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Simulation of four-body interaction in a nuclear magnetic resonance quantum information processor
Wen-Zhang Liu,Jin-Fu Zhang,Gui Lu Long
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: Four-body interaction plays an important role in many-body systems, and it can exhibit interesting phase transition behaviors. Historically it was the need to efficiently simulate quantum systems that lead the idea of a quantum computer. In this Letter, we report the experimental demonstration of a four-body interaction in a four- qubit nuclear magnetic resonance quantum information processor. The strongly modulating pulse is used to implement spin selective excitation. The results show a good agreement between theory and experiment.
Review of Foreign Studies on Defensive Pessimism

SU Yan-Li,ZHANG Jin-Fu,

心理科学进展 , 2008,
Abstract: 防御性悲观是指在过去的成就情境中取得过成功,但在面临新的相似的成就情境时仍然设置不现实的低的期望水平并反复思考事情的各种可能结果。它的两个基本成分是消极期望和反思性。国外相关研究主要涉及防御性悲观与乐观、抑郁及自我妨碍等相关概念的比较,并探讨了导致防御性悲观的形成的个人情感动机因素及文化、家庭环境等因素。未来研究可在被试的选择、测量工具的编制和研究范围等方面加以改进,并加强跨文化比较研究。
Review on Models of Homosexual Identity Development


心理科学进展 , 2009,
Abstract: 本质论取向的阶段模型和社会建构论取向的影响因素模型是早期的同性恋认同发展理论,两者对性倾向是否为人类的本质属性产生了激烈的争论。当代发展心理学从生态化理论、毕生发展观、生命历程观出发试图对这两种研究取向进行整合,并提出了相应的模型。未来的研究应该注意同性恋认同发展多样性的特点,正确理解对外暴露在认同发展中的作用,并把纵向研究作为以后的研究方向。最后,提出了中国同性恋认同的特点和本土化研究的假设
The Means-End Chain Model Focused on Consumer Values

HU Jie,ZHANG Jin-Fu,

心理科学进展 , 2008,
Abstract: 手段目标链模型是从心理学的角度来解释消费者价值观与产品特性关系的一种研究范式.此模型改进了研究消费者价值观的传统方法,通过假定产品属性、消费结果和消费者价值观三者成等级结构关系,把产品和消费者联系起来.目前此模型已经在市场营销领域得到了广泛的应用.文章介绍了手段目标链理论、研究方法以及在市场营销研究中的应用,最后总结了已有研究的不足,并为以后相关领域的研究指明了方向.

Liu Feng-ying,Zhang Jin-fu,Pak Jae-you,

中国物理 B , 2001,
Abstract: The positive parity collective states in the even-even 100Pd-116Pd isotopes are studied in the framework of the interacting boson model. A schematic Hamiltonian capable of describing their spectra and transition is used. It is found that the spectra can be well described by a U(5) plus SU(3) perturbation interaction. As the valence neutron number changes, the structure of the isotopes shows regular patterns of change. In the meantime, the behaviour of 0+2 can also be partially described by the model.
The Influence of the Method Effect Associated with Item Wording on the Internal Consistency Reliability of Balanced Scale

,GUO Lei,ZHANG Jin-fu

- , 2017, DOI: 10.13718/j.cnki.xdzk.2017.08.019
Abstract: 通过蒙特卡洛模拟研究考察平衡量表中源自条目不同计分方向的表述效应及量表内因素对测量结果内部一致性信度系数α系数和组合信度(CR)系数的影响.方差分析结果验证了研究假设:表述效应使平衡量表的α系数与CR系数被高估,高估程度随方法因子负荷升高(F(2,392)=345.10,344.87,p<0.001),不同计分条目比例失衡(F(2,392)=8.03,8.32,p<0.001),方法因子间相关(F(4,392)=7.14,7.02,p<0.001) 和特质因子负荷的降低(F(2,392)=411.96,410.49,p<0.001) 而加剧.表明编制量表时,须提升条目质量并尽量使不同计分条目数相等.
Monte Carlo simulation was made to investigate the laws and characteristics of how wording effect (or the Method Effect Associated with Item Wording) and its relevant endogenous factors affected the internal consistency reliability coefficient, Cronbach's α and composite reliability coefficient of the outcomes of measurement. Then multifactor variance analysis was made, in which five independent variables were manipulated: method factor loading of item, trait factor loading of item, ratio of different scoring items, correlation between different method factors and sample size. The results showed that both Cronbach's α and composite reliability coefficient in the balance scale would be overestimated due to the item wording effect and that the extent of overestimation increased with the increase in the item's method factor loading (F(2, 392)=345.10 and 344.87, p < 0.001) and the decrease in imbalance of different scoring items (F(2, 392)=8.03 and 8.32, p < 0.001), correlation between different method factors (F(4, 392)=7.14 and 7.02, p < 0.001), or item's trait factor loading (F(2, 392)=411.96 and 410.49, p < 0.001). The results suggested that the completely balanced scale was better under the condition of improving the psychometric properties of items
Experimental Study on the Bubble Behavior in Gas-Liquid External Loop Reactors

ZHANG Tong-wang,WANG Jin-fu,JIN Yong,

过程工程学报 , 2005,
Abstract: This work dealed with the variation of bubble behavior in axial and radial directions. It was shown that the bubble behavior at the distributor region was axially unsymmetrical. The gas holdup and bubble velocity increased with increasing superficial gas velocity. The gas holdup in both the riser and downcomer and the bubble velocity in the riser decreased gradually from the center to the wall while the bubble velocity in the downcomer was almost uniform in the radial direction. The gas circulating rate increases with increasing superficial gas velocity and the trend of this increase became slower with the increase of superficial gas velocity.
Novel Interventional Approaches for ALI/ARDS: Cell-Based Gene Therapy
Ying-Gang Zhu,Jie-Ming Qu,Jing Zhang,Hong-Ni Jiang,Jin-Fu Xu
Mediators of Inflammation , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/560194
Abstract: Acute lung injury (ALI) and its more severe form, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), continue to be a major cause of morbidity and mortality in critically ill patients. The present therapeutic strategies for ALI/ARDS including supportive care, pharmacological treatments, and ventilator support are still controversial. More scientists are focusing on therapies involving stem cells, which have self-renewing capabilities and differentiate into multiple cell lineages, and, genomics therapy which has the potential to upregulate expression of anti-inflammatory mediators. Recently, the combination of cell and gene therapy which has been demonstrated to provide additive benefit has opened up a new chapter in therapeutic strategy and provides a basis for the development of an innovative approach for the prevention and treatment of ALI/ARDS. 1. Introduction Acute lung injury (ALI) and its more severe form, the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), are syndromes consisting of acute respiratory failure with bilateral pulmonary infiltrates due to intra- or extrapulmonary risk factors [1]. Despite advances in therapeutic principles, the incidence and outcome of ALI/ARDS are widely considered to have remained high. In a recent publication [2], the incidence of ALI and ARDS for patients 15 years of age or older in the United States, substantially underestimated in the past [3], was reported to be 78.9 and 58.7 per 100,000 persons per year, with a mortality rate of 38.5% and 41.1%, respectively. The incidence of ALI increased with age from 16 per 100,000 person-years for those 15 through 19 years of age to 306 per 100,000 person-years for those 75 through 84 years of age. Mortality increased with age from 24% for those 15 through 19 years of age to 60% for those 85 years of age or older. A prospective, multicenter study [4] performed in ICUs in Shanghai found a 2% incidence of ARDS for patients 15 years of age or older with a nearly 70% mortality rate. As reported data varied widely, a meta-analysis by Zambon and Vincent [5] published in 2008 concluded that the overall pooled mortality rate was 43% and there had indeed been a reduction in mortality rates, approximately 1.1%/year for patients with ALI/ARDS over the last decade. Although some anticipated trials supported a number of therapies (e.g., nitric oxide therapy [6], prone positioning [7], and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) [8, 9]) responsible for improvements in ALI/ARDS mortality, Moran et al. [10] argued that a null effect of ECMO was not excluded and there appeared only weak evidence
Review of Superstition Research

CHEN Yong-Yan,ZHANG Jin-Fu,LI Jian,

心理科学进展 , 2009,
Abstract: 迷信在西方心理学界一直是一个比较热门的研究课题,而国内心理研究者对这方面的研究还没有给予足够的重视.文章从迷信的定义、理论以及影响因素三个方面对迷信心理研究做了阐述,并总结了目前迷信心理研究的不足:首先,到目前为止迷信的定义还没有得到统一.其次,迷信心理理论研究还有待进一步完善.再次,对迷信心理的影响因素研究结果存在较大的争论,迷信心理测量工具的信效度以及文化适用性有待进一步检验.迷信心理研究今后应在迷信内涵,测量工具以及实证研究方面进行深入探索.
A Review of Researches on Cognitive and Social Mechanism of Alexithymia

ZHANG Chun-Yu,ZHANG Jin-Fu,ZHANG Jing-Qiu,ZHANG Ping-Ping,

心理科学进展 , 2011,
Abstract: There are two kinds of theories to illustrate the essence and cause of alexithymia, including cognitive mechanism and social mechanism. Cognitive mechanism suggests that alexithymia incarnates the defect of the cognitive processing of emotion, involving the emotion schemas, theory of mind and executive function. While social mechanism believes that the emergence of alexithymia is associated with the early experience in the childhood and the development of alexithymia is continuously reinforced by the social...
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