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Evaluation on Dune Stabilization Plant Stand Condition along Takilamakan Desert Highway

CHEN Heng,ZHANG Zhi-qian,
陈 珩

中国沙漠 , 2006,
Abstract: Due to the extremely arid climate and high salt context in soil and underground water,the vegetation is very sparse and only 12 species of plants were found in the center of Tarim basin.In order to stabilize the mobile dunes along the Taklimakan highway by biologic method,the introduction and implantation of exotic plant have been tested and 50 species of plants have been successfully vegetated.Using the salt water irrigation technology,the human oasis of dune stabilization vegetation,covering 42.2 hm~(2),has been established.As the great special variety of the physical environment of plant growth requirement,it is very important to zone and evaluate soil salt content and potent groundwater.The results show that the freshwater reserved in paleo-riverway on alluvial plain and salt water reserved in alluvium and diluvium on the foot plain of Kunlun Mountains.As the available water resource is very limited,the water saving irrigation technology should be used to sustain the dune stabilizing vegetation and mechanic measures should be developed to protect the vegetation from mobile dune being buried in severe aeolian hazard sites.
Efficient Secretion of Recombinant PEX in COS7 Cells

SONG Lin,ZHANG Zhi-qian,

中国生物工程杂志 , 2007,
Abstract: 为了便于收集和纯化,重组蛋白常需要引导至真核细胞外。蛋白能否分泌主要取决于其是否含有信号肽,由于不同信号肽诱导蛋白分泌的效率不同,高效信号肽的筛选已成为生物工程领域提高重组蛋白产量的重要策略之一。为了筛选诱导MMP-2C末端PEX在COS7细胞中高效分泌表达的信号肽,在PEX的N末端分别融合大鼠生长激素(rGH)、小鼠IgGκ链和人基质金属蛋白酶-9(matrix metalloproteinase9,MMP-9)的信号肽并比较三种信号肽引导PEX分泌表达的效率。Western免疫印迹和ELISA蛋白定量检测表明MMP-9的信号肽引导PEX蛋白分泌的效率约为其它两种信号肽的两倍。利用Ni-NTA亲和柱对细胞培养基中的PEX进行纯化,蛋白产量约为1mg/L,纯化的PEX重组蛋白具有抑制鸡尿囊膜(chorioallantoic membrane,CAM)血管发生的作用。以上结果提示MMP-9的信号肽有效诱导具有生物活性的PEX重组蛋白在COS7细胞中分泌表达。
Off-pump occlusion of trans-thoracic minimal invasive surgery (OPOTTMIS) on simple congenital heart diseases (ASD, VSD and PDA) attached consecutive 210 cases report: A single institute experience
Qing-kui Guo, Zhi-qian Lu, Shao-fei Cheng, Yong Cao, Yong-hong Zhao, Cheng Zhang, Yue-li Zhang
Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1749-8090-6-48
Abstract: The retrospective clinical data of OPOTTMIS in our institute were collected and compared to other therapeutic measures adopted in the relevant literatures. After operation, all the patients received electrocardiography (ECG) and echocardiography (echo) once a month within the initial 3 months, and no less than once every 3 ~ 6 months later.The successful rate of the performed OPOTTMIS operation was 99.5%, the mortality and complication incidence within 72 hours were 0.5% and 4.8%, respectively. There were no major complications during peri-operation such as cardiac rupture, infective endocarditis, strokes, haemolysis and thrombosis. The post-operation follow-up outcomes by ECG and echo checks of 3 months to 5 years showed that there were no III° AVB, no obvious Occluder migration and device broken and no moderate cardiac valve regurgitation, except 1 VSD and 1 PDA with mild residual shunts, and 2 PDA with heart expansion after operation. However, all the patients' heart functions were in class I~II according to NYH standard.The OPOTTMIS is a safe, less complex, feasible and effective choice to selected simple CHD patients with some good advantages and favorable short term efficacies.Congenital heart diseases (CHD) are common complaints with incidence of 8‰ ~ 12‰ in China, including atrial septal defect (ASD), ventricular septal defect (VSD) and patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). Approximately, there are 150,000 ~ 200,000 Chinese infants born with CHD every year [1]. Now days, there are different treatment methods to CHD as traditional open surgery, physician interventional occlusion through intravenous catheter delivery system, several minimal invasive surgery using various small incision, video assisted thoracoscope, robotic systems, hybrid approaches, etc. More or less, these methods have their shortcomings, such as, sever body injuries by extended open-chest incision and cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), many morbidities and complications, long skin scars, demanding spe
Electronic energy and life span probability distribution of the HgS/CdS/HgS spherical nanometer system

Zheng Rui-Lun,Chen Zhi-Qian,Zhang Cui-Ling,Liu Jun,

物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The physical Model for the spherical HgS/CdS/HgS nanometer system and equations satistied by the electron motion are built. The energy and life span of s-electr on and the variation of the probability distribution with the width of the poten tial barrier and well are probed. Some important results indicate that the ener gy and life span of the electron increase with the increase of the potential bar rier width; electronic energy decreases with the increase of the potential well width, however the electronic life span is increased. The interaction between la yers has an important influence on the results.
The influence of the layer-to-layer interaction energy on the electronic energy in HgS/CdS/HgS columnar nanometer system

Zheng Rui-Lun,Zhang Cui-Ling,Chen Zhi-Qian,

物理学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The variation of the electronic energy in a columnar nanometer system with the i ncrease of radius is established, and the HgS/CdS/HgS nanometer system is used to discuss the influence of the layer_to_layer interaction energy on the electr onic energy spectrum of electrons. Some important results indicate that the ene rgy of the electronic energy increases with the increase of the potential barrie r width and the wave vector, while the potential well width and the layer_to_la yer interaction energy makes the electronic energy larger, but it doesn't effec t the variation of electronic energy with the potential well width, potential ba rrier or the wave vector.
MEF2 and Myogenesis

CHENG Zhen-long,ZHU Da-hai ZHANG Zhi-qian,

遗传 , 2002,
Abstract: MEF2属于MADS(MCM1,agamous,deficiens,serum response factor)框转录因子家族,在肌肉发生过程中起着重要的调节作用。本综述了肌肉发生过程中MEF2基因的表达调控,MEF2蛋白活性调节及其激活靶基因表达等,着重阐述了MEF2在钙调素-钙调磷酸酶与TGF-β-Smad通路中的作用,并分析了MEF2成为肌肉发生中承接信号分子与结构蛋白之间桥梁的原因。
Experimental Study on Particle Concentration Distribution in a Novel Cyclone Tube

SUN Zhi-qian,JIN You-hai,WANG Jian-jun,ZHANG Yan,

过程工程学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 在Shell型旋风管基础上进行了结构与尺寸的优化匹配,得到一种新型高效旋风管.采用等动采样方法,对新型旋风管内的颗粒浓度场进行了测试与分析.实验结果表明,新型旋风管开有排尘槽的锥形排尘结构有较好的分离效果,并在一定程度上可以降低颗粒的返混;加设导流锥结构可显著减少短路流,并能使细小颗粒受到较强的惯性作用而得到分离.灰斗上方区域,沿轴向向上颗粒浓度呈下降的趋势,表明内旋流对颗粒具有较强的二次分离作用.对粒级效率的估算结果表明,新型旋风管可将粒径大于7μm的颗粒全部除净,3~7 μm的细小颗粒的粒级分离效率可达86%以上,而相同操作条件下Shell型旋风单管仅能将10μm以上的颗粒除净.本工作为旋风管的结构改进、尺寸优化乃至工业推广应用提供了必要的基础.
Bacterial Pre-oxidation of Refractory Gold Concentrate from the High Altitude Areas and Cyanidation Leaching of Gold

ZHANG Zhi-qian,LIU Sheng-ming,LI Chao,LI Hong-xu,WU Chao,

过程工程学报 , 2012,
Abstract: Bacterial pre-oxidation of refractory gold ore from the high altitude areas was studied.The removal rates of Fe,S,As and cyanidation leaching rate of Au were examined under the different conditions.And the gold concentrate,oxidizing slag,and leaching residue were analyzed by XRD and SEM.The results indicated that the removal rates of Fe,S and As were up to 85% and the leaching rate of gold was 88.09%.Feasibility of bio-oxidation pretreatment in the high altitude areas was proved.Based on the experimental results,the bacterial oxidation mechanism of gold concentrates and acid solution neutralization were analyzed briefly.The bacterial oxidation of gold concentrate occurred under cooperative direct and indirect mechanism.Removal of the arsenic and heavy metal ions of liquid phase in the form of ferric arsenate and hydroxide precipitation was the main purpose of acid solution neutralization.

Chen Zhi-qian,Zheng Ren-rong,

中国物理 B , 2001,
Transient Solution for Lossy Transmission Line by Means of Orthogonal Projection Method
Hengxu Ha;Jing Cai;Zhi-Qian Bo;Bo Chen
PIER B , 2011, DOI: 10.2528/PIERB11011109
Abstract: A novel electromagnetic transient analysis technique by means of the orthogonal projection method for lossy transmission line is proposed. By employing the proposed method, the traveling waves propagating from one terminal to another can be quickly obtained with less amount of computation at considerably large steps. First of all, the differential function to variable time can be approximated to be the convolution with a fixed vector relates to a certain set of orthogonal basis, e.g. Daubechies' basis. The partial differential telegraph equations related to both variable time t and distance x are then transformed to be differential equations only related to x. The solution of such equations can be obtained accordingly. The discrete coefficients of propagation function for lossy line are obtained as well, by which the propagating traveling waves can be calculated precisely at considerably large sampling periods with less amount of computation.
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