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Study on the Actuality and the Countermeasures of the Employment of College Students
Zhiyi Fan
International Education Studies , 2008, DOI: 10.5539/ies.v1n2p41
Abstract: The employment of college students has become an issue that draws common concern from the whole society. This paper explores the employment of college students from various angles, finds out the material reasons thereto and put forwards countermeasures for resolving theses problems and development ways.
Research on the Social Demand for Business Management Talents
Zhiyi Fan
International Journal of Business and Management , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v3n4p62
Abstract: In order to deepen the reform on the education and cultivation of business management major, explore a new mode for cultivating graduate talents, and improve the major’s teaching and cultivating quality, we make a special research on the social demand for business management talents.
Analysis on Pollution Factors of Urban River  [PDF]
Zhiyi Lei
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2015.310002

Main pollutants of the urban scenic river in Nanjing City are studied in this paper. In the study area a total of 39 monitoring points are set in natural water, around pumping stations and near the tail water of sewage treatment plant. Through the monitoring of pollution sources of receiving conventional index, the pollution sources distribution and river pollution factors are detailed analyzed, as nutrient salts, heavy metals, and environmental endocrine disruptors. And sources of the pollution factors are analyzed by principal component analysis to get the main pollution factors in this channel.

Deposit Insurance System and the Commercial Bank Loan Loss Provisions  [PDF]
Zhiyi Wang
Modern Economy (ME) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/me.2019.101012
The article mainly analyzes the deposit insurance system in our country promulgated after the provision for the impact of bank loan loss provisions. Empirical study found that the deposit insurance system in our country was promulgated in 2015, the bank’s loan loss provisions increased, among them, the big bank loan loss provisions significantly increased. After separating the manipulated loan loss provisions, we found that the manipulated loan loss provisions increased. Further study found that, following the promulgation of the deposit insurance system, managers in commercial bank weakened the motive of income smoothing, but the bank’s capital management behavior does not.
Effects of Thoracic Paravertebral Block on Postoperative Analgesia and Serum Level of Tumor Marker in Lung Cancer Patients Undergoing Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery
Jiheng CHEN, Yunxiao ZHANG, Chuan HUANG, Keneng CHEN, Mengying FAN, Zhiyi FAN
- , 2015, DOI: : 10.3779/j.issn.1009-3419.2015.02.10
Abstract: Background and objective Perioperative management of pain associated with the prognosis of cancer patients. Optimization of perio-perative analgesia method, then reduce perioperative stress response, reduce opioiddosage, to reduce or even avoid systemic adverse reactions and elevated levels of tumor markers. Serum levels of tumor markers in patients with lung cancer are closely related to tumor growth. Clinical research reports on regional anesthesia effect on tumor markers for lung cancer are still very little in domesticliterature. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effects of thoracic paraverte-bral block on postoperative analgesia and serum level of tumor marker in lung cancer patients undergoing video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery. Methods Lung cancer patients undergoing video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery were randomly divided into 2 groups (n=20 in each group). The patients in group G were given only general anesthesia. The thoracic paravertebral blockade (PVB) was performed before general anesthesia in patients of group GP. The effect of PVB was judged by testing area of block. Patient controlled intravenous analgesia (PCIA) pump started before the end of surgery in 2 groups. Visual analogue scale (VAS) score was recorded after extubation 2 h (T1), 24 h (T2) and 48 h (T3) after surgery and the times of PCIA and the volume of analgesic drugs used were recorded during 48 h after surgery. The serum levels of carcino-embryonic antigen (CEA), carbohydrate antigen 199 (CA199), carbohydrate antigen 125 (CA125), neuron-specific enolase (NSE), cytokeratin 19 fragment (CYFRA21-1) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) in 40 lung cancer cases undergoing video-assisted thoracoscopic lobectomy were measured before operation and 24 h after operation. Results Forty American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) physical status I or II patients, aged 20 yr-70 yr, body mass index (BMI) 18 kg/m2-25 kg/m2, scheduled for elective video-assisted thoraeoscopic lobectomy, VAS scores at T1 and T2 were lower in group GP than those in group G (P=0.013, P=0.025, respectively), PCIA times during postoperative analgesia 24 h and 48 h were lower in group GP than those in group G (P=0.021, P=0.026, respectively), analgesic volume used during postoperative analgesia 24 h and 48 h were lower in group GP than those in group G (P=0.006, P=0.011, respectively). The level of tumor marker at post-operative were not significantly decreased than preoperative in both groups (P>0.05). Conclusion Patients in group G feel more painful and a higher dosage of dezocine is required to
Magnetic Decoupling Design and Experimental Validation of a Radial-Radial Flux Compound-Structure Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine for HEVs
Ping Zheng,Chengde Tong,Jingang Bai,Yi Sui,Zhiyi Song,Fan Wu
Energies , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/en5104027
Abstract: The radial-radial flux compound-structure permanent-magnet synchronous machine (CS-PMSM), integrated by two concentrically arranged permanent-magnet electric machines, is an electromagnetic power-splitting device for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). As the two electric machines share a rotor as structural and magnetic common part, their magnetic paths are coupled, leading to possible mutual magnetic-field interference and complex control. In this paper, a design method to ensure magnetic decoupling with minimum yoke thickness of the common rotor is investigated. A prototype machine is designed based on the proposed method, and the feasibility of magnetic decoupling and independent control is validated by experimental tests of mutual influence. The CS-PMSM is tested by a designed driving cycle, and functions to act as starter motor, generator and to help the internal combustion engine (ICE) operate at optimum efficiency are validated.
The Central Guizhou and Yi-chang uplifts, Upper Yangtze region, between Ordovician and Silurian
Xu Chen,Jiayu Rong,Zhiyi Zhou,Yuandong Zhang,Renbin Zhan,Jianbo Liu,Junxuan Fan
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2001, DOI: 10.1007/BF02900587
Abstract: The Central Guizhou and Yichang Uplifts are present in central Guizhou to western Hubei. Biostratigraphic evidences from more than 20 sections in 14 counties of this region provide the data about the duration of these uplifts. Although this duration differs from locality to locality, it is mainly from Ashgillian to Rhuddanian. The uplifts result from a horizontally driven movement to the South China Paleoplate from an uncertain block in southeast. Global sea-level drop during the end of the Ordovician made the uplifts obvious, particularly the Central Guizhou Uplift. It might have emerged above sea level in the short interval between the Ordovician and Silurian.
Characterization of Enterococcus faecalis Phage IME-EF1 and Its Endolysin
Wenhui Zhang, Zhiqiang Mi, Xiuyun Yin, Hang Fan, Xiaoping An, Zhiyi Zhang, Jiankui Chen, Yigang Tong
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0080435
Abstract: Enterococcus faecalis is increasingly becoming an important nosocomial infection opportunistic pathogen. E. faecalis can easily obtain drug resistance, making it difficult to be controlled in clinical settings. Using bacteriophage as an alternative treatment to drug-resistant bacteria has been revitalized recently, especially for fighting drug-resistant bacteria. In this research, an E. faecalis bacteriophage named IME-EF1 was isolated from hospital sewage. Whole genomic sequence analysis demonstrated that the isolated IME-EF1 belong to the Siphoviridae family, and has a linear double-stranded DNA genome consisting of 57,081 nucleotides. The IME-EF1 genome has a 40.04% G+C content and contains 98 putative coding sequences. In addition, IME-EF1 has an isometric head with a width of 35?nm to 60?nm and length of 75?nm to 90?nm, as well as morphology resembling a tadpole. IME-EF1 can adsorb to its host cells within 9 min, with an absorbance rate more than 99% and a latent period time of 25?min. The endolysin of IME-EF1 contains a CHAP domain in its N-terminal and has a wider bactericidal spectrum than its parental bacteriophage, including 2 strains of vancomycin-resistant E. faecalis. When administrated intraperitoneally, one dose of IME-EF1 or its endolysin can reduce bacterial count in the blood and protected the mice from a lethal challenge of E. faecalis, with a survival rate of 60% or 80%, respectively. Although bacteriophage could rescue mice from bacterial challenge, to the best of our knowledge, this study further supports the potential function of bacteriophage in dealing with E. faecalis infection in vivo. The results also indicated that the newly isolated bacteriophage IME-EF1 enriched the arsenal library of lytic E. faecalis bacteriophages and presented another choice for phage therapy in the future.
Are volatile anesthetics neuroprotective or neurotoxic?
Zhiyi Zuo
Medical Gas Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/2045-9912-2-10
Abstract: More than 20 millions of patients each year have surgeries in the USA. The majority of these surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. About 80% of them receive volatile anesthetics as their primary anesthetics [1]. Since the first use of ether, a volatile anesthetic, in 1842, volatile anesthetics have be the major class of general anesthetics used in the clinical practice for near 160 years.Although it is still controversial among the experts, it is generally accepted that general anesthesia minimally includes the following components: unconsciousness, insensateness, analgesia and amnesia. Many experts will also add muscle relaxation and bluntness of cardiovascular response to surgical stimulation into the components of general anesthesia. Volatile anesthetics, unlike most intravenous anesthetics, have pharmacological properties to provide all components of general anesthesia [2]. Thus, volatile anesthetics are full general anesthetics and, theoretically, single volatile anesthetic can be used to provide a patient with full general anesthesia for surgery. In addition, volatile anesthetics take effects very quickly. Most patients anesthetized by these drugs recover smoothly and quickly. With the aid of modern equipment, their use is very easy and their concentrations can be accurately monitored. For these reasons, volatile anesthetics have been popular drugs used in clinical practice. Modern volatile anesthetics that are used in the USA include isoflurane (CHF2-O-CHCl-CF3), sevoflurane (CH2F-O-CH-(CF3)2) and desflurane (CHF2-O-CHF-CF3). Halothane (CF3-CHBrCl) was used clinically for more than 40 years and started to be phased out during 1990s as newer volatile anesthetics become popular. All of these volatile anesthetics are halogenated hydrocarbons.In addition to the anesthetic properties, volatile anesthetics have been thought to have neuroprotective effects for a long time [3,4]. Although the potential for volatile anesthetics to induce cell injury has be
A Study of How to Develop Students’Intercultural Communication Competence (ICC) in Business English Teaching (BET)
Zhiyi Fu
Asian Social Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ass.v4n2p84
Abstract: Under the economic globalization today, the ultimate goal of business English teaching is to develop students’ language transfer competence in the intercultural communication environment and improve the strategies of the Business English Major students in dealing with the international business affairs. After presenting the intercultural issues in current China’s Business English teaching, the study focuses on five constructive suggestions of the workable strategies of how to develop students’ intercultural communication competence (ICC) in the Business English teaching (BET).
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