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Effects of water and nitrogen on root/shoot ratio and water use efficiency of winter wheat

WANG Yan-Zhe,LIU Xiu-Wei,SUN Hong-Yong,ZHANG Xi-Ying,ZHANG Lian-Rui,

中国生态农业学报 , 2013,
Abstract: Water and nitrogen (N) fertilizer have been identified as the two key factors that influence wheat root and shoot development. Root/shoot ratio and water use efficiency (WUE) of winter wheat were studied in the field and tub experiments at the Luancheng Agro-Ecosystem Experimental Station of Chinese Academy of Sciences in the North China Plain. The field experiment involved with 5 irrigation treatments (with zero to 4 irrigations) during winter wheat growth period. The tub experiment involved 15 treatments of five levels of N (0 g·tub-1, 2 g·tub-1, 4 g·tub-1, 6 g·tub-1, 8 g·tub-1) and three levels of irrigation (with 140 mm, 210 mm, 280 mm irrigation), with 6 replicas of each treatment. The PVC tub used in this experiment was 1 m in depth and 20 cm in diameter. The bottom of each tub was sealed with plastic film and buried in the field. Field data showed that soil water content significantly influenced root and shoot biomass accumulation. The root/shoot ratio was not affected by irrigation when water content of the top 60 cm soil layer was above 60% of field capacity. Below this soil water level, root/shoot ratio increased with decreasing soil water content. The tub experiment showed that the root/shoot ratio was significantly driven by N dose and not by the combined effect of water and N. Root dry weight decreased and grain yield increased with increasing N dose under deficit water supply. Concurrently, WUE increased with increasing N dose. Under sufficient water supply, winter wheat yield initially increased with increasing N dose to a certain level, after which it no longer changed with increasing N dose. A threshold value for N dose was noted under sufficient water supply. While under deficit water supply, more N meant higher WUE by reduced root/shoot ratio. This study suggested that N and water regulated biomass allocation to the parts of the above-ground and below-ground systems of the plant that influenced grain production and WUE. Both experiments showed a negative correlation between root/shoot ratio and WUE. That implied that higher root/shoot ratio increased biomass allocation to root but at the same time reduced above-ground biomass and WUE.
细胞死亡的基因调节 Gene Regulation of Programmed Cell Death
杨建民,刘连瑞YANG Jian-Min,LIU Lian-Rui
遗传 , 1996,
Abstract: GeneRegulationofProgrammedCellDeathYangJianminLiuLianrui(InstituteofGenetics,AcademiaSinica,Beijing100101)细胞死亡与细胞生长、分化和增殖一样是维持生物体平衡的重要环节。它是生命过程一个重要组成部分,只在近年来才引起生物学家和医学家的重视.细胞死亡现象称为Apoptosis,或称Programmedcelldeath(细胞程序化死亡),也有称为Suicide(细胞自杀现象)。细胞死亡(apoptosis)是在细胞内和细胞外因子的严格控制下~种有步骤有活性的生理性自行消亡过程,正在死亡的细胞形态上发生明显的变化,如胞浆浓缩,原生质膜形…
The Business Rules Engine Inference Approach Based on Orthogonal Multi-agent Genetic Algorithm

ZHANG Lei,ZHANG Rui-Sheng,LI Lian,

计算机科学 , 2007,
Abstract: It uses Forward-Chaining arithmetic to realize inference in business rules engine. It proposes a inference ap- proach of business rules engine based on orthogonal multi-agent genetic algorithm in this paper to solve the limitation that business rules engine can not solve The Winner Determination Approach of Combinatorial Service Compete. Or- thogonal design is introduced to generate an initial population of points that are scattered uniformly over the feasible so- lution space and to generate a crossover operator. It realizes the global optimal computation via the local interacting a- gents with abilities of local perceptivity, competition and evolvement, self-learning etc.
Preparation of Cu Coated Nano SiC Composite Particles by Heterogeneous Precipitation Process

ZHANG Rui,GAO Lian,GUO Jing-Kun,

无机材料学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 选用工业生产的立方相SiC纳米颗粒,尺寸约120nm.利用置换反应原理制得纳米Cu微晶.采用非均相沉淀方法将Cu包裹到纳米SiC颗粒表面,形成相分布均匀的复合颗粒.纳米Cu微晶吸附在SiC颗粒周围形成粗糙表面.复合粉体颗粒表面被一层连续、致密的Cu2O层所包覆.Cu2O的存在是纳米Cu微晶颗粒自发氧化的结果.
Study on time-cost-safety level trade-off of construction project

ZHANG Lian-ying,YAN Fei,YANG Rui,
,严 飞,杨 瑞

计算机应用研究 , 2013,
Abstract: Current studies on construction security seldom considered relationships and mutual influences between time, cost and other objectives and security. This paper analyzed relationships between duration, cost of completion, guarantee safety cost and safety level of each activity, and deduced safety level index of construction project by the combination of security and system reliability. Then it established a time-cost-safety level equilibrium optimization model through integrating the objective of safety level into time-cost trade-off model. At last, it achieved the Pareto solution of the model using PSO algorithm based on a real example, and demonstrate the effectiveness, rationality and practicality of the model in safety management of construction projects.
An Admission Control Algorithm with Minimum Contending Throughput Guarantee

FU Xiao-Rui,ZHANG Lian-Fang,

软件学报 , 2005,
Abstract: In this paper, the performance of integrating real-time and non real-time traffic in the PCF (point coordination function) mode of IEEE 802.11 is studied, and a novel real-time traffic admission control algorithm is proposed. By changing the admission threshold dynamically according to the current load of non real-time traffic and polling the admitted real-time nodes according to their service index, the proposed algorithm can provide parameterized QoS (quality of service) for real-time traffic, while at the same time, keep the throughput of non real-time traffic at an acceptable level. The validity of the admission control algorithm is verified by simulation.
Nematic crossover in BaFe$_2$As$_2$ under uniaxial stress
Xiao Ren,Lian Duan,Yuwen Hu,Jiarui Li,Rui Zhang,Huiqian Luo,Pengcheng Dai,Yuan Li
Physics , 2015, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.115.197002
Abstract: Raman scattering can detect spontaneous point-group symmetry breaking without resorting to single-domain samples. Here we use this technique to study $\mathrm{BaFe_2As_2}$, the parent compound of the "122" Fe-based superconductors. We show that an applied compression along the Fe-Fe direction, which is commonly used to produce untwinned orthorhombic samples, changes the structural phase transition at temperature $T_{\mathrm{s}}$ into a crossover that spans a considerable temperature range above $T_{\mathrm{s}}$. Even in crystals that are not subject to any applied force, a distribution of substantial residual stress remains, which may explain phenomena that are seemingly indicative of symmetry breaking above $T_{\mathrm{s}}$. Our results are consistent with an onset of spontaneous nematicity only below $T_{\mathrm{s}}$.
Changes in Global DNA Methylation Intensity and DNMT1 Transcription During the Aging Process of Scallop Chlamys farreri Changes in Global DNA Methylation Intensity and DNMT1 Transcription During the Aging Process of Scallop Chlamys farreri
LIAN Shanshan,HE Yan,LI Xue,ZHAO Bosong,HOU Rui,HU Xiaoli,ZHANG Lingling,BAO Zhenmin
- , 2015,
Abstract: DNA methylation is an important epigenetic regulatory mechanism that influences genomic stability, gene activation, X-chromosome inactivation and other factors. A change in DNA methylation is usually associated with aging and cellular senescence. DNA methyltransferase 1(DNMT1) is the most abundant DNA methyltransferase, and it plays an important role in maintaining the established methylation pattern during DNA replication in vertebrates. Although the effect of aging on DNA methylation has been well studied in vertebrates, little research has been conducted in invertebrates, especially in marine bivalves. In this study, we examined global DNA methylation levels in four groups of adult Zhikong scallop Chlamys farreri at different ages. The results showed that both the age and tissue type had a strong effect on the DNA methylation. In addition, a significant decrease in DNA methylation with aging(1–4 years) can be detected in mantle, kidney and hepatopancreas. We further measured the change in DNMT1 transcript abundance using quantitative reverse transcription PCR(q RT-PCR), which revealed that DNMT1 transcription significantly decreased with aging in mantle and hepatopancreas and strongly correlated with DNA methylation(R = 0.72). Our data provided greater insight into the aging-related decline of DNA methylation, which could aid in gaining a better understanding of the relationship between DNA methylation and the aging process in bivalve mollusks
Kolmogorov entropy changes and cortical lateralization during complex problem solving task measured with EEG  [PDF]
Lian-Yi Zhang
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2009, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2009.28097
Abstract: The objective is to study changes in EEG time-domain Kolmogorov entropy and cortical lateralization of brain function areas during complex problem solving mental task in healthy human subjects. EEG data for healthy subjects are acquired during complex problem solving mental task using a net of 6 electrodes. The subject was given a nontrivial multiplication problem to solve and the signals were recorded for 10s during the task. Kolmogorov entropy values during the task were calculated. It was found that Kolmogorov entropy values were obviously greater in P4 channel (right) than ones in P3 channel (left) during complex problem solving task. It indicated that all subjects presented significant left parietal lateralization for the total frequency spectrum. These results suggest that it may be possible to noninvasively lateralize, and even eventually localize, cerebral regions essential for particular mental tasks from scalp EEG data.
Degradation of MTBE and TBA by a new isolate from MTBE-contaminated soil
ZHANG Rui-ling,HUANG Guo-qiang,LIAN Jing-yan,LI Xin-gang,
ZHANG Rui-ling
,HUANG Guo-qiang,LIAN Jing-yan,LI Xin-gang

环境科学学报(英文版) , 2007,
Abstract: Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE),a gasoline additive,possesses serious problems to the environmental health.In the present study,a bacterial culture named A-3 which could effectively degrade MTBE was isolated from the MTBE contaminated soil.The isolate was identified as Chryseobacterium sp.,a new species capable of degrading MTBE.In order to enhance its degradation ability,selected environment factors were investigated.The results showed that the optimal temperature was in the range of 25-30℃,the pH was 7.0,the inoculum size was 2 × 108 CFU/ml and the optimal concentration of MTBE was from 50 to 100 mg/L.The maximum MTBE utilization rate (vmax) was 102 nmol MTBE/(mg cell protein·h).Furthermore,it Was found that the isolate could also degrade tert-butyl alcohol (TBA).The degradation rates of TBA were much faster than those of MTBE.The additional TBA would lead to the decrease of the initial MTBE degradation rate and the inhibitory effect of TBA increased with the increase of TBA concentration.Similar protein profiles at least seven peptides were demonstrated after SDS-PAGE analysis of crude extracts obtained from the cells growing in MTBE and TBA culture.
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