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The Effect of Drama Types and Brand Familiarity on Brand Attitude in Brand Placement  [PDF]
Ziying Liu, Ding Pan, Ya Xu
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2019.93033
Recent years, with the popularity of the costume drama, brand placement began to appear in the costume drama, such as “vip.com” in drama “Fighter of the Destiny”, and “Unifon” in the drama “Princess Agents”. This phenomenon is very controversial while attracting eyeballs. The large amount of audience can bring exposure to the brand, but many views complain about its rigid, and reducing the brand attitude. Based on the above phenomena, this article builds up a theoretical model including drama types, brand familiarity and consumers’ attitude toward implanted brand. We validate it through two empirical studies, and the results show that, for high-familiar brands, placement into modern dramas will result in more active brand attitudes than places into costume dramas; for low-familiar brands, there is no significant difference between the two. The research results enrich the existing theories of advertising implants. Besides, it also provides references for the exposure of brands in different brand cycles in television programs, in order to obtain the best publicity and economic benefits.
CXCL10 Decreases GP73 Expression in Hepatoma Cells at the Early Stage of Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection
Yuan Liu,Ziying Zou,Bing Zhu,Zonghai Hu,Ping Zeng
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2013, DOI: 10.3390/ijms141224230
Abstract: Golgi protein 73 (GP73), which is up-regulated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), has recently been identified as a novel serum marker for HCC diagnosis. Several reports also noted the increased levels of GP73 expression in chronic liver disease in patients with acute hepatitis of various etiologies, chronic Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and alcoholic liver disease. The molecular mechanisms of GP73 expression in HCV related liver disease still need to be determined. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the effect of HCV infection on GP73 expression. GP73 was highly expressed in Huh7, Hep3B, 293T and HUVEC cells, and was low-expressed in HepG2 cells. HCV infection led to down-regulation of GP73 in Huh7 and HepG2/CD81 cells at the early stage of infection. CXCL10 decreased GP73 expression in Huh7 and HepG2 cells. Up-regulation of GP73 was noted in hepatocytes with cytopathic effect at advanced stage of HCV infection, and further research is needed to determine the unknown factors affecting GP73 expression. In conclusion, our study provided additional evidence for the roles of GP73 in liver disease.

Liu Jian,Li Shengle,Wang Ziying,

大地测量与地球动力学 , 2009,
Abstract: At present,text,graphics,images and other large data in many database application system are directly stored into the large field of database,while the text of large data is saved with ASCII code,that brings many problems to database,such as,the rapid expansion of databases,poor confidentiality,slow transmission,low access efficiency.The highest compression ratio,more efficient LZMA compression algorithm and compression custom binary data storage structure,the core compression algorithm binary API packaged ...
Purification for ammonia plant wastewater and chlorophyll fluorescence change of Chlorella Vuganis Bey FACHB-31

Zheng Ziying,Liu Lei,Zeng Huiqing,Liu Xianghua,

环境工程学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 25℃、5 000 lx条件下,在微电脑培养箱中研究了普通小球藻对浓度分别为25%C、50%C、75%C、100%C的氨厂废水中COD和NH3-N的去除率。192 h后,COD去除率分别为84%、96.4%、97%和95.6%,NH3-N去除率分别为22.7%、4.9%、10.6%和0%,25%C、50%C、75%C和100%C组的藻细胞适应期时间分界点分别为72、72、120和120 h。每隔24 h测定各组藻细胞生长参数OD680 nm、Chl,结果表明,各污水组对藻细胞的生长有抑制作用,随污水浓度升高抑制作用强度降低。采用浮游植物荧光仪(PHYTO-PAM)测定藻细胞叶绿素荧光参数Y′、фPSII、qP、qN、rETR,结果表明25%C、50%C、75%C、100%C组的藻细胞光合作用停止时间分界点分别为144、144、144和72 h,光合作用停止后,藻细胞通过异养生长降解污染物。
The Research of Influence Factors of Online Behavioral Advertising Avoidance  [PDF]
Wen Li, Ziying Huang
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2016.69092
Abstract: With the development of information technology, it’s possible to deliver advertising more accurately. Online behavioral advertising (OBA) is a kind of advertising which tracks individual online behavior in order to deliver advertising tailored to his or her interests. However, consumers still avoid advertising with more precise delivery. We can’t find out the measures which decrease OBA avoidance unless we know about the factors that influence the avoidance. This paper reviewed researches about advertising avoidance and built the model of OBA avoidance combining the characteristics of OBA. Goal Impediment, Perceived Personalization and Privacy Concern are the inde-pendent variables and Negative Experience is the intervening variable. The empirical study finds that Goal Impediment and Privacy Concern are related to OBA avoidance positively, and Perceived Personalization is related to OBA avoidance negatively.
Calcium Regulation of Hemorrhagic Fever Virus Budding: Mechanistic Implications for Host-Oriented Therapeutic Intervention
Ziying Han?,Jonathan J. Madara?,Andrew Herbert?,Laura I. Prugar?,Gordon Ruthel?,Jianhong Lu?,Yuliang Liu,Wenbo Liu,Xiaohong Liu,Jay E. Wrobel
PLOS Pathogens , 2015, DOI: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1005220
Abstract: Hemorrhagic fever viruses, including the filoviruses (Ebola and Marburg) and arenaviruses (Lassa and Junín viruses), are serious human pathogens for which there are currently no FDA approved therapeutics or vaccines. Importantly, transmission of these viruses, and specifically late steps of budding, critically depend upon host cell machinery. Consequently, strategies which target these mechanisms represent potential targets for broad spectrum host oriented therapeutics. An important cellular signal implicated previously in EBOV budding is calcium. Indeed, host cell calcium signals are increasingly being recognized to play a role in steps of entry, replication, and transmission for a range of viruses, but if and how filoviruses and arenaviruses mobilize calcium and the precise stage of virus transmission regulated by calcium have not been defined. Here we demonstrate that expression of matrix proteins from both filoviruses and arenaviruses triggers an increase in host cytoplasmic Ca2+ concentration by a mechanism that requires host Orai1 channels. Furthermore, we demonstrate that Orai1 regulates both VLP and infectious filovirus and arenavirus production and spread. Notably, suppression of the protein that triggers Orai activation (Stromal Interaction Molecule 1, STIM1) and genetic inactivation or pharmacological blockade of Orai1 channels inhibits VLP and infectious virus egress. These findings are highly significant as they expand our understanding of host mechanisms that may broadly control enveloped RNA virus budding, and they establish Orai and STIM1 as novel targets for broad-spectrum host-oriented therapeutics to combat these emerging BSL-4 pathogens and potentially other enveloped RNA viruses that bud via similar mechanisms.
Purinergic Receptor Functionality Is Necessary for Infection of Human Hepatocytes by Hepatitis Delta Virus and Hepatitis B Virus
John M. Taylor,Ziying Han
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0015784
Abstract: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis delta virus (HDV) are major sources of acute and chronic hepatitis. HDV requires the envelope proteins of HBV for the processes of assembly and infection of new cells. Both viruses are able to infect hepatocytes though previous studies have failed to determine the mechanism of entry into such cells. This study began with evidence that suramin, a symmetrical hexasulfated napthylurea, could block HDV entry into primary human hepatocytes (PHH) and was then extrapolated to incorporate findings of others that suramin is one of many compounds that can block activation of purinergic receptors. Thus other inhibitors, pyridoxal-phosphate-6-azophenyl-2′,4′-di?sulfonate(PPADS) and brilliant blue G (BBG), both structurally unrelated to suramin, were tested and found to inhibit HDV and HBV infections of PHH. BBG, unlike suramin and PPADS, is known to be more specific for just one purinergic receptor, P2X7. These studies provide the first evidence that purinergic receptor functionality is necessary for virus entry. Furthermore, since P2X7 activation is known to be a major component of inflammatory responses, it is proposed that HDV and HBV attachment to susceptible cells, might also contribute to inflammation in the liver, that is, hepatitis.
Packaging of actin into Ebola virus VLPs
Ziying Han, Ronald N Harty
Virology Journal , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1743-422x-2-92
Abstract: Ebola virus VP40 is known to bud from cells as a virus-like particle (VLP) independent of additional virus proteins [1-4]. The most efficient release of VP40 VLPs requires both host proteins (e.g. tsg101 and vps4), as well as additional virus proteins (e.g. glycoprotein [GP] and nucleoprotein [NP]) [5-7]. Cytoskeletal proteins have also been implicated in assembly and budding of various RNA-containing viruses [8-22]. Thus, we sought to determine whether cellular actin may be important for Ebola virus VP40 VLP budding.First, we sought to detect actin in budding VP40 VLPs. Human 293T cells were mock-transfected, or transfected with VP40 alone, VP40 + GP, VP40 + a mucin domain deletion mutant (GPΔM), or VP40 + secreted GP (sGP) (Fig. 1A). VP40 synthesis in all cell extracts is shown as an expression control (Fig. 1A, cells). As expected, VP40 alone was readily detected in budding VLPs; however, actin was weakly detectable in VLPs containing VP40 alone (Fig. 1A, VLPs, lane 2). Co-expression of either full-length wild type GP (lane 3), or GPΔM (lane 4) resulted in enhanced release of VP40. Similarly, release of cellular actin was also enhanced in VP40 VLPs containing full-length GP (lane 3), or GPΔM (lanes 4). In contrast, co-expression of sGP (lane 5) did not enhance release of either VP40 or actin (compare lanes 2 and 5). Both VP40 and actin were enhanced 5–6 fold (determined by phosphoimager analysis) in VLPs when GP or GPΔM were co-expressed along with VP40 compared to that when VP40 was expressed alone (data not shown). These results suggest that actin can be packaged in budding VP40 VLPs, and that co-expression of a membrane-anchored form of GP equally enhances release of both VP40 and actin. In addition, GP-mediated enhancement of VP40 VLP budding and actin packaging into VLPs is independent of the mucin-like domain of GP.To confirm that actin was indeed incorporated into VP40/GP VLPs and does not represent a cellular contaminant, protease protection (Fig. 1B) and
Mining biological information from 3D short time-series gene expression data: the OPTricluster algorithm
Alain B Tchagang, Sieu Phan, Fazel Famili, Heather Shearer, Pierre Fobert, Yi Huang, Jitao Zou, Daiqing Huang, Adrian Cutler, Ziying Liu, Youlian Pan
BMC Bioinformatics , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-13-54
Abstract: We developed a subspace clustering algorithm called Order Preserving Triclustering (OPTricluster), for 3D short time-series data mining. OPTricluster is able to identify 3D clusters with coherent evolution from a given 3D dataset using a combinatorial approach on the sample dimension, and the order preserving (OP) concept on the time dimension. The fusion of the two methodologies allows one to study similarities and differences between samples in terms of their temporal expression profile. OPTricluster has been successfully applied to four case studies: immune response in mice infected by malaria (Plasmodium chabaudi), systemic acquired resistance in Arabidopsis thaliana, similarities and differences between inner and outer cotyledon in Brassica napus during seed development, and to Brassica napus whole seed development. These studies showed that OPTricluster is robust to noise and is able to detect the similarities and differences between biological samples.Our analysis showed that OPTricluster generally outperforms other well known clustering algorithms such as the TRICLUSTER, gTRICLUSTER and K-means; it is robust to noise and can effectively mine the biological knowledge hidden in the 3D short time-series gene expression data.Clustering of co-expressed genes has been an active data mining topic and advanced in parallel with the development of microarray technology [1]. There is a vast amount of literature on clustering algorithms developed for microarray data analysis [1]. Microarray gene expression data can be classified into two categories: steady state and time-series gene expression data [2]. Time-series gene expression data are widely used to study the dynamic behaviour of various biological processes in the cell [3-5]. They can be classified into two categories (relative to the clustering algorithms design for their analysis): short time-series corresponding to 3-8 time points [6], and long time-series corresponding to more than 8 time points. Short time-se
A high-throughput and sensitive method to measure Global DNA Methylation: Application in Lung Cancer
Anthony Anisowicz, Hui Huang, Karen I Braunschweiger, Ziying Liu, Heidi Giese, Huajun Wang, Sergey Mamaev, Jerzy Olejnik, Pierre P Massion, Richard G Del Mastro
BMC Cancer , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-8-222
Abstract: We have designed and developed an assay, CpGlobal, which is easy-to-use, does not utilize PCR, radioactivity and expensive equipment. CpGlobal utilizes methyl-sensitive restriction enzymes, HRP Neutravidin to detect the biotinylated nucleotides incorporated in an end-fill reaction and a luminometer to measure the chemiluminescence. The assay shows high accuracy and reproducibility in measuring global DNA methylation. Furthermore, CpGlobal correlates significantly with High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis (HPCE), a gold standard technology. We have applied the technology to understand the role of global DNA methylation in the natural history of lung cancer. World-wide, it is the leading cause of death attributed to any cancer. The survival rate is 15% over 5 years due to the lack of any clinical symptoms until the disease has progressed to a stage where cure is limited.Through the use of cell lines and paired normal/tumor samples from patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) we show that global DNA hypomethylation is highly associated with the progression of the tumor. In addition, the results provide the first indication that the normal part of the lung from a cancer patient has already experienced a loss of methylation compared to a normal individual.By detecting these changes in global DNA methylation, CpGlobal may have a role as a barometer for the onset and development of lung cancer.The functional role of DNA methylation includes maintaining the stability of chromosomes, silencing repetitive sequences, arresting the deleterious effects of integrated foreign DNA and controlling gene expression [1]. Genome-wide loss of the methyl group at 5-methyl cytosines (hypomethylation) leads to the destabilization of the DNA [2]. Global DNA hypomethylation has been observed to be one of the earliest molecular abnormalities described in human neoplasia [3,4]. This biological phenomenon could be exploited to gain an insight into the mechanism of action of DNA me
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