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Preparation of super-aligned carbon nanotube-reinforced nickel-matrix laminar composites with excellent mechanical properties
Ze-cheng Hou,Lun-qiao Xiong,Yuan-feng Liu,Lin Zhu,Wen-zhen Li
- , 2019, DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12613-019-1717-9
Abstract: A homogeneous and compact super-aligned carbon nanotube (SACNT)-reinforced nickel-matrix composite was successfully prepared by electrodeposition. The mechanical properties of the laminar SACNT/Ni composites were substantially improved compared with those of pure nickel. With increasing content of SACNTs, the tensile strength of the composite increased and the elongation decreased because of the high-strength SACNTs bearing part of an applied load and the fine-grained strengthening mechanism. The nanohardness of the SACNT/Ni composites was improved from 3.92 GPa (pure nickel) to 4.62 GPa (Ni?4vol%SACNTs). The uniform distribution of SACNTs in the composites and strong interfacial bonding between the SACNTs and the nickel matrix resulted in an improvement of the mechanical properties of the SACNT/Ni composites. The introduced SACNTs refined the nickel grains, increased the amount of crystal twins, and changed the preferred orientation of grain growth.
DDHP-based multi-signature scheme with tight security reduction

WANG Ze-cheng,

计算机应用 , 2009,
Abstract: An efficient multi-signature scheme was proposed,whose security is tightly related to the hardness of the Dicisional Diffie-Hellman problem(DDHP) in the random oracle model.Under the Proof-Of-Possession(POP) key registration assumption,the scheme was proved unforgeable against the adaptive chosen message and signing groups attacks.Both the size of multi-signature and the computation cost of verification do not increase with the increase of the signers.Compared with the Computational Diffie-Hellman Problem(C...
Study of Autotomatic Human Face Detection in Infrared Images Based on Adaboost

GUO Ze-cheng,XING Chen,YUAN Guang-lin,WANG Feng,

红外 , 2010,
Abstract: In order to implement automatic human face detection and tracking in infrared video images, an infrared image detection method based on the Adaboost algorithm is proposed. In the method, the Haar-like characters and integral pictures are used to describe the basic characters of the human face and the Adaboost algorithm and Cascade algorithm are used to improve the veracity and celerity of automatic human face detection. It has a detection velocity of 15frames/s and a detection precision of 98.4%. Experimental results show that the Adaboost algorithm has its predominance in the automatic human face detection in infrared images.
Improvement of structured multi-signature scheme with signers'''' intentions

WANG Ze-cheng,SI Tao-zhi,LI Zhi-bin,

计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: The security weakness of structured multi-signature scheme with signers' intentions was pointed out. It is that the signers' intentions could be modified by an inner or outer attacker, thus the security of this type of signature is tampered. By using a more secure signing algorithm to sign the signers' intentions, the problem was solved. The improved scheme not only has all the necessary security properties of this type of signature, but also has improvement in efficiency - shorter signature size, more efficient in communication and signing computation. The shortage of the new scheme is some decrease in the efficiency of verification.
Tectonic Settings of Global Marine Carbonate Giant Fields and Exploration Significance

Gu Zhi-dong,Wang Ze-cheng,Hu Su-yun,Wang Hong,Yin Ji-feng,Huang Ping-hui,

天然气地球科学 , 2012,
Abstract: The giant fields are considered to be those with estimated ultimate recoverable hydrocarbons of equal or more than 680 million tons.On the basis of systematically surveying the status of the global giant field exploration and research,using the IHS and C&C databases and related literature on public publication,the paper analyses the 320 marine carbonate giant fields with their occurrence of 48 petroliferous basins by the end of 2009 in detail,with an emphasis on the plate tectonic setting and accumulation basin type.Plate tectonic setting includes divergent,convergent and transform,and the petroliferous basin classification of Paul Mann is used here.Research indicates that marine carbonate giant fields are formed mainly in divergent tectonic setting,including continental rifts and overlying sag,continental passive margins fronting major ocean basins.Divergent tectonic setting is favour of the forming of high quality source rocks,effective reservoir,good seal and effective assembly.The exploration inspiration is that enhancing the study of above-mentioned prototype basins in divergent tectonic setting,especially the rift at the early stage of basin evolution,which will guide our marine carbonate petroleum exploration.
Sedimentary filling configuration of YantingTongnan trough under the background of intracratonic rift in Later Permain, Sichuan Basin

李秋芬, 苗顺德, 王铜山, 江青春, 汪泽成, 李军, 谢芬, 殷积锋, 谷志东
LI Qiu-Fen
, MIAO Shun-De, WANG Tong-Shan, JIANG Qing-Chun, HONG Ze-Cheng, LI Jun, XIE Fen, YIN Ji-Feng, GU Zhi-Dong

- , 2015, DOI: 10.13745/j.esf.2015.01.006
Abstract: 四川盆地晚二叠世经历了克拉通内裂陷作用以及基底断裂活动,在区域大缓坡背景下,形成“三隆三凹”的古地理格局,发育鄂西—城口海槽、开江—梁平海槽以及盐亭—潼南海槽。在区域背景及动力学分析的基础上,利用钻井、露头、地震资料等论证了盐亭—潼南海槽的几何形态,盐亭—潼南海槽发育在川中地区,整体呈北西南东向近平行于开江—梁平海槽展布,向西北部广海开口,向东南台地区逐渐变浅并与鄂西—城口海槽连通。利用地震、地质结合的方法,探讨了盐亭—潼南海槽的沉积格局,其以细粒沉积为主,地层厚度薄,其西侧磨溪—中江台缘带以发育生屑滩为主,东侧广安—公山庙台缘带以发育生物礁为主;生物礁滩的分布随着海平面变化具有明显的迁移特征,整体上可以分为两期,并逐渐由两侧台缘带向海槽内迁移。盐亭—潼南海槽的形成、发展及消亡主要受勉略洋扩张收缩的影响;晚二叠世勉略洋扩张期,四川盆地NW向基底断裂活动,导致川中地区正断活动,形成断陷海槽,即盐亭—潼南海槽。
The rotation of the gravity potential on the Earth''''s gravity field recovery

CHENG Lu-Ying,XSU Hou-Ze,

地球物理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: We analyze the effect of approximate velocity in the formula of the rotation of the gravity potential, which is caused by the Earth rotation. We compute the difference between the satellite ephemeris's velocity and numerical integral's velocity. The ephemeris data come from GFZ's Rapid Science Orbit, TUM's Reduced-Dynamic Orbit, and GFZ's Post-processed Science Orbit respectively. The integral data are obtained based on the reference gravity field models EGM96, EIGEN2, and EIGEN-CG01C, respectively. The fitting between ephemeris velocity and integral velocity depended on EIGEN2 reference gravity field model is better than the EGM96 and EIGEN-CG01C model. The variations of velocity difference have obvious periodicity, which coincides with the satellite orbit period. When the disturbing potential of 1m~2/s~2 accuracy, or the approximate velocity of accuracy less 2mm/s in the formula of the rotation of the gravity potential is required, the satellite orbit data not satisfied the potential rotation computing demand are rejected from the GFZ's Rapid Science Orbit and TUM's Reduced-Dynamic Orbit. If the disturbing potential is desired 0.5m~2/s~2 at satellite track, the satellite velocity required in formula of the rotation of the gravity potential should be re-computed or the GFZ's Post-processed Science Orbit is adopted.
Thermodynamics of Phase Transitions of a Kerr Nonlinear Blackbody


中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: We study the thermodynamics of phase transitions of a blackbody whose interior is filled by a Kerr nonlinear crystal. There is a transition temperature Tc, above which the Kerr nonlinear blackbody is in the normal thermal radiation state, and below which it is in the squeezed thermal radiation state. At Tc, the Gibbs free energy of the two phases is continuous but the entropy density of the two phases is discontinuous. Hence, there is a jump in the entropy density and this leads to a latent heat density. The photon system undergoes a first-order phase transition from the normal to the squeezed thermal radiation state.
Quantum Effects of Uniform Bose Atomic Gases with Weak Attraction


中国物理快报 , 2011,
An Extended Discrete Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev Inequality
Ze Cheng,Congming Li
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev (HLS) Inequality fails in the "critical" case: \mu=n. However, for discrete HLS, we can derive a finite form of HLS inequality with logarithm correction for a critical case: \mu=n and p=q, by limiting the inequality on a finite domain. The best constant in the inequality and its corresponding solution, the optimizer, are studied. First, we obtain a sharp estimate for the best constant. Then for the optimizer, we prove the uniqueness and a symmetry property. This is achieved by proving that the corresponding Euler-Lagrange equation has a unique nontrivial nonnegative critical point. Also, by using a discrete version of maximum principle, we prove certain monotonicity of this optimizer.
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