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Variable Neighborhood Search for Parallel Machines Scheduling Problem with Step Deteriorating Jobs
Wenming Cheng,Peng Guo,Zeqiang Zhang,Ming Zeng,Jian Liang
Mathematical Problems in Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/928312
Abstract: In many real scheduling environments, a job processed later needs longer time than the same job when it starts earlier. This phenomenon is known as scheduling with deteriorating jobs to many industrial applications. In this paper, we study a scheduling problem of minimizing the total completion time on identical parallel machines where the processing time of a job is a step function of its starting time and a deteriorating date that is individual to all jobs. Firstly, a mixed integer programming model is presented for the problem. And then, a modified weight-combination search algorithm and a variable neighborhood search are employed to yield optimal or near-optimal schedule. To evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithms, computational experiments are performed on randomly generated test instances. Finally, computational results show that the proposed approaches obtain near-optimal solutions in a reasonable computational time even for large-sized problems.
Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Disassembly Line Balancing Problem

张则强, 胡扬, 陈冲
ZHANG Zeqiang
, HU Yang, CHEN Chong

- , 2016, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.0258-2724.2016.05.013
Abstract: 大规模拆卸线平衡问题(disassembly line balancing problem,DLBP)是NP完全问题。为克服传统算法求解DLBP搜索过于随机、易于早熟,且求解难度随任务规模的增加呈指数级增长等不足,构建了基于最小化工作站、均衡负荷、尽早拆卸有危害和高需求零部件的DLBP多目标优化模型,在此基础上,提出了改进人工蜂群算法。该算法包括以下4个阶段:在初始解生成阶段,引入危害指标和需求指标,提升算法收敛性能;在雇佣蜂搜索阶段,采取可变步长搜索策略,增加对较优解的搜索深度,加速淘汰劣解;在观察蜂搜索阶段,采用常规搜索与蠕动搜索相结合的混合搜索策略;在侦察蜂搜索阶段,构造了基于分布估计的搜索策略,引导搜索过程。应用本文算法对70个测试问题进行求解,其中65个求得了最优解,寻优率为92.86%;对10个任务实例求得最优解的需求指标为9730个,比蚁群算法减少了360个;52个任务实例的开启工作站数目、平滑率和拆卸成本3项指标均取得了更优的结果,求解较大规模问题的性能显著提升。
: The disassembly line balancing problem (DLBP) has been mathematically proved to be NP-complete. The search processes of traditional algorithms for DLBP are so random that they tend to get local optimum due to DLBP' s exponential time complexity for large scale cases. To overcome the shortcomings of traditional algorithms, an improved artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithm was proposed based on a multi-objective optimization model for the DLBP, where the main objectives to achieve are to minimize the number of workstations, equilibrate workload, and remove hazardous and high-demand components as early as possible. This algorithm includes four phases. In the initial solution generation phase, the hazardous index and demand measure are used to improve the convergence property of the algorithm. In the employed bee phase, a variable step length search strategy is introduced to take a further search for better solutions and speed up the elimination of inferior solutions. In the onlooker bee phase, a hybrid search strategy that combines the traditional search with the disturbance search is adopted. In the scout bee phase, a search strategy based on estimation of distribution is constructed. The proposed algorithm was applied to solve 70 test cases to verify its validity. As a result, optimal solutions were obtained for 65 cases and the optimization rate is 92.86%. In addition, the algorithm was applied to solve a 10-task case and a 52-task case. The results show that the demand measures to obtain the optimal solution for the 10-task case are 9 730, which is 360 less that by ant colony optimization; meanwhile, better solutions for the balance rate, number of workstations and cost are obtained for the 52-task case. Compared to the traditional ABC algorithm, the improved algorithm has a significantly superior performance in solving large-scale DLBPs
Pareto Hybrid Ant Colony and Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Objective U-Shaped Disassembly Line Balancing Problem

张则强, 汪开普, 朱立夏, 程文明
ZHANG Zeqiang
, WANG Kaipu, ZHU Lixia, CHENG Wenming

- , 2018, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.0258-2724.2018.03.026
Abstract: 针对传统方法求解多目标U型拆卸线平衡问题的不足,提出了一种基于Pareto解集的多目标蚁群遗传算法.在构造初始解阶段,以协同考虑最大作业时间、最小拆卸成本差作为蚂蚁的启发式信息;通过蚁群算法搜索可行拆卸序列,并根据多目标之间的支配关系得到Pareto解集;将蚁群算法的Pareto非劣解作为遗传操作的个体,进而将遗传操作的结果正反馈于最优拆卸路径上信息素的积累,并采用拥挤距离作为蚂蚁全局信息素更新策略,可以平衡多目标对信息素的影响,使算法快速获得较优解.将所提算法应用于52项拆卸任务算例和某打印机拆卸线实例,在算例验证中,通过对比Pareto蚁群算法,所提算法求得的8个非劣解在3个评价指标上性能分别提高了50.43%、3.25%、14.10%,在实例应用中所提算法求得8种可选平衡方案,从而验证了所提算法的有效性、优越性和实用性.
:Owing to the incapability of traditional methods in solving multi-objective U-shaped disassembly line balancing problem (UDLBP), a multi-objective ant colony genetic algorithm based on Pareto set is proposed to solve the UDLBP. In constructing the initial solution phase, the maximum operation time and the minimum disassembly cost difference were collaboratively considered as the heuristic information of the ants. The feasible disassembly sequence was searched using the ant colony algorithm, and the Pareto solution set was obtained based on the dominance relationship among the multiple objectives. Further, the Pareto non-inferior solutions of the ant colony algorithm were used as the chromosomes of the genetic operator. Moreover, the results of the genetic operator were fed back to the accumulation of pheromone on the optimal disassembly sequence. The crowding distance was regarded as the global pheromone update strategy to balance the effect of multi-objective function regarding the pheromone and thereby make the algorithm obtain better solutions readily. The proposed algorithm was applied to 52 disassembly task examples and a printer disassembly line instance. Compared with the Pareto ant colony algorithm, the performances of the three evaluation indicators of the 8 non-inferior solutions obtained using the proposed algorithm are improved by 50.43%, 3.25%, and 14.10%, respectively. In the example application, the proposed algorithm obtained eight balancing schemes, which verifies the effectiveness, superiority, and practicability of the proposed algorithm
Fluctuation between Fasting and 2-H Postload Glucose State Is Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease in Previously Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes Patients with HbA1c ≥ 7%
Chuan Wang, Jun Song, Zeqiang Ma, Weifang Yang, Chengqiao Li, Xiuping Zhang, Xinguo Hou, Yu Sun, Peng Lin, Kai Liang, Lei Gong, Meijian Wang, Fuqiang Liu, Wenjuan Li, Fei Yan, Junpeng Yang, Lingshu Wang, Meng Tian, Jidong Liu, Ruxing Zhao, Li Chen
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0102941
Abstract: Objective To investigate how the glucose variability between fasting and a 2-h postload glucose state (2-h postload plasma glucose [2hPG]-fasting plasma glucose [FPG]) is associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in middle-aged and elderly Chinese patients previously diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Design and Methods This cross-sectional study included 1054 previously diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients who were 40 years of age and older. First, the subjects were divided into two groups based on a glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) value of 7%. Each group was divided into two subgroups, with or without CKD. The Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration (CKD-EPI) equation was used to estimate the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). CKD was defined as eGFR<60 mL/min/1.73 m2. Multiple linear regression analysis was used to estimate the association between the 2hPG-FPG and eGFR. The 2hPG-FPG value was divided into four groups increasing in increments of 36 mg/dl (2.0 mmol/L): 0–72, 72–108, 108–144 and ≥144 mg/dl, based on the quartiles of patients with HbA1c levels ≥7%; then, binary logistic regression analysis was used to investigate the association between 2hPG-FPG and the risk of CKD. Results In the patients with HbA1c levels ≥7%, the 2hPG-FPG was significantly associated with decreased eGFR and an increased risk of CKD independent of age, gender, body mass index (BMI), systolic blood pressure (BP), diastolic BP, smoking, and drinking, as well as fasting insulin, cholesterol, triglyceride, and HbA1c levels. The patients with 2hPG-FPG values ≥144 mg/dl showed an increased odds ratio (OR) of 2.640 (P = 0.033). Additionally, HbA1c was associated with an increased risk of CKD in patients with HbA1c values ≥7%. Conclusions The short-term glucose variability expressed by 2hPG-FPG is closely associated with decreased eGFR and an increased risk of CKD in patients with poor glycemic control (HbA1c≥7%).
Mathematical Model for the Rotary Kiln Process and Its Application
XIAO Xingguo LI Jiaxin CAO Tongyou XIAO Zeqiang Northeast University of Technology,Shenyang,China,

材料科学技术学报 , 1991,
Abstract: A mathematical model to predict the operation behaviours of the rotary kiln process and to describe the axial distribution of process variables along the length of the reactor has been developed in present work.The model is established based on the principle of mass and heat balance in the system under a steady state with the consideration of kinetic characteristics of the processes.Four examples of the simulation processes in a pi- lot kiln and 3 commercial kilns by using the present mathematical model are given in this paper.The good agreement between the predicted results and the measured data has been obtained.
Comparative Study of LiMn2O4 Thin Films Heat-treated by Conventional and Rapid Thermal Annealing
Xianming WU,Mingyou MA,Zhuobing XIAO,Zeqiang HE,Jianben LIU,Mingfei XU,
Xianming WU
,Mingyou MA,Zhuobing XIAO,Zeqiang HE,Jianben LIU and Mingfei XU College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Jishou University,Jishou,China College of Metallurgical Science and Engineering,Central South University,Changsha,China

材料科学技术学报 , 2006,
Abstract: Cathode meterial LiMn2O4 thin films were prepared by solution deposition followed by conventional thermal annealing (CTA) and rapid thermal annealing (RTA) using lithium acetate and manganese acetate as starting materials. The phase and surface morphology identification was done by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. The electrochemical properties of the thin films were carried out by cyclic voltammetry, charge-discharge experiments, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and potential step technique. The results show that both thin films are homogeneous and crack-free. Compared with the CTA derived thin films, the RTA derived ones with smaller grain size are more smooth and dense. The CTA and RTA derived LiMn2O40.050% and 0.037% per cycle after being cycled 100 times, respectively. The diffusion coefficient of lithium ion in the CTA derived LiMn2O4 thin-film electrode is 4.59×10-11 cm2/s, and that of lithium ion in the RTA derived one is 3.86×10-11 cm2/s.
Oreforming Fluids and Genesis of Yindongpo Gold Deposit, Henan Province

, DUAN Ming, WAN Duo, SIMA Xianzhang, AO Cong,REN Aiqin, YANG Zeqiang, LI Faling

- , 2016,
Abstract: 摘要: 银洞坡金矿位于桐柏县围山城金银矿带的中部,为一超大型金矿床,伴生银、铅锌。对金矿石中主要成矿阶段流体包裹体进行了详细的岩相学、显微测温及激光拉曼光谱成分研究,结果表明:金矿石中发育气液两相包裹体、富气相包裹体和含CO2三相包裹体,流体成分为H2ONaClCO2体系,含少量N2、CH4、H2S和H2。流体不混溶是导致矿质沉淀的主要因素。3类包裹体的均一温度为1692~3992 ℃,流体盐度为18%~122%,其中含CO2三相包裹体的盐度明显小于气液两相包裹体的盐度。利用不混溶体系估算得到包裹体的捕获压力为62~1263 MPa,成矿深度为52 km左右。矿石中黄铁矿的δ34S为16‰~33‰,围岩中纹层状黄铁矿的δ34S为33‰~62‰,矿石中的δ34S小于围岩中δ34S值,表明成矿物质中的硫可能来源于地幔硫和围岩硫的混合。
Abstract: Yindongpo gold deposit which is located in the middle part of Weishancheng AuAg ore belt in Tongbai County is a super large gold deposit and associated silver,lead and zinc.Petrographic,microthermometric and laser Raman spectroscopic studies were carried out on fluid inclusions in quartz from gold ores.The results show that three types of primary fluid inclusions occur in gold ores:vaporliquid two phase inclusions,CO2bearing three phase inclusions and vaporrich inclusions. Oreforming fluid is NaClH2OCO2 system with a little N2,CH4,H2S and H2.The fluid immiscibility is the main factor leading to the precipitation of ore materials.The homogenization temperatures and salinities of three types of inclusions range from 1692 ℃ to 3992 ℃ and 18% to 122%. The salinity of CO2bearing three phase inclusions is lower than that of vaporliquid two phase inclusions.The oreforming pressure of major mineralization phase is mainly 62-1263 MPa, corresponding to the depth of 52 km.The δ34S value of pyrite in the ore varies from 16‰ to 33‰,which is lower than δ34S value of pyrite in wall rock which varies from 33‰ to 62‰. It indicates that the sulfur in the ore may be derived from the mixing of mantle sulfur and wall rocks
An Efficient and Concise Algorithm for Convex Quadratic Programming and Its Application to Markowitz’s Portfolio Selection Model  [PDF]
Zhongzhen Zhang, Huayu Zhang
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2011.24024
Abstract: This paper presents a pivoting-based method for solving convex quadratic programming and then shows how to use it together with a parameter technique to solve mean-variance portfolio selection problems.
Investigation and Analysis of Sexual Harassment in Corporate Workplace of China  [PDF]
Xiaobing Zhang, Zewei Zhang
Sociology Mind (SM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/sm.2012.23038
Abstract: At present, sexual harassment in domestic workplace has a high probability of occurrence, which causes more and more attention. In this paper, the form of sexual harassment in workplace, and how to solve the sexual harassment were investigated and analyzed through questionnaires; and countermeasures and management suggestions were put forward from three aspects of corporate, employees and family.
Chaos Control in a Discrete Ecological System  [PDF]
Limin Zhang, Chaofeng Zhang
International Journal of Modern Nonlinear Theory and Application (IJMNTA) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijmnta.2012.13011
Abstract: In research [1], the authors investigate the dynamic behaviors of a discrete ecological system. The period-double bifurcations and chaos are found in the system. But no strategy is proposed to control the chaos. It is well known that chaos control is the first step of utilizing chaos. In this paper, a controller is designed to stabilize the chaotic orbits and enable them to be an ideal target one. After that, numerical simulations are presented to show the correctness of theoretical analysis.
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