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Star Formation Properties in Barred Galaxies(SFB). I. Ultraviolet-to-Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopic Studies of NGC 7479
Zhi-Min Zhou,Chen Cao,Xian-Min Meng,Hong Wu
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1088/0004-6256/142/2/38
Abstract: Large-scale bars and minor mergers are important drivers for the secular evolution of galaxies. Based on ground-based optical images and spectra as well as ultraviolet data from the Galaxy Evolution Explorer and infrared data from the Spitzer Space Telescope, we present a multi-wavelength study of star formation properties in the barred galaxy NGC 7479, which also has obvious features of a minor merger. Using various tracers of star formation, we find that under the effects of both a stellar bar and a minor merger, star formation activity mainly takes place along the galactic bar and arms, while the star formation rate changes from the bar to the disk. With the help of spectral synthesis, we find that strong star formation took place in the bar region about 100 Myr ago, and the stellar bar might have been $\sim$10 Gyr old. By comparing our results with the secular evolutionary scenario from Jogee et al., we suggest that NGC 7479 is possibly in a transitional stage of secular evolution at present, and it may eventually become an earlier type galaxy or a luminous infrared galaxy. We also note that the probable minor merger event happened recently in NGC 7479, and we find two candidates for minor merger remnants.
Lack of Association of SULT1A1 R213H Polymorphism with Colorectal Cancer: A Meta-Analysis
Chun Zhang,Jian-Ping Li,Guo-Qiang Lv,Xian-Min Yu,Yuan-Long Gu,Ping Zhou
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0019127
Abstract: A number of case-control studies were conducted to investigate the association of SULT1A1 R213H polymorphisms with colorectal cancer (CRC) in humans. But the results were not always consistent. We performed a meta-analysis to examine the association between the SULT1A1 R213H polymorphism and CRC.
Experimental Quantum Error-Free Transmission
Xian-Min Jin,Zhen-Huan Yi,Bin Yang,Fei Zhou,Tao Yang,Cheng-Zhi Peng
Physics , 2010,
Abstract: Error-free transmission (EFT) of quantum information is a crucial ingredient in quantum communication network. To overcome the unavoidable decoherence in noisy channel, to date, many efforts have focused on faithfully transmitting one state by consuming large numbers of synchronized ancillary states. However, huge demands of quantum resources are hard to meet with current technology, thus restrict practical applications. Here we propose and demonstrate an economical method of reliably transmitting quantum information. An arbitrary unknown quantum state is converted into time bins deterministically in terms of its own polarization using a modified Franson interferometer. Any arisen noise in channel will induce an associated error to the reference frame of the time bins, which can be utilized to reject errors and recover the initial state. By virtue of state-independent feature, our method can be applied to entanglement distribution. After passing through 0.8 km randomly twisted optical fiber, the entanglement still survives and is verified. Our approach significantly simplifies the implementation of quantum EFT and enables a general quantum state even entanglement to be protected by feedback, thus can be used as a basic building block in practical long-distance quantum communication network.
Effect of Cathode Electrode and Cation Exchange Membrane Areas on Electricity Production of H-type MFCs

LIU Bai-cang,YAO Xue,ZHOU Xian-min,WU Xiao-chao,

环境科学 , 2011,
Abstract: 以生活污水为底物,碳棒作电极,构建H型瓶式微生物燃料电池(microbial fuel cells,MFCs),研究了阴极电极面积和膜面积对电池产电能力的影响.阳极以厌氧污泥作接种体,两室分隔物使用阳离子交换膜(cation exchange membrane,CEM),阳极不使用中介体,阴极使用无催化剂的普通碳电极.采用几种不同的阴极面积和阳离子交换膜面积,以最大功率密度和内阻等作为比较参数,比较其产电性能.结果表明:① 阴极电极面积较小时,功率密度随其增加而增大,内阻随其增加而减小,但两者的变化幅度均逐渐减小;当两者达到极值后,随着阴极电极面积的增加,功率密度值逐渐减小,内阻增大;当阴极电极面积为71.55 cm2时,最大功率密度达到最大值为27.36 mW/m2,内阻达到最小值为1.84 kΩ; ② CEM面积小于阳极电极面积时,CEM尺寸是MFCs产电能力提高的限制性因素,增大CEM面积可以显著提高MFCs功率输出,降低系统内阻,电池产电性能最优的条件是CEM面积(9.62 cm2)与阳极电极面积(8.42 cm2)相当,得到的最大功率密度为46.1 mW/m2,内阻为1.01 kΩ.
The role of intracellular sodium (Na+) in the regulation of calcium (Ca2+)-mediated signaling and toxicity  [PDF]
Xian-Min Yu, Bradley R. Groveman, Xiao-Qian Fang, Shuang-Xiu Lin
Health (Health) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/health.2010.21002
Abstract: It is known that activated N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDARs) are a major route of ex-cessive calcium ion (Ca2+) entry in central neu-rons, which may activate degradative processes and thereby cause cell death. Therefore, NMD- ARs are now recognized to play a key role in the development of many diseases associated with injuries to the central nervous system (CNS). However, it remains a mystery how NMDAR ac-tivity is recruited in the cellular processes leading to excitotoxicity and how NMDAR activ-ity can be controlled at a physiological level. The sodium ion (Na+) is the major cation in ex-tracellular space. With its entry into the cell, Na+ can act as a critical intracellular second mes-senger that regulates many cellular functions. Recent data have shown that intracellular Na+ can be an important signaling factor underlying the up-regulation of NMDARs. While Ca2+ influx during the activation of NMDARs down-regu-lates NMDAR activity, Na+ influx provides an essential positive feedback mechanism to over- come Ca2+-induced inhibition and thereby po-tentiate both NMDAR activity and inward Ca2+ flow. Extensive investigations have been con-ducted to clarify mechanisms underlying Ca2+- mediated signaling. This review focuses on the roles of Na+ in the regulation of Ca2+-mediated NMDAR signaling and toxicity.
Underwater Sensor Networks Localization Based on Polyhedron Centroid Algorithm

WEI Xian-min,

计算机科学 , 2012,
Abstract: In order to overcome the poor localization accuracy of both distance-based underwater localization algorithm and distance-independent underwater localization algorithm at present, this paper proposed a distance-independent polyhedron centroid algorithm with the optimization measures of adaptive network density, iterative location and relocation,periodically updating and forecasting, and simulation results show that not only the performance of polyhedron centroid localization algorithm is much better than ALS algorithm, and the localization accuracy can be significantly improved,but also this new localization algorithm reduces localization costs. Finally, it pointed out future research issues and trends of underwater localization algorithm.
Research on Improved FCC Algorithm in Network and Information Security

WEI Xian-min,

计算机科学 , 2013,
Abstract: Network information security suffers many network threats, the existing encryption algorithm has been unable to meet the needs of network and information security problems. I}his paper proposed an improved ECC algorithm based on network information security, and the algorithm is based on the original ECC algorithm and makes its dot product operation optimization and square residual determination, optimization and transformation of the private key update to improve the original operational efficiency and safety performance of the ECC algorithm. The experiments show that the ECC algorithm based on network information security has significant improvements in safety performance than the RSA algorithm as well as the original ECC algorithms, and the program is effective.
Authorized Exploitation of Multi Secretes in Remote Sensing Image

WANG Xian-min,WANG Cheng,ZHOU Jian-zhong,ZHANG Yong-chuan,GUAN Ze-qun,

中国图象图形学报 , 2007,
Abstract: In this paper,we illuminated that general image hiding algorithms don't adapt to remote sensing image,developed the connotation of information hiding and proposed a technique for authorized exploitation of multi secretes in remote sensing image,namely hiding to different degrees the multi secretes in a remote sensing image according to users' different authorizations.In the paper we also proposed a wavelet information hiding algorithm suitable for a remote sensing image,which is a practical blind information hiding algorithm adapting to characters of a remote sensing image and based on HVS(human visual system) character.The algorithm has the advantages of strong transparency,large information hiding amount,exact extraction results of secrete information,good conservation of textural and spectral features of the secrete ground object,vivid resumption of the remote sensing image and strong robustness against noise-adding and JPEG lossy compression.Furthermore the algorithm has no influence on the applied value of a remote sensing image.
Two Novel Lanostane Triterpenoids from Ganoderma Sinense
Yin Qiao,Xian-min Zhang,Ming-hua Qiu
Molecules , 2007, DOI: 10.3390/12082038
Abstract: Two novel lanostane-type triterpenes, Ganolactone B and Ganoderiol A triacetate, were isolated from the fruiting bodies of G. sinense, together with six known compounds. The structures of the two new triterpenes were determined as 3β,7β- dihydroxy-11,15-dioxo-lanosta-8-en-24→20 lactone (1) and 3β,24,26-triacetoxy-5α-lanosta-7,9(11)-dien-25-ol (2), respectively, by chemical and spectroscopic means.
The Deposit, Characteristic and Exploitation Strategy of Peat Resources in China

MENG Xian-min,

自然资源学报 , 2006,
Abstract: From the point of view of resources process of peatlands and peat resource-environment-economic system,the attribute and characteristic of peat resources of China were analyzed and the relationship among peat resource,economy and society was investigated in this paper. Of the 4.6 billion tons(oven weight) of peat resources in China,most of them are concen-trated in 10 provinces such as Sichun,Gansu,Heilongjiang,Jilin et al.,accounting for 92% of the country's total amount.The peat resources in other provinces are poor with low quality,some peat resources are covered by soil layer,so it is difficult to exploit.Besides,98% of peat in China is eutrophic in nature with dominant herbaceous plant species.As peat in China is characterized by moderate organic content,high humic acid,moderate decomposition and weak acidity,most of it can only be used in agriculture. According to the deposition,quality and exploitation condition of peat resources in China,the standard of peatlands conservation and utilization should be developed,governmental support and guideline should be given to this newly rise peat industry,exploitation of high technical peat product should be enhanced,utilization efficiency and technical value should be improved,the depletion of peat resource should be slowed down,exploitation and conservation of peat resources should be laid equal stress on,so that coordinated development of resource exploitation,social progress and environmental protection could be promoted.
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