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Nanocomposites Based on Сhitozan and Сarbon Tanotubers With Iron Oxides Formed by in Situ Precipitation
Bolbukh I.M.,Gunko G.S.,Yurkov G.Yu.,Prikhodko G.P.
Proceedings of the International Conference Nanomaterials : Applications and Properties , 2013,
Abstract: Composites which contain iron oxide nanoparticles and unmodified or aminated silica were synthesised by in situ precipitation of ferrous salts in chitozan or glucose solution. Nanocomposites based on oxidized or aminated carbon nanotubers were obtained by immobilizing oxide nanoparticles in surface layer during salt precipitation in water dispersion. The metal-containing phase was obtained by the Elmore reaction using different ratios of ferrous ammonium sulfate hexahydrate (FeSO4 (NH4)2SO4 6H2O) and ferric chloride hexahydrate (FeCl3 6H2O). The composites obtained were characterized using FTIR spectroscopy. In addition for selected samples XRD, DSC, and specific surface area measurements were carry out. The analysis results indicate that in situ co-precipitation of iron oxide precursors in chitosan or glucose allows producing Fe3O4 particles with the average size ca. 5-7 nm. The presence of silica leads to particles size decrease which can be controlled, along with iron oxide particles location, by changing the silica surface functionality. Characteristics and location of iron oxide nanoparticles in nanotubers modified layer are strongly depended from nature of the groups attached to surface.
Infrared Thermometry in a Differential Diagnosis of the Benign and Malignant Formations of Skin
G.Yu. Kurnickov
Sovremennye Tehnologii v Medicine , 2010,
Abstract: The possibilities of the infrared thermometry use for differential diagnosis of the benign and malignant melanocytic skin formations are demonstrated, which is confirmed by clinical observations and the histological investigation results. The elaborated method of measurements is characteristic of the accomplishment simplicity and rapidity, absolute safety, sufficient accuracy, which substantially extends the physician possibilities at the patient examination and decreases a risk of diagnostic error.
Structural disproportions in regional medical standards in treatment of blood circulatory disorders
Sazanova G.Yu.
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2012,
Abstract: The research goal is to consider the opinion of physicians about the financial medical assistance standards to patients with blood circulatory disorders. Materials and methods: 530 doctors of different specialties were interviewed. Some sociological and statistical methods were used in the study. Results: The majority of respondents (83%) considered that it was necessary to coordinate financial support of diagnostic and treatment expenditures with the standards of the regional program of rendering free medical aid to patients with blood circulatory disorders. Conclusion: The issue of medical standards fully depends on the staff organization and medicamentous provision
Evaluation of risk factors of infantile cerebral paralysis development in disabled children
Alekseeva G.Yu.,Sholomov I.I.
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2011,
Abstract: Research object: to detect the influence of qualitative and quantitative factors involved into ICP formation. Material: the research is based on the clinical observation, instrumental diagnostics and 147 disabled children with ICP aged under 4 rehabilitation campaign results analysis. Comparison group was composed from 39 children of similar age who were registered for observation by pediatric polyclinics neurologists and were rehabilitated. Results: 2 algorithms formed as decision trees, that were built using multivariate analysis methods were suggested and can be used in pediatric polyclinics for children with ICP formation threatening detection. Conclusion: the ICP formation can be forecasted in 93% of cases wrt prematurely born children with convulsive and hypertensive-hydrocephalic syndromes in aggregate with periventricular leukomalacia
Disablement dynamics in children with cerebral paralysis in Saratov
G.Yu. Alekseeva,I.I. Sholomov
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2010,
Abstract: The analysis of statistical indices of children's disablement in case of cerebral paralysis has been represented. It has been established that morbidity of CCP is higher in Leninskiy and Zavodskoy Districts of Saratov. The disablement dynamics of CCP in Saratov is high and has a stable tendency of growing
Morbidity Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases In The Russian Federation And Republic Of Belarus (From 1997 Till 2007)
V.V. Lyutsko,G.Yu. Yutkina,N.V. Vartapetova,M.A. Ivanova
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2009,
Abstract: The research goal is the comparative analysis of morbidity of sexually transmitted diseases in the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus in dynamics in the period from 1997 till 2007. Research data have been taken from statistic documents based on observations of STD registered in the countries under study. Statistical data manipulation has been done on PC (Pentium IV) in the programme Microsoft Excel. According to the research results the morbidity indices of most STD have been decreased. The higher morbidity indices of trichomoniasis have been noticed in Russia -186,2 and in Republic of Belarus-220,4 for the population of 100 000 people. The results of research have shown that it is necessary to work out normative documents, to identify the contingent of patients and repetition factor of medical examinations to prevent the spread of STD
Suppression of renin-angiotensin system to prevent complications of cardiovascular diseases: current
S.R. Gilyarevskiy,V.A. Orlov,M.V. Golshmid,G.Yu. Zakharova
Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology , 2011,
Abstract: A role of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors in cardiovascular diseases treatment and prevention is discussed. Some large randomized clinical trials are analyzed. Physical and chemical properties of drugs and its evidence base are considered among possible factors of ACE inhibitors choice. A problem of ACE inhibitor choice is also discussed in context of secondary prevention of cardiovascular complications in arterial hypertension and after myocardial infarction. It is concluded that the choice of any drug for cardiovascular disease treatment is mainly determined by its evidence base.
Problems and solutions on issues of medical care quality in community-acquired pneumonia in hospitals of Saratov region
Erugina M.V.,Grozdova T.Yu.,Savinov V.A. Sazanova G.Yu.,Dolgova E.M.
Saratov Journal of Medical Scientific Research , 2011,
Abstract: Qualitative assessment of diagnostics and treatment of patients with community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) was carried out in ten therapeutic departments of urban and district hospitals of Saratov region, using quality indicators (Qls). Each case of CAP was assessed in expert health care quality (HCQ) card according to the diagnostic and treatment quality federal standards and the basic Ql. The application of Ql in CAP patients allowed revealing the following: low CAP agent isolation rate; late hospitalization of CAP patients; low frequency of sputum bacteriological and bacterioscopic investigations prior to antibiotic therapy; insufficient frequency of step-by-step introduction of antibiotics. Recommendations on CAP patients dispenserization were not properly prescribed; recommendations on vaccination were absent. The basic measures of HCQ improvement are as follows: organizing for each CAP patient therapeutic and diagnostic quality control according to Ql; quick administrative decisions; using of HCQ expertise during the first 2-3 days of treatment to correct diagnosis and treatment; optimizing hospital diagnostic resources (laboratory and instrumental) and rational pharmacotherapy
Photometric observations of the supernova 2009nr
D. Yu. Tsvetkov,P. V. Balanutsa,V. M. Lipunov,I. M. Volkov,O. A. Tuchin,I. P. Kudelina,M. V. Pruzhinskaya,E. S. Gorbovskoy,V. G. Kornilov,A. A. Belinskii,N. V. Tyurina,V. V. Yurkov,Yu. P. Sergienko,A. G. Tlatov,A. V. Parkhomenko,D. V. Dormidontov,V. A. Senik,V. V. Krushinskii
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1134/S1063773711110053
Abstract: We present the results of our UBVRI CCD photometry for the second brightest supernova of 2009, SN 2009nr, discovered during a sky survey with the telescopes of the MASTER robotic network. Its light and color curves and bolometric light curves have been constructed. The light-curve parameters and the maximum luminosity have been determined. SN 2009nr is shown to be similar in light-curve shape and maximum luminosity to SN 1991T, which is the prototype of the class of supernovae Ia with an enhanced luminosity. SN 2009nr exploded far from the center of the spiral galaxy UGC 8255 and most likely belongs to its old halo population. We hypothesize that this explosion is a consequence of the merger of white dwarfs.
Optical polarization observations with the MASTER robotic net
M. V. Pruzhinskaya,V. V. Krushinsky,G. V. Lipunova,E. S. Gorbovskoy,P. V. Balanutsa,A. S. Kuznetsov,D. V. Denisenko,V. G. Kornilov,N. V. Tyurina,V. M. Lipunov,A. G. Tlatov,A. V. Parkhomenko,N. M. Budnev,S. A. Yazev,K. I. Ivanov,O. A. Gress,V. V. Yurkov,A. V. Gabovich,Yu. P. Sergienko,E. V. Sinyakov
Physics , 2014, DOI: 10.1016/j.newast.2013.12.003
Abstract: We present results of optical polarization observations performed with the MASTER robotic net for three types of objects: gamma-ray bursts, supernovae, and blazars. For the Swift gamma-ray bursts GRB100906A, GRB110422A, GRB121011A, polarization observations were obtained during very early stages of optical emission. For GRB100906A it was the first prompt optical polarization observation in the world. Photometry in polarizers is presented for Type Ia Supernova 2012bh during 20 days, starting on March 27, 2012. We find that the linear polarization of SN 2012bh at the early stage of the envelope expansion was less than 3%. Polarization measurements for the blazars OC 457, 3C 454.3, QSO B1215+303, 87GB 165943.2+395846 at single nights are presented. We infer the degree of the linear polarization and polarization angle. The blazars OC 457 and 3C 454.3 were observed during their periods of activity. The results show that MASTER is able to measure substantially polarized light; at the same time it is not suitable for determining weak polarization (less than 5%) of dim objects (fainter than 16$^m$). Polarimetric observations of the optical emission from gamma-ray bursts and supernovae are necessary to investigate the nature of these transient objects.
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