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Dabigatran etexilate tetrahydrate
Hong-Qiang Liu,Wei-Guang Zhang,Zhi-Qiang Cai,Wei-Ren Xu
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2012, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536812046673
Abstract: In the title compound, C34H41N7O5·4H2O (systematic name: ethyl 3-{[2-({4-[(Z)-amino(hexyloxycarbonylimino)methyl]anilino}methyl)-1-methylbenzimidazole-5-carbonyl]pyridin-2-ylamino}propanoate tetrahydrate), the benzene and pyridine rings form dihedral angles of 5.4 (1) and 43.8 (1)°, respectively, with the benzimidazole mean plane. The terminal butyl group is disordered over two conformations in a 0.756 (10):0.244 (10) ratio. There is an intramolecular N—H...O hydrogen bond present. In the crystal, the water molecules are involved in the formation of O—H...O, O—H...N and N—H...O hydrogen bonds, which link the components into layers parallel to the ab plane.
Effective permittivity and permeability of one-dimensional dielectric photonic crystal within a band gap

Guo Ji-Yong,Chen Hong,Li Hong-Qiang,Zhang Ye-Wen,

中国物理 B , 2008,
Abstract: We take a finite dielectric photonic crystal as a homogeneous slab and have extracted the effective parameters. Our systematic study shows that the effective permittivity or permeability of dielectric photonic crystal is negative within a band gap region. This means that the band gap might act as $\varepsilon$-negative materials (ENMs) with $\varepsilon <0$ and $\mu >0$, or $\mu$-negative materials (MNMs) with $\varepsilon >0$ and $\mu <0$. Moreover the effective parameters sensitively rely on size, surface termination, symmetry, etc. The effective parameters can be used to design full transmission tunnelling modes and amplify evanescent wave. Several cases are studied and the results show that dielectric photonic band gap can indeed mimic a single negative material (ENM or MNM) under some restrictions.
ESNOQ, Proteomic Quantification of Endogenous S-Nitrosation
Xixi Zhou,Peiwei Han,Jiangmei Li,Xu Zhang,Bo Huang,Hong-Qiang Ruan,Chang Chen
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0010015
Abstract: S-nitrosation is a post-translational protein modification and is one of the most important mechanisms of NO signaling. Endogenous S-nitrosothiol (SNO) quantification is a challenge for detailed functional studies. Here we developed an ESNOQ (Endogenous SNO Quantification) method which combines the stable isotope labeling by amino acids in cell culture (SILAC) technique with the detergent-free biotin-switch assay and LC-MS/MS. After confirming the accuracy of quantification in this method, we obtained an endogenous S-nitrosation proteome for LPS/IFN-γ induced RAW264.7 cells. 27 S-nitrosated protein targets were confirmed and using our method we were able to obtain quantitative information on the level of S-nitrosation on each modified Cys. With this quantitative information, over 15 more S-nitrosated targets were identified than in previous studies. Based on the quantification results, we found that the S-nitrosation levels of different cysteines varied within one protein, providing direct evidence for differences in the sensitivity of cysteine residues to reactive nitrosative stress and that S-nitrosation is a site-specific modification. Gene ontology clustering shows that S-nitrosation targets in the LPS/IFN-γ induced RAW264.7 cell model were functionally enriched in protein translation and glycolysis, suggesting that S-nitrosation may function by regulating multiple pathways. The ESNOQ method described here thus provides a solution for quantification of multiple endogenous S-nitrosation events, and makes it possible to elucidate the network of relationships between endogenous S-nitrosation targets involved in different cellular processes.
Some Soliton like and Periodic Solutions for a (2+1) dimensional Generalization of Shallow Water Wave Equation

MEI Jian-Qin,ZHANG Hong-Qiang,

数学物理学报(A辑) , 2005,
Abstract: In this paper, based on a system of Riccati equations, a newly general projective Riccati equaiton expansion method is presented. It is direct and can be used to construct more new exact solutions of nonlinear differential equations in mathematical physics. The (2 1)-dimensional generalization of shallow water wave equation is chosen to illustrate the algorithm such that more families of new exact solutions are obtained, which contain soliton-like and periodic solutions. This algorithm can also be applied to other nonlinear differential equations.
Similarity Reductions and Analytic Solutions for (2+1)-dimensional Dispersive Long Wave Equation

YAN Zhen-Ya,ZHANG Hong-Qiang,

数学物理学报(A辑) , 2001,
Abstract: In this paper, firstly with the aid of Mathematica, the direct method is extended and applied to (2 1) dimensional dispersive long wave equations. As a result, six types of similarity reductions and several analytic solutions are obtained, which contain Painleve II equation and soliton solutions. Secondly, based on the results in Ref., the rational fraction analytic solutions are found by a new series of transformations. The method can be applied to other differential equations.
Multiple Video Object Segmentation Based on Maximization of the A Posteriori Probability of Spatio-Temporal Label Field

Bao Hong-qiang,Zhang Zhao-yang,

电子与信息学报 , 2006,
Abstract: This paper presents a novel multiple object segmentation algorithm based on a Bayesian framework. According to the characteristic of the intra-frame and inter-frame (spatial and temporal) information, a representation of Maximization of the A posteriori Probability(MAP) of spatio-temporal label field is proposed. So a minimization of energy function is obtained. The optimization of solution is carried out by Iterated Conditional Mode(ICM) method. The initial segmentation label fields is gotten using vector histogram. The experimental results show that the algorithm is effective to multiple object segmentation with partial occlusion.
High-Efficiency Bistable Switching Based on One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals with Single-Negative Materials

DU Gui-Qiang,JIANG Hai-tao,LI Hong-Qiang,ZHANG Ye-Wen,CHEN Hong,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: We study theoretically the nonlinear responses of one-dimensional photonic crystals (PCs) composed of alternating two kinds of single-negative (permittivity-negative and permeability-negative) materials embedded with a Kerr-type nonlinear defect layer. In conventional PCs, it is difficult to realize a bistable switching with both low threshold and quick response time. However, in PCs with single-negative materials, by changing the ratio of the thicknesses of the two types of layers, with the decreasing size of the structure, the switching response time is shortened and the threshold intensity decreases simultaneously.
Broadly Tunable SOA-Based Active Mode-Locked Fibre Ring aser by Forward Injection Optical Pulse

YAN Shuang-Yi,ZHANG Jian Guo,ZHAO Wei,LU Hong-Qiang,WANG Wei-Qiang,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: We present a broadly tunable active mode-locked fibre ring laser based on a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA), with forward injection optical pulses. The laser can generate pulse sequence with pulsewidth about 12ps and high output power up to 8.56dBm at 2.5GHz stably. Incorporated with a wavelength-tunable optical bandpass filter, the pulse laser can operate with a broad wavelength tunable span up to 37nm with almost constant pulsewidth. A detailed experimental analysis is also carried out to investigate the relationship between the power of the internal cavity and the pulsewidth of the output pulse sequence. The experimental configuration of the pulse laser is very simple and easy to setup with no polarization-sensitive components.
The Periodic Change of Environment Factors in Solid State Fermentation and Effect on Microorganism Fermentation

LI Hong-Qiang,CHEN Hong-Zhang,State Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering,

生物工程学报 , 2005,
Abstract: The periodic change of environment factors in air pressure oscillation solid state fermentation bioreactor was studied. Based this research the effect of the periodic environment stimulations on Penicillium decumbens JUA10 cultured in solid state substrate was researched too. The research results showed that in this bioreactor air temperature and relative humidity had large amplitude periodic change drived by air pressure oscillation. The changes had same frequency with the air pressure Oscillation and had amplitude that increased with the air pressure increased. When the press lower limit and upper limit were 0.0MPa and 0.2MPa respectively, pulsating period was 20min, contrast to the period gather breath solid state fermentation, the air press pulsating SSF had a 2.29 times total CO\-2 production increase, 3.2 times enzyme activity increase and 1.04 times biomass increase. The data suggested air press pulsating stimulation not only increased biomass but also the metabolic activity.
Optical Tamm States in Dielectric Photonic Crystal Heterostructure

GUO Ji-Yong,SUN Yong,LI Hong-Qiang,ZHANG Ye-Wen,CHEN Hong,

中国物理快报 , 2008,
Abstract: We investigate one-dimensional dielectric photonic crystal and optical Tamm modes formed by superposition of two band gaps and find that this kind of mode can be explained by the single negative materials tunnelling effect. Afinite-size dielectric photonic band gap can mimic one kind of effective single negative material and this property sensitively depends on the frequency location in stop-band regions and surface termination and so on. The effective impedance match and effective phase match give the precise position of the optical Tamm mode. Complete transparency via tunnelling is achieved by two opaque media and demonstrates the validity of our approach.

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