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Xue-dong ZHANG,Zheng-bin ZHANG,Chun-yu GUAN,Chun WANG
Management Science and Engineering , 2008,
Abstract: To construct an Innovative Ningxia and develop its economy by leaps and bounds, This paper puts forward the necessity and urgency of adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure in Ningxia, it analyses the conclusion and enlightenment of theoretical research on the industrial cluster and the experience and enlightenment of the development of innovative industrial cluster at home and abroad, it pointes the tendency and the barriers to the industrial cluster in Ningxia, it advances the goal, direction and measures of innovative clusters development and construction in Ningxia. Key words: industrial structure, industrial cluster, innovative industrial construction, innovative industrial cluster, innovative Ningxia
Measurement and Analysis on Residual Stresses of Techniques in High Pressure Gas Cylinders

ZHANG Yi-liang,XU Xue-dong,GE Sen,

实验力学 , 2004,
Abstract: 用X射线及磁记忆两种方法对压缩天然气的高压气瓶应力状态进行了系统分析,对一个气瓶整体制造工艺中的残余应力变化用X射线法进行了跟踪检测。考察了气瓶锻造后、淬火后及回火后外表面的残余应力状况,对相同测点进行了三次应力测试。为准确找到测点位置并寻求两种方法之间关系,在每次应力测试之前,均用金属磁记忆方法进行了先期检测。结果表明:锻造后应力水平不高,但磁记忆曲线有小幅波动,显示应力不均匀;淬火后表面具有较大压应力,最大达到0.86σS,且磁场亦有较大变化,个别点有明显应力集中;回火处理有效地消除了淬火残余应力,最大值小于0.17σS,应力均匀化,磁记忆曲线几乎无波动,效果良好。而从定量角度,残余应力和磁记忆两者之间没有明确的对应关系。对于磁记忆所显示的磁场强度变化处,用X射线法进行残余应力测试,结果并没有显示出较高的应力水平。说明两种方法不可互相替代,但以其各自的特点和优势可做互相补充。
A Study and Implementation of the Ontology Knowledge Summary

YAN Xue-Dong,ZHANG Kuo,LI Juan-Zi,

计算机科学 , 2006,
Abstract: Ontology has become the basis of the Semantic Web.Usually it's constructed by domain experts to represent domain concepts and their relationships.But,compared with natural language,it is difficult for common users to understand the information behind the ontology.This paper designs and implements an ontology knowledge summary algorithm based on division strategy and complex nested template scheme.We provide implementation details of the algorithm in the context of a semantic web ontology engineering toolkit,SWARMS.Lastly,we test our approach using real world ontologies and receive good experiment result.
Relations between Population Structure and Population Diversity of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

DUAN Xiao-Dong,GAO Hong-Xia,ZHANG Xue-Dong,LIU Xiang-Dong,

计算机科学 , 2007,
Abstract: This article adopts population entropy to portray the diversity of population, and has analyzed the influence of the different topology to the population entropy through a group of standard test functions. The test result indicates that, as a result of its own characteristic, different population structure has the tremendous influence to the population diversity and search effect of the algorithm, therefore when solving different problem, we should choose different popu- lation structure according to the characteristic of the problem.
Extraction of minutiae and significant feature from fingerprint image

LIAO Kai-yang,ZHANG Xue-dong,ZHANG Ming-zhu,PAN Xiao-hong,

计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: An improved algorithm for minutiae extraction was brought out. First, the set of original minutiae was directly extracted from thinned fingerprint images. Second, various noises in fingerprint images and their properties were analyzed and distributing regulation of pseudo minutiae was generalized. Last, combining with the information of local ridge direction, special algorithms were designed with respect to various noises to delete pseudo minutiae from original minutiae set. The remainders of original minutiae were viewed as intrinsic minutiae. According to the characteristics of fingerprint image, a new algorithm to extract the significant features was presented, by constructing three types of line feature in the complete image, and the line feature can be extracted out successfully from the sets of minutiae.
Method for binarizing and post-processing fingerprint image based on orientation information

LIAO Kai-yang,ZHANG Xue-dong,ZHANG Ming-zhu,PAN Xiao-hong,

计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: Fingerprint image binarization,as an important part of fingerprint image preprocessing,is the precondition of fingerprint identification.In order to utilize the texture feature of the fingerprint images effectively,the orientation information was introduced into fingerprint image binarization.After considering the fingerprint image orientation information and adaptive local threshold synthetically,a complete set of adaptive local threshold binarization and post-processing algorithm was brought forward combi...
Solution-based metal induced crystallization of a-Si

Wu Chun-Y,Li Xue-Dong,Zhao Shu-Yun,Li Juan,Meng Zhi-Guo,Xiong Shao-Zhen,Zhang Fang,

中国物理 B , 2009,
Abstract: This paper investigates a simplified metal induced crystallization (MIC) of a-Si, named solution-based MIC (S-MIC). The nickel inducing source was formed on a-Si from salt solution dissolved in de-ionized water or ethanol. a-Si thin film was deposited with low pressure chemical vapour deposition or plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition as precursor material for MIC. It finds that the content of nickel source formed on a-Si can be controlled by solution concentration and dipping time. The dependence of crystallization rate of a-Si on annealing time illustrated that the linear density of nickel source was another critical factor that affects the crystallization of a-Si, besides the diffusion of nickel disilicide. The highest electron Hall mobility of thus prepared S-MIC poly-Si is 45.6cm2/(V.s). By using this S-MIC poly-Si, thin film transistors and display scan drivers were made, and their characteristics are presented.
Particle swarm optimization algorithm for nonuniform linear arrays with multiple constraints

ZHANG Xue-dong,ZHAO Chuan-xin,JI Yi-mu,

计算机应用研究 , 2009,
Abstract: 为了有效解决孔径约束的非均匀线阵天线优化问题,提出一种动态边界计算的粒子群算法,并在优化过程中利用多种群协作提高优化稳定性。实验仿真显示,该算法可以快速得到满意解,有效地解决非线性优化中的约束问题,提高算法收敛速度和解的质量。
Algorithm of iris identification based on orthogonal Legendre moments

MA Li-hong,ZHANG Xue-dong,ZHAO Zhong-fu,

计算机应用 , 2006,
Abstract: Orthogonal Legendre moments were utilized to achieve characteristics extract from an iris image. Each feature vector, based on this algorithm, included the grey value and coordinate of each pixel in the image. Compared with other algorithms based on moments, this algorithm not only favors the robustness, but also preserves the 2-D information of the image. The experiment results indicate that the algorithm has good effectiveness and rationality.
Facial Recognition in Uncontrolled Conditions for Information Security
Xiao Qinghan,Yang Xue-Dong
EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing , 2010,
Abstract: With the increasing use of computers nowadays, information security is becoming an important issue for private companies and government organizations. Various security technologies have been developed, such as authentication, authorization, and auditing. However, once a user logs on, it is assumed that the system would be controlled by the same person. To address this flaw, we developed a demonstration system that uses facial recognition technology to periodically verify the identity of the user. If the authenticated user's face disappears, the system automatically performs a log-off or screen-lock operation. This paper presents our further efforts in developing image preprocessing algorithms and dealing with angled facial images. The objective is to improve the accuracy of facial recognition under uncontrolled conditions. To compare the results with others, the frontal pose subset of the Face Recognition Technology (FERET) database was used for the test. The experiments showed that the proposed algorithms provided promising results.
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