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Leaf water potential of spring wheat and field pea under different tillage patterns and its relationships with environmental factors.

ZHANG Ming,ZHANG Ren-zhi,CAI Li-qun,

应用生态学报 , 2008,
Abstract: Based on a long-term experiment, the leaf water potential of spring wheat and field pea, its relationships with environmental factors, and the diurnal variations of leaf relative water content and water saturation deficient under different tillage patterns were studied. The results showed that during whole growth period, field pea had an obviously higher leaf water potential than spring wheat, but the two crops had similar diurnal variation trend of their leaf water potential, i.e., the highest in early morning, followed by a descent, and a gradual ascent after the descent. For spring wheat, the maximum leaf water potential appeared at its jointing and heading stages, followed by at booting and flowering stages, and the minimum appeared at filling stage. For field pea, the maximum leaf water potential achieved at squaring stage, followed by at branching and flowering stages, and the minimum was at podding stage. The leaf relative water content of spring wheat was the highest at heading stage, followed by at jointing and flowering stages, and achieved the minimum at filling stage; while the water saturation deficient was just in adverse. With the growth of field pea, its leaf relative water content decreased, but leaf water saturation deficient increased. The leaf water potential of both spring wheat and field pea had significant correlations with environmental factors, including soil water content, air temperature, solar radiation, relative air humidity, and air water potential. Path analysis showed that the meteorological factor which had the strongest effect on the diurnal variation of spring wheat' s and field pea' s leaf water potential was air water potential and air temperature, respectively. Compared with conventional tillage, the protective tillage patterns no-till, no-till plus straw mulching, and conventional tillage plus straw returning increased the leaf water potential and relative water content of test crops, and the effect of no-till plus straw mulching was most significant.
Effect of tillage practices on structural properties and content of organic carbon in tilth soil

XU Shu-Qing,ZHANG Ren-Zhi,DONG Bo,Zhang Ming,
,张仁陟,董 博,张 鸣

中国生态农业学报 , 2009,
Abstract: To further explore tillage practices for improving soil structure, the effect of different tillage practices on the structure and organic carbon of tilth soils were investigated using routine method (Wet-sieving, Potassium dichromate volumetry and Core-cutting sampling). The 7-year research was conducted at an experimental station in the semiarid Loess Plateau zone in central Gansu Province. The conservative management practices of no-tillage (NT), conventional tillage with straw incorporation (TS) and no-tillage with straw mulch (NTS) increase soil organic C and water-stable soil aggregates contents, with the highest effect under NTS tillage. Soil bulk density decreases while soil porosity increases, greatly improving soil structure under NTS in the 0~10 cm soil layer. Content of soil water-stable aggregate (1~0.5 mm) is the highest in all 3 soil layers, 0~5 cm, 5~10 cm and 10~30 cm. Soil water-stable aggregate (>0.25 mm) has a significant positive correlation with soil organic C content and porosity, but is significantly negatively correlated with soil bulk density.
Optimum Isolation and Structural Analysis of Polysaccharide from the Fruiting Bodies of Coprinus comatus

YAO Yu-Jing,YANG Ren-Zhi,ZHANG Jing-Song,PAN Ying-Jie,

微生物学通报 , 2007,
Abstract: 以多糖得率为指标,用正交试验对鸡腿菇子实体多糖的提取纯化工艺进行优化。用离子色谱和凝胶渗透色谱对粗多糖进行分离纯化,利用化学和光谱学方法对均一多糖CC30w-1进行结构分析。结果表明鸡腿菇子实体多糖最佳提取工艺为:提取次数为3次,提取时间为1.5h,提取温度为95℃,料液比为1∶12;最佳脱蛋白条件:样品-氯仿 正丁醇为3∶1(V/V),氯仿-正丁醇为3∶1(V/V),反应时间为20min,脱蛋白次数为7;结构分析的结果表明:CC30w-1分子量为1.94×104Da,糖组成为Fuc∶Gal=1∶4.02;岩藻糖以端基方式连接,半乳糖主要以1,6-和1,2,6-两种方式连接,3个主要的连接方式的摩尔比为1.15∶2.88∶1;主要由(1,6)-α-D-Galp糖残基构成主链,在O-2位被α-Fucp糖残基取代的5个单糖残基组成的结构重复单元。
Effects of different tillage measures on upland soil respiration in Loess Plateau

SUN Xiao-hua,ZHANG Ren-zhi,CAI Li-qun,CHEN Qiang-qiang,

应用生态学报 , 2009,
Abstract: A field experiment was conducted in Lijiabu Town of Dingxi City.Gansu Provirice to study the soil respiration and its relations with the canopy temperature and soil moisture content in a rotation system with spring wheat and pea under effects of difierent tillage measures.Six treatments were installed,i.e.,tillage with no straw-or plastic mulch(conventional tillage,T).tillage with straw mulch(TS),tillage with plastic mulch(TP),no-tillage(NT),no-tillage with straw mulch(NTS),and no-tillage with plastic mulch(NTP).During the growth periods of spring wheat and pea,soil respiration had different change patterns,with the peaks appeared at the early jointing,grain-filling,and maturing stages of spring wheat,and at the 5-leaf,silking,flowering and poding,and maturing stages of pea.There was an obvious difference in the diurnal change of soil respiration in spring wheat field between treatments NTS and T,and the soil respiration rate was significantly lower in NTS than in T;while the soil respiration in pea field had less diurnal change.Soil respiration rate had a significant linear relationship with the canopy temperature of both spring wheat and pea,the correlation coefficient being the highest at booting stage of spring wheat and at flowering and poding stage of pea,followed by at grain-filling stage of spring wheat and at branching stage of pea.There was also a significant parabola relationship between soil respiration rate and soil moisture content,the correlation coefficient being higher under conservation tillage than under conventional tillage,with the highest under NTS.The moisture content in 10-30 am soil layer of spring wheat field and that in 5-10 cm soil layer of pea field had the greatest effects on soil respiration.Comparing with conventional tillage,all the five conservation tillage measures decreased soil respiration,with the best effects of no-tillage with straw mulch.
Effects of different conservation tillage measures on soil organic carbon pool in two sequence rotation systems of spring wheat and pease

CAI Li-Qun,QI Peng,ZHANG Ren-Zhi,LI Ai-Zong,
,齐 鹏,张仁陟,李爱宗

中国生态农业学报 , 2009,
Abstract: A 5-year conservation tillage experiment was conduced in Lijiabu, Dingxi City of Gansu Province to study the effects of crop rotation and tillage on soil total carbon, active organic carbon, microbial biomass carbon and soil organic carbon pool management index. The results show that conventional tillage with straw mulching and conventional tillage, in which straw is plowed into soil, increase soil organic carbon, active organic carbon, microbial biomass carbon and soil carbon pool management index under both rotation sequences. Though zero-tillage increases soil carbon pool management index in 0 ~5 cm soil layer, it decreases index of the other soil layers. The findings then suggest that zero-tillage without straw mulching or straw plowing into the soil is non-sustainable for soil organic carbon management.
Evaluation of adaptability of conservation tillage in Loess Plateau semi-arid areas

SUN Li-Jun,ZHANG Ren-Zhi,HUANG Gao-Bao,CAI Li-Qun,

中国生态农业学报 , 2008,
Abstract: To explore the adaptability of conservation tillage in the Loess Plateau semi-arid areas of Gansu Province, a conservation tillage experiment was conducted for 2001 ~ 2005 and the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) used to evaluate the economic and ecological suitability of five conservation tillage methods. The economic and ecological adaptability evaluation shows that no-tillage with straw cover (NTS) is the best among the tillage methods investigated. NTS adaptability ratio (PI) is far higher than the other tillage methods, ranging from 0.76 to 0.84 , which is 2 ~ 2.5 times ordinary tillage (T), showing that NTS treatment is more adaptable to the local ecology. PIs for NTS, no-tillage (NT) and no-tillage with plastic cover (NTP) are higher than that for tillage with straw cover (TS), T and tillage with plastic cover (TP). This implies that the adaptability of NTS, NT and NTP is better than that of TS, T and TP. Hence adopting NTS not only increases crop yield or reduces total input, but also enhances sustained development of agriculture in the Loess Plateau semi-arid areas of Gansu Province.
Evaluation System of the Sustainability of Land Use for Cities in Hilly and Gully Region on the Loess Plateau, China

ZHAO You-yi,ZHAO Ting-gang,YUE Bin,LI Ang,ZHANG Ren-zhi,

中国沙漠 , 2009,
Abstract: 从城市用地规模结构合理性、经济可行性、社会可接受度、对区域环境影响4个方面选择了32个因素作为参评因子,利用层次分析法、线性加权函数建立黄土高原丘陵沟壑区城市土地利用评价指标体系数学模型,并对定西市2006年城市土地可持续利用状况进行了综合评价。结果表明,2006年定西市土地利用处于非可持续利用阶段,并针对评价结果,提出可持续利用具体对策,为相关工作提供参考。
Effect of tillage pattern on soil greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4 and N2O) fluxes in semi-arid temperate regions

WANG Jing,CAI Li-Qun,ZHANG Ren-Zhi,WANG You-Ling,DONG Wen-Jun,

中国生态农业学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 通过设置在甘肃省定西市李家堡镇的不同耕作措施试验, 利用CO2分析仪、静态箱-气相色谱法对双序列轮作次序下春小麦地、豌豆地生育期内CO2、CH4和N2O通量进行了测定。试验结果表明: 4种耕作措施下春小麦地和豌豆地在生育期内均表现为CO2源、N2O源和CH4汇的功能。传统耕作不覆盖、免耕不覆盖、免耕秸秆覆盖和传统耕作结合秸秆还田下, 春小麦生育期内平均土壤CO2通量(μmol·m-2·s-1)分别为0.203 6、0.221 2、0.241 8、0.224 9, CH4通量(mg·m-2·h-1)分别为-0.041 6、-0.078 0、-0.081 8、-0.053 7, N2O通量(mg·m-2·h-1)分别为0.089 1、0.069 2、0.046 1、0.065 6; 豌豆生育期内平均土壤CO2通量(μmol·m-2·s-1)分别为0.273 6、0.261 6、0.218 1、0.236 0, CH4通量(mg·m-2·h-1)分别为-0.055 0、-0.073 7、-0.066 2、-0.054 5, N2O通量(mg·m-2·h-1)分别为0.123 4、0.084 7、0.080 6、0.035 0。少免耕及小麦秸秆覆盖有利于减少土壤CO2排放通量, 免耕不覆盖、免耕秸秆覆盖及传统耕作结合秸秆还田均能不同程度地增加CH4吸收通量、减少N2O排放通量。综合来看, 免耕不覆盖、免耕秸秆覆盖和传统耕作结合秸秆还田3种保护性耕作措施有助于减少土壤温室气体的排放量。春小麦地CO2通量随着土壤温度、土壤含水量的逐渐升高而增大; CH4吸收通量随着土壤含水量的逐渐升高而增大, 而随着土壤温度的逐渐升高而减小。豌豆地CO2通量的变化与土壤含水量存在极显著正相关关系; 而春小麦地N2O通量则与平均土壤温度呈显著正相关, 豌豆地则为极显著正相关。
rAAV vector-mediated gene therapy for experimental ischemic stroke
Li Zhao-Jian,Wang Ren-zhi
Neurology India , 2008,
Abstract: The safest viral vector system for gene therapy is based on recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) up to date in Phase I clinical trials, which has been developed rapidly and applied for ischemic stroke gene therapy in animal experiments since the past seven years. rAAV vector has made great progress in improving gene delivery by modification of the capsid and increasing transgene expression by encapsidation of double-stranded rAAV genome. And in all, nine therapeutic genes in 12 animal studies were successfully delivered using rAAV vector to ischemic brain via different approaches in rat or mice stroke models for gene therapy and the results suggested that rAAV could mediate genes′ expression efficiently; most of them displayed evidently therapeutic efficacy with satisfactory biological safety. Gene therapy involving rAAV vector seems effective in attenuation of ischemic damage in stroke and has greatly promising potential use for patients in the future. In this review, we will focus on the basic biology and development of rAAV vector itself as well as the recent progress in the use of this vector for ischemic stroke gene therapy in animal experiments.
Effects of conservation tillage on soil moisture and crop yield in a phased rotation system with spring wheat and field pea in dryland

Guangdi LI,Kwong Yin CHAN,HUANG Gao-Bao,GUO Qing-Yi,ZHANG Ren-Zhi,PANG Lei,Guangdi LI,Kwong Yin CHAN,YU Ai-Zhong,
,郭清毅,张仁陟,逄蕾,Guangdi LI,Kwong Yin CHAN,于爱忠

生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 保护性耕作(conservationtillage)能够减少水土流失、提高耕地产量,是一类具有生态保护意义的持续性农业耕作形式。2002年至2004年在定西旱地农业地区进行了保护性耕作条件下旱地农田春小麦豌豆双序列轮作土壤水分动态及产量效应的试验研究,结果表明:保护性耕作能够显著改善0~200cm土层土壤贮水量及含水量,随着降水量的增多土壤对降水的保蓄能力增强。在降水较少年份免耕秸秆覆盖的这种作用表现突出,而在降水充沛的年份免耕地膜覆盖则更具优势。耕层土壤水分因受降水等因素的影响而变化剧烈,耕层以下土壤水分变幅相对较小。播种期、五叶期及收获期土壤具有较高含水量,而开花期土壤含水量则较低。在两种轮作体系中,播种期春小麦和豌豆免耕秸秆覆盖处理0~50cm土层含水量分别较常规耕作增加28%、26%和11%、23%,降水生产效率较常规耕作提高了17.79%~26.81%。在春小麦豌豆轮作体系中免耕秸秆覆盖处理的作物产量(春小麦 豌豆)及水分利用效率分别为3420kghm2和8.11kg(hm2·mm),较常规耕作分别提高26.81%和25.39%。
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