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Assessment of Hematological Toxicity in Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Receiving Treatment with ALL IC-BFM 2009 Protocol  [PDF]
Zeynep Canan Ozdemir, Yeter Düzenli Kar, Ayse Bozkurt Turhan, Ozcan Bor
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103807
The most common childhood cancer is acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Chemotherapy-associated hematological toxicity is well-known; however, there are few studies on hematologic toxicity incidence in children with ALL. We investigated the severity and incidence of hematologic toxicity during intense chemotherapy processes in children treated with ALL IC-BFM 2009 protocol. The study included 41 leukemic children in standard (SR) and intermediate risk (IR) groups treated between 2011 and 2015. During the induction period, the incidence of grade 4 toxicity in neutrophil count was 60%; the incidence of grade ≥ 3 toxicity in hemoglobin level was 34%; and the incidence of grade ≥ 3 toxicity in the platelet count was 51%. Deep neutropenia duration was 36.6 ± 12.7 (18-68) days during the induction. 53% of the febrile neutropenic (FEN) episodes developed during the induction period. There were no statistical differences between SR and IR risk groups with respect to hemogram values deep neutropenia duration and the number of FEN episodes (p > 0.05, all). There was a positive correlation between the number of FEN episodes and duration of neutropenia. During the induction, the mean neutrophil count remained between 0.5-1 × 109/L. FEN episodes most commonly developed during the induction phase.
Major-minor element analysis in some plant seeds consumed as feed in Turkey  [PDF]
Umran Hicsonmez, Canan Ozdemir, Sermin Cam, Ali Ozdemir, F. Serap Erees
Natural Science (NS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ns.2012.45042
Abstract: In this study, samples (clover, oats, bean, green lentil, spinach, corn, red lentil and rice) taken from some seeds consumed as food by people and from plant seeds used as provender are examined. Element analysis (Al, B, Ba, Bi, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, K, La, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, Pb, Sn, Sr, Sb, Si, Ti, U, Zn and Zr) in these samples was measured by using ICP-OES. Ca, K and Mg as major elements in all samples are determined. As results of the element analysis, meaningful relations between the elements in seeds have been researched by making statistical comparisons using one way analysis of variance (ANOVA).
The effects of hematocrit and age on transcranial Doppler measurements in patients with recent ischemic stroke
Isikay Canan,Uzuner Nevzat,Gucuyener Demet,Ozdemir Gazi
Neurology India , 2005,
Abstract: BACKGROUND: The effects of age and hematocrit on transcranial Doppler (TCD) velocities have not been evaluated in a large patient group with recent ischemic stroke. AIM: This study assessed the effects of age and hematocrit on TCD measurements in patients with recent ischemic stroke compared to patients with non-vascular diseases. SETTINGS AND DESIGN: University Hospital, retrospective study. MATERIALS AND METHODS: TCD records and data files of 862 consecutive patients (mean age, 57±16 years) with various neurological diagnoses were reviewed retrospectively. The peak systolic, end diastolic and mean flow velocities (FV), systolic/diastolic ratios and pulsatility indices (PI) in the middle cerebral arteries were averaged and the effect of age and hematocrit values on these TCD values was studied. Independent samples t test, Pearson′s coefficients of correlation, and linear regression test were used for statistical analysis. RESULTS: Among 862 patients, 413 were women (mean age, 53±17 years) and 449 were men (mean age, 60±13 years). Peak systolic and mean FV were higher and hematocrit concentration was lower in women compared to men (P<0.001). The relation of TCD velocities with age and hematocrit was more remarkable in the group of patients with non-vascular neurological disorders. PI values demonstrated a significant correlation to age (r=+0.47) (P<0.001), but did not change significantly with hematocrit level. CONCLUSIONS: It should be remembered that blood FV measured by TCD may be significantly affected by age and hematocrit level. However, there seems to be no significant association between TCD velocities and hematocrit in patients with a recent ischemic stroke.
Opinions and practices of the nurses facing with cases of child abuse- neglect: Pilot Study
Canan Ka? Güner, Hafize ?zge Yavuz, Zeynep D?RTBUDAK
Sa?l?k Akademisi Kastamonu , 2016, DOI: 10.25279/sak.204994
Abstract: Aim: This study has been carried out in order to determine the diagnosis methods of the nurses working in pediatrics department for child abuse – neglect cases as well as their level of knowledge about treatment and rehabilitation and their approaches when they encounter with abuse and neglect cases. Tools and Methods: Research has been carried out by including 25 pediatrics nurses working in child and emergency services of a hospital and who are voluntary to participate in the research. Also, semi-structured qualitative interviews have been carried out with five people who want to participate in a more exclusive interview than the facts and who accept the usage of voice recording. In the analysis of data, SPSS 16 program and simple thematic analysis have been used. Findings: 23 of the facts have encountered with the cases having all the characteristics of emotional, physical, sexual abuse and child neglect in their working lives while three of the facts have stated that they have knowledge about the procedure to be applied when they encounter with such cases; 9 of them have stated that they have previously been trained about the issues of abuse and neglect and 21 of them have stated that training is required. Conclusion: It has been realized that nurses do not use this training to diagnose abuse and neglect cases but they inform the doctors or polices of these cases when they encounter with abuse cases. In qualitative interviews, nurses have stated that they are responsible from diagnosing abuse but they cannot fulfill this responsibility because of their workload and they approach towards these cases in a more emotional manner compared to the other patients.
An Investigation of Field Education Information Related to "False Comprehension" of Experienced Chemistry Teachers
Canan NAK?BO?LU, Ay?e Zeynep ?EN
Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society, Section C: Chemical Education , 2016, DOI: -
Abstract: It is a subset of students 'understanding of the language of students, one of the components of educational information (AEB), which has acquired knowledge about students' learning difficulties and misconceptions, and is an important type of knowledge that a teacher should possess. For this reason, in the study, the AEBs on the misconceptions of experienced chemistry teachers were examined. In this study designed according to case study model, data were gathered through observation, interview and lesson plan. The study included three chemistry teachers with more than 25 years of teaching experience. At the end of the study, experienced chemistry teachers; the nature of the misconceptions, their sources, and how they should be avoided, have been partially developed by the AEBs they have. As a result of the study of teachers' effects on the development of AEBs, factors such as professional experience, post-graduate education and participation in workshops have also been found to have a relatively higher effect on the development of AEBs than on occupational experience. (Powered by Google Translate).
Beta-globin gene mutations in children with beta-thalassemia major from anl urfa province, Turkey
Ali Ay?i?ek,Ahmet Ko?,Zeynep Canan ?zdemir,Hasan Bilin?
Turkish Journal of Hematology , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: The prevalence of β-thalassemia in anl urfa province, Turkey is reported to be 2.6%-3.7%, whereas nation-wide the frequency of β-thalassemia is 2%. This study aimed to identify the most frequent β-thalassemia mutations in anl urfa province. Materials and Methods: In total, 22 mutations were investigated in 115 pediatric patients with β-thalassemia using a commercially available reverse dot blot platform.Results: The study included 60 male and 55 female patients with a mean age of 7.3±4.6 years (range: 1-17 years). In total, 76% of the patients had consanguineous parents. In all, 16 different mutations were observed in the 115 patients. IVS-1-110 (G-A) (29.1%), IVS-1-1 (G-A) (13.9%), codon 39 (C>T) (10.4%), and codon 8 (-AA) (9.1%) accounted for 62.5% of all the β-thalassemia mutations, and 6% of the patients had 2 different thalassemia mutations. According to the present results, IVS-1-110 (G>A) was the most frequent mutation observed in the patients from anl urfa province, as in other geographical regions of Turkey. In addition, the following 34 compound heterozygote mutant alleles were observed; IVS-1-1 (G>A)/IVS 2.848 (n=4), codon 39 (C>T)/codon 8 (-AA) (n=2), codon 6 (-A)/IVS 1.5 (G>C) (n=2), IVS-1-110 (G>A)/IVS-1-1 (G>A) (n=2), IVS-1-110 (G>A)/codon 8 (-AA) (n=1), IVS-1-110 (G>A)/codon 39 (C>T) (n=1), IVS-1-110 (G>A)/IVS-1-6 (T>C) (n=1), IVS-1-110 (G>A)/IVS-1-5 (G>C) (n=1), IVS-1-110 (G>A]/codon 8/9 (+G) (n=1), IVS-1-1 (G>A)/codon 39 (C>T) (n=1), and codon 8 (-AA)/IVS-1-5 (G>C) (n=1). The following β-globin gene promoter mutations were not observed; -101 (C>T), -87(C>T), -30 (T>A), codon 15 (TTG>TGA), codon 27 (G>T) Knossos, and IVS-1-116 (G>C). In all, 5 of the 115 patients (4.3%) had an unidentified mutation.Conclusion: The present results illustrate the heterogeneity of β-thalassemia mutations in anl urfa Province. The present findings may be of value for genetic counseling, and premarital and prenatal diagnosis in anl urfa province.
Breast disorders in adolescents
Turk Pediatri Ar?ivi , 2011,
Abstract: Breast disorders in adolescents constitute a heterogeneous group of lesions, and usually include benign lesions. Developmental disorders such as asimetry, amastia, amasia, athelia, polythelia; juvenil hyperthrophy, inflammatory disorders (mastitis, nipple discharge, breast abcess), and mass lesions can be seen in the adolescent age group. Fibroadenoma is the most common lesion of the breast. Malignant lesions of the breast in adolescents are rare. Malignant breast masses more commonly result from metastases than from primary lesions. (Turk Arch Ped 2011; 46 Suppl: 85-7)
Is Street Art a Crime? An Attempt at Examining Street Art Using Criminology  [PDF]
Zeynep Alpaslan
Advances in Applied Sociology (AASoci) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/aasoci.2012.21007
Abstract: A clear and basic definition is the fundamental element in understanding, thus explaining any social scientific concept. Street art is a social phenomenon, characterized by its illegal nature, which social scientists from several subjects have increasingly been examining, interpreting and discussing for the past 50 years. Even though the concept itself has been defined much more clearly over the years, its standing concerning whether it is a crime or form of art is still a borderline issue. This paper attempts to first try to define street art under a type of crime, then examine it using criminological perspective, with criminological and deviance theories in order to understand and explain it better using an example, the KüF Project from Ankara Turkey.
Seroprevalence of Bovine Leptospirosis in Kayseri, Turkey and Detection of Leptospires by Polymerase Chain Reaction
K. Semih Gumussoy,Vildan Ozdemir,Fuat Aydin,Oznur Aslan,Erdinc Atabek,Tuba Ica,H. Okan Dogan,Zeynep Duman,Ahmet Ozturk
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012,
Abstract: This study was carried out to determine the seroprevalence of bovine leptospirosis in Kayseri, Turkey and to detect the leptospires in blood and urine of clinically suspect animals by serologic and molecular methods. A total of 2395 blood samples were collected from slaughterhouses located during 12 months (from May 2005 to April 2006) determine the seroprevalence. In addition, blood and urine samples were collected from 500 clinically leptospirosis suspect cattle. Microscopic Agglutination Test (MAT) and Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) were used as serological tests. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) was used for molecular examinations. In the serological analysis of 2395 blood samples collected from slaughterhouses, 609 (25.42%) and 433 (18.07%) samples were found to be positive by the MAT and ELISA, respectively. Seven (1.40%) out of 500 leptospirosis suspect cattle were found to be infected by the MAT and ELISA and Leptospira interrogans serovar Hardjo and L. kirchneri serovar Grippotyphosa were the predominant serovars. And also leptospires were detected in the urine samples of these 7 cattle (1.40%) by PCR. No agent was detected in the blood of suspect animals by PCR. The results of this study have shown that leptospirosis is highly prevalent and predominantly caused by L. interrogans serovar Hardjo and L. kirchneri serovar Grippotyphosa in this region. Because PCR can compete to the serological tests for detecting the leptospires in urine samples of suspect animals, the molecular analysis may contribute to the diagnosis of the infection.
Liquid Phase Catalytic Oxidation of Aqueous Solutions That Contain Organic Matter in a Trickle-Bed Reactor  [PDF]
Canan Uraz, Suheyda Atalay
Engineering (ENG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/eng.2013.51006

In this study, catalytic wet air oxidation of wastewater that contains organic matter (phenol) is investigated in a laboratory scale trickle-bed reactor. The aim of this project is to determine the optimum operating conditions for the reaction of phenol in the wastewater with oxygen using a catalyst. For this purpose, the effects of temperature, gas flow rate, liquid space velocity and initial concentration of phenol on the conversion of phenol at constant pressure and the effect of pressure on the conversion of phenol at constant temperature are investigated. An industrial copper chromite catalyst was used in the experimental studies. It is seen from the experimental results, conversion of phenol increases with increasing temperature, pressure, gas flow rate and liquid space velocity; and also, it is seen that conversion of phenol decreases with increasing initial concentration of phenol. The conversion of phenol reaches at 130?C and 4 bar to 40%. It was also found that, 3 ppm copper amount was determined from the exit stream of the reactor. This result shows that cupper placed in the structure of the catalyst, mixes with the liquid stream during the reaction.


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