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Eco-value level assessment of broad-leaved Korean pine forest in Changbai Mountain

ZHENG Jing-Ming,

生态学报 , 2004,
Abstract: In few past years, scientists have greatly focused on various ecosystem services forests provided. Several cases have been investigated and numerous evaluation methods set up. The eco-value level (EVL) refers to the relative amount of services resulted from the management of a given ecosystem. The resulting calculated value represents a good indication on the difference between services generated from diverse ecosystem components. Variations in ecosystem conditions and in study purposes have given rise to m...
Seamless Multi-Projector Displays Using Nonlinear Edge Blending  [PDF]
Ren Chen, Jing-Ming Xue, Minting He
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/am.2018.96053
The seamless tiled display is an effective realization for the wide field and high-resolution display of media; the technology of edge blending is the core of seamless tiled display system and is also the hot-spot of Digital Light Process (DLP). The paper introduces the technique of edge blending process and puts forward the improved algorithm of edge blending in order to eliminate the edge of the light generated regional integration and achieve seamless connection. The algorithm is the modification of existing fusion algorithm that using two addition parameters p and a, and finally adds Gamma operator to further correction of the pixel brightness. Experimental results show that, the proposed algorithm effectively eliminates the light generated by the edge of the integration region and the image has good transitions, the proposed algorithm reduces the output of the projector color differences by the value of SNR.
Structural diversity of broadleaved-Korean pine forest in Changbai Mountain

ZHENG Jing-Ming,LUO Ju-Chun Laboratory of Quantitative Vegetation Ecology,

生物多样性 , 2003,
Abstract: 在林业可持续发展的背景下,对森林实施生态系统管理,必须保护和维持森林的生物多样性。这就要求在森林调查和经营过程中增加林分结构多样性方面的内容,因此必须充分认识森林结构包括的内容,并研究制订简便实用的结构多样性指标。本文采用目测分层盖度结合无样地点四分法取样进行林分结构因子调查,设计了一套简便的林分结构指标体系,并对长白山红松阔叶混交林及其次生林进行了林分结构多样性的测定研究。结果表明:基于分层盖度构建的林分垂直多样性指数和水平结构异质性指数,可以较好地表示林分的基本结构特征,同时借助点四分法测定的物种多样性指数和对倒木、站干、林隙等的统计,可以较全面地描述阔叶红松林的林分结构因素。应用该方法测定不同的原始林样地的林分结构,得到的林分结构指标与其他林分结构因素的描述,同常规林学调查结论一致并更全面;同时对不同采伐方式的林分结构进行了测定,结合相应的常规指标测定对比,表明该结构指数不但能较好地表示群落的空间结构特征,同时也能对比不同经营方式对林分结构造成的影响,如择伐方式比皆伐方式对林分的结构影响相对较小而且结构恢复时间较短,从而说明对阔叶红松林这种复层异龄混交林的森林类型而言,择伐是一种更适合的通过结构调控进行生态系统管理的方式。在对生态系统进行经营管理过程中,采用该方法能有效地说明林分的垂直结构复杂性和水平结构异质性及重要的林分结构因子存在状况,因而更适合当前森林生态系统管理的要求。文章进一步分析了林分结构指标待改进的部分与研究方向。
Plant Species Diversity and Its Seasonal Dynamics in Woodland Invaded by Solidago canadensis (Asteraceae)

GUO Xiao-Hui,REN Ming-Xun,DING Jian-Qing,ZHENG Jing-Ming,

植物科学学报 , 2011,
Abstract: The effects of invasion by Solidago canadensis on plant species diversity in semi-natural woodland were studied.Results showed that plant diversity of the woodland decreased with severe invasion by S.canadensis.No significant differences were found between the control plot and the spreading plot(where the coverage of S.canadensis was less than 40%);nevertheless,Simpson index,Shannon-Wiener index,and evenness index of the control plot and spreading plot were higher than the invaded plot(where the coverage of...
Sequence Comparison of Mitochondrial COI Gene between Two Species of Macrophthalmid Crabs

XU Jing-ming,

水生态学杂志 , 2010,
Abstract: 测定了宽身大眼蟹(Macrophthalmus dilatatum)和日本大眼蟹(M. japonicus)线粒体细胞色素氧化酶I亚基(COI)基因片段的序列, 其长度均为658bp, A、T、G、C的含量宽身大眼蟹为27.4%、30.9%、17.3%、24.4%,日本大眼蟹为25.8%、32.0%、17.4%、24.7%.宽身大眼蟹只有1种单倍型,日本大眼蟹出现2种单倍型,2种间有123(124)个变异位点,核苷酸差异率为18.69%(18.85%),其中转换68(69)处,颠换55(55)处,转换与颠换比约为1.2(1.3);种间差异远大于种内个体间差异(0.61%).2种大眼蟹的AT(57.9%)含量明显高于GC含量, 与其他蟹类COI基因研究结果相似.系统发生树的拓扑结构支持大眼蟹科与弓蟹科亲缘关系相对较近,二者为姊妹群关系.
Molecular phylogeny of grapsoid crabs(Crustacea,Decapoda) based on partial sequences of mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene from China
中国沿海10 种方蟹16S rRNA 基因序列分析及系统发育研究

XU Jing-ming,

海洋科学 , 2010,
Abstract: 中国沿海10 种方蟹线粒体16S rRNA 基因部分片段的序列长度为517 bp~533 bp。它们的核苷酸序列A、T、G、C 的含量相似, A+T 的含量(69.8%~76.0%)明显高于G+C 的含量; 10 种方蟹的16SrRNA 基因序列比对获得541 bp 的同源序列(含插入/缺失位点), 除插入/缺失位点外共检测到146 个变异位点, 其中81 个为简约信息位点。4 种厚蟹与2 种近方蟹的遗传距离(0.054~0.085)都显著小于与其他方蟹之间的遗传距离, 甚至明显小于与4 种厚蟹原本属于同一相手蟹科的2 种相手蟹之间的遗传距离(0.105~0.155); 而基于16S rRNA 基因片段序列采用NJ 法构建的系统进化树的拓扑结构也显示, 原本属于相手蟹科的侧足厚蟹、天津厚蟹、日本仿厚蟹和伍氏仿厚蟹没有与2 种相手蟹聚为一支, 而是最终与属于弓蟹科的2 种近方蟹聚为一大支, 且有高达99%的支持率。结果表明, 4 种厚蟹与2 种近方蟹的亲缘关系相对较近, 而与2 种相手蟹等其他方蟹的亲缘关系则相对较远。因此, 研究结果支持将4种厚蟹从相手蟹科移到弓蟹科。此外, 属于相手蟹科的2 种相手蟹聚为一支, 属于方蟹科的白纹方蟹和属于斜纹蟹科的瘤突斜纹蟹又各自成为一支; 表明16S rRNA 基因的分子数据支持其形态学分类结果的正确性, 提示上述4 科蟹类可能分别为单系。
Dot-Diffused Halftoning with Improved Homogeneity
Yun-Fu Liu,Jing-Ming Guo
Computer Science , 2015, DOI: 10.1109/TIP.2015.2470599
Abstract: Compared to the error diffusion, dot diffusion provides an additional pixel-level parallelism for digital halftoning. However, even though its periodic and blocking artifacts had been eased by previous works, it was still far from satisfactory in terms of the blue noise spectrum perspective. In this work, we strengthen the relationship among the pixel locations of the same processing order by an iterative halftoning method, and the results demonstrate a significant improvement. Moreover, a new approach of deriving the averaged power spectrum density (APSD) is proposed to avoid the regular sampling of the well-known Bartlett's procedure which inaccurately presents the halftone periodicity of certain halftoning techniques with parallelism. As a result, the proposed dot diffusion is substantially superior to the state-of-the-art parallel halftoning methods in terms of visual quality and artifact-free property, and competitive runtime to the theoretical fastest ordered dithering is offered simultaneously.
Effect of PMMA Pore Former on Hydrogen Production Performance of Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cells
YU Bo, ZHANG Wen-Qiang, LIANG Ming-De, ZHANG Ping, XU Jing-Ming
无机材料学报 , 2011, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2011.00807
Abstract: To reduce the diffusion resistance, improve the energy efficiency and extend the life of solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOEC), the porosity and microstructure optimization of SOEC cathode support layer were studied. Polymethyl methacrylate(PMMA)was added into the cathode as an alternative of starch for pore formation. The experimental results show that the porosity of cathode reaches 45% with conductivity of 6726 S/cm when the PMMA content is 10wt%. The round micro―pores formed by PMMA are well distributed with an average diameter of about 10 μm, which not only significantly reduce the gas diffusion resistance and increase the mechanical strength of cathode materials, but also improve largely the electrolysis efficiency, stability and hydrogen production performance of the SOEC. After the microstructure modification and optimization of cathode layer, the hydrogen production rate of SOEC using PMMA pore former can reach 175mL/(cm2·h), which is 1.5 times of the hydrogen production rate of starch. Also their steam diffusion resistance reduce 50% at 850 and 1.3V electrolysis voltage, which indicates that PMMA is a very promising candidate for the application of SOEC technology.
A Distributed Computing Model Based on Java Virtual Machine

QI De-Yu,XIE Jing-Ming,

计算机科学 , 2007,
Abstract: It is difficult to improve the performance of a single java virtual machine. Some key technologies on distributed java virtual machine are analyzed firstly. Then a distributed java virtual machine model based on spaces is proposed to solve the above problem, which separates data from executable codes. Jobs are scheduled to resources in asynchronous mode and executed by dynamically loading classes,which implement the single system image in a distributed computing environment.
Research of fractal image compress based on improving Mallat arithmetic

LI Feng,XUE Jing-ming,

计算机应用研究 , 2009,
Abstract: According to the implement condition of the fractal compression algorithm, because its existing binary wavelet redundancy of information still existed, the paper gave a point that fractal image compress based on Mallat arithmetic. MATLAB experiments show that the improved Mallat algorithm can strengthen the image compression ratio and image quality.
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