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A Study on Alkali Consumption Regularity in Minerals of Reservoirs During Alkali(NaoH)/Surfactant/Polymer Flooding in Daqing Oilfield
Zhenhai JIANG,Qingjie ZHANG,Jianguang WEI,Yunsong GAO
Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development , 2012, DOI: 10.3968/2404
Abstract: In the process of oil displacement of ASP (Alkali/ Surfactant/Polymer) flooding , when Alkali interacts with the fluid and minerals of the reservoir, the alkali is subject to be consumed. The consumption regularity is the key factor affecting ASP ingredient, injection plan, scaling regularity for production wells and oil displacement effectiveness. Therefore to study the alkali consumption is of great significance in guiding ASP ingredient, injection project design, and the analysis for oil displacement mechanism. In this paper, aiming at the main components of minerals in the reservoir in Daqing Oilfield, the laboratory study on static alkali consumption for five kinds of minerals (kaolinite, grundite, chlorite, feldspar and quartz) in ASP system and single component NaOH solution are done respectively. The alkali consumption regularities for five kinds of minerals in ASP and single component NaOH solution are concluded. The research indicates that the amount of alkali consumption for kaolinite, grundite, chlorite, feldspar and quartz is changing from larger to less accordingly, but is mainly caused by clay minerals; the average alkali consumption is 18.3% higher than that by matrix minerals. In single component NaOH solution, the alkali consumption styles of clay minerals and the matrix minerals take the chemical reaction as the lead, and the physical adsorption as the second. In ASP system solution, the alkali consumption style of clay minerals, takes the physical adsorption as the lead, and of matrix minerals takes the chemical reaction as the lead. In ASP solution, compared with single component solution, polymer and surfactant have the functions of restraint to alkali consumption in minerals of the reservoir, and the amount of alkali consumption decreases evidently. Key words: Alkali; Surfactan; Polymer; ASPl; Oil displacement
Oscillation criteria for fourth-order nonlinear delay dynamic equations
Yunsong Qi,Jinwei Yu
Electronic Journal of Differential Equations , 2013,
Abstract: We obtain criteria for the oscillation of all solutions to a fourth-order nonlinear delay dynamic equation on a time scale that is unbounded from above. The results obtained are illustrated with examples
Two New Definitions of Stable Models of Logic Programs with Generalized Quantifiers
Joohyung Lee,Yunsong Meng
Computer Science , 2013,
Abstract: We present alternative definitions of the first-order stable model semantics and its extension to incorporate generalized quantifiers by referring to the familiar notion of a reduct instead of referring to the SM operator in the original definitions. Also, we extend the FLP stable model semantics to allow generalized quantifiers by referring to an operator that is similar to the $\sm$ operator. For a reasonable syntactic class of logic programs, we show that the two stable model semantics of generalized quantifiers are interchangeable.
First-Order Stable Model Semantics and First-Order Loop Formulas
Joohyung Lee,Yunsong Meng
Computer Science , 2014, DOI: 10.1613/jair.3337
Abstract: Lin and Zhaos theorem on loop formulas states that in the propositional case the stable model semantics of a logic program can be completely characterized by propositional loop formulas, but this result does not fully carry over to the first-order case. We investigate the precise relationship between the first-order stable model semantics and first-order loop formulas, and study conditions under which the former can be represented by the latter. In order to facilitate the comparison, we extend the definition of a first-order loop formula which was limited to a nondisjunctive program, to a disjunctive program and to an arbitrary first-order theory. Based on the studied relationship we extend the syntax of a logic program with explicit quantifiers, which allows us to do reasoning involving non-Herbrand stable models using first-order reasoners. Such programs can be viewed as a special class of first-order theories under the stable model semantics, which yields more succinct loop formulas than the general language due to their restricted syntax.
Polymorphisms of TP53 codon 72 with breast carcinoma risk: evidence from 12226 cases and 10782 controls
Wenlei Zhuo, Yunsong Zhang, Zhaolan Xiang, Lei Cai, Zhengtang Chen
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research , 2009, DOI: 10.1186/1756-9966-28-115
Abstract: We conducted a search in the Medline, EMBASE, OVID, Sciencedirect, and Chinese National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) without a language limitation, covering all papers published up to Jan 2009. The associated literature was acquired through deliberate searching and selected based on the established inclusion criteria for publications.A total of seventeen case-control studies, including 12226 cases and 10782 controls, met the included criteria and thus were selected. Ultimately, the relevant data were extracted and further analyzed using systematic meta-analyses. Overall, no associations of TP53 codon 72 polymorphisms with breast carcinoma were observed (for Arg/Arg vs Pro/Pro: OR = 1.20; 95%CI = 0.96–1.50; for dominant model: OR = 1.12; 95%CI = 0.96–1.32; for recessive model: OR = 1.13; 95%CI = 0.98–1.31). In the subgroup analysis by ethnicity, statistically similar results were obtained when the data were stratified as Asians, Caucasians and Africans.Collectively, the results of the present study suggest that TP53 codon 72 polymorphisms might not be a low-penetrant risk factor for developing breast carcinoma.Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, exceeded only by lung cancer in the world [1]. It is believed that some epidemic factors such as Oral contraceptive use [2]; obesity [3] and hyperinsulinemia [4] are probable factors increasing risks of developing breast carcinoma. Although many individuals exposed to these risk factors, breast cancer develops only in a small group of exposed people, implying that genetic factors might contribute to the carcinogenic mechanisms and complex interactions between many genetic and environmental factors might be the major cause of breast cancer.Previously, a number of studies indicate that family history is a risk factor for breast cancer [5], indicating the possible roles for genetic variations on the increased susceptibility to breast cancer. Recent published meta-analyses suggest that polymorph
The comparison of Cu(II) adsorption capability of baker’s yeast, nano-titania and their composite adsorbent
YunSong Zhang,RenGuo Wang,XianXiang Wang,SanZhong Lei,DongMei Tong
Chinese Science Bulletin , 2008, DOI: 10.1007/s11434-008-0188-6
Abstract: The anatase nano-TiO2 powder, with crystal size between 40 and 80 nm, was prepared by the liquid phase hydrolysis of TiCl4. At the same time, the nano-TiO2 was utilized with the baker’s yeast biomass as a composite adsorbent to adsorb the Cu ions in the artificial aqueous solution. The investigation showed that the composite adsorbent had a fine adsorption efficiency. The TiO2 in the composite adsorbent could cooperate well with baker’s yeast to improve the adsorbing capability of Cu2+ under the following experimental conditions as well: a quantity of composite adsorbent of 5 g·L 1, pH 4.0, an adsorption time of 40 min and an initial concentration of Cu ions of 10 mg·L 1. In addition, the results of measurements, obtained with a scanning electron microscope, an infrared spectrophotometer and a Zeta potential analyzer, revealed that the baker’s yeast and nano-TiO2 produced the composite adsorbent through coordination and hydrogen bonds in particular, etc. The stability of the composite adsorbent and the amount of titania loaded were largely dependent on the concentration of hydrogen ion in the solution.

Pan Yue,Liu Ruichang,Qi Yunsong,

岩石力学与工程学报 , 2002,
Abstract: During the weakened deformation stage of pressed opst. the energy variation relationship of press- pressed post system is analyzed. The expressions are obtained for the displacement of stopping point of pressed post with unstable failure, the elastic energy relief amount of press and the inertial force imposed on press with brittle failure of pressed post and the largest displacement of press. These mechanic parameters are calculated and analyzed by quoting the load-displacement expression of pressed concrete post with high strength. The deeper knowledge is obtained for rockburst and rockburst strength of pillar, alley wall of mining and coal wall of stope.

Lin Yunsong,Huang Yong,Xiao Xianci,

电子与信息学报 , 1999,
Abstract: The relationship between the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) and the symmetrical/Asymmetrical number system (SNS/ANS) is introduced in this paper. And the influence of noise upon the solution to an ambiguity problem in number system is also discussed. The principle of noise insensitive solution to the ambiguity in ANS is extended to SNS. The unambiguous bandwidth equation with noise protection in SNS is presented,based on which a real time noise insensitive algorithm in SNS for resolving undersampling ambiguous frequency is proposed.

Lin Yunsong,Huang Yong,Xiao Xianci,

电子与信息学报 , 1999,
Abstract: A new quadrature sampling technique for arbitrary bandpass signal within baseband sampling rate is presented. The input bandpass signal whose carrier frequency lies in the A/D baseband sampling rate is first decimated by factor 2 and modulated by (-1)n, and then is interpolated by a linear phase FIR all-pass filter, finally the modulated complex envelope of bandpass signal can be produced.

Huang Yong,Xiao Xianci,Lin Yunsong,

电子与信息学报 , 2001,
Abstract: This paper discussed the uniform under-sampling of multiple bandpass signals in digital receiver. For these multiple real or complex bandpass signals having arbitrary band position and bandwidth, the acceptable sampling rate has been given. Using this sampling rate to sample the input bandpass signal, an efficient data compression can be gotten. In the same time using band pass filter, these multiple bandpass signals can be transferred to the lower frequency. Finally, an example is given to show the correctness of the uniform sampling method of multiple bandpass signals.
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