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Ideas y Valores , 2010,
Abstract: peter abelard develops an ethical thought, which is quite different from later moral philosophy, structured over some concepts such as reason and moral subjectivity. the first, is understood as discursive power over moral life and as moral reasoning. about moral subjectivity, emphasizes the moral act's psychology, and develop his understanding not on the basis of sin, but its constitution. the paper traces the development of these two concepts in abelard's two major ethical works: ethics and dialogue between a philosopher, a jew and a christian. and also studies the relation between abelard's morality and the metaphysics held by him.
Enculturation and the Degenerative Principle
Daniel Washburn
Suvremene Teme : Contemporary Issues , 2008,
Abstract: The model of enculturation I propose operates with a claim that individuals are intrinsically idiosyncratic. Support for individual idiosyncrasy begins at the level of neurons and goes on to encompass inter-individual phenomena. I draw on cognitive and social theory to support my position. In particular I consider the work of neurologistGerald Edelman (2004) and his “theory of neuronal group selection” (TNGS) and Sahlins(2000) and his theory of culture. The model of culture presented here is designed to account for the phenomenon of individual idiosyncrasy. For this reason, culture is necessarily presented as a process - and I am calling the process “enculturation.” The cognitive phenomena that allow language and signs to be shared between people are, within each individual, constantly changing via idiosyncratic neuronal firing patternsand via the incorporation of new experience and altered memory. The concept of memory is discussed in relation the model of enculturation. The Durkheimian position, that social scientists should focus on collective representations and avoid makingsocial claims based on the operation of individual minds (Durkheim, 1915:15-16;1952:213) is given consideration. Cognitive research is introduced to suggest links between experience and memory (such as Edelman’s concept of the “remembered present”) and to establish the function of “the degenerative principle”. The work of Libet (2004) is utilized to suggest that conscious awarenesses are preceded byunconscious processes (i.e., processes outside reflective consciousness), and as such we are forced to conclude that unconscious processes initiate our conscious experiences. This raises questions of agency and free will. It is suggested that theprocess of cognitive association leads to novelty as a result of the instability of recurrent memory and the intrinsic idiosyncrasy of neurons. Enculturation then, can be seen as the activity of association as augmented by intrinsically idiosyncratic phenomena.Parallels are drawn between Bakhtin’s dialogic principle and the enculturation model.The concluding section suggests avenues for the future.
The Role of Reason in Morality: The Case of Abelard’s Ethics
Jimmy Washburn
Ideas y Valores , 2010,
Abstract: Peter Abelard develops an ethical thought, which is quite different from later moral philosophy, structured over some concepts such as reason and moral subjectivity. The first, is understood as discursive power over moral life and as moral reasoning. About moral subjectivity, emphasizes the moral act’s psychology, and develop his understanding not on the basis of sin, but its constitution. The paper traces the development of these two concepts in Abelard’s two major ethical works: Ethics and Dialogue between a Philosopher, a Jew and a Christian. And also studies the relation between Abelard’s morality and the metaphysics held by him.
Convolution and Cross-Correlation of Ramanujan-Fourier Series
John Washburn
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: This paper uses the machinery of almost periodic functions to prove that even without uniform convergence the connection between a pair of almost periodic functions and the constants of the associated Fourier series exists for both the convolution and cross-correlation. The general results for two almost periodic functions are narrowed and applied to Ramanujan sums and finally applied to support the specific relation of the Wiener-Khinchin formula for arithemic functions with a Ramanujan-Fourier Series.
Abel Summation of Ramanujan-Fourier Series
John Washburn
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: Using Abel summation the paper proves a weak form of the Wiener-Khinchin formula for arithmetic functions with point-wise convergent Ramanujan-Fourier expansions. The main result is that the convolution of most arithmetic functions possessing an R-F expansion are Abel-summable to a result involving only the Ramanujan-Fourier coefficients of the R-F expansion(s).
On a Mean Value of Gadiyar and Padma
John Washburn
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Building on the earlier works of Gadiyar and Padma, the main result of this paper is to prove: \begin{equation} \lim_{n \to \infty} \frac{1}{N} \sum_{n=1}^{N} \frac{\phi(n) \Lambda\left(n \right)}{n} \frac{\phi(n+h) \Lambda\left(n +h\right)}{n+h} = \sum\limits_{q=1}^{\infty} \left\Vert \frac{\mu(q)}{\phi(q)} \right\Vert^2 c_q(h) \end{equation} This sieve with Ramanujan-Fourier expansions is the the central relationship to be proven in within the works of H. G. Gadiyar and R. Padma, as related to the following conjectures in number theory: The twinned prime conjecture, The Sophie Germaine Primes conjecture, and Conjectures B and D of Hardy and Littlewood. A reviewer has point out that Theorem 8 from the previous version should be split into two theorems; one for absolute convergence and one for uniform convergence.
Paleoseismology of the Xorxol Segment of the Central Altyn Tagh Fault, Xinjiang, China
Z. Washburn,J. R. Arrowsmith,G. Dupont-Nivet,W. X. Feng
Annals of Geophysics , 2003, DOI: 10.4401/ag-3443
Abstract: Although the Altyn Tagh Fault (ATF) is thought to play a key role in accommodating India-Eurasian convergence, little is known about its earthquake history. Studies of this strike-slip fault are important for interpretation of the role of faulting versus distributed deformation in the accommodation of the India- Eurasia collision. In addition, the > 1200 km long fault represents one of the most important and exemplary intracontinental strike-slip faults in the world. We mapped fault trace geometry and interpreted paleoseismic trench exposures to characterize the seismogenic behavior of the ATF. We identified 2 geometric segment boundaries in a 270 km long reach of the central ATF. These boundaries define the westernmost Wuzhunxiao, the Central Pingding, and the easternmost Xorxol (also written as Suekuli or Suo erkuli) segments. In this paper, we present the results from the Camel paleoseismic site along the Xorxol Segment at 91.759°E, 38.919°N. There evidence for the last two earthquakes is clear and 14C dates from layers exposed in the excavation bracket their ages. The most recent earthquake occurred between 1456 and 1775 cal A.D. and the penultimate event was between 60 and 980 cal A.D. Combining the Camel interpretations with our published results for the central ATF, we conclude that multiple earthquakes with shorter rupture lengths (?? 50 km) rather than complete rupture of the Xorxol Segment better explain the paleoseismic data. We found 2-3 earthquakes in the last 2-3 kyr. When coupled with typical amounts of slip per event (5-10 m), the recurrence times are tentatively consistent with 1-2 cm/yr slip rates. This result favors models that consider the broader distribution of collisional deformation, rather than those with northward motion of India into Asia absorbed along a few faults bounding rigid blocks.
陈正乐,张岳桥,王小凤,陈宣华,Washburn Z.,Arrowsmith J.
地球学报 , 2001,
Abstract: 10个片麻岩和花岗岩的磷灰石裂变径迹年龄值位于35.6-13.6Ma之间,表明了阿尔金山脉的隆升开始于渐新世,并一直延续至中新世。山脉早期的隆升速度较低,后期可能存在一个快速的隆升时期;阿尔金山脉并非整体的均匀隆升,其内分布的NEE走向的断裂也局部控制了山体的隆升;如果山脉的隆升是阿尔金断裂左行走滑的结果,那以可推测阿尔金断裂大型左行走滑的起始时间应为渐新世。区域资料分析表明,青藏高原北缘在渐新世至中新世期间发生了大规模的、区域性的抬升。
Fission Track Dating of Apatite Constrains on the Cenozoic Uplift of the Altyn Tagh Mountain

CHEN Zheng-le,ZHANG Yue-qiao,WANG Xiao-feng,CHEN Xuan-hu,Washburn Z,Arrowsmith J,
,张岳桥,王小凤,陈宣华,Washburn Z.,Arrowsmith J.

地球学报 , 2001,
Abstract: samples of gneiss and granite from the Altyn Tagh Mountain are dated by fission track of apatite. The result yields ages from 35.6 Ma to 13.6 Ma, which suggests that the uplift of the Altyn Tagh mountain began from Oligocene and lasted till Miocene. During the early stage, the uplift rate was very low, and probably a quick uplift occurred later, which is supported by regional geology, structure evolution and sedimentary sequences. The result indicates that the local uplift of the mountain was also controlled by some NEE-trending faults within the mountain. As the uplift of the mountain was probably only related to the strike-slip of the Altyn Tagh fault, the authors hold that the initial age of the left-lateral strike-slip of the fault should have been Oligocene. Regional data also show that a large-scale regional uplift of mountains in the northern edge of the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau occurred during Oligocene-Miocene period.
Washburn C,Jimmy;
Acta bioethica , 2004, DOI: 10.4067/S1726-569X2004000200011
Abstract: human pain and suffering affect our lives. moreover, mediatic efficiency has contributed to let foreign suffering enter our homes through spectacular presentations. the subject we want to stress here is comprehension of human finitude and bioethics’ response to it. we shall try to establish relationships between compassion and the principle of beneficence. in order to secure patients’ wellbeing strangers most of them with an attitude and an ethics’ perception, that is not object of a normative obligation
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