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Research of Required Qualifications for Baby Clothes from Past to Present
Zumrut Bahadir Unal, Serra Sekeroglu
Aksaray University Journal of Science and Engineering , 2017, DOI: -
Abstract: Clothing fabrics go through a series of stages before production stage. Many processes such as bleaching, dyeing, etc. are made with various chemicals. These chemicals must finally be removed from the product by washing. However, it is not possible to completely eliminate some chemicals from the surface. Surfaces on textile that are harmful to health when in contact with skin are at risk in terms of cloth production. In particular, the surfaces used in baby and child outfits should be examined more rigorously. Within the context of "Textile Ecology", harmful chemicals used in clothing production, especially in the last 20 years, have been reduced as much as possible and acceptable limit values have been determined. Therefore, it is expected that the fabrics to be used in baby clothes are subjected to various tests and their compliance with the limit values is examined. Baby skin has a much thinner, less sturdy and delicate feature than adults. For this reason, it is important that the materials used in baby products should not have any risk factors for health. It is desired that the model and material properties must be composed of materials that do not irritate the skin, give a feeling of comfort, and do not trigger allergic disorders. Within the scope of this study, it is aimed to give general information about Oeko-Tex and ecological textile issue, to research the test standards should be infants clothing under 3 years from past to present and to see the rates that can damage the skin and health.
Muhammet BAHADIR
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to examine the hydro-climatic trends of the K z l rmak River which originates within the boundaries of our country and also reaches the sea within the same boundaries. K z l rmak has its source in the K z lda region of Sivas province and has a reddish color due to the red sandy-clayey residue from the tertiary period of the valley floor. The river travels a total of 1355 km and during this journey it collects the waters from an area of 76250 km2 leaving a fertile lowland in Bafra and reaches the Black Sea. Flow data from 4 flow measurement stations for the two fundamental climatic elements temperature and precipitation covering the K z l rmak Watershed were analyzed for correlation, regression and trends. It was determined that, in general, a negative significant association of average degree existed between temperature and flow, while a positive significant association of average degree existed between precipitation and flow. It was discovered that the significance coefficients were higher at stations close to the flow source. According to trend analysis results, all stations selected inside the watershed area (6 meteorology stations) revealed an increase in long year temperature, while precipitation had decreased. According to linear trend analysis results for the future, it has been foreseen that the mentioned trends continue. The long year trend for K z l rmak’s flow values (from 4 flow measurement stations) reveals a decrease in all tributaries and main river body. It has been concluded that there is a close statistical association between the mentioned decreasing trends and climatic emissions. Bu al ma ile ülkemiz s n rlar i erisinde do up, yine ülkemiz s n rlar i erisinde denize ula an K z l rmak Nehri’nin hidro-klimatik e ilimleri incelenmi tir. K z l rmak, Sivas’ n K z lda y resinden kayna n al r, vadi taban ndaki 3. zamana ait k rm z renkteki kumlu-killi tortudan k z llara boyan r. Nehir 1355 km yolculu u s ras nda 76250 km2 alan n sular n toplayarak Bafra’da verimli bir ova b rakarak Karadeniz’e ula r. K z l rmak Havzas ’n kapsayacak ekilde iklimin temel iki unsuru olan s cakl k ve ya ile K z l rmak’ n 4 ak m l üm istasyonuna ait ak m verilerine, korelasyon, regresyon ve trend analizleri uygulanm t r. Genel olarak s cakl k ile ak m aras nda orta derecede negatif y nlü anlaml ili ki, ya ile ak m aras nda pozitif y nlü orta derece anlaml ili ki tespit edilmi tir. Akarsu kayna na yak n ak m l üm istasyonlar nda anlaml l k katsay lar n n daha fazla artt bulgusuna ula lm t r. Trend analiz
Muhammet BAHADIR
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: The scope of this study was the surface distribution modeling of precipitation in Anatolia and the Aegean Region which covers the western part of our country. The precipitation was handled in terms of 10 year segments and applied with Interactive 3D Analysis, Geographically Intensive Regression, Radial Basis Function and Quadratic Trend Analysis after which a precipitation dispersion map was established. It was concluded that planetary factors had a primary impact on the dispersion and change of precipitation in the region. On the other hand, topographical characteristics were determining for local precipitation changes, it was particularly evident that the northern parts of the mountains subject to exposure received more precipitation. The temporal changes in the precipitation of the region has shown a general declining trend from 1975 up to 2010. Although the declined amount is more pronounced on the coastal parts, the situation is more critical in the inland parts with less precipitation. According to trend analysis results targeting the future, indications pertaining to the continuation of the declining precipitat on trend have been observed Bu al mada Anadolu’nun ve ülkemizin bat kesimini kapsayan Ege B lgesi’nde ya n yüzeysel da l m modellemesi ger ekle tirilmi tir. Ya a 10’ar y ll k d nemler halinde Etkile imli 3D Analizi, Co rafi A rl kl Regresyon, Radial Basis Function ve Quadratic Trend Analizleri uygulanm ve ya da l haritalar olu turulmu tur. B lgede ya n da l ve de i imi üzerinde plenater fakt rlerin birinci derecede etkili oldu u sonucuna ula lm t r. Ya n lokal de i imleri üzerinde ise topo rafik zellikler belirleyici olmu , zellikle da lar n kuzey kesimleri bak ya ba l olarak daha fazla ya ald tespit edilmi tir. B lgede ya n zamansal de i iminde, 1975’den 2010 y l na kadar genel anlamda azalma e ilimi ger ekle mi tir. Azalma miktar k y kesimlerde daha belirgin olmas na kar n i kesimlerde ya n az olmas na ba l olarak daha kritik bir hal alm t r. Gelece e y nelik trend analizlerine g re b lgede ya ta azalma e iliminin devam edece i bulgusuna ula lm t r.
Bahadir ERISTI
The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 2012,
Abstract: The present study, aimed at revealing the views of elementary school gifted students about the roles and behaviors of their teachers in class as well as about the in-class roles and behaviors that they expect from an ideal teacher with respect to different variables. Another question in the study was directed to determine students’ views about learning academic subjects via e-learning applications instead of at teachers. The participants of the study were 46 gifted students identified with the diagnosis system of “Education program for the gifted” executed in the Department of Gifted Education at the Education Faculty of Anadolu University. The research data were collected via a five-point Likert-type scale developed and tested by the researcher for its validity and reliability. For the analysis of the research data, paired sample t-test, one of descriptive parametrical statistical techniques, was applied. The findings obtained in the study revealed that according to gifted students, the in-class behaviors demonstrated by the course teachers were mostly those related to their roles of guidance for students. The behaviors of the course teachers within the scope of this role were followed by those related to providing information and maintaining the discipline, respectively. The behaviors least demonstrated by the teachers were those related to the role of supporting the students and those related to being a model for them. According to the students, an ideal teacher should at most demonstrate behaviors in class regarding the role of guiding the students and those regarding the role of providing information. According to the gifted students, the roles and behaviors of their teachers in class are quite different from the behaviors expected from an ideal teacher. Students do not regard e-learning applications as an alternative to learning from teachers. Rather, they prefer learning from their teachers to technology-aided learning environments. According to students, compared to structure academic learning, technology is a better environment to make good use of their time, to satisfy their curiosity about certain subjects, to establish communication with others and to play games.
Comparison of Strontium Ranelate and Alendronate Sodium Treatment among Post-Menopausal Women  [PDF]
Unal Eren, Tuba Eren
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2016.62012
Abstract: Growing rates of osteoporosis in the whole world is a serious health problem. As the “expected lifetime” is prolonged, population of elderly women with chronic diseases who require long-term treatment increases. This study aimed to compare antiresorptive treatment—that has become a classic treatment in the light of Canadian Guideline for osteoporosis—with the antiresorptive plus osteoblastic activity inducing treatment modality. The clinical and laboratory results of patients treated with a single dose of 2 mg Strontium ranelate sachet (Protelos ®) or alendronate sodium used weekly 70 mg tablet (Fosamax ®?once a week tablet) for 12-months were compared. Treatment compliance has been questioned. A hundred women in post-menopausal period were included in this study. Patient satisfaction survey among the group of strontium ranelate was unsatisfactory. Among patients using alendronate sodium the ease of use in this sense obtained a rate of 91% satisfaction from patients.
The Application of Six Sigma Method in a Power Plant
Zumrut Ecevit Sati,Koray Gulay
Business and Economics Research Journal , 2012,
Abstract: In the last decade a process improvement technique, known as Six Sigma, is implemented by many pioneers of the industry as an approach used to more productive and increase profits in all business process from production to human resources management, from finance to marketing. The companies would like to keep and improve their position in a daily changing world market while new techniques and concepts are introduced to the global markets every day and this is only possible through continuous improvements and breakthroughs. In this study, it has been presented the six sigma practice of a power plant owned by Enerjisa, a major energy company in Turkey. In order to achieve Six Sigma project targets, quality techniques and statistical techniques (hypothesis testing, design of experiment etc.) are used.
Photoluminescence of EuGa2Se4:Nd3+  [PDF]
Аrif Мirjalal Pashayev, Bahadir Guseyn Tagiyev, Said Аbush Аbushov, Оgtay Bahadir Таgiyev, Fatma Аgaverdi Kаzimova
Optics and Photonics Journal (OPJ) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/opj.2012.21009
Abstract: The photoluminescence (PL) in temperature interval 77 - 300 K is investigated in Eu Ga2Se4:Nd polycrystals. It is established that broad band PL with maximum at 561nm is caused by intracentral transitions 4f65d - 4f7(8S7/2) of Eu2+ ions. The intracentral emission of Nd3+, corresponding to both transitions from 4F3/2 level and higher situated levels, is observed at interband excitation. The essential intensity of transitions from 2H11/2 and 4F9/2 levels is the interested peculiarity of luminescence spectra of Nd3+ in these crystals.
AIDS knowledge and attitudes in a Turkish population: an epidemiological study
Unal Ayranci
BMC Public Health , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-5-95
Abstract: Using a multistage area sampling method, a random sample of individuals aged 11–83 years, living in 65 different quarters in the city of Eskisehir, Turkey during September, October and November 2004 were interviewed.In all, 1048 respondents completed the survey. In most items, respondents displayed a fairly good to excellent degree of knowledge about HIV/AIDS. Individuals with higher degrees of education indicated more correct responses in all items relating to knowledge of HIV/AIDS.In general, the respondents' attitudes towards AIDS and people with AIDS were found to be tolerant and positive, with one answer choice showing that the majority of the respondents agreed with the statement that those with HIV/AIDS must be supported, treated and helped (90.7%). Moreover, the proportions of the respondents' misconceptions were found to be significantly low for all the items. However, nearly one fourth of the respondents agreed with the misconceptions 'AIDS is a punishment by God' and 'One is not infected with HIV/AIDS if engaged in sport and well nourished'.In general HIV/AIDS related knowledge was high and people showed positive attitudes. However, people continue to hold misconceptions about AIDS and these need to be addressed by health education programs targeting those at higher risk.The Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), one of the most complex health problems of the 21 st century, is in its third decade and has become a pandemic disease that threatens the world population. Moreover, with no treatment or cure in sight, the disease continues to spread at an alarming rate [1-3]. Recent epidemiological data indicates that an estimated 34–46 million individuals are living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/AIDS [2-4]. Over 30 million people have already died from AIDS, with the year 2003 alone seeing 3 million [4]. Four million children have been infected since the virus first appeared. Over 90% of these individuals are concentrated in the developing countri
Prophylactic effect of levamisole on rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) against Yersinia ruckeri
Ispir, Unal;
Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-736X2009000900003
Abstract: alteration in the relative percentage of survival (rps) rate of rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss) exposed to 5, 10 and 25μg ml-1 levamisole for 2 h against yersinia ruckeri was investigated. the average weight of the 120 fish used in this study was 6.3g. upon challenge with a virulent strain, the relative survival percentage of respectively 83.3%, 86.7% and 76.6% was recorded. the results suggest that the application of levamisole in fish farms could increase resistance to infection of fish and offer economic benefits.
Evaluation and Implementation of Distance Learning: Technologies, Tools and Techniques
Figen UNAL
The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 2004,
Abstract: This book is published by Idea Group Publishing. The book consistsof seven chapters, a bibliography and references section, fourappendices, an index, and author biography. In appendix A, thereare three data forms those can used by distance learning coursedesigners. In appendix B, under the title of ‘definitions’, there is a dictionary consists of Internet and e-learning terms. In appendixC, there is a table relevant to infrastructure survey and upgraderequirements. Finally appendix D contains a list of web sites thatoffer discussions of distance learning issues and concepts.
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