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Production and application of anaerobic granular sludge produced by landfill
WANG Jin,ZHANG Zhen-ji,ZHANG Zhi-feng,QAISAR Mahmood,ZHENG Ping,
,ZHANG Zhen-ji,ZHANG Zhi-feng,QAISAR Mahmoo,ZHENG Ping

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2007,
Abstract: Sludge granulation is considered to be the most critical parameter governing successful operation of an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket and expanded granular sludge bed(EGSB)reactors.Pre-granulated seeding sludge could greatly reduce the required start- up time.Two lab-scale and a pilot-scale EGSB reactors were operated to treat Shaoxing Wastewater Treatment Plant(SWWTP) containing wastewater from real engineering printing and dyeing with high pH and sulfate concentration.The microbiological structure and the particle size distribution in aerobic excess sludge,sanitary landfill sludge digested for one year,and the granular sludge of EGSB reactor after 400 d of operation were analyzed through scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and sieves.The lab-scale EGSB reactor seeded with anaerobic sludge after digestion for one year in landfill showed obviously better total chemical oxygen demand (TCOD)removal efficiency than one seeded with aerobic excess sludge after cation polyacrylamide flocculation-concentration and dehydration.The TCOD removed was 470.8 mg/L in pilot scale EGSB reactor at short hydraulic retention time of 15 h.SEM of sludge granules showed that the microbiological structure of the sludge from different sources showed some differences.SEM demonstrated that Methanobacterium sp.was present in the granules of pilot-scale EGSB and the granular sludge produced by landfill contained a mixture of anaerobic/anoxic organisms in abundance.The particle size distribution in EGSB demonstrated that using anaerobic granular sludge produced by sanitary landfill as the seeding granular sludge was feasible.
Pulse cleaning flow models and numerical computation of candle ceramic filters
TIAN Gui-shan,MA Zhen-ji,ZHANG Xin-yi,XU Ting-xiang,
TIAN Gui-shan
,MA Zhen-ji,ZHANG Xin-yi,XU Ting-xiang

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2002,
Abstract: Analytical and numerical computed models are developed for reverse pulse cleaning system of candle ceramic filters. A standard turbulent model is demonstrated suitably to the designing computation of reverse pulse cleaning system from the experimental and one dimensional computational result. The computed results can be used to guide the designing of reverse pulse cleaning system, which is optimum Venturi geometry. From the computed results, the general conclusions and the designing methods are obtained.
Removal of organic matter and nitrogen from distillery wastewater by a combination of methane fermentation and denitrification/nitrification processes
LI Jun,ZHANG Zhen-ji,LI Zhi-rong,HUANG Guang-yu,Naoki Abe,
LI Jun
,ZHANG Zhen-ji,LI Zhi-rong,HUANG Guang-yu,Naoki Abe

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2006,
Abstract: The distillery wastewater of Guangdong Jiujiang Distillery, which is characteristic of containing high organic matters and rich total nitrogen, was treated by a combination of methane fermentation and denitrification/nitrification processes. 80% of COD in the raw wastewater was removed by methane fermentation at the COD volumetric loading rate of 20 kg COD/(m3 x d) using the expanded granule sludge bed (EGSB) process. However, almost all the organic nitrogen in the raw wastewater was converted into ammonia by ammonification there. Ammonia and volatile fatty acids (VFA) remaining in the anaerobically treated wastewater were simultaneously removed utilizing VFA as an electron donor by denitrification occurring in the other EGSB reactor and nitrification using PEG-immobilized nitrifying bacteria with recirculation process. An aerobic biological contact oxidization reactor was designed between denitrification/nitrification reactor for further COD removal. With the above treatment system, 18000-28000 mg/L of COD in raw wastewater was reduced to less than 100 mg/L. Also, ammonia in the effluent of the system was not detected and the system had a high removal rate for 900-1200 mg/L of TN in the raw wastewater, only leaving 400 mg/L of nitrate nitrogen.
Research of Database Security

ZHU Liang-gen,LEI Zhen-ji,ZHANG Yu-qing,

计算机应用研究 , 2004,
Abstract: This paper is a summary on research of database security technology in the last thirty more years.On the base of it,a secure database architecture whose secure level is not less than B1 is designed.The future directions of research on database security are expected.
Simultaneous removal of ammonium and phosphate by zeolite synthesized from coal fly ash as influenced by acid treatment
ZHANG Bao-hu,WU De-yi,WANG Chong,HE Sheng-bing,ZHANG Zhen-jia,KONG Hai-nan,
ZHANG Bao-hu
,WU De-yi,WANG Chong,HE Sheng-bing,ZHANG Zhen-ji,KONG Hai-nan

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2007,
Abstract: Zeolite synthesized from fly ash (ZFA) without modification is not efficient for the purification of NH4 and phosphate at low concentrations that occur in real effluents, despite the high potential removal capacity. To develop an effective technique to enhance the removal efficiency of ammonium and phosphate at low concentrations, ZFA was modified with acid treatment and the simultaneous removal of ammonium and phosphate in a wide range of concentration was investigated. It was seen that when compared with untreated ZFA, only the treatment by 0.01 mol/L of H2SO4 significantly improved the removal efficiency of ammonium at low initial concentrations. The behavior was well explained by the pH effect. Treatment by more concentrated H2SO4 led to the deterioration of the ZFA structure and a decrease in the cation exchange capacity. Treatment by 0.01 mol/L H2SO4 improved the removal efficiency of phosphate by ZFA at all initial P concentrations, while the treatment by concentrated H2SO4 (≥0.9 mol/L) resulted in a limited maximum phosphate immobilization capacity (PIC). It was concluded that through a previous mild acid treatment (e.g. 0.01 mol/L of H2SO4), ZFA can be used in the simultaneous removal of NH4 and P at low concentrations simulating real effluent.


物理学报 , 1980,
Abstract: The absorption spectra of Nd3+ in pure anhydrous neodymium chloride crystals and in anhydrous praseodymium chloride crystals (containing 0.1% NdCl3) have been examined systematically examined. The structures of the groups of their absorption lines are found to be similar to those of Nd3+ in NdCl3 crystals diluted by LaCl3 (containing 2% NaCl3 in LaCl3), except for a shift of the spectrum towards the long wave side. The shifts (relative to the ground state) of these corresponding sub-levels are proportional to the length of unit cell of the single crystals.
Expression of ORF2 Protein of HEV Genotype Ⅳ in Hansenula polymorpha

SU Cai-Xi,GU Mei-Rong,ZHANG Ping,JIN Zhen-Ji,MENG Fan-Hong,CHEN Er-Ji,YANG Zhe,LIU Yong,WANG You-Chun,

生物工程学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Hepatitis E, an acute infectious disease transmitted via the fecal-oral route, is caused by hepatitis E virus. However, no effective treatment currently exists for hepatitis E, and the only epidemic control approach is vaccination. But so for there are no commercial vaccine for hepatitis E available in the world. To find a new expression system to develop recombinant hepatitis E vaccine, in this study the expression system of methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha was used to express the gene encoding amino acid 112 - 607 of the open reading frame 2 (ORF2) of hepatitis E virus (HEV) genotype IV. In order to achieve high expression level, the coding sequence was optimized according to codon usage bias of Hansenula polymorpha and synthesized through overlapping PCR. Subsequently the gene was subcloned into the multi-copy expression vectors of Hansenula polymorpha, which include pDGXHP1.0 (MOX promotor), pDGXHP2.0 (MOX promotor) and pDGXHP2.1 ( FMD promotor). The series of one-copy and multi-copy recombinant plasmids were transformed into ATCC26012(Ura3-) by electroporation. The transformants were cultured in selection media MDL and screened for the existence of foreign gene by PCR. Then the strains were induced in MM media and the expression products were detected by SDS-PAGE, ELISA and Western blot assays to select the high-level expression strains. The result of SDS-PAGE showed that the HEV ORF2 expression product was accumulated up to 12% of total cellular protein and its molecular weight is 56kD. The expression product showed high immunoreactivity detected by ELISA and the highest titer is 1:2048. The result of Western blot demonstrated that the expression product could be specifically recognized by the polyclonal antibody against HEV. The successful expression of HEV ORF2 protein in Hansenula polymorpha provides foundation for the further development of recombinant subunit vaccine against hepatitis E.

Xu Zhen-ji,Chen Yu-zhang,Jiang De-sheng,Song Chun-ying,Li He-cheng,Song Xiang-fang,Ye Yi-ying,

物理学报 , 1980,
Abstract: Infrared Absorption measurements of oxygen in silicon and germanium were made with IE Fourier Transform Spectrometer at temperatures between 6 K and 300 K in the region of 400-4000cm-1. Resolution was up to 0.5cm-1 when high resolution conditions were adopted.Detection limit and sources of error on oxygen concentration of silicon and germanium determined by infrared absorption measurement at low temperature were identified. Using a 2 cm thick sample, the- lower limit of detectability for oxygen at 20 K is estimated to be 9.6×1014 oxygen atom. cm-3 and 3.0×1014 oxygen atom. cm-3 in silicon and germanium respectively. The oxygen concentration of CZ germanium single crystals with different growth conditions was also studied and these results determined by IE measurements havebeen investigated and discussed at temper-lithium precipitation technique.Temperature-dependent fine structure of 1106 cm-3 absorption band of silicon with different oxygen concentration have been investigated and discussed at temper atures between 6 K and 300 K.
Nanhuan Glaciation Event and Its Stratigraphic Correlation in Tarim Plate, China

GAO Lin-zhi,GUO Xian-pu,DING Xiao-zhong,ZONG Wen-ming,GAO Zhen-ji,ZHANG Chuan-heng,WANG Zi-qiang,

地球学报 , 2013,
Abstract: “雪球地球”假说为全球新元古代冰碛岩研究注入了新的活力。各国地质学家根据新元古代冰碛岩全球各大洲发育的特点, 并依据同位素年龄、δ13C/δ18O和Sr的比值和化学蚀变指数(CIA)为全球的新元古界划分出4个冰期, 但国际上的4个冰期的限定, 是各大洲不同剖面冰期的集合。新元古代冰期事件周期变化视为早期生物复苏和早期动物分异的起点。由于国际埃迪卡拉系底界(GSSP)年龄, 即成冰系顶界年龄确定后, 使成冰系底界年龄成为当前研究的重点。中国新疆塔里木板块库鲁克塔格地区新元古代冰碛岩是目前世界各大陆中发育有4套连续的新元古代冰碛岩和多期火成岩事件的唯一剖面, 它的进一步深入研究, 可以备考全球冰期的同步性, 以期建立全球新元古代冰碛岩标准剖面。本文报道了来自塔里木西南缘南华系波龙组的碎屑锆石年龄, 有助于我们对塔里木板块西南缘南华系时代的限定。
A review of the species diversity of Selaginella in Fujian Province of China

Benito CTAN,LI Zhen-ji,Benito CTAN,

植物分类学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Examination of some 80 historical herbarium specimens preserved in a number of institutions in Fujian Province and our recent collections made from Mt. Wuyi Shan area shows that there are 18 species and one variety of Selaginella in the province, of which, Selaginella albociliata, S. braunii and S. ciliaris are three new records for the provincial flora. A new key to the species of this genus in the province is given. Pertinent taxonomic notes and phytogeographical discussion of the species diversity of Fujian Selaginella are also provided.
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