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Soot and Nanomaterials Synthesis in the Flame  [PDF]
Z. Mansurov
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2014.21001

The general scheme of conversion of hydrocarbon fuels with new experimental data on the formation of fullerenes and graphenes taking into account the pressure effect is proposed for the fuel-rich flames. It is shown that the formation of fullerenes is important to the corresponding spatial orientation of PAH, possible at low pressures. The formation of hydrophobic soot surface on silicon and nickel substrates during combustion of propane-oxygen flame was studied. It is established that the hydrophobic properties are due to the presence of soot particles in the form nanobeads. The photovoltaic properties of solar cells coated by nickel oxide nanoparticles synthesized in counter flow propane-air flame. It is revealed that coated the surface of a silicon solar cell by nickel oxide nanoparticles results in the increase in solar cell efficiency by 3%.

Research of Nanostructures Formation during Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis of Boride-Containing Composite Materials  [PDF]
D. S. Raimkhanova, R. G. Abdulkarimova, Z. A. Mansurov
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2014.21012

This paper considers the technique of obtaining boride-containing nanostructured composite materials by the method of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS). It is shown that the selection of regimes and conditions of reactions allows receiving materials on the basis of titanium and chromium borides as well as aluminum oxide with finely dispersed structure and high mechanical properties.

The Effect of Pressure on the Synthesis of Graphene Layers in the Flame  [PDF]
N. G. Prikhodko, M. Auyelkhankyzy, B. T. Lesbayev, Z. A. Mansurov
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2014.21003

The results of the study of the formation of graphene layers in the flame in premixed flame propane or butane-oxygen mixture on a nickel substrate at atmospheric pressure and low pressure are given. The influence of the ratio C/O and supply quantity of argon on the formation of graphene layers were researched. It is shown that in the flame of propane and butane on a nickel substrate is observed under these conditions the formation of predominantly 3 - 10 layers of graphene.

Hydrophobic Sand on the Basis of Superhydrophobic Soot Synthesized in the Flame  [PDF]
B. T. Lesbayev, M. Nazhipkyzy, N. G. Prikhodko, M. G. Solovyova, G. T. Smagulova, G. O. Turesheva, M. Auyelkhankyzy, T. T. Mashan, Z. A. Mansurov
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2014.21011

The paper presents the results of studies on the synthesis of superhydrophobic soot, and on the development of its technology-based production of bulk material (sand), which has hydrophobic properties. The hydrophobic properties of sand had attached by fixing soot having superhydrophobic properties of nanoscale layer on the surface of the grains of sand. The resulting sand was examined by scanning electron microscopy to determine the structural and morphological parameters. The resulting composite material is characterized by good water repellent and resistant to external corrosive environments, which allows it to be used in civil and road construction, water-resistant layer for reclamation in hot and arid regions, and in areas where there is a need for bulk materials with hydrophobic properties.

Professional ideology of altruism of russian medical practitioners Ideología profesional del altruismo de los practicantes de medicina rusos
Valery Mansurov,Olesya Yurchenko
Revista Internacional de Organizaciones , 2011,
Abstract: Altruism has been seen as an important characteristic of professionals. In accordance with neo-Weberian critiques, our research does not deny the importance of the professional ideology of altruism: even though some medical practitioners’ actions may be self-enhancement, they are still providing a service for their patients or clients. In recent desk and qualitative research by Russian orthodox practitioners, professional ideology has been interpreted as a significant professional characteristic. The research pointed out the discrepancy between medical practitioners’ sense of reduced circumstances and their rather positive perception of their profession. El altruismo se ha considerado una característica importante de los profesionales. De acuerdo con las críticas neoweberianas, nuestra investigación no niega la importancia de esta ideología profesional: aunque las acciones de algunos médicos puedan considerarse intentos de promoción personal, no dejan de proporcionar un servicio a sus pacientes o clientes. Según algunas investigaciones secundarias y cualitativas recientes de médicos ortodoxos rusos, la ideología profesional es una característica profesional importante. La investigación se ala una discrepancia entre la sensación que tienen los médicos de trabajar en una situación precaria y la percepción más bien positiva que tienen de su profesión.
A scheme for the preparation of strong induced seismic events
V. A. Mansurov,B. Ts. Manjikov
Annals of Geophysics , 1999, DOI: 10.4401/ag-3761
Abstract: A scheme of rockburst preparation is proposed from an analysis of induced seismicity."Rigid" inclusion is the basis of this scheme. Intensive destruction of the inclusion begins when a critical flaw concentration is reached in the volume. The size of the inclusion volume before destruction determines the maximum possible rockburst energy. It is very difficult to determine the place, where the main discontinuity will propagate, thus rockburst location may be determined only within the accuracy of a nucleus-zone size. The results obtained show: a) maximal localization of the failure process in a space occurs during the preparation of the dynamic event, and localization of the failure process in a time follows; b) the period of preparation of a high energy event has discontinuity values scatter less then during the subsequent period; c) both the average size of discontinuity and its variation ratio have good forecasting capability.
Nanocrystalline Hydroxyapatite/Si Coating by Mechanical Alloying Technique
Ahmed E. Hannora,Alexander S. Mukasyan,Zulkhair A. Mansurov
Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/390104
Abstract: A novel approach for depositing hydroxyapatite (HA) films on titanium substrates by using mechanical alloying (MA) technique has been developed. However, it was shown that one-hour heat treatment at 800°C of such mechanically coated HA layer leads to partial transformation of desired HA phase to beta-tri-calcium phosphate (β-TCP) phase. It appears that the grain boundary and interface defects formed during MA promote this transformation. It was discovered that doping HA by silicon results in hindering this phase transformation process. The Si-doped HA does not show phase transition to β-TCP or decomposition after heat treatment even at 900°C. 1. Introduction Natural bone is a nanocomposite that consists of mineral fraction, including small apatite crystals and nonstoichiometric calcium phosphate, and organic fraction, which together confer mechanical resistance. In order to simulate the nature bone structure, the synthesis of hydroxyapatite (HA: Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2) has received attention in recent years. However, the HA coatings of metallic implants often flake off as a result of poor ceramic/metal interface bonding, which may cause surgery to fail [1]. This problem may be solved by fabrication of metal/HA composites. Some work has been reported on the preparation of Ti-based alloy/HA composite materials or composite coatings for biomedical applications [2–4]. But most synthetic apatites are formed via high temperature and complicate processes, resulting in a well-crystallized structure and a larger particle size, which have little or no activity in bioresorption. Since kinetic solubility is dependent on particle size, there has been great interest in nanosized HA-based cement as bone substitute materials [5, 6]. Our group also has recently described the effect of high energy ball milling treatment on HA and Ti substrate [7, 8]. It was shown that, during this type of mechanical treatment, a significant decrease of the HAs’ particle and crystalline size takes place which leads to formation of nanoscaled coating on the Ti substrate. For example, it was demonstrated that one hour of such mechanical treatment with optimum ball to powder ratio equals to leads to the reduction of surface particle size from 1.0?μm to 80?nm. Recently [9, 10], experimental work on HA and its substituted counterparts such as silicon-doped HA (SiHA) has focused on finding a measurable indicator of biocompatibility. It was found that dissolution or mineralization of HA may start from dislocations and defects at the grain boundaries in dental HA. Within synthetically produced
Historical and mathematical aspects of iterative solutions for Monte Carlo simulations
Was, Z.
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology , 2008,
Abstract: Over the last 25 years Monte Carlo programs were being developped in Cracow in the group guided by Prof. Stanislaw Jadach. Many of those programs became standard in their application domains. In the following let us review some aspects of such projects which were probably at the foundation of their success. We will concentrate on mathematical aspects of their design and history of their construction. It is rather difficult to cover 25 years of the research in a single talk. That is why, I have organized my presentation around Monte Carlo PHOTOS but stressing its relation to other activities and projects often realized together with Prof. Jadach. Many of omitted aspects will find their way into other perentations collected in this volume. I will concentrate on issues related to phasespace parametrization and spin amplitudes as used in our Monte Carlo programs such as MUSTRAAL, TAUOLA or KKMC and their similarities and differences with respect to solution used in PHOTOS.
Trefoil knot and ad-hoc classification of elementary fields in the Standard Model
Z. Was
Physics , 1997, DOI: 10.1016/S0370-2693(97)01346-4
Abstract: We present an arbitrary model based on the trefoil knot to construct objects of the same spectrum as that of elementary particles. It includes `waves' and three identical sets of sources. Due to Lorentz invariance, `waves' group into 3 types of 1, 3 and 8 objects and `sources' consists of 3 identical sets of 30+2 elements, which separate into: 1 * 1 * 2 + 1 * 2 * 2 + 3 * 2 * 2 + 3 * 1 * 2 + 3 * 1 * 2 and another 1 * 1 * 2 group (which does not match classification of the Standard Model fields). On the other hand, there is no room in this construction for objects directly corresponding to Higgs-like degrees of freedom.
TAUOLA the library for tau lepton decay, and KKMC/KORALB/KORALZ/... status report
Z. Was
Physics , 2000, DOI: 10.1016/S0920-5632(01)01200-2
Abstract: The status of the Monte Carlo programs for the simulation of the $\tau$ lepton production in high energy accelerator experiments and decay is reviewed. In particular, the status of the following packages is discussed: (i) TAUOLA for tau-lepton decay, (ii) PHOTOS for radiative corrections in decays, (iii) KORALB, KORALZ, KKMC packages for tau-pair production in e+e- collisions and (iv) universal interface of TAUOLA for the decay of tau-leptons produced by``any'' generator. Special emphasis on requirements from new and future experiments is given. Some considerations about the software organization necessary to keep simultaneously distinct physics initializations for TAUOLA are also included.
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