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Effectiveness of Informational Support on Anxiety among Family Carers of Patients Undergone Open Heart Surgery
Masoomeh Imanipour,Zahra Heidari,Naiemeh Seyedfatemi,Hamid Haghani
Hayat Journal of Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery , 2012,
Abstract: Background & Objective: Hospitalization of patients in the intensive care unit of open heart surgery (ICUOH) is often stressful for patients' family carers. This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of the informational support on anxiety among families of patients undergone open heart surgery. Methods & Materials: In this double-group randomized clinical trial, 64 family carers of patients undergone open heart surgery were selected using convenience sampling method and were randomly allocated into two intervention or control groups. The informational support consistedof holding the ICU orientation tours and educational sessions, and providing educational pamphlets and booklets. The members of the control group received routin information. The anxiety of the family carers was measured using the trait Spielberger anxiety questionnaire before surgery and in the day of discharge from the ICU. Independent and paired t-tests were used to analyze the data. Results: According to the findings, there were no significant difference between the two groups regarding demographic charachteristics. At the baseline, the mean of anxiety scores were 47.9±11.5 and 49.2±11.5 in the control and intervetion groups, respectively. The anxiety scores diminished in both groups after the surgery, however, the difference was not statistically significant between the two groups (P=0.18). Conclusion: For effective control of anxiety among family members of patients, both informational support and other supportive techniques such as psychological support and meeting other family needs should be considered.
The Relationship between Interleukin-6 -174 G/C Gene Polymorphism and Chronic Periodontitis
Tayebeh Sanchooli,Zahra Heidari,Hamidreza Mahmoudzadeh-Sagheb,Mohammad Hashemi
Zahedan Journal of Research in Medical Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: Background: Chronic periodontitis is an inflammatory disease that causes rapid destruction of the tissues supporting the teeth. Genetic and environmental factors are involved in its occurrence. It has been suggested that IL-6 promoter gene polymorphism could affect the severity of chronic periodontitis. This study has examined the relationship between IL-6 (-174G/C) gene polymorphism and chronic periodontitis.Materials and Methods: In this case-control study, 100 patients with chronic periodontitis and 100 healthy individuals referring to the clinic of Zahedan Dental School were evaluated. Two ml of peripheral blood was taken from these people. After DNA extraction through salting out method, IL-6 gene polymorphism was determined through T-ARMS-PCR technique using specific primers. The data were analyzed by chi-square test and p<0/05was considered significant.Results: The frequency of genotypes CC, GC, GG was respectively 61%, 35% and 4% in patients and respectively 67%, 31% and 2% in the control group. The frequency of G and C alleles was respectively 78.5% and 21.5% in the patient group, and respectively 82.5% and 17.5% in control group. No statistically significant difference was observed between the two groups in frequency of genotypes and alleles.Conclusion: This study showed no correlation between IL-6-174 G/C gene polymorphism and chronic periodontitis.
Effects of cold water swim stress on volumetric parameters of adrenal gland in rats
Hamidreza Mahmoudzadeh-Sagheb,Zahra Heidari,Mohammadreza Shahraki
Zahedan Journal of Research in Medical Sciences , 2011,
Abstract: Background: The adrenal gland is an essential organ in systems that are responsible for the maintenance of homeostasis during stress. The aim of this study was to examine the effects of cold water swim stress (CWSS) on the volumetric parameters of rat adrenal gland. Materials and Method: In this experimental study, 20 mature male Sprague Dawley rats, weighing 200±30 g were selected and randomly divided into two equal study and control groups (n=10). Stress was induced by forced swimming in cold water (15°C), 2 min daily for 20 days. The animals were weighed and decapitated. Their adrenal glands were excised quickly, freed of fat tissue, weighed, and fixed in Lilli’s solution and embedded in paraplast, according to routine histological procedures. Five μm sections were cut using microtome and stained by the Masson trichrome technique. Volumetric parameters of adrenal gland and its components were estimated using point counting method. The Mann Whitney-U test was employed to determine statistically significant differences between the means. Results: Results showed that cold water swim stress induced a significant reduction in body weight (p<0.01), and a significant increase in relative adrenal weight (p<0.001). The absolute volume of zona fasciculata increased significantly (p<0.05) and the volume fraction of zona reticularis decreased significantly (p<0.05) in CWSS compared to the control group. Conclusion: Cold water swim stress (CWSS) produces volumetric changes in the rat adrenal glands. Different zones of the glands respond differently to cope with this stress
The Oral Diadochokinesis in Normal-Hearing and Hearing-Impaired Adolescents
Zahra Soleymani,Mohammad Sadegh Saifpanahi,Mahmood Alipour Heidari
Audiology , 2006,
Abstract: Background and Aim: Hearing loss results in impairment of muscles coordination and survival essential that are engaged in motor speech timing tasks. It will negatively affect the acquisition of speech sounds. The purpose of this study was to compare the oral diadochokinesis in normal-hearing and hearing - impaired adolescents. Materials and Methods: This research was conducted on sixty-one adolescents aged 15-18 years old. Forty-six had moderately severe, severe, or profound hearing loss and fifteen were normal. The time spent to perform each oral diadochokinesis tasks was measured by speech analyzer of Dr. speech software, version four. Results: Results indicated that hearing – impaired performed significantly slower on all speech timing tasks than their normal hearing peers except those with moderately severe hearing-impaired group. There were significant differences between profound hearing-impaired group and both other groups. Conclusion: The results of this study point out the motor speech problems in hearing impairment. The differences, in general, indicate that speech-timing coordination deficits are compromise with hearing loss degree.
Comparison of scrub and roll brushing techniques in controlling dental plaque in 8-11 year-old children
Kamal Heidari,Minoo Mojahedi,Zahra Seyedmoalemi,Hamid Golshahi
Journal of Isfahan Dental School , 2012,
Abstract: Introduction: Dental and oral hygiene is one of the most important indicators of general healthcare. Promotion of oral health in elementary school students is very important due to lack of adequate dexterity in carrying out correct brushing movements and education is needed in this age group. The aim of this study was to compare roll and scrub brushing techniques in controlling dental plaque in 8-11 year-old students referring to the Department of Community Dentistry, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Materials and Methods: In this clinical trial 215 elementary school students were divided into 8-9 and 10-11 age groups based on age and gender. Half of the subjects in each group were instructed the roll technique and the other half the scrub technique. The subjects brushed their teeth using the techniques instructed. O’Leary’s index was used to register the amount of plaque in each stage and compare the results. Data were analyzed with t-test and co-variance analysis. Results: The scrub brushing technique was significantly more effective in decreasing dental plaque compared to the roll technique (p value < 0.001). Conclusion: Under the limitations of the present study, the scrub brushing technique was significantly more effective in decreasing dental plaque compared to the roll technique in the two age groups evaluated. Older children were more efficient in removing dental plaque. In addition, boys were more efficient than girls in removing plaque. Key words: Dental plaque, Students, Toothbrushing.
Effects of Chronic Lead Acetate Intoxication on Blood Indices of Male Adult Rat
Mohammadhosein Noori Mugahi,Zahra Heidari,Hamidreza Mahmoudzadeh Sagheb,Mohammad Barbarestani
DARU : Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: Lead as one of the environmental pollutants can threats the life of living creatures in many ways. In this study, hematological effects of chronic toxicity of the lead acetate in adult male rats through measurement of the lead concentration in the blood of animal’s heart by atomic absorption as well as hematological analyses and differential cell count were investigated. Results showed that lead concentration in the treatment group was significantly higher than that of the control groups (P<0.001), and basophilic stippling, Howell-Jolly bodies, decreased RBC count (anemia), increased leukocyte count (leukocytosis), monocytosis, eosinopenia, neutrophilia, and thrombocytosis were observed in the test group (P<0.001). It is concluded that microcytic hypochromic anemia can be attributed to the interaction of lead with iron and copper metabolism and increased leukocyte count may be linked to the inflammatory effects of lead on lymphatic organs.
Association Study of rs13241278 and rs2693657 Polymorphisms of PTPRZ1 Gene with Multiple Sclerosis in Iranian Population
Zahra Bahadori,Mehrdad Behmanesh,Mohammad-Ali Sahraian,Moones Heidari
Cell Journal , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: Human multiple sclerosis (MS) is a complex disease and demyelinated lesionsin central nervous system (CNS) are the pathologic hallmark of MS. Remyelination occursin many MS lesions but becomes increasingly incomplete/inadequate. Protein tyrosinephosphatase,receptor-type z polypeptid1 (PTPRZ1) has been implicated in adult cell renewal,repair of the nervous system, oligodendrocyte development and so in Remyelination.We investigated possible association of multiple sclerosis with polymorphism of twoSNPs (rs13241278 and rs2693657) located in PTPRZ1 gene.Materials and Methods: Peripheral blood was collected from 140 subjects with MSand 165 healthy controls and DNA was extracted. For genotyping of rs13241278 andrs26936575, PCR-RFLP and mismatch PCR-RFLP techniques were used, respectively.Association of SNPrs13241278 and SNPrs26936575 with multiple sclerosis was examinedby using the Chi-square test and the frequency differences of alleles and genotypesbetween two groups were compared. A conventional p-value of ≤ 0.05 was consideredsignificant.Results: Statistical analyses on two studied polymorphisms showed that both case andcontrol group were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. By using χ2 test, the difference betweenfrequency of SNPrs13241278 Risk allele vs. other allele in control and case groupswas p=0.773 and for SNPrs26936575 was p=0.669. The difference between frequency ofHomozygosity vs. other genotypes in control and case groups for SNPrs13241278 wasp=0.377 and for SNPrs26936575 was p=0.64.Conclusion: According to the χ2 test results, the differences were not significant for studiedSNPs. As a conclusion, we did not find association between SNPrs13241278 andSNPrs26936575 of PTPRZ1 and multiple sclerosis in Iranian population.
Morphological Evaluation of Head and Face in 18-25 Years Old Women in Southeast of Iran
Zahra Heidari,Hamid-Reza Mahmoudzadeh Sagheb,Mohammad-Hosein Noori Mugahi
Journal of Medical Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: Measurement of human head or cephalometry is used in identification, forensic medicine, plastic surgery, orthodontics, archeology and examine the differences between races. This investigation was undertaken on 800 young women (18-25 years old) to determine the head and face phenotypes among them in two aborigines of Sistani (Fars) and Baluchi who were resident in southeast of Iran. In this study cephalic and prosopic indices were determined by classical cephalometric method. Means and standard deviation of cephalic indices were 78.4±4.15 and 81.94±4.99 and prosopic indices were 83.22±4.02 and 84.86±5.15 in Sistani and Baluchi subjects, respectively. Based on the cephalic index, the dominant and rare head types in Sistani group was mesocephalic (41.3%) and hyperbrachycephalic (6%) and in Baluchi group was brachicephalic (42%) and dolichochephalic (5.5%), respectively. Furthermore, according to the prosopic index, the dominant and rare face type among Sistanis were euryprosopic type (50.8%) and hyperleptoprosopic (0.5%) and in Baluchi group were euryprosopic (37%) and hyperleptoprosopic (2.5%), respectively. This research showed that differences in terms of head and face type indices between these two groups were statistically significant. Based on this cross-sectional study, it seems that there is differences between the aforementioned groups.
A Stereological Study of Diabetic Kidney Following Administration of Different Doses of Streptozotocin.
Zahra Heidari,Hamid-Reza Mahmoudzadeh Sagheb,Hooshang Rafighdoost,Abbas-Ali Moein
DARU : Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences , 2003,
Abstract: The absolute glomerular volume and total glomerular number as well as renal volume in diabetic rats following administration of different doses of Stereptozotocin (STZ) have been estimated by using unbiased stereological methods. 30 male Wistar rats were randomly divided into 5 groups. Diabetes were induced by IP injection of 15mg/kg, 45mg/kg and 90 mg/kg of STZ. Fifty six days after IP injection, animals were anesthetized by ketamine hydrochloride, the kidneys were excised and fixed in modified Lilli′s solution. After tissue processing and staining, stereological methods used to estimate volume of different zones of kidney, absolute glomerular volume and total glomerular number. This investigation revealed that increment of cortical tissue volume in all groups and increase in medullary volume only in the group 90 mg/kg of STZ (p0.05). Animal weight also showed significant changes in 45 mg and 90 mg groups in comparison with the control group (p<0.01). This study showed that at least administration of more STZ in short period might have more effect and causes more imbalances in cells turnover. The results of this study were in accordance with other qualitative and quantitative surveys. Moreover, it was suggested that in the early stages of the induced diabetes mellitus by STZ, the inducer has different effects and more doses may cause more induction and effects on kidneys.
Comparison of the Stress, Sexual Disfunction, and Mental Happiness Coping Strategies in Two Groups of Normal Married Women and Women with Marital Conflicts  [PDF]
Zahra Zanbagh, Zahra Chabokinezhad
Creative Education (CE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2018.92020
Abstract: In the era that rapid and unpredictable changes have happened in human life, the family is still one of the sources that have a prominent role in protecting people, their social and emotional support, but data from past decades indicate an increase in divorce rates both in the world and in Iran. The present research aimed to compare coping strategies with stress, sexual disfunction, mental happiness in two groups of normal married women and women with marital conflicts. The research employed a causal-comparative method. The statistical population included all normal married women and women with marital conflicts who referred to counseling centers in Yazd city in 2016-2017. To this end, 150 women (75 normal married women and 75 women with marital conflicts) were selected using available sampling method. They completed the Lazarus and Fulkman (1985), Female Sexual Function Index (ROS) (2000), Panas Mental Happiness (1988) questionnaires. Data were analyzed using ANOVA and Independent T-test in SPSS software. The findings showed that there is a difference between strategies for coping with stress, sexual disfunction, and mental happiness in both married women and women with marital conflicts.
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