postmodernism and post-structuralism. The author holds that analyt-ic paradigm still remains a competitive and influential approach. It's suggested that by investigating numerous literature of analytic paradigm, the Chinese world can expand their horizons, promote the academic level of philosophy of education and inform educational practices.
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