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A Mobile-Agent-Based Adaptive Data Fusion Algorithm for Multiple Signal Ensembles in Wireless Sensor Networks  [PDF]
Tianjing WANG, Zhen YANG, Guoqing LIU
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/wsn.2009.15055
Abstract: Distributed Compressed Sensing (DCS) is an emerging field that exploits both intra- and inter-signal correlation structures and enables new distributed coding algorithms for multiple signal ensembles in wireless sensor networks. The DCS theory rests on the joint sparsity of a multi-signal ensemble. In this paper we propose a new mobile-agent-based Adaptive Data Fusion (ADF) algorithm to determine the minimum number of measurements each node required for perfectly joint reconstruction of multiple signal ensembles. We theoretically show that ADF provides the optimal strategy with as minimum total number of measurements as possible and hence reduces communication cost and network load. Simulation results indicate that ADF enjoys better performance than DCS and mobile-agent-based full data fusion algorithm including reconstruction performance and network energy efficiency.
Coarse-Graining Method Based on Hierarchical Clustering on Complex Networks  [PDF]
Lin Liao, Zhen Jia, Yang Deng
Communications and Network (CN) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/cn.2019.111003
Abstract: With the rapid development of big data, the scale of realistic networks is increasing continually. In order to reduce the network scale, some coarse-graining methods are proposed to transform large-scale networks into mesoscale networks. In this paper, a new coarse-graining method based on hierarchical clustering (HCCG) on complex networks is proposed. The network nodes are grouped by using the hierarchical clustering method, then updating the weights of edges between clusters extract the coarse-grained networks. A large number of simulation experiments on several typical complex networks show that the HCCG method can effectively reduce the network scale, meanwhile maintaining the synchronizability of the original network well. Furthermore, this method is more suitable for these networks with obvious clustering structure, and we can choose freely the size of the coarse-grained networks in the proposed method.
Synchronizability of Two-Layer Cluster Ring Networks  [PDF]
Yang Deng, Zhen Jia, Lin Liao
Communications and Network (CN) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/cn.2019.112004
Abstract: Multilayer network is a frontier direction of network science research. In this paper, the cluster ring network is extended to a two-layer network model, and the inner structures of the cluster blocks are random, small world or scale-free. We study the influence of network scale, the interlayer linking weight and interlayer linking fraction on synchronizability. It is found that the synchronizability of the two-layer cluster ring network decreases with the increase of network size. There is an optimum value of the interlayer linking weight in the two-layer cluster ring network, which makes the synchronizability of the network reach the optimum. When the interlayer linking weight and the interlayer linking fraction are very small, the change of them will affect the synchronizability.
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Schur Geometrical Convexity of the Four-Parameter Homogeneous Means
Zhen-Hang Yang
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/830163
Abstract: The necessary and sufficient conditions for Schur geometrical convexity of the four-parameter means are given. This gives a unified treatment for Schur geometrical convexity of Stolarsky and Gini means.
Some Monotonicity Results for the Ratio of Two-Parameter Symmetric Homogeneous Functions
Zhen-Hang Yang
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/591382
Abstract: Applying well properties of homogeneous functions, some monotonicity results for the ratio of two-parameter symmetric homogeneous functions are presented, which give an easier access to find two-parameter symmetric homogeneous means having ratio simple monotonicity properties proposed by L. Losonczi. As an application, a chain of inequalities of ratio of bivariate means is established.
The Monotonicity Results for the Ratio of Certain Mixed Means and Their Applications
Zhen-Hang Yang
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/540710
Abstract: We continue to adopt notations and methods used in the papers illustrated by Yang (2009, 2010) to investigate the monotonicity properties of the ratio of mixed two-parameter homogeneous means. As consequences of our results, the monotonicity properties of four ratios of mixed Stolarsky means are presented, which generalize certain known results, and some known and new inequalities of ratios of means are established. 1. Introduction Since the Ky Fan [1] inequality was presented, inequalities of ratio of means have attracted attentions of many scholars. Some known results can be found in [2–14]. Research for the properties of ratio of bivariate means was also a hotspot at one time. In this paper, we continue to adopt notations and methods used in the paper [13, 14] to investigate the monotonicity properties of the functions defined by where the , with , is the so-called two-parameter homogeneous functions defined by [15, 16]. For conveniences, we record it as follows. Definition 1.1. Let : be a first-order homogeneous continuous function which has first partial derivatives. Then, is called a homogeneous function generated by with parameters and if is defined by for where and denote first-order partial derivatives with respect to first and second component of , respectively. If exits and is positive for all , then further define and . Remark 1.2. Witkowski [17] proved that if the function is a symmetric and first-order homogeneous function, then for all is a mean of positive numbers and if and only if is increasing in both variables on . In fact, it is easy to see that the condition “ is symmetric” can be removed. If is a mean of positive numbers and , then it is called two-parameter homogeneous mean generated by . For simpleness, is also denoted by or . The two-parameter homogeneous function generated by is very important because it can generates many well-known means. For example, substituting if with and for yields Stolarsky means defined by where if , with , and is the identric (exponential) mean (see [18]). Substituting for yields Gini means defined by where (see [19]). As consequences of our results, the monotonicity properties of four ratios of mixed Stolarsky means are presented, which generalize certain known results, and some known and new inequalities of ratios of means are established. 2. Main Results and Proofs In [15, 16, 20], two decision functions play an important role, that are, In [14], it is important to another key decision function defined by Note that the function defined by has well properties (see [15, 16]). And it has shown in
Diethyl 4,4′-(ethane-1,2-diyldioxy)dibenzoate
Zhen Ma,Huang Yang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2011, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536811021258
Abstract: The title compound, C20H22O6, was obtained by the reaction of ethyl 4-hydroxybenzoate with 1,2-dichloroethane in dimethylformamide. The molecule lies around the crystallographic inversion center at (0,0,0), with the asymmetric unit consisting of one half of the molecule. The two ethyl groups are in trans positions. The ethyl, carboxyl, aryl and O—CH2 groups are coplanar with an r.m.s. deviation of 0.0208 (9) . The whole molecule is planar with an r.m.s. deviation of 0.0238 (9) for the 19 atoms used in the calculation and 0.0071 (9) for the two aryl groups in the molecule. A weak intermolecular C—H...O hydrogen bond and a C—H...π interaction help to consolidate the three-dimensional network.
Impacts of Venture Capital on Development of Sichuan High-Tech Enterprises
Zhen Zhang,Qizhi Yang
International Business Research , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ibr.v4n2p250
Abstract: The international financial crisis is encouraging new science and technology revolution and industrial revolution. To accelerate the transformation of economic development mode is urgent. We must pursue for an innovative development. Venture capital will play a greater role in the process. In this paper, authors start from describing the current development of venture capital and high-tech enterprises in Sichuan province, and make a model analysis of them. By means of a case study of Chengdu Geeya Technology Co., Ltd, authors conclude that there is a strong correlation between venture capital and high-tech enterprises. Sichuan province should focus on developing venture capital and promoting the development of high-tech enterprises.
Catalytic Properties of Tyrosinase from Potato and Edible Fungi
Zhen Yang,Fengyin Wu
Biotechnology , 2006,
Abstract: Tyrosinase (EC was extracted from potato (Somanum tuberosum) and four edible fungi such as Agaricus bisporus (Ab), Lentinus edodes (Le), Voluariella voluacea (Vv) and Pleurotus eryngii (Pe). The activity, kinetic parameters (Km, Vmax), optimum pH and temperature, activation energy and stability of the enzyme from different sources were determined. Comparatively, tyrosinase from Ab presented the highest activity and stability. The activity order was related to the intrinsic specific activity of the enzyme, the extraction efficiency and the assay conditions.
On the Monotonicity and Log-Convexity of a Four-Parameter Homogeneous Mean
Zhen-Hang Yang
Journal of Inequalities and Applications , 2008, DOI: 10.1155/2008/149286
Abstract: A four-parameter homogeneous mean ° …(p,q;r,s;a,b) is defined by another approach. The criterion of its monotonicity and logarithmically convexity is presented, and three refined chains of inequalities for two-parameter mean values are deduced which contain many new and classical inequalities for means.
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