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Carbon dioxide emission of Mat cryo-sod soil in the Haibei alpine meadow ecosystem

ZHANG Jin-Xia,

生态学报 , 2001,
Abstract: 研究了植物生长季节海北高寒草甸生态系统高寒嵩草草甸覆被下草毡寒冻雏形土的 CO2 释放速率。其结果表明 :CO2 释放速率有明显的日变化和季节动态。日最大排放速率多出现在 1 4 :0 0~ 1 6:0 0时 ,最小排放速率在 6:0 0~ 8:0 0时。植物生长季日最大振幅为 797.75mg/m2·h,最小振幅 1 97.33mg/m2·h。CO2 排放白天大于夜晚。不同物候期 CO2 释放速率不同 ,其顺序为草盛期 >枯黄期 >返青期。生长季土壤 CO2 释放速率的范围是 4 41 .72 mg/m2 · h± 1 55.2 9mg/m2· h,最大日均值为 681 .0 6mg/m2 · h( 7月 1 6日 ) ,最低值 1 76.65mg/m2 · h ( 6月 1日 )。退化草地土壤 CO2 释放速率明显低于未退化草地 ,生长季平均日均值低 1 37.4 7mg/m2·h。相关分析表明 :土壤 CO2 排放速率与气温、地表温度、土壤5cm、1 0 cm、1 5cm、2 0 cm、30 cm地温均呈显著和极显著相关关系。温度是影响土壤 CO2 释放速率的主要因子。
Han-Ping Zhang,Jin-Xia Zhu,Hong Zhou,Zhi-Quan Pan
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808000354
Abstract: The title complex, [Cu2(C22H20Br2N4O2)(ClO4)2], was prepared by the condensation of 2,6-diformyl-4-bromophenol with 1,3-diaminopropane in the presence of copper(II) ions. The macrocyclic ligand shows an approximately planar structure except for the two propene groups in the macrocycle. The coordination polyhedron of each Cu atom can be described as distorted square pyramidal. The two Cu atoms are bridged by two phenolate O atoms of the macrocycle, with a Cu...Cu distance of 3.109 (2) .
Analysis of the effect of sidewall on the performance of 6H-SiC Schottky barrier source/drain NMOSFETs

Tang Xiao-Yan,Zhang Yi-Men,Zhang Yu-Ming,Gao Jin-Xia,

中国物理 B , 2004,
Spatial Patterns for the Distribution of Winter Waterbirds in the Aquaculture Ponds of Chongming Dongtan,Shanghai

ZHAO Jin-xia,LIU Hao,ZHANG Li-quan,

动物学研究 , 2008,
Abstract: The spatial utility pattern of birds reflects their selection of habitats. Based on field surveys, spatial statistics and landscape pattern analyses,we investigated the distribution pattern of winter waterbirds in the aquaculture ponds of Chongming Dongtan,Shanghai. The results showed that ducks had a different pattern from that of waders. The distribution pattern of ducks revealed a significantly positive autocorrelation and clustered distribution,while that of waders showed a non-autocorrelation and random distribution. As a supplementary habitat,the aquaculture ponds play an important role for winter waterbirds. There are,however,differences in selecting habitats among groups of winter waterbirds. Ducks prefer ponds with well-developed reed vegetation,a relatively smaller water area and deeper water, while waders favor larger water areas and shallower water. The requirement of habitats for different groups of winter waterbirds should be taken into account when planning land use and managing a natural reserve.
Research progress of socio-economic water cycle in China

JIA Shao-feng,WANG Guo,ZHANG Shi-feng,YU Gui-rui,WANG Jin-xia,XIA Jun,

地理学报 , 2002,
Abstract: China has made great progress in the study of socio-economic water cycle. She has completed national water resources appraisement and medium to long-term water supply planning. She has been engaging in study on water-deficient regions in North China and Northwest China for about half a century. For solving water shortage problem in northern China, she has put forward the famous South-to-North Water Transferring Projects, which has been set as one of the four biggest national projects in the Tenth Five-Year-Plan period although there are still debates. For promoting water use efficiency, China has been reforming her water management system, including water right system and water price system. There has already been a case of water right purchase. China has also done a lot of research on the interaction between human activity, water and ecosystem. For meeting the need of sustainability and coordinating water resources development and environmental protection, the study of ecological water requirement became very hot in recent years. There are three focuses of socio-economic water cycle study now in China: water transfer projects from the south to the north, water resources management and ecological water requirement.
Extraction of channel carrier concentration using C-V method for SiC buried-channel MOSFET

Gao Jin-Xia,Zhang Yi-Men,Tang Xiao-Yan,Zhang Yu-Ming,

物理学报 , 2006,
Abstract: A theoretical and experimental study on extracting channel carrier concentration for 4H-SiC buried channel MOSFET has been carried out. The distortion of C-V curve caused by the existence of p-n junction in buried channel MOS structure would affect the extracting result, and the interface states on SiO2/SiC interface make extracting result deviate from true channel carrier concentration. In this paper, firstly, a theoretical analysis about the effects of channel depth and interface state on extracting result is made. Then the C-V curves for buried-channel MOS structure with two different channel depth are presented from which the channel carrier concentration is extracted. In the measurement of C-V curves, three different sweep velocities are used to analyze the effect of interface states. The theoretical results agree with experimental results.
Study of the effect of interface state charges on field-effect mobility of n-channel 6H-SiC MOSFET
界面态电荷对n沟6H-SiC MOSFET场效应迁移率的影响

Tang Xiao-Yan,Zhang Yi-Men,Zhang Yu-Ming,Gao Jin-Xia,

物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: The effect of interface state charges on the field-effect mobility of n-channel 6H-SiC MOSFET is analyzed based on the nonuniform distribution of interface state density in the energy gap. The results of the analysis show that interface state charges have the influence of lowering the field-effect mobility in n-channel SiC MOSFET. A relationship has been established between the ratio of the experimentally determined field-effect mobility to the inversion-layer carrier mobility and interface states.
6H-SiC Schottky barrier source/drain NMOSFET with field-induced source/drain extension
6H-SiC Schottky barrier source/drain NMOSFET with field-induced source/drain extension

Tang Xiao-Yan,Zhang Yi-Men,Zhang Yu-Ming,Gao Jin-Xia,

中国物理 B , 2005,
Abstract: A novel SiC Schottky barrier source/drain NMOSFET (SiC SBSD-NMOSFET) with field-induced source/drain (FISD) extension is proposed and demonstrated by numerical simulation for the first time. In the new device the FISD extension is induced by a metal field-plate lying on top of the passivation oxide, and the width of Schottky barrier is controlled by the metal field-plate. The new structure not only eliminates the effect of the sidewalls but also significantly improves the on-state current. Moreover, the performance of the present device exhibits very weak dependence on the widths of sidewalls.
Effect of high temperature on the physiological characteristics of casaba

YANG Qiu-Zhen,LI Jun,WANG Jin-Xia,CHEN Zhang-Ming,
,李 军,王金霞,陈掌明

中国生态农业学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 对比试验研究生殖生长期甜瓜的高温胁迫指标及其生理原因表明,≥40℃的高温对处于生殖生长期的甜瓜有伤害,花粉活性下降的温度明显低干叶片活性下降时的温度,叶片细胞膜受损的温度为≥50℃,叶绿素下降的温度为≥41℃.对花粉活性影响的温度为≥31℃;≥52℃、对甜瓜的营养器官和生殖器官均有极显著破坏作用。随着高温时间的延长,甜瓜叶片电导率增加、叶绿素含量及花粉活力下降。高温处理3d的中部、下部叶片电导率比对照增加70%以上,叶片叶绿素含量比对照降低20%以上。用I-KI染色法测定高温处理3d的花粉样品优良率仅有20%,比对照少1/2以上。
Studies on Fermentation Condition of Potato Residues by Alcohol Tolerance Bacillus subtilis

ZHANG Xiang-dong,YANG Qian,SONG Jia,FAN Jin-xia,

吉林农业大学学报 , 2011,
Abstract: 从大庆盐碱土中分离到1株高浓度酒精耐受性纤维素降解细菌菌株ZY62。对该菌株的16sRNA进行序列分析确定其为枯草芽胞杆菌(Bacillus subtilis)。以马铃薯渣和汁水作为发酵培养基初步优化ZY62菌株产羧甲基纤维素(CMC)酶条件,试验结果为pH值自然、37℃、150 r/min发酵时CMC酶活最高;发酵120 h后,薯渣与汁水转化获得的发酵产物中单细胞蛋白含量达到18.5%。小鼠增重试验结果表明马铃薯渣与汁水发酵后产物可部分替代豆粕。
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