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Transport of Copper(II) Ion in Supported Liquid Membrane

ZHENG Hui-dong,WU Yan-xiang,XUE Hang-yan,REN Qi-long,

过程工程学报 , 2009,
Abstract: Transport of Cu2+ through supported liquid membrane(SLM) using Celgard 2500 as support and LIX984 dissolved in kerosene as carrier was studied.Based on double membrane theory, a transport rate model was used to describe the transport process under steady state.When the acid concentration in stripping solution was over 2 mol/L, the mass transfer resistance of stripping side could be neglected.The variation of separated mass transfer coefficient, km, in the membrane could be used to describe the degradation o...
Diaquabis(5-carboxy-1H-pyrazole-3-carboxylato-κ2N2,O3)cobalt(II) dihydrate
Hui-Dong Xie,Li Jin,Cheng-Zhi Xie
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2009, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536809029456
Abstract: In the title complex, [Co(C5H3N2O4)2(H2O)2]·2H2O, the CoII ion lies on an inversion center and is coordinated in a distorted octahedral environment. In the crystal structure, complex and water molecules are linked into a three-dimensional network by O—H...O and N—H...O hydrogen bonds.
Diagnosis of VHF plasmas with optical emission spectroscopy

Yang Hui-Dong,Wu Chun-Y,Li Hong-Bo,Mai Yao-Hu,Zhu Feng,Zhou Zhen-Hu,Zhao Ying,Geng Xin-Hua,Xiong Shao-Zheng,

物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 采用光发射谱(OES)测量技术,对不同制备条件下的甚高频(VHF)等离子体辉光进行了在线监 测.实验表明,VHF等离子体中特征发光峰(Si,SiH,Hα,H*β 等)的强度较常规的射 频(RF)等离子体明显增强,并且在制备μc-Si:H的工艺条件下(H稀释度R(H2/S iH4)=23 ),随激发频率的增加而增大,这些发光峰的变化趋势与材料沉积速率的变化规律较相似.Si H峰等的强度随气压的变化则因硅烷H稀释度及功率的不同而异:高H稀释(R=23)时,SiH峰强 度在低辉光功率下随反应气压的增大单调下降,在高辉光功率下随气压的变化呈现类高斯规 律;低H稀释(R=5.7)时, SiH峰随气压的变化基本上是单调下降的,下降速率也与功率有 关,这些结果表明,VHF-PECVD制备μc-Si:H和a-Si:H的反应动力学过程存在较大差异.此 外,随着激发功率的增大,Si,SiH峰都先迅速增大然后趋于饱和,并且随着H稀释率的增大 ,将更快呈现饱和现象.通过对OES结果的分析与讨论可知,VHF-PECVD技术沉积硅基薄膜可 以有效提高沉积速率,而且,硅基薄膜的沉积速率的进一步提高需要综合考虑H稀释度、气 压和功率等的匹配与优化.
The role of hydrogen in hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon film and in deposition process with VHF-PECVD technique
Yang Hui-Dong,Su Zhong-Yi,

中国物理 B , 2006,
Abstract: The role of hydrogen in hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon ($\mu $c-Si:H) thin films in deposition processes with very high frequency plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (VHF-PECVD) technique have been investigated in this paper. With \textit{in situ} optical emission spectroscopy (OES) diagnosis during the fabrication of $\mu $c-Si:H thin films under different plasma excitation frequency $\nu _{\rm e }$ (60MHz--90MHz), the characteristic peak intensities ($I_{{\rm SiH}^*}$, $I_{{\rm H}\alpha^*}$ and $I_{{\rm H}\beta ^*}$) in SiH$_{4}$+H$_{2}$ plasma and the ratio of ($I_{{\rm H}\alpha^* }$ + $I_{{\rm H}\beta^*}$) to $I_{{\rm SiH}^*}$ were measured; all the characteristic peak intensities and the ratio ($I_{{\rm H}\alpha^* }$ + $I_{{\rm H}\beta^* }$)/$I_{{\rm SiH}^*}$ are increased with plasma excitation frequency. It is identified that high plasma excitation frequency is favourable to promote the decomposition of SiH$_{4}$+H$_{2 }$ to produce atomic hydrogen and SiH$_x$ radicals. The influences of atomic hydrogen on structural properties and that of SiH$_x$ radicals on deposition rate of $\mu $c-Si:H thin films have been studied through Raman spectra and thickness measurements, respectively. It can be concluded that both the crystalline volume fraction and deposition rate are enhanced with the increase of plasma excitation frequency, which is in good accord with the OES results. By means of FTIR measurements, hydrogen contents of $\mu $c-Si:H thin films deposited at different plasma excitation frequency have been evaluated from the integrated intensity of wagging mode near 640 cm$^{ - 1}$. The hydrogen contents vary from 4{\%} to 5{\%}, which are much lower than those of $\mu $c-Si:H films deposited with RF-PECVD technique. This implies that $\mu $c-Si:H thin films deposited with VHF-PECVD technique usually have good stability under light-soaking.
Structure self-organizing algorithm for fuzzy neural networks and its applications

QIAO Jun-fei,WANG Hui-dong,

控制理论与应用 , 2008,
Abstract: A new self-organizing algorithm for fuzzy neural networks is proposed,which automates the structure and parameter identification simultaneously based on input-target samples.Firstly,a self-organizing clustering method is used to establish the network structure and the initial values of its parameters.Then a supervised learning is applied to optimize these parameters.An example of nonlinear function approximation is given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the algo- rithm,where some comparisons are made with other approaches.Finally,based on the data of a wastewater treatment plant, a forecast model of the output-water quality is developed using the established fuzzy neural networks.Simulation results show that the output-water quality can be well predicted by the model.
Diaquabis(pyrazine-2-carboxylato-κ2N1,O)manganese(II) dihydrate
Hui-Dong Xie,Cheng-Zhi Xie,Fang-Fang Dang
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808006417
Abstract: In the title compound, [Mn(C5H3N2O2)2(H2O)2]·2H2O, the MnII atom, lying on an inversion centre, has a distorted octahedral environment and the molecules are linked by O—H...O and N—H...O hydrogen bonds to form a three-dimensional supramolecular structure.
Study on the biocompatibility of the mixture of poly-p-dioxanone and iohexol

LIU Hui-dong
, LIU Yang, CHEN Sun

- , 2016, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2016.05.008
Abstract: 目的 研究聚对二氧环己酮(PPDO)与碘海醇通过物理共混方法制备显影材料的生物相容性。方法 平板硫化仪压制PPDO和PPDO-碘海醇混合物(MIX)成薄片。通过动态凝血时间试验、部分凝血活酶时间试验、血小板黏附试验和溶血试验评价材料的血液相容性。使用PPDO和MIX浸提液培养人脐静脉内皮细胞(HUVEC)和人主动脉平滑肌细胞(HA-VSMC),检测2种细胞的增殖情况。采用动物体内肌肉包埋法评价材料的组织相容性。结果 MIX与PPDO间血液相容性和组织相容性无明显差异。在细胞相容性评价中,HUVEC用MIX和PPDO浸提液培养,相对增长率分别为(80.26±8.87)%和(84.59±7.22)%(P=0.391);而HA-VSMC的相对增长率分别为(94.89±9.64)%和(110.03±13.37)%(P=0.001)。结论 PPDO-碘海醇共混物具有良好的生物相容性。
: Objective To investigate the biocompatibility of a developing material prepared by physically mixing poly-p-dioxanone (PPDO) and iohexol. Methods The PPDO and PPDO-iohexol mixture (MIX) were pressed into thin films by a plate vulcanization machine. The haemacompatibility was evaluated through dynamic clotting time test, partial thromboplastin time test, platelet adhesion test, and hemolysis test. The extracts of PPDO and MIX were used to culture human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) and human aortic vascular smooth muscle cells (HA-VSMC). Cell proliferation of the two types of cells was detected. The histocompatibility was evaluated through in vivo muscle embed method. Results The differences in both haemacompatibility and histocompatibility between MIX and PPDO were not significant. In the cytocompatibility evaluation, the proliferation rates in HUVEC cultured with extracts of MIX and PPDO were (80.26±8.87)% and (84.59±7.22)% (P=0.391), respectively, while the proliferation rates in HA-VSMC were (94.89±9.64)% and (110.03±13.37)% (P=0.001), respectively. Conclusion The mixture of PPDO and iohexol has excellent biocompatibility
Removal of high concentrated ammonia nitrogen from landfill leachate by landfilled waste layer.
Removal of high concentrated ammonia nitrogen from landfill leachate by landfilled waste layer

Hui-Dong Guo,Pin-Jing He,Li-Ming Shao,Guo-Jian Li,
GUO Hui-dong
,HE Pin-jing,SHAO Li-ming,LI Guo-jian

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2004,
Abstract: The landfill of municipal solid waste (MSW) could be regarded as denitrification reactor and involved in ammonia nitrogen biological removal process. In this research, the process was applied to municipal solid waste collected in Shanghai, China, which was characterized by high food waste content. The NH4(+) removal efficiency in the system of SBR nitrifying reactor followed by fresh and matured landfilled waste layer in series was studied. In the nitrifying reactor, above 90% of NH4(+) in leachate was oxidized to NO2(-) and NO3(-). Then high concentrated NO2 and N3(-) were removed in the way of denitrification process in fresh landfilled waste layer. At the same time, degradation of fresh landfilled waste was accelerated. Up to the day 120, 136.5 gC/(kg dry waste) and 17.9 gN/(kg dry waste) were converted from waste layer. It accounted for 50.15% and 86.89% of the total carbon and nitrogen content of preliminary fresh waste, which was 4.42 times and 5.17 times higher than that of reference column respectively. After filtering through matured landfilled waste, BOD5 concentration in leachate dropped to below 100 mg/L, which would not affect following nitrification adversely. Because the matured landfilled waste acted as a well methanogenic reactor, 23% of carbon produced accumulatively from fresh landfilled waste degradation was converted into CH4.
A study of strong pulses detected from PSR B0656+14 using Urumqi 25-m radio telescope at 1540MHz
Guo-Cun Tao,Ali Esamdin,Hui-Dong Hu,Mao-Fei Qian,Jing Li,Na Wang
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/1674-4527/12/12/006
Abstract: We report on the properties of strong pulses from PSR B0656+14 by analyzing the data obtained using Urumqi 25-m radio telescope at 1540 MHz from August 2007 to September 2010. In 44 hrs of observational data, a total of 67 pulses with signal-to-noise ratios above a 5-{\sigma} threshold were detected. The peak flux densities of these pulses are 58 to 194 times that of the average profile, and the pulse energies of them are 3 to 68 times that of the average pulse. These pulses are clustered around phases about 5 degrees ahead of the peak of the average profile. Comparing with the width of the average profile, they are relatively narrow, with the full widths at half-maximum range from 0.28 to 1.78 degrees. The distribution of pulse-energies of the pulses follows a lognormal distribution. These sporadic strong pulses detected from PSR B0656+14 are different in character from the typical giant pulses, and from its regular pulses.
Research advances of skeletal muscle ion channelopathies

LIU Xiao-li
, TANG Hui-dong, CAO Li

- , 2015, DOI: 11.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2015.07.025
Abstract: 在人类骨骼肌中,编码钙、钠、氯及钾离子通道的基因突变可以导致周期性麻痹与非萎缩性肌强直两大类骨骼肌离子通道病。周期性麻痹包括低钾型周期性麻痹、高钾型周期性麻痹、甲状腺毒性周期性麻痹、安德森-塔维勒综合征。非萎缩性肌强直包括先天性肌强直、先天性副肌强直和钠离子通道性肌强直。遗传因素是导致骨骼肌离子通道病的重要原因,分子遗传学研究已发现7个相关的致病基因,包括SCN4A、CACNA1S、KCNJ2、KCNJ5、CLCN1、KCNJ18及KCNE3。文章对骨骼肌离子通道病的临床特点以及致病基因的研究进展进行综述。
: Mutations of genes encoding the calcium, sodium, chloride, and potassium channels of human skeletal muscles can result in two skeletal muscle ion channelopathies, i.e. the periodic paralyses and nondystrophic myotonias. Periodic paralyses include hyper and hypokalemic periodic paralysis, thyrotoxichypokalaemic periodic paralysis, and Andersen-Tawil syndrome. The nondystrophic myotonias involve myotoniacongenita, paramyotoniacongenita, and sodiumchannel myotonias. Hereditary factor is one of important reasons leading to skeletal muscle ion channelopathies. Molecular genetic studies have found 7 related disease-causing genes, including SCN4A, CACNA1S, KCNJ2, KCNJ5,CLCN1, KCNJ18, and KCNE3. This paper reviews research advances of clinical characteristics and disease-causing genes of skeletal muscle ion channelopathies
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