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Ab initio studies on the mechanic and magnetic properties of PdHx

Cui Xin,Liang Xi-Xi,Wang Jian-Tao,Zhao Guo-Zhong,

中国物理 B , 2011,
Abstract: Based on ab initio total energy calculations, the structural, electronic, mechanic, and magnetic properties of PdHx are investigated. It is found that bulk modulus of PdHx is larger than the metal Pd with the hydrogen storage except Pd4H2. The calculated results for the magnetic moments show that the hydrogen addition weakens the magnetic properties of the PdHx systems. A strong magneto-volume effect is found in PdHx structures as well as Pd. The transition from paramagnetism to ferromagnetism is discussed. The corresponding densities of states for both structures are also shown to understand the magnetic behaviour.
First-principle study of N,Ga codoped p-type ZnO

Zhao Hui-Fang,Cao Quan-Xi,Li Jian-Tao,

物理学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 采用第一性原理的超软赝势方法,研究了纤锌矿ZnO在本征及N-Ga,2N-Ga共掺杂情况下的几何结构、能带、电子态密度.结果显示,共掺杂N-Ga构型具有更稳定的结构.研究还发现:共掺杂2N-Ga的ZnO结构有效地提高了载流子浓度,非局域化特征明显,更有利于获得p型ZnO.
The discussion on some problems in seismic design code of offshore platform in China

LU Yue-jun,PENG Yan-ju,TANG Rong-yu,SHA Hai-jun,ZHAO Jian-tao,

地球物理学进展 , 2008,
Abstract: There is still no specific seismic design code for offshore platforms in China.The current seismic design code commonly used in the world is RP2A-WSD compiled by American Petroleum Institute.A brief introduction of RP2A-WSD code is given in this paper,and the comparison between RP2A-WSD and related code in China suggests that the strength and deformation design levels in China are overestimated.The related engineering seismological issues in the offshore platform design are discussed in the view of structural characteristics.Summing up the factors,such as,seismic activity of China seas,the reference period of platforms,seismic fortification objective,and the seismic fortification experiences of related engineering,we recommend that the return periods of strength design and deformation design take 200 years and 1000 years relatively for offshore platforms in China.Then an example is presented to analyze the effect of seabed on design seismic parameters and the difference of design seismic design parameters with different probabilistic levels,and the result shows that the recommended design level is rational,and it is consistent with the economic state and the related codes.
Numerical simulation of the gas-solid flow in the two-stage entrained flow coal gasifier

LIANG Wan-cai,ZHAO Jian-tao,WU Jin-hu,WANG Yang,
,赵建涛,吴晋沪,王 洋

燃料化学学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 建立了两段式气流床煤气化炉内气固两相流动的三维计算流体力学(CFD)模型,将气体视为连续介质,在Eu ler坐标系下考察气相的运动;将颗粒视为离散体系,在Lagrange坐标系下研究颗粒的运动。利用所建CFD模型对基本设计尺寸和操作条件下的两段式气流床煤气化炉内气固两相流动进行了模拟,给出了两段式气流床煤气化炉内的气固两相流动的规律和颗粒的分布规律。在此基础上,针对不同的结构(喉口直径变化)和不同的操作条件(两段气固进料量变化)进行了一系列的模拟比较。结果表明,喉口直径的变化对于炉内气固两相流动及颗粒分布有重要影响。随着喉口直径减小,喉口附近区域的气相回流增强,颗粒运动轨线变得更加曲折,颗粒分布发生明显变化。两段气固流量的改变可以明显改变炉内气固流动,随着一段反应区的气固流量增加和二段反应区气固流量减小,一段反应区内的气相回流更加显著,二段反应区气相回流减弱,颗粒螺旋上升运动增强,反应器边壁处颗粒浓度增大,颗粒沉积现象减弱。
Analysis of thermal effect and its influence on output power of thin disk laser

Zhao Jian-Tao,Feng Guo-Ying,Yang Huo-Mu,Tang Chun,Chen Nian-Jiang,Zhou Shou-Huan,

物理学报 , 2012,
Abstract: A temperature model for a end-pumped thin disk laser with Gaussian beam intensity distribution and single pass absorption performance is built up according to the actual working state. Using infrared thermal image, temperature distribution, temperature variation with time and the temperature difference of the surface laser medium are measured at different pump powers. Experiment on thermal lens focal length of the thin disk laser medium is performed by utilizing Hartmann-Shack wave-front sensor. Considering the fact that thermal lens focal length of the laser medium changes with pump power, the model for analyzing the influence of thermal effect on output power of thin disk laser is presented, according to rate equations. The simulation results obtained in this paper show satisfactory agreement with experimental results. The research has the guiding significance for designing and optimizing thin disk lasers
Non-isothermal Analysis on the Evaporation Behavior of CaF2-SiO2-CaO System Slag

JU Jian-tao,LV Zhen-lin,JIAO Zhi-yuan,ZHAO Jun-xue,

过程工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: The weight loss rate of CaF2-SiO2-CaO system was measured by a simultaneous thermal analyzer and platinic crucible at the heating rate of 10 K/min,and the thermal volatile kinetics studied using a non-isothermal approach.The conversion function f(α) and volatile kinetic parameters of slag were determined by the TG curves,kinetics model established verified,and its evaporation mechanism analyzed.The results indicated that the weight loss rate was closely related to the liquidus and phase of slag.But the volatility had no significant correlation with basicity.The evaporation causing the change composition of slag could be divided into two stages in 1373~1573 and 1573~1773 K.The former belonged to three-dimensional diffusion with differential form f(α)=3/2(1-α)4/3(1-α)-1/3-1]-1,the latter to random nucleation and growth with differential form f(α)=1/4(1-α)-ln(11-α)]-3.For the 70% CaF2-30% SiO2 slag system,the activation energy at two stages was 550.10 and 376.16 kJ/mol,and the frequency factor lgA 16.55 and 8.4,respectively.The experimental results were in good agreement with the kinetic model.
Regional division of the recent tectonic stress field in China and adjacent areas

XIE Fu-Ren CUI Xiao-Feng ZHAO Jian-Tao CHEN Qun-Ce LI Hong Institute of Crustal Dynamics,China Earthquake Administration,Beijing,China,

地球物理学报 , 2004,
Abstract: On the basis of the "Basic database of crustal stress environment in China", this paper summarizes the basic characteristics of recent tectonic stress field in China and adjacent areas, proposes the principle of dividing the tectonic stress districts. The recent tectonic stress field of China and adjacent areas is classified into four classes: The characteristic of the first order tectonic stress district shows uniformity and stability in large areas and long time. This stress field is mostly controlled by the geometry character of plate boundary and the force acting on plate boundary. The stress action of second order tectonic stress district shows coherence in a relatively large area. This stress field is controlled by regional block interaction. The stress regime of the third order tectonic stress district shows comparability in finite areas. This stress field is mostly influenced by interior block interaction inside the areas. The stress character (direction, intensity, structure, etc) of the forth order stress district shows better coherence. This stress field is mostly controlled by block and fault interaction. The paper preliminarily analyzes the dynamic environment which controlled the recent tectonic stress field in China and adjacent areas.
Regeneration characteristics of sulfided zinc titanate sorbent for hot gas cleaning

ZHAO Jian-tao,HUANG Jie-jie,WEI Xiao-fang,FANG Yi-tian,WANG Yang,
,黄戒介,卫小芳,房倚天,王 洋

燃料化学学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 在热天平装置上研究了再生反应温度、反应气体中氧气体积分数、脱硫剂颗粒粒径对钛酸锌高温煤气脱硫剂再生行为的影响。实验结果表明,较高的反应温度和氧气体积分数,较小的颗粒粒径有利于提高脱硫剂的再生反应速率。由于二次反应的影响,脱硫剂再生过程中有硫酸盐生成,提高反应温度或降低反应气体的氧气体积分数可以减少硫酸盐的生成。利用收缩核模型对其动力学行为进行了分析,结果表明,脱硫剂的再生过程存在动力学控制步骤的转移。脱硫剂再生转化率较低(<65%)时,再生过程主要受化学反应控制;再生转化率较高(>75%)时,再生过程主要受颗粒内扩散控制。表观化学反应速率常数的指前因子为8.01×10-2m/s,活化能为19.11 kJ/mol;有效扩散系数的指前因子为3.12×10-4m2/s,扩散活化能为48.84 kJ/mol。
Preparation and mechanism of Fe-K/AC for catalytic oxidation of hydrogen sulfide

FANG Hui-bin,ZHAO Jian-tao,WANG Sheng,HUANG Jie-jie,FANG Yi-tian,

燃料化学学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Modified activated carbon Fe-K/AC(activated carbon supported iron and potassium) was used as an oxidation catalyst for low concentration hydrogen sulfide(H2S) removed.The orthogonal design method was introduced in the research of Fe-K/AC preparation to determine the optimum condition and to measure the impact of different factors.Then,catalytic activity and mechanism on Fe-K/AC catalyst for oxidation of hydrogen sulfide was investigated.The optimum preparation condition of Fe-K/AC with high sulfur capacity and selectivity is that the iron and potassium content is 0.5% and 5.0%,respectively;and the calcination temperature and the Fe2+/Fe3+ atomic ratio is 600 ℃ and 0.5,respectively.The order of their influences is potassium content > iron content > calcination temperature > Fe2+/Fe3+ atomic ratio.Results from structural parameters and surface morphology of sorbents reveal that iron metal oxide loaded on the surface of activated carbon has the selective catalytic oxidation activity of hydrogen sulfide to element sulfur.Alkali metal oxide,which changes basic surface groups,has a synergistic effect on the catalytic oxidation of hydrogen sulfide.However,the catalytic activity decreases due to excessive metal oxides loadings that may block the accessibility of micropores and reduce the surface area.
Moderate temperature desulfurization by zinc ferrite prepared with stearate precursor

ZHANG Rong-jun,HUANG Jie-jie,ZHAO Jian-tao,SUN Zhi-qiang,WANG Yang,
,黄戒介,赵建涛,孙志强,王 洋

燃料化学学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 以硬脂酸为凝胶剂,经由溶胶、凝胶、煅烧等步骤直接合成了晶体尺寸为纳米级(15nm~32nm)的铁酸锌脱硫剂,并应用TG—DTA、XRD、BET等测试手段对干凝胶及所得产品进行分析表征。结果表明,硬脂酸前驱体法合成温度低,操作简便。随着煅烧温度的升高,产品的比表面积减小,平均粒径增大,脱硫性能变差;该法制备的脱硫剂在350℃~550℃活性高,脱硫精度高,硫容大,而且再生性能良好,450℃下完全再生。
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