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Morla Lynch, C., Espa a sufre. Diarios de guerra en el Madrid republicano, 1936-1939. Salamanca, Editorial Renacimiento, 2008, 830 pp.
Rafael Zaragoza
Historia Actual Online , 2011,
Circuito cerrado para una industria sostenible, aportaciones del sector cementero
Zaragoza, A.
Informes de la Construccion , 2010,
Abstract: The search of a sustainable development for the industry can only be understood from a global approach which takes account of both the industrial activity and the product. Industrial activity needs adding new systems to the production process that minimize its impact reducing the consumption of resources and atmospheric emissions. The product must incorporate sustainable features such as the capacity to be recycled and/or valorised throuhgout its life cycle and, so, being reintroduced again in the industrial activity. This way, product turns into the cornerstone of a “closed circuit” production system that involves all industrial sectors in recycling products and waste and minimizes the frootprint of the process. Cement sector must continue insisting on the development of recycling of cementicious maerials and also on the recycling of materials during its production, and, especially, we must continue studying in depth the relationship between Life Cycle and recycling, which will provide the sector with a methodology and with useful tools to reduce the environmental impact. Therefore, the sector is making efforts for achieving an industry in “closed circuit”, in which materials and energy are re-used, minimizing to the maximum its affection to the environment. At the same time, we are working on the conceptualizing of this production model that involves all the industrial sectors in material recycling. As a reuslt of this commitment, cement industry has signed aggrement of colaboration with FER and Sigrauto to use vehicles out of use and with UNESID to valorise steel waste and also the project Pressure for a global management of industrial waste. La búsqueda del desarrollo sostenible para la industria sólo puede entenderse desde un enfoque global que abarque tanto la actividad industrial como el producto. La actividad industrial necesita incorporar al proceso productivo soluciones que minimicen su impacto reduciendo el consumo de recursos y las emisiones a la atmósfera. El producto debe incorporar características sostenibles tales como la posibilidad de ser reciclado y/o valorizado en algún momento de su ciclo de vida y, así, poder ser reintroducido de nuevo en la actividad industrial. De esta manera, el producto se convierte en la piedra angular de un sistema de producción en “circuito cerrado” que implique a todos los sectores industriales en el concepto de reciclaje de productos y residuos y que minimice la huella del proceso. El sector cementero debe seguir incidiendo en las posibilidades de reciclado de los materiales fabricados con cemento, además d
Periodismo en la convergencia tecnológica: el reportero multimedia del Distrito Federal
Claudia Zaragoza
Revista mexicana de ciencias políticas y sociales , 2002,
Abstract: Las transformaciones derivadas de la convergencia tecnológica han impactado a los diferentes sectores de la comunicación y la información. La prensa, la radio y la televisión no sólo presentan nuevos usos sino también nuevas formas de producción de contenidos a partir de la incorporación de las Nuevas Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación (NTIC). En este marco surge un nuevo tipo de reportero, el multimedia, quien requerirá de nuevas habilidades y conocimientos para desempe ar su trabajo. El presente artículo tiene como finalidad analizar las transformaciones que ha sufrido el trabajo periodístico a partir de la convergencia tecnológica en los diarios El Universal y Reforma de la ciudad de México.
The TCP-modified Engset Model Revisited
Daniel Zaragoza
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: We revisit the TCP-modified Engset model proposed by Heyman et al. in [1]. The model deals with the superposition of a limited number of TCP connections alternating between file transmission and silence in a web-like fashion. We consider homogeneous sources only. (a) We take into account the effects of slow start and limited receiver window as well as small average file sizes. (b) We propose an alternative way for calculating the average connection rate in the superposition. (c) From the model we propose a way for calculating the queuing behavior; i.e., the overflow probability. (d) From this last point, we propose a new link buffer sizing rule. Comparison with extensive simulations shows that the average rate and duration, as well as, link utilization are accurately predicted for exponentially distributed file sizes. For longer tail distributions, the model remains accurate provided the receiver window is adjusted appropriately. The accuracy increases with increasing load. As concerns the queuing behavior, the same observation applies. Finally, the revisited model cannot be used to predict losses larger than about 1%. The model overestimates loss rates above that threshold.
Modeling TCP Throughput with Random Packet Drops
Daniel Zaragoza
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: The present report deals with the modeling of the long-term throughput, a.k.a., send rate, of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) under the following assumptions. (i) We consider a single 'infinite source' using a network path from sender to receiver. (ii) Each TCP packet is randomly dropped with probability p; independently of previous drops or any other event/parameter. (iii) The - never changing - receiver window limits the amount of outstanding data. (iv) The receiver acknowledges every packet. (v) The TCP modeled here conforms to the publicly available standards (RFCs) as concerns congestion control. We validate and determine the limits of the different models proposed here using packet-level simulations. The contributions of the present work are the following: (a) We determine three regimes, and their conditions of applicability, depending on p: Linear law regime, square root law regime, and timeout regime. (b) As concerns the relationship between the linear and square root regimes, we give additional insights relatively to previously published work. (c) We give the exact equations governing the TCP send rate in any regime. (d) From the exact equation and under the further condition that the path is not saturated, we give and discuss approximations for the send rate of the NewReno variant of TCP. A by-product of these calculations is the distribution of the sender window, independently of any timing or saturation consideration. (e) These approximations give results that are accurate to a few percent when compared to simulation results. Detailed comparison and sources of errors between theory and simulations are also discussed.
Relational Reinforcement Learning with Continuous Actions by Combining Behavioural Cloning and Locally Weighted Regression  [PDF]
Julio H. Zaragoza, Eduardo F. Morales
Journal of Intelligent Learning Systems and Applications (JILSA) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jilsa.2010.22010
Abstract: Reinforcement Learning is a commonly used technique for learning tasks in robotics, however, traditional algorithms are unable to handle large amounts of data coming from the robot’s sensors, require long training times, and use dis-crete actions. This work introduces TS-RRLCA, a two stage method to tackle these problems. In the first stage, low-level data coming from the robot’s sensors is transformed into a more natural, relational representation based on rooms, walls, corners, doors and obstacles, significantly reducing the state space. We use this representation along with Behavioural Cloning, i.e., traces provided by the user; to learn, in few iterations, a relational control policy with discrete actions which can be re-used in different environments. In the second stage, we use Locally Weighted Regression to transform the initial policy into a continuous actions policy. We tested our approach in simulation and with a real service robot on different environments for different navigation and following tasks. Results show how the policies can be used on different domains and perform smoother, faster and shorter paths than the original discrete actions policies.
Enfermedad incurable en la Espa?a del siglo XIX: el Hospital para Hombres Incurables Nuestra Se?ora del Carmen
Zaragoza,Juan Manuel;
Dynamis , 2012, DOI: 10.4321/S0211-95362012000100007
Abstract: this paper examines the state's assumption of medical care for patients with "permanent needs" in 19th century spain. these patients were the incurably ill, the chronically ill and the elderly. this process is contextualized within the liberal reforms of the spanish healthcare system in the reign of isabel ii (1833-1868). the goal of these reforms was the creation and consolidation of a national health system that would gradually replace the religious health charities. healthcare reform became necessary due to the increase in migration that started in the 1830's and intensified in the 1850's. traditional care networks formed by the family, local community and religious charities were no longer available to those who had left their village or town. in addition, many religious charities were bankrupted by the seizure of their properties in a programme of confiscation. similar healthcare reform processes were taking place in the united kingdom, france and germany, among other european countries, and involved significant changes in the lives of patients, who became strictly controlled and medicalised. my aim was to identify changes in the patients' experience of illness through a case study of the living conditions of inmates at the nuestra se?ora del carmen hospital for incurable men, based in madrid from 1852 to 1949. this was one of the institutions devoted to caring for patients with "permanent needs" and was under the direct control of the general state administration.
La independencia del Poder Judicial
Boletín mexicano de derecho comparado , 2004,
Abstract: the transition to democracy in mexico has implied as a necessary requirement the existence of a more independent judicial branch of government, solely subjected to the rule of law. this essay examines the problems derived as a consequence of the creation of the federal council of the judiciary in the constitutional scene. according to the author, since the constitutional reform of december 1994, this council has become a central player for an adequate functioning of the federal judicial power, with its contribution to the modernization and professionalization of the federal administration of justice, by establishing new rules for the selection, appointment and training of clerks, judges and magistrates. however, the author explains that its function as an institution that guarantees the independence of the federal judicial power has been affected by its relation with the supreme court of justice; a relation that has not been definitely settled.
Cultura, identidad y etnicidad, aproximaciones al entorno multicultural: rompiendo costumbres y paradigmas cotidianos
Zaragoza Contreras, Laura G.;
Cuicuilco , 2010,
Abstract: the insertion of the term "indigenous peoples" in the mexican constitution in 2001 launched an epistemological, conceptual, cultural, and social debate which revealed the lack of theoretical and conceptual definition of terms such as culture, identity, indigenous people, or ethnicity. at the same time, every day uses have turned the meaning of these concepts vaguer. for their part, social sciences have made of the issue one of their own and carried out a number of works which none the less constitute but sporadic efforts leading to no consensus. as a result, the meaning of these concepts still varies from one field to another, from the legal and cultural to the social and financial. it is thus urgent to provide these concepts witin a minimum of clarity in order to offer new premises which would bring theory and social reality closer, having in mind a society that can be equal and different at the same time.
La comunicación política en la red global: Entendimiento y espacio público
Zaragoza Ramírez, Mario;
Polis , 2011,
Abstract: this article describes how the political communication articulated through the internet space and the selective participation of different actors is understood. it considers that political communication allows, if taken to account as a dialogue, self-management speeches seeking to spread a part of the reality that is relegated from conventional media spaces and that may be found on the network. in this way, in the midst of polarization, political communication allowing the interaction between different actors can be part of the problem and of the solution. the article proposes that the democratization of knowledge and dialogue can solve or demystify the political, social and economic problems faced by society in the beginning of the 21st century.

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