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Isolation and Identification of a Fusarium sp.from Laminaria Gametophyte Clones

WANG Na,QIAN Guan-Lan,LI Xiao-Jie,LUO Shi-Ju,LI Yan,ZHANG Zhuang-Zhi,

微生物学通报 , 2010,
Abstract: 从海带配子体克隆中分离出一株真菌(菌株编号: 059601016C), 对其培养性状、形态特征和ITS基因进行研究分析。结果显示: 059601016C真菌在PDA培养基上呈棉絮状生长, 菌落背面颜色由白色变为深紫色。气生菌丝发达, 高度可达5 mm-7 mm。小型分生孢子以链状或假头状着生于瓶状产孢细胞上, (5.0?10.5) μm × (1.2?2.5) μm。大型分生孢子镰刀状, 略有弯曲, 顶胞渐尖, 2?5个隔膜, 多3?4个隔膜。通过ITS基因序列同源性分析, 该菌株与层出镰刀菌的相似性为100%。系统发育树的分析结果也表明该菌株与层出镰刀菌的亲缘关系最接近, 因此将菌株059601016C鉴定为层出镰刀菌(Fusarium proliferatum Nirenberg)。在GenBank中申请的基因序列号为GU951805。
Ultrasound enhancement of the reduction of the Basic Green dye in wastewater by cast iron
SHEN Zhuang-zhi,SHEN Jian-zhong,
SHEN Zhuang-zhi
,SHEN Jian-zhong

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2006,
Abstract: Dyes in wastewater are of particular environmental concern since they give an undesirable color to the waters, dye and their derivatives are harmful to human health and the environment ( Annadurai et al., 2002). Due to their biological persistency, conventional biological treat-ment processes such as activated sludge process are ineffective for their removal(Shaul et al., 1991). There is a need to develop effective methods for the degradation of such persistent organic pollutants, either to less harmful compounds or, more desirable, to their complete mineralization.
Combined effect of US/PFS on the black liquor of making paper
SHEN Zhuang-zhi,LAN Cong-qing,SHEN Jian-zhong,
SHEN Zhuang-zhi
,LAN Cong-qing,SHEN Jian-zhong

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2005,
Abstract: The reed pulping black liquor is used as a sample. Researches of (1) combined effect of ultrasound(US)/polyferric sulphate(PFS)/hydrogen peroxide(H 2O 2); (2) effects of the horn tip areas; (3) effect of dose of PFS were carried. Extrapolation of these experiments indicated treatment results are possibly related to complex chemical compositions in the reed pulping black liquor.
Geological Characteristics and Ore-forming Potential of Sidingheishan Stratified Mafic-ultramafic Intrusion in East Tianshan Mountains

SUN Tao,QIAN Zhuang-zhi,TANG Zhong-li,LIU Min-wu,GAO Ping,ZHANG Jiang-jiang,ZHANG Rui,JIANG Chao,

地球学报 , 2012,
Abstract: 东天山黄山岩带因发育众多镁铁质-超镁铁质岩体和岩浆铜镍硫化物矿床而备受地质学者关注。四顶黑山岩体位于该岩带最东端, 具有层状岩体特征; 岩石类型有单辉橄榄岩、橄榄辉石岩、橄榄苏长辉长岩、橄榄辉长岩、辉石角闪岩、辉长岩、角闪辉长岩、闪长岩, 主要造岩矿物为贵橄榄石、古铜辉石、透辉石、普通角闪石和斜长石, 岩体分异较好, 蚀变较发育。通过矿物显微结构特征观察以及计算得出: 四顶黑山岩体中橄榄石最先结晶, 其开始结晶温度大约在1419℃左右; 古铜辉石和透辉石在橄榄石之后开始结晶, 结晶温度分别在1100℃左右和900~1100℃之间, 两矿物相在岩石中可以共存。岩体中橄榄岩相、苏长岩相发育, 以及贵橄榄石+古铜辉石的矿物组合特征, 表明岩体具有形成铜镍(铂)矿床的有利条件。
Characteristics of seagrass seed and restoration of seagrass bed

HAN Hou-Wei,JIANG Xin,PAN Jin-Hua,CONG Wei,SUN Juan,ZHANG Zhuang-Zhi,SONG Shao-Feng,SHENG Bao-Li,WANG Qing-Yan,LI Xiao-Jie,

植物生态学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Reported seagrass bed losses have led to increased awareness of the need for seagrass bed restoration, and seeds have potential for this restoration. In this paper, we systematically review the research and application of seagrass seeds in recent years. The morphology, development, dispersal, dormancy and germination of seagrass seeds are summarized and compared from the viewpoint of seed biology and seed ecology. We propose that when natural seagrass seed banks are researched, it is also necessary to establish artificial seagrass seed banks based on research of seed biology and seed ecology, which will guide seed collection and preservation. Seeding method and the approach of restoration using seeds are discussed, and we also point out problems existing in current research and application. In conclusion, we project expectations of the future in the research and application of seagrass seeds, and we forecast that seagrass seed ecology research will be an emphasis in the future. In the application area, research should focus on increasing the seed germination rate and seedling rate, and the problem of low seedling survival rate must be solved if artificial seedlings grown from seeds are to be utilized to restore seagrass beds.
Dynamical behaviors of hydrodynamic cavitation bubble under ultrasound field

Shen Zhuang-Zhi,Lin Shu-Yu,

物理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Considering liquid viscosity, surface tension, liquid compressibility and turbulence, the dynamical behaviors of cavitation bubble in venturi cavitation reactor are numerically investigated with using acoustic field regarding water as a work medium. The effects of acoustic frequency, acoustic pressure and ratio of throat to pipe diameter on cavitation bubble dynamics, bubble temperature and pressure pulse by rapid collapse of cavitation bubble are analysed. The results show that bubble motion of hydrodynamic cavitation modulated by ultrasound, becomes the high energy stable cavitation. It is favorable for enhancing the cavitation effect.
Dynamic behavior of a cavitation bubble in acoustic field and electric field

Shen Zhuang-Zhi,Wu Sheng-Ju,

物理学报 , 2012,
Abstract: The dynamics of a cavitation bubble under acoustic field and an electric field is studied by regarding liquid as a working medium. The effects of the dimensionless frequency and strength of acoustic field and electric field on cavitation bubble dynamical behaviors by Rayleigh-Plesset equation are numerically investigated. The results show that when acoustic field and electric field are combined, chaos area range of cavitation bubble motion is larger than that when only acoustic field or single electric field exists. This is of significance not only for further research of acoustic cavitation but also for enhancing and improving the cavitation degration of organic pollutant technology.
Chaotic characteristics of gas bubble motion in acoustic field

Shen Zhuang-Zhi,Lin Shu-Yu,

物理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Considering liquid compressibility, the dynamical behaviors of gas bubble in acoustic field are investigated by regarding water as a work medium. The effects of acoustic frequency, acoustic pressure, initial radius of gas bubble, liquid surface tension, and viscosity coefficient on bubble motion state are numerically simulated. The relationship between cavitation treatment effect and gas bubble motion state is analysed.The results show that when the gas bubble motion is in a chaotic state, it is the most important factor for enhancing acoustic cavitation degradation of organic pollutants ability.
Study on spontaneous magnetization in a double-junction π ring

Tan Zhong-Kui,Mao Bo,Wang Fu-Ren,Li Zhuang-Zhi,Nie Rui-Juan,Dai Yuan-Dong,
,毛 博,王福仁,李壮志,聂瑞娟,戴远东

物理学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 研究了超导双结π环的自发磁化现象.讨论了双结π环可能发生自发磁化的条件,指出了自发磁化条件不仅与电感参数β有关,而且与两结临界电流之比有关.并通过分析自由能证明自发磁化是稳定的状态.最后给出了讨论结果和渐进行为.
Biochemical and physiological differences between resistant and susceptible tomato cultivars infected by Ralstonia solanacearum Smith

SHOU Sen-yan,FENG Zhuang-zhi,YIN Yi-ping,TAN Yun,MIAO Li-xlang,

浙江大学学报(农业与生命科学版) , 2005,
Abstract: To study the physiological basis of tomato breeding for resistant to bacterial wilt,we inoculated the resistant and susceptible tomato cultivars with the pathogen bacterium to reveal the dynamic changes in the activities of four enzymes in plants of different cultivars in relation to their resistance.The results showed that the phenylanine ammonia lyase(PAL) activity of 'T51A',a resistant cultivar,was higher than that of the control(CK),while for 'T9230',a susceptible one,the activity was at about the similar level as the control(CK) following their infection by Ralstonia solanacearum.The resistant cultivar exhibited higher activity of superoxide dismutase(SOD) than the control(CK),with the peak value increased by 16.12%.But the susceptible cultivar was inferior to the CK,with the peak value decreased by 25.14%.The activity of peroxidase(POD) and polyphenoloxidase(PPO) did not differ significantly between resistant and susceptible cultivar.The capacity of the resistant cultivar in inhibiting chlorophyll disintegration and maintaining higher carotenoid content was significantly stronger than that of the susceptible cultivar.
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