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Study on the correlation measure of harbor-hinterland and its driving forces: Taking Lianyungang Port-Huaihai Economic Region as an example

ZHU Chuan-geng,LIU Bo,LI Zhi-jiang,
,刘 波,李志江

地理研究 , 2009,
Abstract: Based on the theoretical research results about the relationships of the Port-hinterland at home and abroad,this paper analyzes the mean value correlation degree of Lianyungang Port-Huaihai Economic Region by grey correlation analysis method during the period 1990~2005 as well as the driving factors affecting the correlation degree of Lianyungang Port-Huaihai Economic Region.Some conclusions are drawn as follows:(1) The correlation degree of Lianyungang Port-Lianyungang City is remarkable as a whole,but the...
Knowledge Discovery with ESDA from GIS Database

MA Rong-hu,HUANG Xing-yuan,ZHU Chuan-geng,

遥感学报 , 2002,
Abstract: Lots of knowledge can be discovered from GIS database. Knowledge discovery from database of GIS has been drawing more and more attentions in different fields such as geo-science field, and computer field. ESDA technique especially emphasizes the study on the spatial dependency and spatial heterogeneity. And it is used to preliminary discover some law hidden in the data sub-aggregate of interest in the field of knowledge discovery. It is one of the most important contents to some normal whole and local spatial statistics including Moran I, Geary C, G statistics, LISA and so on. And it is the key of making ESDA technique and GIS completely and closely integrated to fully make use of GIS visualization and spatial analysis technique under the condition of imperfect Expert System. The example, which is China floating population's spatial distribution law discovered from GIS database, shows the method and steps to discover knowledge from database of GIS with the integrating ESDA and other knowledge. The results show that it is practical and effective to discover knowledge from from GIS database with ESDA. But it is impossible to completely and automatically discover knowledge from GIS database and other synthetic knowledge must be integrated into the course of knowledge discovery. The method of knowledge discovery in the paper is used in the mode of man-machine conversation and it needs urgently to be supported by Expert System.
Spatio-temporal pattern and driving mechanism of economic development discrepancy in provincial border-regions: A case study of Huaihai economic zone
省际边缘区经济发展差异时空格局及驱动机制 ——以淮海经济区为例

QIU Fang-dao,TONG Lian-jun,ZHU Chuan-geng,YANG Ru-shu,

地理研究 , 2009,
Abstract: The economic differences of provincial border-regions is a new research field of regional economic discrepancy.Based on comprehensive economic data of county level in Huaihai economic zone during the period of 1996-2005,using a global and local spatial autocorrelation,this paper carries out a preliminary exploration of the spatio-temporal pattern features,evolution trend and driving mechanism in this zone.The results are shown as follows.First,as for the counties similar at development level in Huaihai econ...
The process,structure and mechanisms of coordinated development between economy and society in Jiangsu

CHE Bing-qing,ZHU Chuan-geng,MENG Zhao-yi,DU Yan,SHEN Zheng-ping,

地理研究 , 2012,
Abstract: Jiangsu has acquired prominent achievement in social and economic development since 1978.However,with rapid economic growth,some key factors are restricting overall well-off society in this province,including the widening gap of North-South economy,the tremendous pressure of population growth on resources and environment,inadequate employment,culture and public health.How to promote coordinated socio-economic development has become a hotspot in theory and practice.On the basis of the above-mentioned background,this paper uses system analysis to evaluate the sustainable socio-economic development. The coordinated socio-economic development plays a critical role in sustainable development of Jiangsu.On the basis of connotation of regional coordinated development and present situation of economy and society in this province,this paper conducts a study on the process and structure of coordinated development between society and economy in urban areas by establishing evaluation system of coordinated development between economy and society.Some conclusions can be drawn as follows.(1) The process of coordinated development can be divided into four stages: fluctuation period,increase period,fallback period and steady period.(2) Southern Jiangsu has become the upland of coordinated development.Nanjing presents a fallback phenomenon,and Suqian has the lowest level.(3) The coordinated development degree of Northern Jiangsu is lower than that of Southern Jiangsu,and the gap between these cities is widening.
The sustaining development of resource-based industrial cluster: a perspective from organizational ecology

WANG Fa-Ming,LIU Chuan-Geng,

生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: As an industrial economic organization with specific characteristics, industrial cluster works on driving the development of regional economy and becoming an important policy tools during promoting global economy. However, Industrial cluster may have some negative impact on regional economy development, such as the economic decline, environmental pollution and so on. Especially for resource-based industrial cluster, it both has structural risk caused by exhaustible resouces and higher decline risk compared with others industrial cluster, which is decides by its internal structure of one-way and linear industrial chain. Based on,The application of ecological organization theories in such industrial cluster concludes that lower-degree diversity and vitality and over professional is the main reason for such degradation. Therefore, this thesis is intended to offer corresponding countermeasures to make the development of resource-based industrial cluster as a sustainable industry.
Matrix Pencil joint TOA/AOA positioning algorithm for OFDM
基于Matrix Pencil的OFDM信号的TOA/AOA定位

CHEN Kui,HUANG Wei-yong,TIAN Chuan-geng,
陈 奎

计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: For improving the prediction accuracy of the TOA and AOA parameter, this paper proposed a low complexity Matrix Pencil algorithm for OFDM signal's super-resolution TOA/AOA two-dimensional positioning. First, the first-path delay, that was, it obtained the OFDM signal's TOA estimation through using MPM method to channel frequency response parameters. Then, it also gained the AOA/DOA estimation by using the same MPM method to parameters received by antenna array in frequency domain. Finally, the location within 2-D plane could be acquired by joining the TOA estimate and AOA estimate. Because of the correlation between the carriers and the impact of coherent multipath, the AOA estimation RMSE was much bigger than TOA's. So, it added the different weights to each path's amplitude in order to strengthen the FAP amplitude and decrease the other paths' amplitude, to lower the impact on the follow AOA estimation process. Simulations presented here employ the OFDM signal to illustrate the efficiency of the proposed algorithms. The results show that restrain to non-FAP amplitude can improve RMSE performance and unbiasedness of the AOA estimation, also, can improve the whole positioning process' accuracy significantly.
New classifier ensemble method based on rough set attribute reduction

YANG Chuan-zhen,ZHU Yu-quan,CHEN Geng,

计算机应用研究 , 2012,
Abstract: To improve the accuracy of multiple classifier system, this paper proposed an classifier ensemble method MCS_ARS. This method used rough set attribute reduction and data partition to obtain a number of features subset and data subset to train base classifier, then it used the similarity of the classification results to get the results of validation set and got the final classification results of validation set by majority voting. Experiment results on UCI data sets show that compared to classical ensemble methods, MCS_ARS has higher classification accuracy and stability.
Polymorphic Study of FecXG, FecGH and FecB Mutations in Four Domestic Sheep Breeds in the Lower Yellow River Valley of China
Chuan-Sheng Zhang,Li-Ying Geng,Li-Xin DU,Zheng-Zhu Liu,Zhi-Xin Fu,Min-Shan Feng,Yuan-Fang Gong
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/javaa.2011.2198.2201
Abstract: Genetic mutations with major effects on ovulation rate in sheep were recently identified in two genes of the Transforming Growth Factor (TGFβ) superfamily and a TGFβ receptor, namely BMP15, GDF9 and BMPRIB. The FecXG, FecGH and FecB were performed to screen four sheep breeds (small tailed Han, Wadi, big tailed Han and Shandi sheep) distributed along the lower Yellow river valley of China by forced PCR-RFLP method if these genes are responsible for their high prolificacies. The FecB mutation was found in small tailed Han and Wadi sheep but absent in big tailed Han and Shandi sheep. The 154 small tailed Han sheep included all three genotypes (FecB/FecB, FecB/Fec+ and Fec+/Fec+) at frequencies of 0.54, 0.40 and 0.06, respectively whereas the samples of 30 Wadi sheep were only detected two genotypes, 4 were heterozygous FecB/Fec+ and 26 Fec+/Fec+. The frequency of the FecB allele in small tailed Han and Wadi sheep were 0.74 and 0.07, respectively. Results indicated that the FecB mutation is not fixed in two sheep population. The same FecXG mutation of the BMP-15 gene was only found in small tailed Han ewes as in Belclare and Cambridge ewes, frequencies of genotypes FecXG+, FecX ++ and FecXGG were 0.70, 0.27 and 0.03, respectively. There was no evidence of FecGH in any of the breeds sampled. The discovery of the FecB mutation in small tailed Han sheep and Wadi sheep will facilitate the use of FecB allele in improving the prolificacy of non-prolific sheep breeds of China.
The AB equations and the $\bar\partial$-dressing method in semi-characteristic coordinates
Junyi Zhu,Xianguo Geng
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1007/s11040-014-9140-y
Abstract: The dressing method based on the $2\times2$ matrix $\bar\partial$-problem is generalized to study the canonical form of AB equations. The soliton solutions for the AB equations are given by virtue of the properties of Cauchy matrix. Asymptotic behaviors of the $N$-soliton solution are discussed.
Derivation and Characteristics of ES-Like Cells in Chicken Fetal Ovarian
Chuan-Sheng Zhang,Li-Ying Geng,Chun-Guang Yin,D.U. Li-Xin,Zheng-Zhu Liu,Zhi-Xin Fu,Shen Ping,Chen Juan,Qing-Hui Jia,Xie-Rong Liu
Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.3923/javaa.2011.241.245
Abstract: In the present study, the ES-like cells were derived from chicken fetal ovarian. These cells exhibit features similar to those of chicken EG cells such as typical bird nest morphology, strong reactivity toward periodic acid-Schiff and alkaline phosphatase staining. They could be maintained for more than a month on STO feeder in vitro, expressed the pluripotent markers such as stage specific embryonic antigen-1, stage-specific embryonic antigen-4, tumor rejection antigen-1-60 and tumor rejection antigen-1-81. Furthermore, the ES-like cells could form embryoid bodies and differentiate to several kinds of cells in vitro. Their easy accessibility makes these cells an attractive alternative to chicken ES cells for future functional and genomic studies and comparison with other stem cells.
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