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Co(salen) catalysed oxidation of synthetic lignin-like polymer: Co(salen) effects
Zhou Xue-Fei,Liu Jing
Hemijska Industrija , 2012, DOI: 10.2298/hemind120124031z
Abstract: In this paper, Co(salen) [salen = N, N’-bis(salicylidene)ethylenediamine] complex was studied as oxygen activators for the catalytic oxidation of a lignin model polymer using water as the solvent, with molecular oxygen and hydrogen peroxide as the oxidants. The effect of Co(salen) on oxidation was tested by spectroscopic methods (FTIR, 13C-NMR and GC-MS). The reactions catalysed by Co(salen) included Cα-alcohol oxidation, Cα-Cβ side chain cleavage, demethoxylation, aromatic ring cleavage, and β-O-4 cleavage. In addition to the mechanistic information obtained, the effect of Co(salen) suggests that Co(salen) can be important for the catalytic oxidation, as they affect the oxidation of lignin model polymer. The reaction performed in the presence of Co(salen) was more efficient than without it. The formation of aldehyde in the catalytic oxidation, as shown by GC-MS, could be identified as the mechanism of oxidative cleavage of the β-O-4 bonds.
Novel Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal Process for Municipal Sewage Treatment: Performance Evaluation and Design Optimization

ZHANG Bing,ZHOU Xue-fei,REN Nan-qi,

环境科学 , 2008,
Abstract: A novel modified A2/O process (MMAO) was developed for nitrogen and phosphorus removal of municipal sewage. Bench-scale study was conducted to evaluate the performance of the MMAO process treating practical municipal sewage at normal temperature. Activated sludge model (ASM2D) was used to simulate the MMAO process and optimize its design and operation. It was found that the average treatment efficiency of COD, TN, NH4+-N and TP achieved by MMAO were up to 85.7%, 66.8%, 97.35% and 78.1%, respectively. When influent COD concentration of the system was more than 300 mg/L, a better nitrogen and phosphorus removal efficiency of 70% and 90% were achieved. After being calibrated and validated by the experimental results, the activated sludge model of MMAO could simulate the biological reactions occurred in the systems excellently. Optimization design and operational parameters could be accomplished by the mechanical activated sludge modeling. Furthermore, the model could also evaluate the process performance under peak load and low temperature and presented a whole scheme toward the unit combination and operation control. The effluent quality of MMAO process under stable operating could reach the first (B) standard of Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Pollutants Discharge Standards (GB 18918-2002). The effluent of anaerobic unit was pumped directly into the anoxic unit to supply carbon source for denitrification instead of internal recirculation of mixture liquid, which would save operation cost significantly. The total hydraulic retention time of MMAO was lower than traditional biological organic removal system, so it was very suitable for the improvement of existing plant.
Determination of alkali-labile phosphoprotein phosphorus from fish plasma using the Tb3+-tiron complex as a fluorescence probe
Determination of alkali-labile phosphoprotein phosphorus from fish plasma using the Tb^3+-tiron complex as a fluorescence probe

LV Xue-fei,ZHAO Yi-bing,ZHOU Qun-fang,JIANG Gui-bin,SONG Mao-yong,
LV Xue-fei
,ZHAO Yi-bing,ZHOU Qun-fang,JIANG Gui-bin,SONG Mao-yong

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2007,
Abstract: A sensitive method based on the fluorescence quenching effect of the Tb3 -Tiron complex is proposed for the determination of alkali-labile phosphoprotein phosphorus (ALP) released from fish plasma. The detection limit was 5.4 ng/ml (S/N=2), and the relative standard deviation of the quenching effect (6 replicates) was 4.6%. The results obtained by the proposed method were in good agreement with those obtained by the colorimetric assay. The advantages of the present method are its relatively simple detection procedure, the lack of toxic organic solvents, and high sensitivity.
Effect and Mechanism of Heavy Metal Stabilization Treatment of Sediment in Jinshan Lake

ZHOU Xue-fei,ZHANG Ya-lei,ZHANG Ming,ZHU Hong-guang,LI Jian-hua,ZHAO Jian-fu,

环境科学 , 2008,
Abstract: The heavy metal stabilization treatment (by mixture of CaO, CaO2, CaO and CaO2) of sediment in Jinshan Lake were investigated through soil column experiment, including the transport and transformation of heavy metal in sediment after stabilization, and the mechanism of heavy metal stabilization treatment technology. In the simulated acid rain experiment under a pH of 2.9, Zn in the sediment stabilized by CaO, CaO+ CaO2, CaO2, respectively, transferred to the third layer with the first layer's migrating quantities of 96, 97 and 93 mg/kg, while in another experiment under a pH of 5.0, Zn transferred to the third layer with the first layer's migrating quantities of 87, 90 and 89 mg/kg, respectively. In the blank experiments under pH 2.9 and 5.0, Zn transferred to the sixth and fifth layer with the first layer migrating quantities of 128 and 112 mg/kg, respectively. The above results were concluded to be: 1) both migrating velocity and first layer's migrating quantity of Zn decreased in stabilized sediment; 2) the three tested ways could reduce it migrating capability in soil; 3) pH of leached solution could affect the migrating capability of Zn and high Ph would lead to the decrease of Zn in soil. For Ni and Cd, the similar conclusion could also be gained. The results of metal transporting mechanism experiments with CaO, CaO + CaO2, CaO2 showed that: 1) pH of the sediment increased from 6.76 to 8.33, 8.15 and 8.21; 2) TOC content decreased with a range of 5%, 10.9% and 13.1%; 3) fixedness part contents of Zn, Ni and Cd increased 10.6%, 1.7% and 4.5%, respectively, which is the important reason leading to the decrease of metal transporting capability. The transformation proportion of heavy metal from labilization to stabilization showed that the stabilization capability of heavy metal followed the sequence: Zn > Cd > Ni.
Simultaneous Determination of 10 Sulfonamide Antibiotics in Water by Solid-phase Extraction and High Performance Liquid Chromatography

HONG Lei-jie,SHI Lu,ZHANG YA-lei,ZHOU Xue-fei,ZHU Hong-guang,LIN Shuang-shuang,

环境科学 , 2012,
Abstract: 建立了一种采用固相萃取-高效液相色谱法同时测定水体中10种磺胺类抗生素的方法.样品经自制PEP固相萃取小柱富集净化、乙腈-二氯甲烷(2 ∶1,体积比)洗脱后,用高效液相色谱-紫外检测器测定.检测波长λ=268 nm,柱温33℃,流动相为乙腈-0.4%乙酸/水(体积比),采用梯度洗脱程序,实现了10 种待测组分的基线分离,线性范围为10~2000 μg·L-1.去离子水和实际水样的加标回收率范围分别为73.4%~95.6%和70.2%~92.5%(磺胺除外,分别为8.5%和8.0%).整个分析方法的检出限为1.42~7.25 ng·L-1.应用此方法对上海市黄浦江部分河段江水、崇明岛地表水及地下水的测定表明在这几种不同水体环境中,不同频率地检出了磺胺类药物,浓度范围为13.3~241.5 ng·L-1,从而证明该方法具有快速简便、灵敏高效等优点,可满足实际工作的需要.
Geological Significance and Characteristics of Rare Earth and Trace Elements from Upper Carboniferous Suogedangtawu Formation of the South of Wushi County in Northwestern Margin of Tarim Basin

童雪飞, , ,康志宏, , ,周磊, , ,刘晨晓,郭瑞琴, , ,皇甫静静, ,
TONG Xue-fei
, , ,KANG Zhi-hong, , ,ZHOU Lei, , ,LIU Chen-xiao,GUO Rui-qin, , ,HUANGFU Jingjing,

- , 2016,
Abstract: 摘要: 为探讨塔里木盆地西北缘柯坪地区上石炭统索格当他乌组沉积环境、物源属性和构造背景,在野外地质调查的基础上,对柯坪地区乌什南剖面上石炭统索格当他乌组细碎屑岩进行了系统的地球化学样品采集与测试分析。通过氧化还原敏感元素组合及微量元素特征比值对比,发现研究区索格当他乌组细碎屑岩形成于弱还原环境。再利用Hf-La/Th、La/Sc-Co/Th和REE-La/Yb判别图解、微量元素特征比值(La/Sc、Sc/Th、Cr/Th及Co/Th),并结合岩石矿物薄片分析,认为索格当他乌组细碎屑岩与上地壳特征相似,母岩以长英质岩石为主,混有部分花岗岩和安山岩。对比不同构造背景下杂砂岩的稀土、微量元素特征,并结合碎屑岩La-Th-Sc、Th-Sc-Zr/10、Th-Co-Zr/10三角图解,认为研究区上石炭统索格当他乌组细碎屑岩源岩具有大陆岛弧、活动大陆边缘、被动大陆边缘多重构造背景。
Abstract: In order to discuss the sedimentary environment,provenance and tectonic settings of Upper Carboniferous Suogedangtawu Formation of Keping area in northwestern margin of Tarim Basin, on the basis of geological investigation, we selected 12 samples to test and analyze trace and rare earth elements. Redox-sensitive elements combination and trace element characteristic parameters reflect that the finegrained detrital rocks form in weak reduction environment. Using Hf-La/Th, La/Sc-Co/Th and REE-La/Yb diagram, trace element ratios(La/Sc, Sc/Th, Cr/Th and Co/Th), combined with microscopic identification, we regard that the sources of sediments are mainly from upper continental crust with felsic rocks. By the contrast of characteristics of REE, combined with La-Th-Sc,Th-Sc-Zr/10,Th-Co-Zr/10 diagram, a conclusion can be drawn that the tectonic settings of the study area are continental island arc, active continental margin and passive continental margin
A Method of Stratigraphic Correlation Based on Target Constraint Genetic Algorithm

WANG Xue-fei,

计算机应用研究 , 2004,
Abstract: Aim at the concrete characters of well log stratigraphic correlation in oil field development and the constraint conditions that the practical problems should satisfy,a stratigraphic correlation method based on target constraint genetic algorithm is proposed.This method can perform the routine stratigraphic correlation better,and also can treat many complicate circumstances such as the formation lacuna,formation malposition and so son.These circumstances may be caused by geologic phenomena including slide or formation pinch out and so on.This method has a better robustness and its random search ability is strong,and it has a better adaptability to stratigraphic correlation under complicate circumstances.The concrete realization algorithm is given in this paper,and the effectiveness of this method is proved by the result of practical data processing.
Rapid Association Rules Mining Algorithm Based on Decision Tree

CHEN Xue-fei,

计算机科学 , 2008,
Abstract: In this paper,the issue of mining association rules is discussed deeply.A new mining algorithm,Rapid Rules Mining Algorithm based on Decision Tree,RABDT is proposed,after summarizing the advantage and disadvantage of current mining association rules algorithms.The principle and steps of RABDT are given with constructing a decision tree,and a contrast test shows that RABDT is far rapid and effective.
Xin Wang,Yi-Min Zhang,Xue-Fei Jia
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812036409
Abstract: In the title compound, C22H15Cl2NO, the terminal chlorobenzene rings are oriented at 44.51 (15) and 86.06 (17)° with respect to the central polysubstituted benzene ring, and make a dihedral angle of 49.48 (17)°with each other. In the crystal, molecules are linked by weak C—H...O and C—H...N interactions.
Dynamics of soil seed banks of two alkalized meadow communities in Songnen Plain of China

YAN Xue-fei,YANG Yun-fei,

生态学杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: 对松嫩平原碱化草甸中星星草 羊草群落和星星草群落土壤种子库组成的季节动态进行了研究.结果表明:在4-9月,2个群落的土壤种子库均以多年生草本植物为主,星星草 羊草群落共出现12种,而星星草群落为10种,并均以星星草占最大比例,分别为66.8%~92.9%和75.3%~97.7%.种子库相似性系数在6月最大.星星草 羊草群落种子库密度在7月份最大,为(26 560.0±7 256.9)粒·m-2,星星草群落在8月最大,为(25590.0±6 443.7)粒·m-2;而2个群落的物种多样性指数和均匀度指数则分别在7月和8月最小.
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