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Survey and Thought of Financial Management and Education in High School Students in Nanjing  [PDF]
Weiyi Su, Mengting Deng
Creative Education (CE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2012.32036
Abstract: There is a need to improve the financial management ability of high school students in China. This paper carries on a questionnaire survey among some high school students in Nanjing, then analyzes and sumarizes the survey data in order to know the students’ consumption psychology, financial management consciousness and financial education situation. The initial findings reveal that there is limited knowledge of the concept of financial management in high school students. This is reflected in the ability of independent living of high school students being improved. So, this paper has some specific suggestions, e.g. financial institutions and social should provide a wide variety of financial products which are suitable for high school students, and set up education bank so as to keep the sustainable development of education cause. Schools may establish parents committee in order to strengthen the relations between parents and schools, complete the quality-oriented education including financial education.
Transcriptome Analysis of Integument Differentially Expressed Genes in the Pigment Mutant (quail) during Molting of Silkworm, Bombyx mori
Hongyi Nie, Chun Liu, Tingcai Cheng, Qiongyan Li, Yuqian Wu, Mengting Zhou, Yinxia Zhang, Qingyou Xia
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0094185
Abstract: In the silkworm Bombyx mori, pigment mutants with diverse body colors have been maintained throughout domestication for about 5000 years. The silkworm larval body color is formed through the mutual interaction of melanin, ommochromes, pteridines and uric acid. These pigments/compounds are synthesized by the cooperative action of various genes and enzymes. Previous reports showed that melanin, ommochrome and pteridine are increased in silkworm quail (q) mutants. To understand the pigment increase and alterations in pigment synthesis in q mutant, transcriptome profiles of the silkworm integument were investigated at 16 h after head capsule slippage in the fourth molt in q mutants and wild-type (Dazao). Compared to the wild-type, 1161 genes were differentially expressed in the q mutant. Of these modulated genes, 62.4% (725 genes) were upregulated and 37.6% (436 genes) were downregulated in the q mutant. The molecular function of differently expressed genes was analyzed by Blast2GO. The results showed that upregulated genes were mainly involved in protein binding, small molecule binding, transferase activity, nucleic acid binding, specific DNA-binding transcription factor activity and chromatin binding, while exclusively down-expressed genes functioned in oxidoreductase activity, cofactor binding, tetrapyrrole binding, peroxidase activity and pigment binding. We focused on genes related to melanin, pteridine and ommochrome biosynthesis; transport of uric acid; and juvenile hormone metabolism because of their importance in integument coloration during molting. This study identified differently expressed genes implicated in silkworm integument formation and pigmentation using silkworm q mutant. The results estimated the number and types of genes that drive new integument formation.
Technology of Extracting Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil with Ultrasonic-Assisted Enzyme and Response Surface Method  [PDF]
Zhi Zhang, Mengting Pan, Dongmin Liu
Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/fns.2016.79081
Abstract: Taken kiwi fruit as raw material, this paper extracted kiwi fruit seed oil with ultrasonic-assisted enzyme, researched the influence of factors such as liquid-to-solid ratio, granularity, type of enzyme, ultrasonic power, treating time, enzymolysis temperature, enzymolysis time, pH and enzyme additive on oil extraction, and optimized the extracting technology of kiwi fruit seed oil with response surface method. The result shows that the best technical parameter is: material granularity: 60, liquid-to-solid ratio: 1:10 (g/mL), ultrasonic power: 400 W, treating time: 30 min, enzyme amount: 2.50%, pH: 9.2, enzymolysis temperature: 53°C, enzymolysis time: 2.80 h; and the extracting ratio under such condition is 92.57%.
Preparation of Microcapsules and Half Life of the Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil by Complex Coacervation  [PDF]
Zhi Zhang, Mengting Pan, Dongmin Liu
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2017.82015
Abstract: The experiment adopts complex coacervation to prepare microcapsules. Through the experimental comparison, soybean protein isolated-maltodextrin is determined as the wall material for the experimental preparation of the microcapsules of kiwi fruit seed oil. This paper researched the effects of wall material concentration, core wall ratio and other factors on complex coacervation of kiwi fruit seed oil microcapsules embedding rate, determining that the best wall material concentration is 1%, core wall ratio is 1:1, and the optimum pH ratio is 3.0, temperature is 40°C, and the optimum curing time is 6 hours. The experiment carried out half life research on the microcapsules prepared by the complex coacervation of kiwi fruit seed oil microcapsule. By calculation: the degradation rate constant of kiwi fruit seed oil microcapsules prepared by complex coacervation is 2.793. According to the regression equation it can calculate the half life of kiwi fruit seed oil microcapsules is 18.58 months, about a year and a half.

YAN Mengting
, AN Junshe

- , 2015, DOI: 10.11887/j.cn.201501009
Abstract: 为满足航天大容量存储系统对高速存储及数据完整的需求,实现了一个基于NAND型内存的高性能控制器,提出了一种实现于NAND型内存芯片内部的流水编程机制,以及一种可以保证数据无缝连接的坏块处理机制。介绍了存储控制器的各个模块设计,并分析了不同情况编程机制所需的时间计算方法,建立仿真模型,利用蒙特卡洛方法仿真并讨论了流水编程机制的性能优化效果。在实际硬件平台验证了流水编程机制和坏块处理机制,结果表明该大容量存储系统的存储速率可达100MB/s,读取数据与存入数据保持一致,数据无乱序无丢失。
Aiming at requirement of high speed and complete of data in space storage system, the design of a high performance NAND Flash controller is present. It concludes a pipelining-programming inside of NAND Flash chip and a non-missing invalid block method. The storage implementation is present. The calculation of storage time in different situation is discussed. The simulation modules are present and the impact of pipelining programming is simulated and discussed using Monte Carlo method. Practical application proves the pipelining programming and non missing invalid block method. The operation frequency of storage system achieves to 100MB/s, ensuring accuracy, completeness and continuity of data.
Silencing of OsERF7 enhances the resistance of rice to the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens and the white-backed planthopper Sogatella furcifera

陈梦婷,周书行,张月白,杨丽娟,吕静,娄永根,Chen Mengting,Zhou Shuxing,Zhang Yuebai,Yang Lijuan,Lü Jing,Lou Yonggen
- , 2018, DOI: 10.13802/j.cnki.zwbhxb.2018.2018928
Abstract: 为了解植物中特有的转录因子乙烯响应因子(ethylene responsive factor,ERF)在植物诱导抗虫反应中的作用,通过克隆1个水稻ERF转录因子基因OsERF7,并结合分子生物学、反向遗传学及生物测定,探究其在水稻防御褐飞虱Nilaparvata lugens和白背飞虱Sogatella furcifera为害过程中的作用。结果显示,机械损伤处理与褐飞虱产卵雌成虫为害均能在中后期诱导OsERF7的表达。沉默OsERF7能显著降低水稻上褐飞虱及白背飞虱卵的孵化率,并延长褐飞虱卵的发育历期;与野生型水稻相比,褐飞虱和白背飞虱在沉默突变体品系R1和R30上的卵孵化率分别只有野生型水稻上的62.5%~68.3%和68.0%~76.0%,褐飞虱卵的发育历期则延长0.37~0.45 d。沉默OsERF7不影响褐飞虱产卵雌成虫为害诱导的水稻防御相关信号分子—茉莉酸(JA)、水杨酸(SA)、乙烯(ET)和过氧化氢(H2O2)的含量。表明转录因子OsERF7作用于防御相关信号途径的下游,并且负调控水稻对褐飞虱和白背飞虱的抗性。
A kind of plant-specific transcription factors in herbivore-induced plant defenses and a rice ERF gene of OsERF7 was cloned to clarify the role of the ethylene responsive factors (ERFs), and its functions in the resistance of rice to Nilaparvata lugens (rice brown planthopper, BPH) and Sogatella furcifera (white-backed planthopper, WBPH) were explored by combining molecular biology, reverse genetics and bioassays. The results showed that the expression of OsERF7 was induced by mechanical damage and by infestation of gravid BPH females at middle and late stages. Silencing OsERF7 significantly reduced hatching rates of eggs of BPH and WBPH:the hatching rates of BPH and WBPH eggs in lines silencing OsERF7 were 62.5%-68.3% and 68.0%-76.0% of those in wide-type plants. Moreover, silencing OsERF7 also prolonged the developmental duration of BPH eggs by 0.37-0.45 d. Compared to wild-type rice, silencing OsERF7 couldn't affect gravid BPH female-elicited levels of jasmonic acid (JA), salicylic acid (SA), ethylene (ET) and H2O2. The results indicated that OsERF7 functions downstream of defense-related signaling pathways, and negatively regulates the resistance of rice to BPH and WBPH.
Ultrastructure changes of mice liver induced by nodularin

YE Binhui,ZHOU Mengting,HUANG Liming,CAI Chenchen,SHOU Xiaolu,HAN Li,JIA Xiuying,ZHANG Hangjun,

环境科学学报 , 2013,
Abstract: 作为新型生物毒素,节球藻毒素(NOD)常见于爆发水华的水体中,是泡沫节球藻分泌的具有高肝毒性的次生代谢产物.由于其毒性高、暴露途径广且不易降解而日趋受到人们的重视.为了阐明NOD的肝毒性机理,本研究以模式生物小鼠为载体,研究亚慢性NOD诱导下小鼠肝脏在形态学、病理学上的微结构变化.结果表明,10 μg·kg-1·d-1 NOD下暴露21 d可诱导小鼠肝脏出现"草莓状表面"的肉眼可见的形态学改变.在H&E染色下,观察到在NOD暴露21 d可诱导小鼠肝脏出现微小结节、细胞嗜酸性病变、炎症细胞浸润、慢性淤胆及脂肪病变等病理学现象.当暴露时间延长到28 d时,嗜酸性病变恶化并出现嗜酸小体.在TEM观察下,小鼠肝细胞在NOD的诱导下出现肝细胞核皱缩、染色质凝集或边集、线粒体嵴横纹加深及分布散乱、内质网肿胀、核糖体脱粒等现象,并且在胞质中多有观察到微泡性脂肪变性及吞噬小泡.上述变化充分说明,在亚慢性暴露条件下,NOD依然具有强烈肝毒性.引起NOD慢性肝中毒的主要原因是肝细胞嗜酸性病变及炎症的诱发,并在暴露时间延长后进一步恶化,肝板结构破坏更加严重.
Removal of Emulsified Oil from Water by Fruiting Bodies of Macro-Fungus (Auricularia polytricha)
Xunan Yang, Mengting Guo, Yinghai Wu, Qunhe Wu, Renduo Zhang
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0095162
Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the feasibility of utilizing the fruiting bodies of a jelly macro-fungus Auricularia polytricha as adsorbents to remove emulsified oil from water. The effects of several factors, including temperature, initial pH, agitation speed, and adsorbent dosage, were taken into account. Results showed that the optimized conditions for adsorption of A. polytricha were a temperature of 35°C, pH of 7.5, and agitation speed of 100 rpm. The adsorption kinetics were characterized by the pseudo-first order model, which showed the adsorption to be a fast physical process. The Langmuir-Freundlich isotherm described the adsorption very well and predicted the maximum adsorption capacity of 398 mg g?1, under optimized conditions. As illustrated by scanning electron micrographs, the oil particles were adsorbed onto the hairs covering the bottom surface and could be desorbed by normal temperature volatilization. The material could be used as an emulsified oil adsorbent at least three times, retaining more than 95% of the maximum adsorption capacity. The results demonstrated that the fruiting bodies of A. polytricha can be a useful adsorbent to remove emulsified oil from water.
闫梦婷, 安军社, 龚泉铭,
YAN Mengting
, AN Junshe, GONG Quanming

- , 2017, DOI: 10.11887/j.cn.201701014
Abstract: 基于双路由单元研究了SpaceWire总线的性能评价体系。研究中给出双路由单元的定义,推导基于双路由单元的路由系统的数据传输时间和资源耗费的计算方法;推导基于双路由单元的多路由拓扑系统的性能评价体系;采用蒙特卡洛模拟的方法建立双路由单元系统的模拟平台,仿真计算路由单元在不同接口配置情况下的性能。研究结果表明:基于双路由单元的传输时间和资源耗费指标能够评价SpaceWire总线的性能;在不同接口配置时,存在一种最佳的配置方式使系统的性能达到最优。
The performance evaluation system of SpaceWire bus based on dual-route unit was studied. The definition of dual-route unit was given and the computation method of data transmission time and resource consumption of the route system based on dual-route unit was derived during the study. The performance evaluation system of multi-route topological system based on dual-route unit was derived; the simulation platform of dual-route unit system was built by using the Monte-Carlo method, and the performances of route unit with different interface configurations were simulated. Study results show that the performance of SpaceWire bus can be evaluated through using the transmission time and resource consumption indexes based on dual-route units, and also that an aimed configuration exists such that the system performance can be optimized to the best when different interface configurations are considered.
Selection of numerical approaches to calculate the high-speed rotating flow field within a cyclone separator

Jiang Mengting,Wang Bo,Chen Yanxin,Xu Delong,

环境工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 数值计算方法已成为研究旋风分离器内部流场的重要途径。利用计算流体力学方法对旋风分离器内部气相流场进行了数值模拟研究。分析了不同湍流模型、离散化方式和压力插值方式对旋风分离器内部计算流场的影响,并将所得数值结果与已知的实验数据进行了对比,以期得到最适合的数值模型。结果表明:对于旋风分离器内部复杂流场的流动,运用雷诺应力模型(Low-Re Stress-Omega)能够较好地预测出强制涡中心涡流的运动情况,同时采用SIMPLEC算法、二阶迎风离散化方式和PRESTO压力梯度插补格式能够获得最好的预报结果。
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