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Study on the Strategy of Building Shanghai into an International Financial Centre  [PDF]
Zhirun Xiao, Zhirun Xiao
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2015.37032

If china wants to become a financial and economic powerhouse, it has to possess a world-class financial centre. So, it has the particular importance of practical significance to build Shanghai into international financial centre. It is also a research subject having far-reaching influence. This article introduces the background of building Shanghai into international financial centre and illuminates the strategic target and thinking of building Shanghai into international financial centre. And the author analyzes and studies the question of strategic choice of building Shanghai into international financial centre.

Integration Strategy of Entrepreneurial Enterprises Resources  [PDF]
Zhirun Xiao
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2014.29014

If venture enterprises rise rapidly, realizing the goal of increment and appreciation, then they must possess strategic concept of resources integration. Meanwhile, venture enterprises have to master and utilize the integrated strategy. This article tries to present the necessity of proceeding of the resources integration among those venture enterprises, and the content and characteristics of entrepreneurial resources integration, followed by a deeper analysis of integration strategy in different types and related problems. At last, the author analyzes the misunderstanding that can be easily made during the process of implementation the integration strategy, and put forward some countermeasures.

On the Study of Left-Handed Coplanar Waveguide Coupler on Ferrite\R\Nsubstrate
Mahmoud Abdelrahman Abdalla;Zhirun Hu
PIER Letters , 2008, DOI: 10.2528/PIERL07111808
Abstract: This paper introduces a 3 dB tunable symmetric left handed coupled line coupler implemented on ferrite substrate. The proposed coupler is realized in LH coplanar waveguide configuration constructed using interdigital capacitors and meandered line inductors. The analytical analysis and the numerical verification of the proposed couple line coupler are presented. The full wave numerical simulation results for different DC magnetic bias indicate that a tunable left handed coupled line coupler propagation with transmission coefficient up to 3 dB and isolation level more than 25 dB over a wide bandwidth can be achieved.
On The Study of Development of X Band Metamaterial Radar Absorber
Mahmoud Abdelrahman Abdalla,Zhirun Hu
Advanced Electromagnetics , 2012, DOI: 10.7716/aem.v1i3.25
Abstract: A new development of metamaterial applications in radar absorbers for X band is introduced. Two modifications were suggested based on two different approaches which are a new called fan shaped resonator absorber and a modified high impedance metamaterial absorber. Both approaches introduce thin radar absorber (5.3% at centre frequency) with wide bandwidth and high absorption level. The theoretical concepts of each design are explained and validated using full wave simulation. Results illustrate that the new development can achieve wider bandwidth, multiple operating bands; the increase in bandwidth is up to 8 times the conventional one. Moreover, the reported absorbers have capability to operate with different polarizations.
Wei Liu Mail,Zhirun Yuan,Changbin Mao,Qingxi Hou
BioResources , 2011,
Abstract: Hemicelluloses can be removed from wood chips prior to mechanical pulping, which would offer new feedstocks for the production of chemicals and fuels. The aim of this study was to evaluate pre-extraction to maximize pre-extraction yield, while minimizing negative impacts on wood chips. The effects of three independent process variables (NaOH charge, pre-extraction temperature, and time) on three dependent variables (pre-extraction yield, xylan extraction yield, and cellulose content based on original wood) were studied using a Box-Behnken experimental design. The mathematical models were obtained and validated well. It was found that NaOH charge, time, interaction between NaOH charge and time, and interaction between temperature and time have significant effects on xylan extraction yield. The xylan extraction yield was 22.55%; i.e., about 37.3 kg of xylan could be extracted from one ton of oven-dried aspen chips under the conditions of 5.68% NaOH charge, 100 °C, and 35 min.
Synergistic Effects of GhSOD1 and GhCAT1 Overexpression in Cotton Chloroplasts on Enhancing Tolerance to Methyl Viologen and Salt Stresses
Xiaoli Luo, Jiahe Wu, Yuanbao Li, Zhirun Nan, Xing Guo, Yixue Wang, Anhong Zhang, Zhian Wang, Guixian Xia, Yingchuan Tian
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0054002
Abstract: In plants, CuZn superoxide dismutase (CuZnSOD, EC l.15.1.1), ascorbate peroxidase (APX, EC, and catalase (CAT, EC l.11.1.6) are important scavengers of reactive oxygen species (ROS) to protect the cell from damage. In the present study, we isolated three homologous genes (GhSOD1, GhAPX1, and GhCAT1) from Gossypium hirsutum. Overexpressing cassettes containing chimeric GhSOD1, GhAPX1, or GhCAT1 were introduced into cotton plants by Agrobacterium transformation, and overexpressed products of these genes were transported into the chloroplasts by transit peptide, as expected. The five types of transgenic cotton plants that overexpressed GhSOD1, GhAPX1, GhCAT1, GhSOD1 and GhAPX1 stack (SAT), and GhSOD1 and GhCAT1 stack (SCT) were developed. Analyses in the greenhouse showed that the transgenic plants had higher tolerance to methyl viologen (MV) and salinity than WT plants. Interestingly, SCT plants suffered no damage under stress conditions. Based on analyses of enzyme activities, electrolyte leakage, chlorophyll content, photochemical yield (Fv/Fm), and biomass accumulation under stresses, the SCT plants that simultaneously overexpressed GhSOD1 and GhCAT1 appeared to benefit from synergistic effects of two genes and exhibited the highest tolerance to MV and salt stress among the transgenic lines, while the SAT plants simultaneously overexpressing GhSOD1 and GhAPX1 did not. In addition, transgenic plants overexpressing antioxidant enzymes in their chloroplasts had higher tolerance to salt stress than those expressing the genes in their cytoplasms, although overall enzyme activities were almost the same. Therefore, the synergistic effects of GhSOD1 and GhCAT1 in chloroplasts provide a new strategy for enhancing stress tolerance to avoid yield loss.
Microbial Fuel Cells for Nitrate Removal in Ground Water  [PDF]
Xiao Xiao, Kangping Cui
Advances in Microbiology (AiM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/aim.2015.56044
Abstract: The increasing nitrate concentration in groundwater has become a serious concern all over the world. In this study, the double chamber microbial fuel cell (MFC) and single chamber MFC systems were proposed for simultaneous removal of chemical oxygen demand (COD) and nitrate (NO3- - N). Transforming the various variables (cathod materials, external resistance and initial concentrations of NO3- - N) of double chamber MFC to determine the optimal operating parameters. Observing the treatment effect of single chamber MFC when adding an external resistance. The results showed: in the case of connecting external circuit, the double chamber MFC could reach the best degradation effect of NO3- - N and COD when cathode and anode materials are made of stainless steel velvet, the external resistance of 100 Ω and the initial concentrations of NO3- - N of around 250 mg/L. The best degradation rate of NO3- - N and COD reached 66.88% and 82.85% respectively. Adding an external solar power to single chamber could enhance the treatment effect; specifically, NO3- - N and COD removal rate reached 65.06% and 70.42% respectively, 6.14% and 9.73% higher than without external power.
Research and development of regional air pollution control decision support tool based on response surface model

LAO Yuanwen,ZHU Yun,Carey Jang,Che Jen Lin,XING Ji,CHEN Zhirun,XIE Junping,WANG Shuxiao,Joshua FU,

环境科学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Using CMAQ simulation results obtained from a multivariate design of experiments, a response surface model (RSM) describing the relationship between air pollution and emission control factors is built using the high dimensional Kriging Interpolation Algorithm. The RSM, coupled with a visualization/decision support tool (RSM-VAT), facilitates real-time visualization of 3-D air quality model data under a wide variety of emission control scenarios and supports policy making through a user-friendly graphical interface linking emission control measures to the concentrations of multiple air pollutants. Verification of RSM prediction against CMAQ simulation results of PM2.5 shows acceptable model performance of RSM (deviation of < 0.20 mg·m-3 or < 3.89%). Using the developed RSM-VAT, a case study predicting PM2.5 concentration changes corresponding to different emission control scenarios in eight US metropolitan areas is demonstrated.
The Impact of the American English Learning upon Chinese College Students’ Ideology  [PDF]
Xiao Yue
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.31026
Abstract: In recent decades, many researchers have devoted themselves to the study of the impact of American ideology upon Chinese college students. However, few of researches have been made in this area in view of language attrition. This thesis mainly analyses the transfer of Chinese college students’ ideology caused by the language attrition during the process of American English learning, such as the regression of Chinese language in different degrees and the decline of self-identities in Chinese culture. The transfer of ideology is manifested in the aspects of Chinese college students’ ideas, values, self-identities, etc. This thesis also provides evidence for the current situations that Chinese college students’ ideology was transferred by the first language attrition. Language attrition is a method different from other traditional research methods, and it is a whole new point of view at a cultural level.
Power Quality Disturbance Classification Method Based on Wavelet Transform and SVM Multi-class Algorithms  [PDF]
Xiao Fei
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.54B107

The accurate identification and classification of various power quality disturbances are keys to ensuring high-quality electrical energy. In this study, the statistical characteristics of the disturbance signal of wavelet transform coefficients and wavelet transform energy distribution constitute feature vectors. These vectors are then trained and tested using SVM multi-class algorithms. Experimental results demonstrate that the SVM multi-class algorithms, which use the Gaussian radial basis function, exponential radial basis function, and hyperbolic tangent function as basis functions, are suitable methods for power quality disturbance classification.

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