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Effects of Rare-Earth Elements on Germination of Seeds Seedling Growth and Root Yield of Sugar Beet

Tian Wen-xun,Zhao Jing-yang,Bai Bao-zhang,

植物学报 , 1990,
Abstract: The paper deals with the physiological effects of rare-earth elements on sugar beet. The experimental results showed:Rare-earth elements increased the rate of germination and promoted seedling growth. The vigour and weight of root and the net photosynthetic rate of the leave were significantly increased. The permeability of sugar beet cells under low temperature in treated plants were lower than that of the control.
Complicated Data Acquirement Method Based on XML and Component

ZHANG Xiao-ming,LI Zhao-xi,WANG Jing-yang,

计算机应用研究 , 2004,
Abstract: A complicated data acquirement method based on XML and component technology is introduced in this paper.In this way, data with complicated structure can be expressed with XML document,so semantic information can be involved in.Through wrapper component and parser component the data can be utilized more easily.To show how to use this method,an example about teaching- evaluation information acquirement is given.
Raw264.7 Cells Secrete Fibroblast Growth Stimulating Activity after Differentiation to Macrophages by Stimulation with Lipopolysaccharide  [PDF]
Jing-Yang Lai, Chung-Li Shu, Kazuhiro Morishita, Tomonaga Ichikawa, Yasuhisa Fukui
CellBio (CellBio) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/cellbio.2014.33009
Raw264.7 cells are monocytic cells that can differentiate to activated macrophages after lipopoly-saccharide (LPS) stimulation. Here, we analyzed the factors secreted by Raw264.7 cells in response to LPS. The culture media of LPS-treated Raw264.7 cells was able to stimulate growth in MEF1F2 and NIH3T3 mouse fibroblast cell lines. We identified five secreted and LPS-induced chemokines, CCL2, CCL5, CCL12, CxCL2, and CxCL10, by microarray analysis and tested their stimulatory activity. We used commercially available bacterially expressed proteins, and found only CCL12, CxCL2 and CxCL10 stimulated growth in MEF1F2 and NIH3T3 cells. The saturation density of the cells was also increased. They were not able to stimulate growth in v-Src transformed MEF1F2 or SWAP-70 transformed NIH3T3 cells. We examined signaling pathways activated by these three factors. We found that ERK and p38 MAP kinase were activated and were required for the activity to stimulate the cell growth. Other pathways including phosophatidylinositol-3 kinase (PI3K), NFκB pathways were not activated. These results suggest that Raw264.7 cells secretes growth stimulation factors for fibroblasts when differentiated to macrophages implicating that fast growth of them is related to inflamation although the reason is still unclear.
Influence of Azo Dye on Metabolism of Phosphorus Accumulating Organisms Linked to Transformation of Intracellular Storage Products  [PDF]
Fang Fang, Hui Chen, Jing-Yang Luo, Zhe-Ying Zhu, Jia-Shun Cao
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2018.65001
Abstract: In this study, the influence of azo dye of methyl red (MR) on COD, dye and phosphorus removal and the transformation of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) and glycogen of phosphate accumulating organisms in enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) system were investigated. The results indicated COD and dye removal efficiencies were decreased from 97.9% to 72.8% and 99.7% to 82.0%, respectively, when MR concentration was increased from 0 to 40 mg/L. Low MR concentration (5 mg/L) had no influence on P removal and transformation of PHA and glycogen. However, P removal, PHA production and consumption, and glycogen replenishment were seriously inhibited at high MR concentration, while glycogen hydrolysis was simulated at MR concentration of 20 and 40 mg/L. The transformations of PHA and glycogen at aerobic condition were more sensitive to those at anaerobic condition at high MR concentration. These results demonstrated dye and its intermediate products would inhibit the metabolism of polyphosphate accumulating organisms, which should be taken into account in future work.
Studies on Biological Effects of Paclobutrazol Soaked seeds on Sugar Beet (Beta vulgaris)

Tian Wen-xun,Zhao Jing-yang,Bai Bao-Zhang,Zhao Su-chu,

植物学报 , 1992,
Endophytic Pestalotiopsis from the main pine species in Sichuan

LIU Han,WANG Huan,ZHAO Jing-Yang,YUAN Chuan,LI Wan-Yan,LIU Ying-Gao,

菌物学报 , 2013,
Abstract: One hundred and ninety-nine isolates of endophytic Pestalotiopsis were isolated from 2,400 tissue masses of healthy branches, leaves and stems of five species of pine in Sichuan, and 11 species were identified based on morphological characteristics and ITS sequences. The average isolation rates of endophytic Pestalotiopsis was 8.29%. P. uvicola and P. gaurae were dominant among the 11 species, which were firstly recorded on pines in Sichuan. Molecular phylogenetic analysis based on ITS sequences indicated that there were some genetic differences among these endophytic Pestalotiopsis species, and part of them were highly homologeneous with the pathogenic Pestalotiopsis.

Xu Jing-yang,Xu Shun-sheng,

金属学报 , 1978,
Double Flight-Modes Particle Swarm Optimization
Wang Yong,Li Jing-yang,Li Chun-lei
Journal of Optimization , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/356420
Abstract: Getting inspiration from the real birds in flight, we propose a new particle swarm optimization algorithm that we call the double flight modes particle swarm optimization (DMPSO) in this paper. In the DMPSO, each bird (particle) can use both rotational flight mode and nonrotational flight mode to fly, while it is searching for food in its search space. There is a King in the swarm of birds, and the King controls each bird’s flight behavior in accordance with certain rules all the time. Experiments were conducted on benchmark functions such as Schwefel, Rastrigin, Ackley, Step, Griewank, and Sphere. The experimental results show that the DMPSO not only has marked advantage of global convergence property but also can effectively avoid the premature convergence problem and has good performance in solving the complex and high-dimensional optimization problems. 1. Introduction Particle swarm optimization (PSO) was developed by Kennedy and Eberhart in 1995 [1], based on the swarm behavior of birds in searching for food. Since then, PSO has got more and more attention from the researchers in the domain of information and has generated much wider interests, because of its simplicity of implementation, and less domain knowledge required. However, the original PSO still has the phenomenon of the premature convergence problem, which exists in most of the stochastic optimization algorithms. In order to improve the performance of the PSO, many scholars have proposed various approaches to improve the performance of the PSO such as listed in the paper [2–22]. The methods presented by the authors mentioned in the paper [2–22] can be summed up into two strategies. The first strategy is to add the group quantity of information through increasing the population size of swarm, in order to achieve the purpose of improving the performance of algorithm. However, this strategy cannot fundamentally overcome the premature convergence problem and will certainly lead to the increase in running time of computation. The second strategy is, under the condition of not increasing the population size of swarm, to excavate or to increase every particle’s latent capacity to achieve the goal of improving the performance of algorithm. Although these approaches mentioned in the paper [2–22] can improve the performance of the PSO to some extent but cannot fundamentally solve the premature convergence problem which exists in the original PSO. In this paper, we intend to present a new particle swarm optimization, namely, the double flight modes particle swarm optimization (DMPSO for short),
Evidence for cervical cancer mortality with screening program in Taiwan, 1981–2010: age-period-cohort model
Shih-Yung Su, Jing-Yang Huang, Chien-Chang Ho, Yung-Po Liaw
BMC Public Health , 2013, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2458-13-13
Abstract: Data from 1981 to 2010 of the causes of death registered were obtained from the Department of Health, Taiwan. Age-standardized mortality rates, age-specific rates, and age-period-cohort models that employed the sequential method were used to assess temporal changes that occurred between 1981 and 2010, with 1995 used as the separating year.The results showed that for both time periods of 1981 to 1995 and 1996 to 2010, age and period had significant effects, whereas the birth cohort effects were insignificant. For patients between 80 and 84 years of age, the mortality rate for 1981 to 1995 and 1996 to 2010 was 48.34 and 68.08. The cervical cancer mortality rate for 1996 to 2010 was 1.0 for patients between 75 and 79 years of age and 1.4 for patients between 80 and 84 years of age compared to that for 1981 to 1995. Regarding the period effect, the mortality trend decreased 2-fold from 1996 to 2010.The results of this study indicate a decline in cervical cancer mortality trends after the screening program involving Papanicolaou tests was implemented in 1995. However, the positive effects of the screening program were not observed in elderly women because of treatment delays during the initial implementation of the screening program.Cervical cancer is the most common and serious gynecologic malignancy worldwide. This finding highlights the urgent need to significantly increase cancer survival rates and reduce mortality through screening programs. Cervical screening methods that involve cytology tests, the Papanicolaou technique (PT), human papillomavirus (HPV) tests, and visual inspections of the cervix with 5% acetic acid (VIA) have been established to reduce the cervical cancer mortality rate by almost 60% in numerous countries [1,2]. National cervical cancer screening programs have been implemented in many countries throughout the world, including Australia [3], Nordic countries (that is, Iceland [4], Scandinavia [5], Finland [6], and Norway [7]), England [8], France
Temperature Dependence of Elastic Properties for Amorphous SiO2 by Molecular Dynamics Simulation

LIU Bin,WANG Jing-Yang,ZHOU Yan-Chun,LI Fang-Zhi,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: Large-scale and long-time molecular-dynamics simulations are used to investigate the temperature dependences of elastic properties for amorphous SiO2. The elastic moduli increase in a temperature range up to 1600 K and decrease thereafter. The anomalous behaviour in elasticity is explained by analysing the changes of atomic-scale structure with respect to increment of temperature. The mechanism originates predominantly from distortion of the SiO4 tetrahedra network in low-temperature ranges. At an elevated temperature range, thermal-induced Si--O bond stretching dominates the process and leads to normal temperature dependence of elastic properties.
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