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Static Electric Force and Measurement Principle of Material Constants in Electrostrictive Material
Zhen-Bang Kuang
Smart Materials Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/712103
Abstract: Electrostrictive materials convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa. They are extensive applied as intelligent materials in the engineering structures. The governing equations in electrostrictive media under the quasistatic electric field are very important for the measurement of material constants and the research on the strength and function. But some theoretical problems should be further clarified. In this paper, the electric force acting on the material is studied and the complete governing equations will be given. In this paper a possible method to measure electrostrictive coefficients is also discussed. 1. Introduction The measurement method of material constants in an electrostrictive material is somewhat controversial between authors. Shkel and Klingenberg [1] considered that “The ultimate deformation depends on the elastic properties of the fixtures attached to the material (e.g., the electrodes). The (electrostrictive) coefficients are therefore not strictly material parameters, but rather characteristics of the entire system.” Zhang et al. [2] pointed out that “In general in a nonpiezoelectric material such as the polyurethane elastomers investigated, the electric field induced strain can be caused by the electrostrictive effect and also by the Maxwell stress effect. The electrostrictive effect is the direct coupling between the polarization and mechanical response in the material. … On the other hand Maxwell stress, which is due to the interaction between the free charges on the electrodes (Coulomb interaction) and to electrostatic forces that arise from dielectric inhomogeneities.” Guillot et al. [3] considered that “strictly speaking, the Maxwell stress tensor does not belong to the electrostrictive equations, but that it should be taken into account in the measurements. … it is possible to factor out its contribution to the total response of the film and therefore to identify the isolated contribution due to the (electrostrictive) tensor only.” Thakur and Singh [4] considered that: “In most of the recent experiments concerning determination of electrostrictive parameters in elastic dielectrics, several researchers used incorrect equations without considering the contribution from the edge effect, the shear stress and suitable boundary conditions. This led to wrong predictions of experimental results particularly for materials with high Poisson ratios. Errors in the estimation of induced strains, varying from an underestimation of 202% to an overestimation of 168%, have been pointed out in the case of polycarbonate
Network Medium and New Century Literature Reforming
Zhen-bang JIN
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2009, DOI: 10.3968/752
Abstract: Media determines the artistic configuration and the developmental rhythm of literature. Web literature, as being developed from the new media, has brought crisis to traditional mainstream literature. Internet has expanded new living space for literature and accelerated the artistic fission and historical transformation of literature in the new century. Web media is changing the content, form and method of literature comprehensively. The new media has brought new concept, expressional means, style, aesthetic taste,critical perspective and exploring space. Media theory, as a brand new perspective of literature study, is not only one of the current scientific theories in literature study, it will also revert the traditional literary history and redescribe the evolutional path of the world literature. Key words: web media; the new century; literature; transformation Résumé: Le média détermine la configuration artistique et le rythme du développement de la littérature. Etant développé à partir des nouveaux médias, le Web littérature a mis la littérature traditionnelle dans la crise. Internet a élargi nouvel espace de vie pour la littérature et accéléré la fission artistique et la transformation historique de la littérature dans le nouveau siècle. Web média est en train de changer le contenu, la forme et la méthode de la littérature. Les nouveaux médias ont créé de nouveaux concepts, de nouveaux moyens d’expression, du style, des go ts esthétiques, des perspectives critiques et des espaces d’exploration. La théorie des médias, comme une toute nouvelle perspective d'études de la littérature, n'est pas seulement l'une des théories scientifiques actuelles en littérature, mais aussi le retour de l’histoire de la littérature traditionnelle et une nouvelle description du trajet évolutif de la littérature mondiale. Mots-clés: web média; le nouveau siècle; littérature; transformation 摘 要:媒介決定文學的藝術形態和發展節律。新媒介孕育的網路文學,已經給傳統主流文學帶來了危機。網路開拓著文學新的生存空間,推動新世紀文學的藝術裂變和歷史轉型。網路媒介正在全方位地改變著文學的內容、 形式和手段。新媒介帶來了新的文學觀念、表現手段、體裁樣式、審美趣味、批評視角和探索空間。媒介理論是文學研究的全新視角,它不僅是當下文學研究的科學理論之一,同時將顛覆傳統的文學歷史,重新描述世界文學的演化軌跡。 關鍵詞:網路媒介;新世紀;文學;轉型
Network ages: The Text is Originally Diverse Development of Theoretical Writing
Zhen-bang JIN
Cross-Cultural Communication , 2005, DOI: 10.3968/1714
Abstract: With the advent of the Internet Age, the text writing theory has entered a critical transforming period. New ways of thinking and new concepts brought by the new media of the Internet are leading a revolution in the realm of writing. The traditional text writing theory has become somewhat speechless on the Internet, trapped in a crisis of being deconstructed and reorganized. A diversified form of writing theory of the Internet Age is developing, whose complementary structure of research perspective, diversified trend of theory system and the new space of the subject have presented us with a rather attractive new academic study dimension. The long-term coexistence of the real world and the cyber space will see a parallel development of traditional and modern ways of text writing theories with interactions through harmonious tensions. This paper mainly discussed the following three issues: First, the new Internet media has led to a revolution in the writing arena. The form of medium itself contains enormous transformative force, thus the revolution in the writing arena caused by the new Internet media. Second, the writing on the computer is exerting impact on the traditional text writing theory. The writing topic and content have shifted from single, concentrated ones towards diversified ones; the linear plane structure has been shifted to the network structure; the singular media writing skill is replaced with multi-media ways. The pre-setting of the acceptance theory: the passive outlook of passengers and the selective outlook of the driver; the static materials of the limited space and the dynamic materials of the limitless cyberspace. A differentiated new network linguistic form is emerging from the traditional form. The Internet literal style is breaking down the pattern of the traditional literal style. The traditional literature creation theory is facing a challenge from the Internet literature. Third, the text writing theory of the Internet Age is been diversified. The writing perspectives are confronting and complementing with each other; the theoretical system has been diversified; new space has been created by the subject. Key words: the Internet Age, Text writing theory, Multi-diversification Résumé: A l’époque de l’internet , la théorie de rédaction des textes est train d’évoluer . Les nouvelles pensées et idées apportées par les néomass media de l’internet donnent lieu à une révolution dans le milieu de composition . La théorie traditionnelle de rédaction doit faire face à la décomposition et la restructuration . Une nouvelle théorie pluralis

ZHANG Xi-zheng,KUANG Zhen-bang,CAI Shao-xi,WU Ze-zhi,XU Shi-rong,HUANG Qi-ping,

生物物理学报 , 2001,
Abstract: The tangential adhesive strength between Wistar rat's osteoblasts and different substrate materials was measured by mircopipette aspiration technique. Two stages of cell adhesion on the same substrate surface are confirmed in the 0-120minutes adhesion process. The results indicated that cell adhesion comprised both specific and nonspecific components, and specific adhesion was more profound than nonspecific adhesion. Collagen I type strongly influences the adhesive strength of osteoblasts.

Xu Zhen-Bang,

生态学报 , 1993,
Abstract: Picea koraiensis is one of main planting-tree species.In north easten China. Picea koraiensis forests are often mixed with such tree species as Tilia and Fraxinus.Hence study on the influence of main associated tree species on growth of Picea koraiensis is important not only for the tree allelopathy, but also for selection of properly associated tree in building mixed forest of Picea koraiensis. This paper deals with results obtained from a lot of experiments on culture of Picea koraiensis in flower pot using the extract of above mentioned trea leaves as well as their leaf powder mixed the soil. Experiment shows that leaves of Tilia and Fraxinus can step up increment of Picea koraiensis seedling height in comparison with Picea koraiensis and Picea koraiensis needle extract and power effect on that. Finally, Tilia and Fraxinus are suggested as important mixed trees in planting Picea Koraiensis coniferous-broadleaved forest.
Bound states of the Klein-Gordon equation and Dirac equation with the Manning-Rosen scalar and vector potentials

Zhang Min-Cang,Wang Zhen-Bang,

物理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The s-wave bound states of the Klein-Gordon equation and Dirac equation with equal Manning-Rosen scalar and vector potentials are obtained, and the solutions are expressed by the hypergeometric function.
Bound state solutions of the Dirac equation with the Makarov potentials

Zhang Min-Cang,Wang Zhen-Bang,

物理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: The bound state solutions of the Dirac equation with equal scalar and vector Makarov potentials are obtained. It is shown that angular component of the Dirac equation can be solved with the factorization method, which enables us to find immediately the eigenvalues and at the same time the manipulation process for the normalized eigenfunctions. The radial bound state solutions are expressed in terms of the confluent hypergeometric functions and the energy equation is derived from the boundary condition satisfied by the radial wavefunctions.
Bound state solutions of relativistic particles in a new ring-shaped non-harmonic oscillator potential

Zhang Min-Cang,Wang Zhen-Bang,

物理学报 , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper, a new ring-shaped non-harmonic oscillator potential is proposed. Under the condition of equal scalar and vector potentials, the exact bound solutions and energy equations of both the Klein-Gordon equation and Dirac equation for this oscillator potential are obtained. It is shown that the angular wave functions of Klein-Gordon equation are given by the hypergeometric functions and the radial wave functions are expressed in terms of the confluent hypergeometric functions or general Laguerre polynomial. The spinner wave functions of the Dirac equation are constructed with the of the Klein-Gordon equation.
Exact solutions of the Klein--Gordon equation with Makarov potential and a recurrence relation
Exact solutions of the Klein-Gordon equation with Makarov potential and a recurrence relation

Zhang Min-Cang,Wang Zhen-Bang,

中国物理 B , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper, the Klein--Gordon equation with equal scalar and vector Makarov potentials is studied by the factorization method. The energy equation and the normalized bound state solutions are obtained, a recurrence relation between the different principal quantum number n corresponding to a certain angular quantum number \ell is established and some special cases of Makarov potential are discussed.
Probabilistic Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Based on Ordered Weighted Averaging Operators

LU Zhen-bang,ZHOU Li-hua,

计算机科学 , 2008,
Abstract: By aggregating the casual reasoning results with simple weighted sum,the Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCM) and the Probabilistic Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (PFCM) ignore the uncertainties of And/Or combinations among the antecedent nodes.The threshold functions cause further distortions to the inference results.A novel fuzzy cognitive model,Probabilistic Fuzzy Cognitive Maps based on Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA) operators,OWA-PFCM was proposed by preserving the merits of FCM and PFCM,and introducing OWA operators fo...
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