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Toeplitz operators with L^1 symbols on the weighted Bergman spaces
Zhonghua He,Guangfu Cao
International Journal of Mathematical Analysis , 2013,
Abstract: This paper characterizes the boundedness and compactness of aToeplitz operator on the weighted Bergman space with a L1 symbol.This result extends known results in the cases when the symbol is eithera positive L1 function, an L∞ function or a general BMO1 function.In addition, we also give some estimates about the norm and essentialnorm of Toeplitz operators with L1 symbols.
Atmospheric Environmental Quality Assessment RBF Model Based on the MATLAB  [PDF]
Zhonghua Fei, Dinggui Luo, Zhefei He, Bo Li
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2012.37081
Abstract: A new method-RBF model is found to assess the atmospheric quality by use of the PREMNMX function in MATLAB to pretreat the original data and the RAND function to construct enough training samples, checking samples and outputs of their targets through linear interpolation between grades of the atmospheric quality evaluation standard. A favorable assessment result is achieved by applying this method to assess atmospheric environmental quality in a city, which shows this new method is meaningful in improving the precision and scientificity of atmospheric environmental quality assessment.
Study on Quantitative Model of Karst Drainage Basin Water-Holding Based on Principal Component Analysis: A Case Study of Guizhou, China  [PDF]
Zhonghua He, Xiaoxiang Chen, Hong Liang, Fasu Huang, Fang Zhao
Advances in Remote Sensing (ARS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ars.2013.23023

In Karst drainage basins, there are the ground water and underground water exchanging frequently, and the shortage of water resources due to having the special double aquifer mediums and unique surface and subsurface river systematic structure. This paper is to select 20 research sampling areas coming fromGuizhouProvince, and according to the spectral characteristics of the catchment water-holding mediums and vegetations, and using the remote sensing technique, extract the watershed vegetation index. According to the principle of principal component analysis, using the software of Spss and Matlab is to analyze the impacts of watershed vegetation type on the catchment water-holding ability, and establish the principal component analysis function. Studies have shown that: 1) the watershed vegetation coverage rate plays an important role in Karst basin water-holding ability; 2) the catchment water-holding ability is the comprehensive reflection and manifestation of the Catchment Water-storing Capacity (CWC); 3) it is much better effects and higher accuracy to monitor/forecast the catchment water-holding volume by using the vegetation indices.

The distribution of the oil derived from Cambrian source rocks in Lunnan area, the Tarim Basin, China
JingKui Mi,ShuiChang Zhang,JianPing Chen,LiPing Tang,ZhongHua He
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2007, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-007-6004-x
Abstract: There are great differences in biomarks between Cambrian oil and Middle-Upper Ordovician oil. In this stuty, the authors analyzed 40 oils found in Lunnan area by GC-MS and calculated the content of Cambrian oil in the 40 oils according to the steroid indexes of typical oil mixture and match experiment. The results show that it is a general phenomenon in Ordovician reservoir that the oil derived from Cambrian source rock mixed with the oil derived from Middle-Upper Ordovician source rock in Lunnan area, the mixture degree of the two oils is lower in Carboniferous reservoir than in Ordovician reservoir, and the oils kept in Triassic reservoir have single source, Middle-Upper Ordovician source rock. The mixture oils mainly composed of Cambrian oil (>50%) distributed in Sangtamu fault zone, and the oils found in Lunnan fault zone are Middle-Upper Ordovician oil. This distribution of oils in Lunnan area is owing to that Lunnan fault zone is located in anticline axis part, Lunnan fault zone underwent serious erosion, and the oils from Cambrian source rock accumulated in Lunnan fault zone were degraded completely during Caledonian-Hercynian movement. But the Cambrian oil accumulated in Sangtamu fault zone was not degraded completely and some of them were left for the location of Sangtamu fault zone is lower than Lunnan fault zone. Later, the oil derived from Middle-Upper Ordovician source rock mixed with the remained Cambrian oil, and the mixture oil formed in Sangtamu fault zone.
Molecular fossils and oil-source rock correlations in Tarim Basin, NW China
Shuichang Zhang,Digang Liang,Maowen Li,Zhongyao Xiao,Zhonghua He
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2002, DOI: 10.1007/BF02902814
Abstract: The distribution of “molecular fossils” (biomarkers) of steroid compounds in extracts from some specific geologic age in the Tarim Basin have been analyzed and are used as the fingerprints for the oil-source rock correlation. Having been affected by maturation, migration, phase fractionation and biodegradation, not any molecular fossils related to source and environment can be used as the fingerprints for oil-source rock correlation. Some special biomarkers widely existed in the extracts from Cambrian and Ordovician rocks in the Tarim Basin and showed obvious difference in each stratum, including dinosteranes (C30), 4-methyl-24-ethyl-cholestanes (C30) and their aromatized steroids, C24-norcholestanes and C28 steranes originated from dinoflagellates and diatom. Few oils such as the heavy oil drilled in the Cambrian reservoir from Tadong 2 well (TD2) correlated well with the extracts from the Cambrian. The amazing similarity of the relative contents of these compounds between the marine oils produced in Tazhong and Tabei uplifts and the extracts from the Upper Ordovician suggests that the Middle-Upper Ordovician is the very likely main source for the marine oils.
Deep-Sea Cobalt Crusts Water Jet Cutting Ability  [PDF]
Zhonghua Huang, Ya Xie
Geomaterials (GM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/gm.2011.12007
Abstract: Deep-sea cobalt crusts water jet cutting method is proposed to avoid cutter impact load. With simulation calculations and experimental tests, water jet system parameters and its cutting ability were studied. Simula-tion results show that working pressure, ejection range and ejection angle of water jet system are main parameters of its cutting ability. Its important degree is in turn the working pressure, ejection range and ejection angle. Increasing water jet system working pressure is the most effective way to improve its cutting ability. When water jet working pressure is constant, in order to improve its cutting ability, the ejection range should be less than 4mm (four times of nozzle diameter) and the ejection angle should be about 13o. Experimental results show that there is a threshold pressure during water jet cutting cobalt crusts simulation material. With the increase of water jet working pressure, its cutting ability increases dramatically. With the increasing of water jet ejection range, its cutting ability decreases sharply. The optimal ejection angle is about 13o
Products of integral-type operator and composition operator on Bloch-Orlicz type spaces

何忠华, 曹广福,何 莉
HE Zhonghua
,CAO Guangfu,HE Li

- , 2016, DOI: 10.13471/j.cnki.acta.snus.2016.01.008
Abstract: 设D是复平面 C中的单位圆盘,H(D)表示D上的解析函数全体,复合算子CΦ和积分型算子Ig的乘积定义为CΦIgf(z)=∫Φ(z)0f ′(ξ)g(ξ)dξ,IgCΦf(z) = ∫z0f ′((ξ))g(ξ)dξ其中φ是D到自身的解析映射,g∈H(D)。利用分析和构造检验函数的方法,研究了复合算子CΦ与积分型算子Ig的乘积CΦIg和IgCΦ在BlochOrlicz型空间上的连续性、下有界性和紧性,得到了算子CΦIg和IgCΦ是BlochOrlicz型空间上的有界算子、下有界算子和紧算子的充要条件
Morphological and molecular characterization of twoG. somalense monosomic alien addition lines (MAALs)
Zhonghua Zhou,Ping Yu,Guanghui Liu,Jianxing He,Jinxiang Chen,Xinxue Zhang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2004, DOI: 10.1007/BF03184010
Abstract: TwoG. somalense monosomic alien addition lines were identified from the derived backcross progenies of allohexaploid betweenG. hirsutum andG. somalense through cytological and morphological observation. Furthermore, the alien addition chromosome was identified and distinguished by RAPD analysis. A total of 160 RAPD primers were used for PCR amplification. Primer SBSG11 could produce a specific molecular marker (600 bp) for monosomic alien addition line I (MAAL I). Primer SBSC03 could produce a specific molecular marker (700 bp) for monosomic alien addition line II(MAAL II). SBSE07 and SBSE08 could respectively produce common molecular marker for monosomic alien addition lines I and II.G. somalense alien addition lines could be important for cotton improvement.
Petrogenesis of riebeckite rhyolites in the southern Da Hinggan Mts: Geohronological and geochemical evidence

WANG JianGuo,HE ZhongHua,XU WenLiang,

岩石学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 本文报道了在大兴安岭南部白音高老组新发现的钠闪石流纹岩的锆石U-Pb定年结果和岩石地球化学资料,以便揭示富碱钠闪石流纹岩的成因与区域构造演化。钠闪石流纹岩中锆石为自形-半自形的长柱状、短柱状,具有明显岩浆成因的震荡生长环带,结合其Th/U比值(1.2~1.9),暗示其为岩浆成因。锆石LA-ICP-MS U-Pb定年结果表明,其206Pb/238U年龄介于134~149Ma之间,其加权平均年龄为141Ma,表明钠闪石流纹岩形成于早白垩世早期。锆石εHf(t)=+9.07~+12.08,二阶段Hf模式年龄介于415~616Ma之间。岩石地球化学资料表明,钠闪石流纹岩以富硅、碱、铁质和贫钙、镁质为特征,在地球化学上,具有典型的A型流纹岩特征。该类岩石不仅具有高的稀土元素总量(REE=307×10-6~1395×10-6)、显著的Ce正异常(Ce/Ce*=6.52~18.6)和显著的Eu负异常(Eu/Eu*=0.007~0.009),而且表现出高场强元素(如Zr、Hf、Nb、Ta)的显著富集、大离子亲石元素(如Ba、Sr)的强烈亏损和很高的Ga/Al比值(104×Ga/Al=4.88~6.41)。上述资料表明,钠闪石流纹岩的原始岩浆应是古俯冲蚀变洋壳部分熔融的产物,并形成于蒙古-鄂霍茨克缝合带闭合后的岩石圈伸展构造环境。
Determination of m-Cresol by Gas Chromatography

Cai Zengrong,He Zhonghua,Pu Zulun,

色谱 , 1995,
Abstract: This paper describes a method for the assay of m-cresol content in it' s technical product which containso-,m-,and p-nitrotoluene and o-,m-,and p-toluidine. The analysis was performed on a BP20 silica capillary column. The method meets the needs of technical analysis.
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