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P-information fusion and its P-matrix reasoning intelligent generation

ZHANG Xiu-quan
, LI Xiao-chao

- , 2017, DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2016.338
Abstract: 摘要: 利用P-增广矩阵推理,给出信息融合智能筛选-发现的理论与应用研究,信息融合智能筛选-发现是在P-增广矩阵推理条件下得到的。P-增广矩阵是利用P-集合的结构、动态特征及改进普通增广矩阵被提出的。论文给出利用P-集合生成P-增广矩阵的方法与P-增广矩阵结构,提出P-增广矩阵推理模型并给出信息融合的智能生成方法和其筛选-发现定理,最后给出这些理论结果的应用。
Abstract: Based on P-augmented matrix reasoning, the theory and application research of information fusion intelligent screening-discovery are presented. Information fusion intelligent screening-discovery is obtained under the condition of P-augmented matrix reasoning. P-augmented matrix is obtained by using the structure and dynamic characteristics of P-set and improving common augmented matrix. The method for generating P-augmented matrix by using P-set and the structure of P-augmented matrix are given. The reasoning model of P-augmented matrix and the intelligent generation method of information fusion are presented. The information fusion intelligent screening-discovery theorem and the application of these theoretical results are given
All-fiber ultrashort Yb3+ doped fiber laser self-started by spectral filter

Zhang Pan-Zheng,Fan Wei,Wang Xiao-Chao,Lin Zun-Qi,

物理学报 , 2011,
Abstract: Theory of the passively mode-locked Yb3+ doped fiber ring laser self-starting through spectral filter is presented. The all-fiber Yb3+ doped fiber ring laser generating ultrashort pulses are designed and fabricated. High concentration Yb3+ doped fiber was employed as gain medium, which was pumped by a 980 nm diode laser. In the all-normal-dispersion cavity, a spectral filter was spliced to reduce the large emission peak at 1030 nm of Yb3+ ion and to generate an additional pulse shaping through spectral filtering of chirped pulse. Self-starting and stable mode-locking centered at 1053 nm was achieved by nonlinear polarization evolution along with spectral filtering from the filter. The mode-locking threshold was 300 mW, with the slope efficiency of 18.3%, the maximum output power was 53.07 mW, corresponding to the maximum pulse energy of 3.2 nJ. The center wavelength of the mode-locked pulse was 1053.6 nm, with 3 dB bandwidth of 10.84 nm at the repetition rate of 16.45 MHz. The picosecond mode-locked pulse can be dechirped to 188 fs using grating pair outside the cavity.

XU Yun,WANG Yi-Ming,WU Jing-Zhu,ZHANG Xiao-Chao,

红外与毫米波学报 , 2010,
Abstract: Rapid qualitative and quantitative detection for melamine in pure milk was studied by using near infrared spectra(NIRS).Experiment was conducted by preparing two groups pure milk samples in which melamine content was different for qualitative and quantitative analysis.By combining NIRS technology with the cluster analysis method,two kinds of milk samples with and without melamine were classfied effectively.Spectrum pretreatment and wavelength choice methods were employed before model optimization.In this wa...
Performance optimization for wireless sensor networks based on gradient neighbor information

ZHENG Ming-cai,ZHANG Da-fang,ZHAO Xiao-chao,

计算机应用研究 , 2011,
Abstract: As a result of the rough control on routing, the original minimum hop routing (MHR) wireless sensor networks has such shortcomings as inconsistently reliability and poor energy-efficiency in the process of data sinking, it is necessary to further improve the MHR networks. In order to improve the performance of MHR networks, a reliable and efficient minimum hop routing (MHR-ER) wireless sensor networks on basis of MHR networks is presented. With the help of gradient neighbor information discovered from the network behaviors, the routing is controlled finely. By controlling the level width of the minimum hop gradient field, the consistently reliability of data sinking is ensured. By limiting the number of forwarding node in every hop, the energy-efficiency is improved. The theoretic analysis and simulation result validated that the reliability and efficiency of MHR-ER networks is high, these is good for promoting the practical application of minimum hop routing networks.
Study on behavior characteristics of WSN based on minimum-hop-count routing

ZHENG Ming-cai,ZHANG Da-fang,ZHAO Xiao-chao,

计算机应用 , 2007,
Abstract: 在无线传感器网络(WSN)中,一般借助消息的重复传送来提高网络的可靠性,但消息的重复传送会劣化网络的其他性能,为解决这一矛盾,有必要弄清具体网络运行时的特点。通过理论分析及仿真验证,揭示了最小跳数路由无线传感器网络的行为特征,找出了影响网络中消息重复传送程度的因素及其影响规律,为最小跳数路由无线传感器网络中消息重复传送程度的保证与控制提供了理论指导。
Distance Estimating Algorithm Based on Fine-grain Gradient in Wireless Sensor Networks

ZHENG Ming-cai,ZHANG Da-fang,ZHAO Xiao-chao,

计算机科学 , 2010,
Abstract: Locali}ation takes an important role in wireless sensor networks, while distance measuring is usually the precondition of tracking or positioning. Finding a distance-measuring algorithm with low cost, low overhead and high precision is the main intension of this paper. In this paper, derived from the distributing characteristics of node's fine-grain gradient value in wireless sensor networks' minimum hop gradient field, a way based on the fincgrain gradient to estimate the distance between nodes, namely DV-FGI, was presented. Compared with the DV-hop algorithm, the measuring precision of DV-FGI is improved largely at the nearly same cost and overhead, and the resolution ratio of measuring is improved from communication radio range to the distance interval between neighbor nodes. "hhe theoretical analysis and simulation results validate that the method is cauite effective in the wireless sensor networks deployed with dense nodes.
Distance estimating algorithm in WSN based on minimum hop routing

ZHENG Ming-cai,ZHANG Da-fang,ZHU Cheng-xue,ZHAO Xiao-chao,

计算机应用 , 2008,
Abstract: Indirect distance measuring is a way with high performance vs. price ratio, but more work should be done to improve the measuring precision. Derived from the behavior characteristics of the wireless sensor networks based on minimum hop count routing, a distance estimating algorithm based on the minimum hop count and the routing redundancies was presented. Compared with the DV-hop algorithm, the measuring precision is improved largely by use of the routing redundancies. The analysis and simulation validate that the method is quite effective in the wireless sensor networks deployed with dense nodes.
Analysis of Related Factors to the Dental Caries of 3-5-Year-Old Children in Baotou.

, WANG Xiao-chao, ZHANG Shuang-yang, WANG Zhao-jun.

- , 2015,
Abstract: 摘要 目的:分析包头市3~5岁儿童龋病患病的相关因素。方法:于包头市随机抽取的10所幼儿园中,随机选择3~5岁儿童496名为研究对象。经口腔医生检查,发现患龋病326例,为病例组,未患龋病170名,为对照组。对两组年龄、性别、每日进零食次数和每日刷牙次数等25项可能与患龋病有关的因素予以调查、记录。以logistic多元回归筛选相关因素。结果:排除进入模型的其他因素混杂作用后,每日进零食次数每增加1次,促进患龋病的危险是原来的1.249倍(OR=1.249>1,其95%可信区间内不包含1,P<0.05);断奶时间≥1岁促进患龋病的危险是<1岁断奶的2.812倍(OR=2.812>1,其95%可信区间内不包含1,P<0.01);而不含奶瓶入睡、睡前不吃零食和不喝碳酸饮料促进患龋病的危险分别是含奶瓶入睡、睡前吃零食和喝碳酸饮料的0.194、0.302和0.031倍(OR分别是0.194、0.302和0.031,均OR<1,其95%可信区间内均不包含1,均P<0.01)。结论:增加进零食次数和断奶时间≥1岁是包头市3~5岁儿童患龋病的危险因素;而不含奶瓶入睡、睡前不吃零食和不喝碳酸饮料为其保护因素
Electronic structures and optical properties of transition metals (Fe, Co, Ni, Zn) doped rutile TiO2

Zhang Xiao-Chao,Zhao Li-Jun,Fan Cai-Mei,Liang Zhen-Hai,Han Pei-De,

物理学报 , 2012,
Abstract: The geometric structures of transition metals (Fe, Co, Ni and Zn) doped rutile TiO2 are studied using the first-principles method based on the density functional theory. The lattice parameters, the electronic energy band structure, and the optical properties are calculated and discussed. The results show that the errors between calculated and experimental values of lattice parameters are less than 3.6%. Appropriate dopants of transition metal ions not only influence the band structure of rutile TiO2 system and broaden the scope of light absorption, but also play an important role in trapping electrons, improving the effective separation of electronic-hole pair and enhancing light absorption ability. The optimum Fe, Co, Ni, Zn doped rutile TiO2 systems in theory are Ti0.75Fe0.25O2, Ti0.75Co0.25O2, Ti0.75Ni0.25O2, Ti0.17Zn0.17O2, respectively. The 3d orbits of Fe, Co, Ni split into two groups of energy bands, t2g and eg states contribute to the higher level of valence band and the lower level of conduction band, respectively, which is conducive to the generation of electronic-hole pair and the enhancement of photocatalytic performance of rutile TiO2. Zn 3d orbit is completely filled with electrons, and the electrons are hardly excited, so the photocatalytic activity of rutile TiO2 is not obviously improved.
Co-production of Nattokinase and γ-Poly Glutamic Acid by Bacillus subtilis Natto NLSSe

QIN Guo-hong,XIONG Xiao-chao,ZHANG Ju-hua,XING Jian-min,LIU Hui-zhou,

过程工程学报 , 2008,
Abstract: 利用实验室保存的纳豆激酶生产菌Bacillus subtilis Natto NLSSe进行了γ.聚谷氨酸合成研究,在不添加谷氨酸的培养基中合成了分子量在200~300万Da的γ-聚谷氨酸,表明该菌是谷氨酸非依赖型菌.合成纳豆激酶的合适碳、氮源分别是蔗糖和大豆蛋白胨,合成γ-聚谷氨酸的合适碳、氮源分别是柠檬酸和NH4Cl.通过正交实验研究了碳、氮源对纳豆激酶和γ-聚谷氨酸联产的影响,结果表明,增加培养基中大豆蛋白胨及柠檬酸的浓度能分别促进纳豆激酶和γ-聚谷氨酸的合成,而不抑制另一产物的合成,有利于纳豆激酶和γ-聚谷氨酸的联产.在大豆蛋白胨10 g/L,NH4Cl 9g/L,柠檬酸15 g/L时,纳豆激酶酶活为121.2 U/mL,γ-聚谷氨酸产量为1.1 g/L,均达到了单独合成时的水平.
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